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  1. Kardax

    Depreciation on LR RWD

    6.3 miles in 15 minutes is nowhere close to what most people consider highway speed.
  2. Kardax

    Charge Cable may not be plugged in correctly?

    There were some reports of the charging lock freezing up in icy weather, my take is Tesla is trying to cut back on service calls. If it's only locked when charging, there will be enough heat coming off the connection to prevent ice buildup.
  3. Kardax

    Charge Cable may not be plugged in correctly?

    Yup, seems like the cable-not-locked-unless-charging "feature" is confusing things.
  4. Kardax

    No surround sound?

    I've only tried the Slacker service a few times and the quality definitely worse than Apple Music over Bluetooth (iPhone 6S). But that has its own issues: 1) instead of getting the album art from the phone, it gets it from Slacker and it's wrong most of the time and 2) what seems like a full...
  5. Kardax

    Model 3 LR RWD vs LR AWD

    Road closed, professional drivers ;)
  6. Kardax

    1 Million Miles? What are you on track for?

    A fleet average lifespan of 1 million miles per motor is not an achievement. Every modern mass-produced vehicle gets many times that. By that standard, Lexus probably gets over 10 billion miles per motor. The untested claim is whether a single Tesla drivetrain can last a million miles. There...
  7. Kardax

    1 Million Miles? What are you on track for?

    All I'm saying is that my Model 3 isn't off to a great start to 1 million miles with one of its two motors having already been replaced. The exception doesn't prove the rule, but we'll need to establish what an acceptable failure rate is before claiming Tesla has built a motor capable of 1...
  8. Kardax

    Close to ordering an AWD in White

    Rivian's pricing goals are overly optimistic, a mass production build will be comparable to Model X in price, unfortunately. If you're not in need of a new car ASAP, I'd hold out to see what the Model Y will bring.
  9. Kardax

    1 Million Miles? What are you on track for?

    Forgot to mention that I had my front motor replaced under warranty after two weeks of ownership due to a "power reduced" warning that was diagnosed as some kind of "out of phase" issue. If you don't see how this relates to the ICE issue, you're missing the point: a highly stressed part that is...
  10. Kardax

    Model 3 Charge Port Cover - Broken Flap (Auto close or vandalism?)

    It shouldn't try to close if it detects that it's plugged in. I don't think the door-closing motor is strong enough to break the door...
  11. Kardax

    Supercharging on Thanksgiving

    I had to pay for all of my thanksgiving supercharging :(
  12. Kardax

    1 Million Miles? What are you on track for?

    Low part count doesn't imply longevity: the Mazda RX-8's Wankel rotary engine has only a few moving parts, but would flood if turned off before being warmed up, burned oil by design, got very poor gas mileage, and was prone to eating apex seals. Examples over 100,000 miles are very rare. The...
  13. Kardax

    Three days from order to delivery - crazy fast

    If you got the 18" wheels, you have the exact same build as me, but I had to wait 8 weeks (order placed June 26 2018). They've definitely accelerated production!
  14. Kardax

    Close to ordering an AWD in White

    The rear cargo area is surprisingly deep; you'd have to flip the seats down and take off the front wheel, but a bike could be transported that way. The aftermarket has produced other ways of mounting bikes on the car, some Googling can help with that. The Model X has a tow hitch that would...
  15. Kardax

    2016 Model S 70 (December Production) vs 2018 Model 3?

    1) Supposedly the design is more robust, but there aren't enough high mileage Model 3s out there yet to know for sure. 2) The Model 3 drive units are unique to the Model 3 for now, though the Tesla Semi prototypes apparently used 4 Model 3 rear drive units. 3) The Model 3 uses a new cell design...
  16. Kardax

    Enough Superchargers for Thanksgiving?

    My trip brought me to Clearwater MN (peaked at 4 cars there of 8 stalls at 7:30pm) and Hinkley MN (peaked at 2 of 8 at 9:30pm). Both of these times are kind of late so it may have been heavier earlier.
  17. Kardax

    Why aren’t our Model 3s Supercharging faster?

    Follow-up: my previous post assumes Tesla continues to use a similar battery tech going forward. There are other battery chemistries available today that able to receive or release power at higher rates, but they sacrifice capacity to get there. Tesla has always strongly emphasized energy...
  18. Kardax

    Why aren’t our Model 3s Supercharging faster?

    Even with 500 kw superchargers, it's still limited by the battery's ability to absorb the charge, so it will follow the same tapering off slope. This is probably why Tesla hasn't been in a big hurry to update the chargers... the upgrade would only be apparent at the very start of charging for a...
  19. Kardax

    AWD delivery thread

    It needs to calibrate for it to work but if you have the feature, it'll be available to configure in the settings. Note that it calibrates even if you don't have it enabled, so when my car got the OTA config change, it was immediately available.
  20. Kardax

    AWD delivery thread

    Update: Received car on Saturday with only a 30-minute delay, though there was some minor drama with untimely days off for my delivery person. As far as the car goes, the only problem was that EAP wasn't activated and the service techs there don't work Saturday so I had to wait until Monday...
  21. Kardax

    Minnesota Electricians?

    Thanks for the info. Is he independent or associated with a company? I'll check them out :) Good to know!
  22. Kardax

    Minnesota Electricians?

    I'm looking for someone serving the Eagan area of Minnesota for charger (or at least 14-50) installation. There are a few options listed on Tesla's website, but some have broken/outdated websites and I'd like an owner referral if there's someone you've had good success with. Can anyone here help?
  23. Kardax

    AWD delivery thread

    Forum member since 2007 (old enough to know that Elon is Tesla's 3rd CEO) Day 1 Reservation (mid-afternoon, pre-reveal) Could have ordered April 6, waited for AWD AWD order placed June 26 Delivery scheduled for September 15 No VIN, blue, black interior, 18" wheels, EAP
  24. Kardax

    Whoomp there it is !!!

    I'm happy for ya, fellow old-timer :D
  25. Kardax

    Model 3 Dual Motor image from updated configurator

    Beat my post by less than a minute while I was fussing with TMC's media features :)
  26. Kardax

    Model 3 AWD Chassis Rendering

    Model 3 AWD Chassis Rendering by Kardax posted Jan 19, 2018 at 1:21 PM As noted on the media page, this is an asset from the Tesla website linked from this Reddit post: New Model 3 Configurator • r/teslamotors For comparison, Model 3 RWD Chassis Rendering by Kardax posted Jan 19, 2018 at 1:22 PM
  27. Model 3 RWD Chassis Rendering

    Model 3 RWD Chassis Rendering

    Asset from Tesla website linked from this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/7rjej9/new_model_3_configurator/dsxjqe8/
  28. Model 3 AWD Chassis Rendering

    Model 3 AWD Chassis Rendering

    Asset from Tesla website linked from this Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/7rjej9/new_model_3_configurator/dsxjqe8/
  29. Kardax

    Tesla uses an Intel processor?

    That's not super comforting, though. The content of pages you view and anything you type (including passwords) are at risk. It also provides a path to defeating defense-in-depth measures like ASLR, making it much easier to exploit other vulnerabilities.
  30. Kardax

    Tesla uses an Intel processor?

    Both vulnerabilities can be exploited via web browsers through JavaScript, and as strykeroz notes, Spectre theoretically works on any CPU with speculative cache reading behavior, which is pretty much any modern CPU, including the ARM-based chips in Model S/X. Model 3 doesn't have a browser or a...
  31. Kardax

    Question for owners, how does model 3 handle in snow, rain?

    I'm not sure even snow tires would have helped here. It's very icy and the car was obviously moving too fast into this turn.
  32. Kardax

    2020 Roadster press photos

    High quality versions (2.5MB JPEGs, not recompressed by the forum software) are in the Press Kit, linked from this page: Press Kit | Tesla with password provided below the link.
  33. Kardax

    Production delays and loss of tax credit dilema

    I've been on this forum almost as long and there's no way I'm backing out now. If the tax credit goes away, I'll cover the gap somehow. Since I'm likely to get mine in 2018, I'll have to do so for nearly a year even if it stays.
  34. Kardax

    Tesla Model 3 vs. Chevy Bolt rivalry

    Only the Model 3 is capable of cross-country travel (superchargers). No other manufacturer seems to think of EVs as anything other than urban runabouts, so while I agree with your ranking, the gap between gold and silver is very large.
  35. Kardax

    Thoughts From an Old Timer

    *checks join dates* Heh, "old timers" Seriously, this is good advice, though.
  36. Kardax

    Show Us Your Tents!!

    Hopefully it's a bit shorter when I get there around 11am o_O
  37. Kardax

    Dual HPWC thoughts

    It seems like Tesla could help everyone out if there was a way to run multiple HPWCs off a single 80-amp line with some kind of automatic balancing, similar to how the superchargers are paired.
  38. Kardax

    Dual drive techincal questions

    My thought is that both motors are geared taller than in single-motor configurations.
  39. Kardax

    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Just a tiny, small complaint: can you produce these videos at 30 FPS instead of 25? Most of us are viewing them on 60hz monitors, which means at 25 FPS, some frames are shown twice and others 3 times, creating a noticeable judder. 30 FPS would be silky smooth. That's all, love them otherwise :)
  40. Kardax

    How many people plan to randomly join/ crash Elon Musks Coast to Coast Trip?

    I think Elon will wait for spring to do the trip. The days are too short and the weather is too cold.
  41. Kardax

    Leaving my S unplugged at work

    The owner's manual is referring to weeks, not hours. You're fine.
  42. Kardax

    "Tesla Roadster" in Grand Theft Auto 5

    I've seen two, one in a parking lot in a wealthier part of town and another one being driven. Of course I grabbed both :) The acceleration is unparalleled, and the small size works to its advantage when weaving through traffic. Braking and cornering aren't as good as the other supercars in...
  43. Kardax

    Milestones compared to other car startups

    It's nice to see all these years later that the milestones are steadily being achieved :) -Ryan
  44. Kardax

    Roadster 2.5 The new Roadster

    Apple supports USB. Just use the normal sync cable that you'd use with a computer. Some OEM radios (Honda and Hyundai come to mind) already offer USB ports on some of their models. -Ryan
  45. Kardax

    Tesla in video games

    I have Project Gotham Racing 4 and can confirm that the Tesla Roadster is in the game. I took this picture myself shortly after it was released: It's based on the original prototypes with the two-speed transmission, and the motor "idles" at 800 RPM, but otherwise it's a faithful...
  46. Kardax

    Tesla in video games

    I don't know why Dan Greenawalt thinks ICE tuning is so critical... the only ICE tuning the game allows you to do on race cars is to remove the restrictor plate and nobody's complaining. All of the other options (suspension tweaks, weight reduction, brake upgrades, aftermarket wheels, creative...
  47. Kardax

    future Roadster resale value?

    There's no reason to think that the Tesla Roadster is any less vulnerable to depreciation than any other car. James is correct: as long as the company is producing new-and-improved models every year, the older ones will lose value just as fast as any other car. The used Tesla market is still...
  48. Kardax

    Vote for JB

    He's simply explaining why they had to use liquid cooling. Their design has a very high energy density, so they need to use appropriate measures to keep it safe. See the paragraph above the one you quoted :) -Ryan
  49. Kardax

    Will I Fit?

    I'm 5'5; I'd probably look like a child behind the wheel of a Model S :| -Ryan
  50. Kardax

    Opinions of value please

    The waiting list is getting pretty short, so prospective buyers have to weigh getting your car today against getting a brand new one in a few months. Based on that, I'm thinking you're in the $85,000 range, maybe a little more if yours is specced out exactly the way someone wants it. -Ryan

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