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    Performance Waiting Room

    Yes, they are X-ice. Calipers have about 3/4" in the front and 1/2" in the rear.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    Just got my car back from the detailer. Thought some of you waiting would like to see chrome delete and lightly tinted windows (50%) on a black car. Winter wheels are from T-Sportline and 18".
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    Newbie winter tire question

    Go on youtube and search for winter tires vs. all-season tires. In practice, it is a shocking difference when you first experience it. Now that I know the difference, I have always purchased dedicated snow tires for my cars. In fact, what scares me most is knowing that most people are running...
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    P3D+ 20” Winter Tires / Wheels

    Road noise seems a bit louder, but not bad. I haven't been up to highway speeds with them yet, but back roads seem fine. It definitely softens the handling, which is to be expected. I put them on myself. I'm sure an approved installer could do it, but I would make sure to point out the...
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    P3D+ 20” Winter Tires / Wheels

    Just got my winter wheels today from Tire Rack. I wasn't sure how they were going to look, but I actually like them for winter wheels. Hope this helps anyone else that is looking for wheels. 19X8 MONTE TITANO MT7 VENTOSO HYPER SILVER 245/40R-19 MICHELIN X-ICE XI3 XL They fit well and have...
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    May AWD/Performance Orders -- VIN / Status Thread

    Correct, VIN wasn’t anywhere on the normal pages. The only way I found it was in the JavaScript console.
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    May AWD/Performance Orders -- VIN / Status Thread

    Wow, thanks. It worked for me: 554XX
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    May AWD/Performance Orders -- VIN / Status Thread

    Just got the email and then call. Delivery on 8/11. P3D - Red - White - Perf Upgrade - Ordered on 5/24
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    My center console

    Please add me to the list for sunglasses holder and bin. Thanks!
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    Any AWD Deliveries set?

    No Vins, but one interesting data point. My friend and I are both S owners and we each reserved on 3/31/2016 @ 10:35 AM in Cleveland. We both were able to configure AWD on May 23. We both originally ordered AWD on 5/23. I then switched mine to PAWD on 5/24. He switched his to PAWD on 6/28...
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    1st day line waiter, got your AWD invite, please post your reservation time here

    I sent a text to my wife confirming the reservation. Still have it.
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    1st day line waiter, got your AWD invite, please post your reservation time here

    My friend sent his assistant to wait in line and she was able to put in a reservation for both of us. I remember thinking I was glad I wasn’t standing outside!
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    1st day line waiter, got your AWD invite, please post your reservation time here

    Reserved in Cleveland at 10:35AM Eastern on 3/31/2016. Received RWD Invite on 2/4/2018. Received AWD Invite at 7:46PM On 5/22/2018. Ordered AWD, red, sport wheels, eap. 12-16 weeks for delivery estimate.
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    Theoretical MobileEye Question

    I have no knowledge of the system, but with the reported self learning algorithm, I would imagine that the system will someday know that 100% of cars stop at a particular intersection and could anticipate the stop well before it can see the stop sign.
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    90D Range slowly declining

    I actually took a picture specifically because of this thread. I'm assuming my car will slowly decline until the update comes out. Sorry it wasn't with Remote S, but I can do that tonight when I charge.
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    90D Range slowly declining

    Picked up a new 90D today. First 90% charge was 265.
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    What's your 90%?

    Replaced my P85 with a 90D today. First 90% charge with 21 miles was 265.
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    What's your 90%?

    Just a quick update. This weekend I went on a long trip where I charged to 100% and travelled to ~20 miles remaining twice. This morning my 90% was 229. Going in the right direction.
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    What's your 90%?

    I have a 2013 P85 with 22,000 miles. For the first two years I was charging to 70% unless I went on a long trip. My 90% dropped to 218. For the last 6 months or so I have been charging to 90% and it has slowly increased to 223. I haven't tried a deep cycle to see if I can gain more.
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    Model S 85D Drag Tested 28 Times

    Great video! I have a 90D coming to replace my P85 and you made me feel even better about my decision.
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    Late '15 Purchase question

    I would think so, but Tesla should be able to tell you for sure. From what I've read it only takes 5 days to build a car. At this point I don't think they would build a car they can't deliver in 2015. I'm sure they want to hit their sales goal for 2015 so they need all the production capacity...
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    Late '15 Purchase question

    My concern was I wanted a 2016, and my service center put both the 2K discount and model year 2016 in writing. So I'm not exactly sure when they will build it, but on my.teslamotors.com it shows Late March/Early April delivery, so I think it will get built in February or March.
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    Late '15 Purchase question

    Make sure you place your order before the end of October to capture the $2K discount. I ordered mine a couple weeks ago but requested a Late March/Early April delivery. I was going to do the same thing as you and my service center suggested just delaying delivery which I didn't realize was an...
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    12v battery

    Tesla actually called me and said they had been monitoring my car and noticed signs that the battery would need to be replaced soon. They said to schedule an appointment and I could continue driving the car. About 1 week later I received a notification in the car to replace the battery soon...
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    Elon "About to end range anxiety"

    I think Beckler has it.
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    Elon Musk tweets software upgrade will increase P85D range

    I remember reading/hearing the same thing and I really think the above is correct. I've been driving a P85D since 12/24 and comparing it to my P85. When driving around town, there does appear to be a slight vibration in the steering wheel that to me feels like the two motors are fighting each...
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    damaged grey Turbine wheels

    My service center charged $160 to repaint my rim after a run in with a curb. It looks perfect again.
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    Get J1772 adapter to pop charge port door

    I just received mine yesterday. It works great! Just what I needed. Thanks.
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    Supercharger - Macedonia, OH

    I tried charging in Macedonia last night. It was my first supercharge. The maximum charge speed I saw was only 75kw. I called Tesla and they thought it might have been related to the cold temperatures (19F last night). I started with about 75 miles on my P85 so I don't think it was tapering...
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    Rated range loss after 1 year

    Funny I deleted my post because I realized I made one fatal flaw. I mixed different versions of software. I thought I had images all from 5.8, but as you can see my 90% and 100% were earlier from when we couldn't set the charge level from the app. Please ignore my mistake. Thanks.
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    Ohio Superchargers

    Thanks for the update on Macedonia. I think Great Lakes mall is a good guess, but I also think it could be located at the new Cleveland service center they are hiring for. I'm not sure if an address has been posted yet but I couldn't find it after a few minutes of searching.
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    Macedonia Ohio - first OH supercharger?

    I think it is amazing how fast Tesla moved from approval to breaking ground. It looks to me that they already have a fairly significant amount of work done.
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    The new supercharger in Macedonia, OH has begun construction...
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    Tesla Supercharger network

    I live just down the road from Macedonia and I will be checking frequently :)
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    Tesla Motors and Ohio - SB 137, SB 260 - Owners/Advocates Call to Action

    I contacted all my representatives today. How ridiculous. Two other points I found really interesting: 1. There are only 250 Tesla Owners in Ohio so far. Wow this seems low but explains the reaction my car receives. 2. They intend on starting multiple supercharger sites in Ohio by the end...
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    21" winter/snow tires

    My 21" Pirelli's shipped today. Looks like Tirerack has them in stock now.
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    DIY Detailers: What's your go-to Paint Protectant?

    This weekend I washed, clayed and paint sealed my S using Griot's products. It was the first time I have ever used a paint sealant before and I was really impressed with the results. It was much easier than waxing. I know the Griot's stuff is considered mid-level so I'm interested in what the...
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    Firmware 5.0

    Wow, it would be great if 5.0 got us to 5 rated MPH!
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    Firmware 5.0

    Anyone try charging at 110 on 5.0? It would be great if it charged at 4MPH instead of 3MPH if it sleeps during charging.
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    Sirius/XM reception issues???

    My P85 has terrible XM reception. I have a street I drive down with a clear view of the sky and it constantly drops out. It works fine when I drive my wife's Prius. I brought it up to my service person and they implied there was an adjustment they could make. The car is in service today, so...
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    Panoramic roof creaking noise.

    They told me it had to come to the service center because it takes two people to do it. Maybe you could help...
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    Panoramic roof creaking noise.

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I opened mine last night and sprayed a bit of WD-40. I put it all back together and was disappointed when it didn't fix it. i drove the car again today and the creak is gone! Must have needed to settle in. Not sure how long it will last, but for now it is silent!
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    Back to 242

    I also dial mine down to 12 amps on my 14-50 and I consistently see 242 in the morning. I was seeing high 230s at 40 amps, but I suspect that has more to do with vampire losses because it was charging so fast and then sitting until morning.
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    1 Month Delivery

    Mine was ready in a month. I finalized on 3/15 and the car was ready for pickup on 4/16. It was also a P85 which are being filled more quickly.
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    Ohio Owners Group

    I just took care of this yesterday. I also have a lien through PenFed. I'm in Cuyahoga County so it could be slightly different: 1. I took the Manufacturers Certificate of Origin and Bill of Sale to the Clerk of Courts to get the title and pay sales taxes. NOTE: They accept cash or BANK...
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    Unintended range charge

    I don't have my car yet, but what happens if you shut the car off and then enter from the passenger side. Does the screen turn on only when the driver's door is opened? Does it still turn on if you touch it and you are not sitting in the driver's seat?
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    Random Model S sightings

    I saw my first ever Tesla Model S ever in Chagrin Falls, OH today. It is less than 3 days since I placed my order! I was able to stop and talk to the owner and he offered my wife and me a ride. Just like everyone says, the P85 is just insanely fast. Thanks Martin!
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Yes, that is the wrong number. You are looking for a reservation number which should be 5 digits and start with 19xxx (maybe 20xxx by now). I just finalized yesterday and mine just said #0 and then an RN number like yours.
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    I think the Tally is definitely over. I received the above email and it simply says: Model S Performance #0 RN324534 At the very bottom of the email. I assume the #0 is where the production number used to be.
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    Yeah, I thought I read that also, but I looked all over the reservation email and the attached document and I couldn't find it.

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