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  1. Mysta

    2021 Refresh Model S Discussion

    Any others having trouble deciding between Plaid and Plaid Plus?
  2. Mysta

    Vendor MaxPider Replacement Badges/Pins

    Let me check on quantity of red left
  3. Mysta

    Vendor MaxPider Replacement Badges/Pins

    Someone finally got matte blue and man, the matte/satin finish really makes them pop!
  4. Mysta

    2020 model year 3D Maxpider

    They do wear out fast and then they'll just be black which isn't terrible. Would be nice if they were smooth so they didn't collect dirt so easy.
  5. Mysta

    Vendor MaxPider Replacement Badges/Pins

    Use same holes! The other comment is for pins which I don't sell anymore.
  6. Mysta

    Advice on config for new LR

    Tesla is known for making small changes that add up in the end, the Tempest wheels probably are just barely better and it's probably not worth mentioning and changing the cars 'range' in the dash to reflect that number.
  7. Mysta

    Tesla Model X - 2020 Performance White/White CF

    Yeah that was this guy - was a broker deal not inventory.
  8. Mysta

    Tesla Model X - 2020 Performance White/White CF

    Yeah - unfortunately the same offer comes in for trades other online insta-buy sites. Not in a huge rush Yeah, he bought the two recent sales, and that's cool but that's instant gratification price. When carvana and rumble on are offering that price too it seems like I can get a little more.
  9. Mysta

    Tesla Model X - 2020 Performance White/White CF

    Still available :)
  10. Mysta

    Tesla Model X - 2020 Performance White/White CF

    Yeah, interested in selling just not in a rush.
  11. Mysta

    Tesla Model X - 2020 Performance White/White CF

    Full charge shows 299, have seen 200kwh charge rate at v3 too!
  12. Mysta

    Tesla Model X - 2020 Performance White/White CF

    Just putting feelers out atm as I'm WFH and debating swapping to an S down the road. 99k Full frontal Suntek PPF & Modesta Ceramic coating Tow kit No FSD 6 seater White and CF interior 22 inch wheels Very little supercharging use 6800 miles currently
  13. Mysta

    Efficient Tire/Wheel Comobo for road trips

    Been thinking about getting these myself. Actually kinda back and forth in getting trip wheels for my PX and just swapping to S, but it almost seems like an even trade going to S and seems like too big of a loss so I keep coming back to the wheels.
  14. Mysta

    Why is range less on a Performance model?

    Rim diameter isn't the issue, contact patch is. Usually a bigger rim is wider and more rubber. The motor def is the mileage difference for X/S - not as much for 3.
  15. Mysta

    New to TMC. Hi!

    Welcome! Where are you located?
  16. Mysta

    Model X - Accessories I've purchased and will review

    How's the phone holder,i have a Rokform for my bike, thinking of trying it with their new wireless charger.
  17. Mysta

    Vendor MaxPider Replacement Badges/Pins

    Shipping may be a lil bit but I've shipped all over so far
  18. Mysta

    2020 model year 3D Maxpider

    It's in my signature, some badges I made.
  19. Mysta

    Use Trax app to locate rattles on-demand

    Can do something similar with phone of course but pretty neat nonetheless
  20. Mysta

    Tuxmats vs 3d maxpiders???

    There are other colors, just not on etsy anymore. Linked below
  21. Mysta

    Black window trim replacement kit from Alibaba??

    Interesting, wonder if they have for x
  22. Mysta

    Vendor Selling 2018 Performance Model 3 **Pending**

    Price lowered a little!
  23. Mysta

    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Looks super unique that's for sure, love the rolling look.
  24. Mysta

    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Keep in mind my wheels have aligning lugs and I was talking about those specifically. Thanks! Also I'll add if you can't put a wheel on aligning the lugs then I probably wouldn't trust you to torque it to 129 ft lb either so I would just take your wheels to someone.
  25. Mysta

    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Didn't use the rings on mine, just go through 2 seconds of aligning the lugs properly.
  26. Mysta

    Vendor Selling 2018 Performance Model 3 **Pending**

    No kidding, wish I could transfer it to my X :(
  27. Mysta

    Vendor MaxPider Replacement Badges/Pins

    I've been doing a few matte at request.
  28. Mysta

    Vendor MaxPider Replacement Badges/Pins

    Updated the post, moved over to Shopify for the remainder of them, the white/black options are listed but about 3-4 weeks out.
  29. Mysta

    18650 cells for the truck?

    I mean the battery pack is the design, 18650 and 2170 are just sizes to make the cells out of.
  30. Mysta

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I'd say that's probably just a tech issue. It def clearly states the new warranty is for new cars on the front page
  31. Mysta

    Vendor Selling 2018 Performance Model 3 **Pending**

    Never made it to the track
  32. Mysta

    Vendor Selling 2018 Performance Model 3 **Pending**

    82000 and 4k to upgrade
  33. Mysta

    Someone got a temporary Model X?

    I got a Model X when my glass was being replaced.
  34. Mysta

    Vendor Selling 2018 Performance Model 3 **Pending**

    11k, never got tracked, had signed up twice and other things came up:(
  35. Mysta

    Vendor Selling 2018 Performance Model 3 **Pending**

    **Pending Sale** Asking 54k 11k Miles HW2.5 EAP HomeLink Coilovers from UPP (Also have the stock) Forgestar 25# 20x9/9.5 with Advan Sport v105 (6k miles) - Also have set of Michelin All Seasons A/S 3+ with 2k miles UPP Front Lip Unpainted 3M Ghost Flip Pearl Gloss wrap(Applied within a month of...
  36. Mysta

    Help! Should I Trade in 2018 Model X P100D for 2020 P3

    Between potential updates to x/s, volume of model 3, y, and battery limits, i think value will be consistent if there are no substantial price drops.
  37. Mysta

    Model X feature list versus other models

    Better in snow, location based suspension, better space for animals if that's a concern. Hatchback, range, can specifically warm battery
  38. Mysta


    I may be selling mine soon(upgrading to X) - still unsure of price, it's Black with white interior, wrapped brand new with 3m wrap and PPF on front/hood/rockers.(10k miles)
  39. Mysta

    UK Existing tesla inventory VERY low?

    Yeah I've been watching for a while for X's and noticed that after NY they brought a few demos and then almost immediately have put those up for sale on inventory and they are selling very slowly, there's only a handful in US really. Would be interesting to hear how many deliveries were taking...
  40. Mysta

    Model X wish list

    The windshield isn't a problem, any time the sun is an issue, it would still be an issue
  41. Mysta

    Need help from 6 seater owners -- took delivery yesterday

    The tesla page shows after, they are thin and more comfy objectively, but no adjustment in head rest
  42. Mysta

    Need help from 6 seater owners -- took delivery yesterday

    Could be another diff in the 'new' seats
  43. Mysta

    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    Feels an awful lot like the Toyota acceleration thing where just a few people had legitimate carpet sticking throttle and then everyone wanted to blame it for their accidents.
  44. Mysta

    Tesla .. going downhill?

    The reason we keep using that statement...... just went to the Rav4 forum, most reliable manufacturer, and best selling car.
  45. Mysta

    Phantom slow spot on 65mph highway?!

    I've seen reported that some on ramps are causing this, so see if that's the type of area doing this and just be careful being at those, seems to be a bug from recent update. not sure if it was fixed in .7
  46. Mysta

    Shuddergate ...

    Curious why you felt need to start a second post with this very topic? There's another topic that's pretty extensive: Acceleration Shudder

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