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  1. iMoe

    Cost of EV charging in Vancouver

    Holy smoking electrons, how does one do 500Wh/km? Live at a racetrack? I think my 20k km average was 148Wh/km. Granted I'm not a lead foot but I do enjoy a launch or two every now and then, especially accelerating up the hills :D
  2. iMoe

    Model Y Windshield Distortion in Canada?

    No, I had distortion (tiny but noticable fish eye effect around the rear glass roof frame) in my 3 and Tesla replaced it under warranty.
  3. iMoe

    Supercharger - Canmore, AB

    I’m Mike - from Canmore.
  4. iMoe

    Good portable air compressor for the Model 3?

    I think I saw this (or a clone) at the Costco in Burnaby yesterday for $60. Maybe check your local Costco if you are a member. I use my bicycle pump couple of time a year :D
  5. iMoe

    Elon Musk please make available "set position" feature

    This reply is best read with the classic James Bond theme or the classic Mission Impossible theme.
  6. iMoe

    Limited Regen observation

    is this a pay may and we'll give it to you through software option or something else?
  7. iMoe

    HW3 Upgrade

    There goes the souped-up Roomba project.
  8. iMoe

    HW3 Upgrade

    Can't we keep HW2.5? Specifically if it is going to the dump, I'd l rather want to keep it and make my own AI robot to do all the house chores.
  9. iMoe

    Service center installing Tesla roof bars

    I wonder if mobile service can do this?
  10. iMoe

    Aditions to the user interface

    For both range and %, I suggest % be in the middle of the battery icon instead of each side. Forgot to add a day of month display (if you drive a lot everyday you know what I mean :D)
  11. iMoe

    Supercharger - Jasper, AB

    This is good news. What are "...generic DC Fast Chargers." mentioned by Tesla?
  12. iMoe

    Autosteer problem with "Super Street" U-turn Lane

    Yippeeeeeeee :D
  13. iMoe

    SMT: Nominal Full Pack tracking

    Thank you for this and your other posts and replies, very helpful and informative.
  14. iMoe

    SMT: Nominal Full Pack tracking

    Sorry to intrude and for the noob question, but what is nominal full pack and how do you find (calculate?) it? Thanks.
  15. iMoe

    HW3 Upgrade

    I get cold sweats thinking I'm going to loose my day 0 trip meter when this upgrade gets done :D
  16. iMoe

    HW3 Upgrade

    Ooh ooh the browse the forums conference calls, I used to love those :D Thanks for the heads-up on the lost settings. I'll take screenshots before handing the car over when the time comes. Opinion seems split on whether or not settings are lost.
  17. iMoe

    Model Y in Canada

    What an awesome gig, driving a new car around and getting paid for it :D
  18. iMoe

    HW3 Upgrade

    Did you need to reconfigure everything with the car after the new hardware or does it retain your settings?
  19. iMoe

    A Different 2020.4.1 Update Issue

    To think about all the wasted Sundays with my dad cleaning and rebuilding carbs when I could have been playing space invaders...
  20. iMoe

    Petrocan EV stations

    Yeah I saw that yesterday during a Youtube Ad. and was impressed with the "double entendre" :D
  21. iMoe

    Petrocan EV stations

    I wonder at what point will the name change to Electro-Canada. You're welcome :D
  22. iMoe

    Somebody scratches my windshield.

    Touché. I went straight to the pics :) @antoinearnau PM if you'd like help setting up a memory card.
  23. iMoe

    Somebody scratches my windshield.

    Sorry to hear about the vandalism on your car. Was your sentry not catch the event?
  24. iMoe

    Firmware's impact on range (graph)

    These are for rated range?
  25. iMoe

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    What are these new clips of which thou speaketh?
  26. iMoe

    Supercharger - Portage la Prairie MB

    Confirmed Supercharger In Portage - PortageOnline.com
  27. iMoe

    Supercharger - Surrey, BC

    Agreed. Per chance were you involved with the strata to determine how technically difficult it was or did the starta just advise you of such? It usually helps to be involved in order to clarify some misconceptions.
  28. iMoe

    Curb Rash - Wheel Repair

    Speaking of rim damage, are there any local sources for those rim strips you apply around the edge protection? Do these actually work?
  29. iMoe

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    Searched for $2 and found it thanks for the tip :)
  30. iMoe

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    Hey @jebinc thanks for the quick response and for putting this together with the vendor. I must be blind as I just went through all 10 pages, forwards, backwards rightside up, upside down and couldn’t find it :cool:
  31. iMoe

    "Group buy opportunity" for reasonably priced Mud Flaps (Model 3)

    Can anyone recommend a place south of the border from Vancouver to receive these? Cheers
  32. iMoe

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    Thanks. The ugliness makes it look big :D
  33. iMoe

    Speculation - Supercharger - Griffintown, Qc

    Or maybe this is the default map pin pour la ville de Montréal? :D
  34. iMoe

    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    Greetings @bolero - would you be so kind to let me know if this fits in the rear trunk well and if it does share a picture? May the Electrons be with you.
  35. iMoe

    [Updated] Model 3 CCS / CHAdeMO adapter

    You beat me to it :D
  36. iMoe

    Android app notifications

    Got to your app settings in the Tesla app and check that the notifications you want are active. Report back if that was not the issue. It seems that a bug exists in the android Tesla app where notifications are disable after you update it from the Play store. Thanks.
  37. iMoe

    Supercharger - Maple Creek, SK

    You charged for ~3 hours at each? Are you "debugging" the car as you go or leaving the splats till the end?
  38. iMoe

    Model 3 collision in autopilot

    What @BEPA400 said in #40 can't be repeated enough. Autosteer and TACC are workload reduction tools not attention reduction tools. When I engage these tools I pretend I'm training Bo, my chimpanzee, how to drive. Keeps me alert :D
  39. iMoe

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    Try to open for a looksee? Maybe it is inside :D
  40. iMoe

    Model 3 collision in autopilot

    Sorry about your loss and glad no one was hurt. My nervousness level increases with decreasing following distance. I just wish we had an option to vaporize tailgaters. Seriously, what is accomplished by following so close? TACC will not go faster because you're up Tesla's rear end :D
  41. iMoe

    Steering wheel phone mount?

    Face embedding will be well deserved :D it is the first Ascension step to AI. Try this Center Console & Dashboard Anti-Slip Pad Phone Holder for Tesla Model 3
  42. iMoe

    Hey, Hey, My, My

    Sorry to hear about your trunk troubles but glad you used duct tape. Never leave home without it. Personally I would have added some teeth to that big grin :D Kudos to Tesla on the great support as well. P.S. when you drive Crowsnest daily for a month you improvise (mostly delude yourself) to...
  43. iMoe

    CCS for Model 3 in North America

    I feel your pain. We have a similar situation in BC. Vous n'êtes pas les seules avec cet handicap.
  44. iMoe

    Hey, Hey, My, My

    Was thinking Lethbridge-Medicine Hat Hwy 3 that's why.
  45. iMoe

    Hey, Hey, My, My

    Ha. Crowsnest will be fun.
  46. iMoe

    Hey, Hey, My, My

    Trying to understand your route, did you not go through Montana which appears to be the shortest route because you needed to be in SK or because of charger availability?
  47. iMoe

    Electric airplanes

    Commercial VFR service exists and VFR reserves in Canada is 30 minutes Canadian Aviation Regulations I assume FAA is similar but no time to check. According to this article they plan to do 30 minute trips plus 30 minute reserves: Harbour Air to add zero-emission electric plane; aims to convert...
  48. iMoe

    Hey, Hey, My, My

    Just dispose of the passenger. Problem solved :D Hope all goes well.

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