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  1. SigS905

    Model X Hitch Rack for sale $270 shipping not included

    Designed exclusively for Tesla, the Model X Hitch Rack is a premium tilt-down hitch rack that comes fully assembled out of the box. Installation is a breeze with the AutoPin™ and locking SpeedKnob™. New ZipStrips™ make loading and securing bikes simpler than ever. Need to access the rear of your...
  2. SigS905

    Share Your Autopilot Saves for Elon

    Here are my experiences with AP. Passenger car on right with lanes merging ahead, car saw it and slowed down to let the car in before I could react. While changing lanes approaching an intersection from the left lane to the right lane, a motorcycle turned right from the perpendicular...
  3. SigS905

    The Campaign for Elon's Sleep

    Some one asked the same question at the stock holders meeting. Edison would work until tired, then take a 15 minute power nap.
  4. SigS905

    Rage at a Supercharger Station

    They have a concierge at the Fountain Valley SuperCharger for just this reason. That way one person is in charge of the order of charging.
  5. SigS905

    Lowest VIN NOT Delivered?

    Not sure why the long delay. I've been calling my local Tesla DS and pushing hard to get our car after seeing higher VIN's being delivered. My wife's old car is done on the 31st of this month and we got pushed higher in the line by explaining that we would be without a car after that date.
  6. SigS905

    Lowest VIN NOT Delivered?

    We've been waiting for 4 years and 2 weeks. VIN 155 to be delivered 3/31.
  7. SigS905

    Production (Non-Sig) Model X Vin #'s now being issued

    We were the fifth Model X order at the debut in February 2012. Our VIN is 1XX. Can't wait!
  8. SigS905

    RN number just turned into VIN # - any clue on timing to delivery?

    We were the fifth Model X order at the debut in February 2012. Our VIN is 1XX. Can't wait!
  9. SigS905

    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    Just ordered our production Model X. Order #5 the first night of ordering. Blue, six seater, ludicrous mode!
  10. SigS905

    Firmware 7.0

    Talked to Tesla and you can find the odometer by using the right wheel and display the trip info. That is a temporary fix. Requested that the odometer be displayed at all times on main driving screen. - - - Updated - - - Not when the car is off.
  11. SigS905

    Firmware 7.0

    Missing the odometer. As I drive for a living that is a BIG NO NO!! Must be displayed on the main screen. Please Tesla fix this ASAP!
  12. SigS905

    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Bonnie, Let us know when you will be in Fountain Valley. Would love to see you and your X.
  13. SigS905

    Service Center Burbank Ca.

    Saw it Monday while on the phone with my wife discussing the opening of the Fountain Valley SC. Just happened to be looking to the right otherwise I would have missed it.
  14. SigS905

    Tracking P85D Next Generation Seats Delivery Thread

    Maybe they meant that from the factory's point of view all seats will be delivered to the appropriate service center by months end. When they call me back, I will ask for clarification.They have no control over the work load at the service center. Costa Mesa is always super busy. Luckily, I...
  15. SigS905

    Tracking P85D Next Generation Seats Delivery Thread

    Just called Tesla to see where my Next Gen seats are. Some how, no one at the factory recorded what seats were in my delivered car and the Delivery person did not fill out a request for the seats. If you are expecting replacement seats, and haven't been contacted you may need to contact Tesla...
  16. SigS905

    Will I make it?

    Slowing down is the most efficient way of getting to your destination. We were traveling from Portland Oregon to California. Had 28 miles to go with 14 miles in the battery. Under 32 degrees, mountain driving. Slowed down to 25 to make it. Made it with 1 mile to spare.
  17. SigS905

    SoCal owners: Moe Mistry Group Buy... Clear Bra, Tint and Nano.

    Add me to the list Moe, Picked the car up on the 23rd. Need to have Tesla look into a paint issue before wrapping. Scheduled for the 15th of January. Looking forward to your great work.
  18. SigS905

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Scheduled for pickup on Tuesday at 1:00 pm. Can't wait! :biggrin:
  19. SigS905

    Tracking P85D delivery thread

    Just went into production the last 30 minutes.
  20. SigS905

    Just a warning to new Tesla owners!

    Over a year ago, we were coming home from Portland and had a rear blow out. Had to be towed back to the Portland service center. Lost 60 miles of charge. Stopped at Three Feathers to charge using the Roadster charger. Left to early. With the cold and mountainous route to CA from Three...
  21. SigS905

    Vendor GP Automotive Renewal Service: Falcon5's Tesla Model S - Lots of photos!!

    Tesla did a poor job on the original clear coat that they offered with the car. Was unhappy with the work, but left it on. Had some front end work done and the repair shop did an even worse job than Tesla. Had to either remove it or replace it. Without the protective wrap the car would have...
  22. SigS905

    Vendor GP Automotive Renewal Service: Falcon5's Tesla Model S - Lots of photos!!

    This is my Signature Model S. Paid extra for the burgundy red. - - - Updated - - - Saved me at least $1000 when someone door dinged me and Moe fixed for a small amount. No painting required. Well worth the money we spent to protect the car.
  23. SigS905

    Tesla Costa Mesa - Open House Celebration

    See you there.
  24. SigS905

    Model X Delayed until Q3 2015

    I was one of the first 100 people on the Aptera. Glad Tesla came out with the Model S. Way happier!
  25. SigS905

    Any "D" orders been assigned a VIN yet?

    63443. Contacted by Tesla last Thursday about a delivery between 12/15 and 12/22.
  26. SigS905

    Tesla D Event at Hawthorne Airport Thursday, Oct 9 7:00pm

    Some how got off the Tesla email chain. Wife called concerning her X reservation and not getting an invite. Got an invite soon after. Looking forward to the event.
  27. SigS905

    Vendor XPEL Ultimate saves Model S door from repaint

    Moe did a great job. XPEL worked perfectly.
  28. SigS905

    Harris Ranch Battery Swap

    Just found out Tesla will be installing a battery swap station near the car wash in Harris Ranch. Just waiting on Tesla to start the refurbishment.
  29. SigS905

    Tesla's "Model X Update" Email on June 16, 2014

    I was the one who knocked off the CF accent. It was a demo wheel package. Not for the road.
  30. SigS905


    As an engineer, I should have rebooted the drivers console and tested. If it didn't fix the issue, then reboot the center console. Try that approach. Should help figure out where in the problem may lie. Definitely in my case a software update broke the communications.
  31. SigS905


    This app is great. I have been using it for many months. Only had one problem with it not receiving data for a few days. Turns out it was something with the Tesla site. This morning I upgraded the cars firmware to 1.51.109. When I returned today, the app had no graph data. I restarted the...
  32. SigS905


    Installed the new version, still no trip info.
  33. SigS905

    How Did You Hear About the Model S?

    I wanted to get an EV1, but the were only leasing them. Thought something stinky was up with that. Then they took them all back. Started looking into Aptera (Aptera Motors - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Was one of the first 200 to sign up. Then delays started and pricing increased...
  34. SigS905

    Is it just me or does everyone want to race a tesla..

    Was in Dana Point and saw a group of 20+ Lamborghini's. Caught up to two at one light. For all their revving, all they saw was the rear of my Tesla until they passed me going 90+. Never let me catch up to them after that. :biggrin:
  35. SigS905

    Post A Picture Of Your Car Charging

    Here's us charging at Beullton.
  36. SigS905

    Main Battery and 12V battery failure in the middle of the intersection.

    Replaced the High Voltage battery and the 12 volt battery.
  37. SigS905

    Main Battery and 12V battery failure in the middle of the intersection.

    Replacement of the battery solved the problem. During my experience, there were no major safety issues. This was similar to flooding the carburetor on an ICE vehicle. Next time, I will contact service immediately and avoid getting towed.
  38. SigS905

    Main Battery and 12V battery failure in the middle of the intersection.

    Was about a half block from my client when I heard a thud after take off at an intersection. Car claimed to pull over immediately and restart car. Pulled onto side street and car came back to life. Made it to the client's and forgot about it. Saw this thread and thought it might be similar to...
  39. SigS905

    9/8/2013 Tour de Tesla - A Southern California Police Escorted Drive!

    Tour de Tesla ride What a great time. Here's some photos. Looking forward to Gen III by 2017.
  40. SigS905

    CNBC wants your opinions on Tesla!

    Sent them this. "Most fantastic car ever produced!"
  41. SigS905

    Badging for Solar-Charged EVs

    Solar install in the next week or two. Just waiting on permits.
  42. SigS905

    Kicked Out of a Motel for Charging at 12 Amps

    I would call the corporate offices and demand to talk to senior managment at the highest level and give them a detailed report of what happened. If the actual hotel is a franchise, corporate should be glad to hear about the problem as it reflects poorly on them.
  43. SigS905

    Bottled Fiji Water at TESLIVE

    Pretty sure I saw Elon walk in with the Fiji bottled water.
  44. SigS905

    Why did you invest in Tesla?

    I bought 1500 shares on the second day after IPO. Paid a little more than I wanted, but plan on holding for a long time. Won't bail out early like I did on Apple (bought at $14, doubled shares, sold at $85). My investment and car are paid for in full with the current pricing:rolleyes: Wife...
  45. SigS905

    Breakout Session descriptions?

    No emails concerning breakout sessions.
  46. SigS905

    Model S Brake & Accelerator Pedal Positions

    The beeping had happened to me before a number of times. The issue was the spacing. This happened in less than 30 feet.
  47. SigS905

    Model S Brake & Accelerator Pedal Positions

    My car is currently in the shop for something similar to the second days test drive at the Factory last year. Stopped at a light, traffic moved forward, checked left for traffic as I proceeded, saw that the driver in front of me had stopped. Paniced stomp on brake resulted in both pedals being...
  48. SigS905

    Thanks Tesla Roadside Service!

    Interestingly, the tow operator never left a bill. Said he would contact the repair center tomorrow. Tesla was upset that the company claimed something that wasn't true. The head of roadside assistance called and talked with the towing company manager. Not sure what will happen next. I am...

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