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    12v battery not bolted down

    I had the upper cover panel removed in the frunk and noticed the nut that holds the 12v battery down was not tightened. The nut had been threaded on a few turns, but there was a visible gap between the nut and the plate that holds the battery in place. My impression is that it had never been...
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    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    In comparing my parking lot edits in OSM with other maps, I found that Apple Maps has the most detailed mapping of parking lot aisles and service roads in my area.
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    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    Here is an example of a well-mapped parking lot posted on Reddit. OpenStreetMap
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    Just realized my scissor jack won't fit under car with my pucks!

    Pic of it all in the lower compartment. The trunk mat lies flat. This is in a box lined with a contractor bag until I pick up a storage bin.
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    Just realized my scissor jack won't fit under car with my pucks!

    The floor jack that Garlan posted fits in the lower trunk compartment, including the handle. The jack can be placed inside a plastic storage bin to contain any potential fluid leaks. Along with the jack, there is enough room to store a breaker bar, a plug kit, and a 12v air pump.
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    PSA: Resist the urge to do software updates away from home

    I had a similar experience sitting my car during an update at home in my garage. That is when I decided I will never stay in the car during a software update again.
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    Help with new pressure washer!

    I skip the gas station stuff and use TruFuel in my pressure washer. It is available at Lowes and HD. It is expensive at approx. $20/gal. It is ethanol-free and contains a fuel stabilizer that gives it a 2-year shelf life after it is opened. Use the 4-cycle fuel in the grey can for a pressure washer.
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    Louisiana Tesla Owners

    I connect to Wi-Fi and have had no issues with delayed updates. Was recently pushed 2019.28.3.1.
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    Both Pedals Pressed

    After two weeks of getting alerts almost every time I braked, I did not get any alerts today. I’m not sure if it was due to the Chinese recalibration, the temperature being slightly cooler, or some other factor.
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    Both Pedals Pressed

    My alerts started as intermittent but now occur almost every time I brake. I sometimes have to lift up on the accelerator to stop the beeping. My build date is 12/2018. Mobile Service is waiting on parts.
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    Both Pedals Pressed

    Similar experience here. Started getting frequent “both pedals pressed” warnings intermittently when braking. Seemed to start around the same time as my upgrade to 2019.24.4, about a week ago. Hoping this is a software problem that will be fixed with an update.
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    Do you use Sentry Mode at work? (poll)

    I stopped using sentry at work every day because of it filling the usb drive, requiring me to bring the drive to a computer to reformat. I wish Tesla would add a feature to display available free space and format the drive.
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    How to clean under charge port cover?

    I wipe this area down with a microfiber towel, dampened with ONR solution.
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    MCU Crashes - Service Center Update

    One day, I had multiple random reboots during a 20-minute drive. Other times, I go for weeks without a reboot. I read a tip on another thread to clear out the navigation search history. It may be a coincidence, but I don’t seem to have any random reboots as long as my search history is clear.
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    Roadside jack to keep in Model 3 trunk

    When possible, I plug flat tires myself. I usually remove the tire from the car in order to get better leverage when inserting the plug. Is there a small, portable jack that is compatible with jack pads and that can be stored in the trunk? Scissor jacks I have used in the past have a slot for a...
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    Mid Range waiting room

    I'm in a similar situation. Do you mean the 888 number for Tesla, or the main number for the Service Center? Thanks.
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    Mid Range waiting room

    Are you doing home delivery are picking up at an SC? I'm in LA, but have not heard anything. My nearest SC is Houston.
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    New Orleans Service and Delivery Center

    The article describes the facility as a “service and delivery center.” Would a delivery center comport with Louisiana law that gives a monopoly on new car sales to franchised dealerships?
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    New Orleans Tesla Meet & Greet

    There was a posting about the meetup on the EVents forum.
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    Direct-to-consumer sales banned in Louisiana

    Picking it up in Houston sounds compelling. However, I have zero experience driving or charging an EV, and planned on getting the standard range battery. I’m a little leery of my first exposure being the 350-mile drive from Houston to New Orleans. The route planner shows I would need to charge...
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    NC Commissioner restrictions on Tesla Charlotte

    I would not expect a lot of local media covering the story, or presenting it as an unfair restriction on Tesla’s business practices. Car dealerships are some of the biggest purchasers of local advertising.
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    Direct-to-consumer sales banned in Louisiana

    The LA governor signed SB107, banning direct-to-consumer motor vehicle sales. Bill Info - SB107 Guess I’ll have to cancel my Model 3 reservation. Just kidding. Anyone know how a Louisiana resident will go about taking delivery under the new law?
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    Louisiana Legislature passed bill outlawing Tesla

    The bill finally received some local media coverage Houma lawmaker at center of debate over Tesla's future in La. Tesla enthusiasts call on Gov. John Bel Edwards to veto bill that they say could hurt automaker's future plans for Louisiana
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    Lousiana Owners, Reservation Holders, EV Enthusiasts - Need your help!

    No vote was taken today. HB 167 is back on the agenda for Tuesday. The Senate is set to convene at 4pm. There will be a live stream of the proceedings at Legislative Audio/Video
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    Lousiana Owners, Reservation Holders, EV Enthusiasts - Need your help!

    The Senate vote is scheduled for today, 5/22. Do you know what time will the vote be taken?
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    Louisiana HB167

    One problem with stopping it is that the bill is being quietly passed without any media coverage. I don’t know who else is even aware of the bill other than car dealers and those who received the email from Tesla.
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    Louisiana HB167

    I’m on the Model 3 wait list and received the same email from Tesla today. I read the bill and see it protects franchise dealers from competition on the sale of new cars. But I don’t understand how it limits servicing, or why Tesla’s email focuses on servicing. The bill only mentions restricting...

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