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    Need to get tires rotated, suggestions? [in NorCal]

    agreed on DIY. super easy and the tools you need you should have anyway - good investment. plus as you said... you can torque the wheels to exact spec and take a good look at your vehicle
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    Need to get tires rotated, suggestions? [in NorCal]

    he probably smoked a cigarette and checked facebook on his smartphone if it took him 40min. rotating tires takes 20min tops and $120 for that is nuts...
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    let's hope they fix it and 8/8 will be online. Because if the other cabinet goes out some folks might be in for a rude awakening... Clayton / NM isn't exactly a SC with "well... too bad... let me drive 20 miles further and charge there" option
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    Trading a tesla 3 for another tesla : [not happy with teslas offer]

    lol. just 30% in 2 yrs and 14k miles is *better* than any mercedes or bmw.... also: trading in with Tesla is great for saving sales tax but not so great for the trade in value... carmax and carvana pay more
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    once it's open Clayton will be a true game changer... opens up the fastest route for Dallas/Houston to Colorado without "sweating it". The Henrietta addition was much needed but so is Clayton. Happy to see Tesla opening up travel corridors :) Plus it opens up the northern route for Taos /NM
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    hard pass... killing thousands of rattlesnakes (collected all over West Texas from wide open places where they pose no danger, flushed out of ground holes using kerosene/ gasoline) just "for fun" is pretty high on the ignorance list
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    The accident saga begins...

    assuming you are not at fault... the other party *HAS* to pay for your rental. exception would be uninsured driver. I've been hit twice but in 20+ yrs of driving never been at fault even once. I'll take the chance of paying for a rental in case i wreck my own car...
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    how often is mobile service ridiculously late?

    mobile service rocks. had to use them twice (minor stuff) and in both times they told me an appointment was available days earlier and showed up right at the time they said they would
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    My Flat Tire Story--with Pic of the foam inside the tires

    i keep a puck in my lower trunk at all times... they are cheap and good to have. i also have a small chunk of wood in there (there's so much space in the lower trunk) which you drive onto with the flat tire and it provides enough lift so the scissor jack fits under the car (with or without...
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    My Flat Tire Story--with Pic of the foam inside the tires

    get a spare kit from modern spare and never look back... comes with a quality spare (Pirelli) and jack/ wrench and a carry kit. jack/wrench I keep in lower trunk permanently - the spare tire I put into the trunk whenever i road trip and go through middle of nowhere. also helpful when you have a...
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    Aero Shield Panel

    July '19 built and no issues in 15k miles ... that being said - i havent encountered standing water at high speeds but went through 2-3" of standing water at maybe 30mph and no issues
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    Windshield Replacement

    I always keep one RainX DIY windshield repair kit in the frunk... they are less than $10 and if you get a hit on the road and you can't make it to Safelite .... that impact star can spread and you need a new windshield. if the impact star isn't anywhere noticeable or on the top... I'd totally do...
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    Recirculate keeps turning off

    living in north texas which gets quite humid in spring and early summer and *always* have AC on auto which periodically turns recirc on/off and with 15k miles on it now never experienced the musty odor issue...
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    Inaccurate Navigation

    I've found Tesla navigation powered by google maps to be as reliable as the google maps app on my iphone ... but with charging stops calculated. the only warning: Tesla projected charging stops can be a tad optimistic *if* you go faster than 75mph ... i charge always more than the car tells me...
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    Supercharger - Texas Best Smokehouse - Grapevine, TX

    nice to see such a large SC site in the heart of the metroplex. Will be handy for folks local or traveling through DFW .... Southlake is too small of a SC and often crowded as people charge & shop and Arlington Ballpark is a mess with the Esport stadium being a covid vaccination site and access/...
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    As long as you drive a 300+ miles rated Tesla the Trinidad-Amarillo leg is nothing to sweat. Juice up nicely in Trinidad and once you are over Raton pass is constant downhill until just before Amarillo. Around Boys ranch it's some minor hills up and down but nothing which will kill your battery...
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    agree... with the winter weather chaos here and skilled labor across state/ contractors being super tight ... i don't see this getting fast tracked. should be fine for Q2 opening though and just in time for summer vacation time in Colorado. also: this is a standalone SC and not tied to the...
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    i would consider a Cybertruck *if* the actual range on the road in real-world driving is comparable to the Model Y AWD and price wise it's not that much more with comparable interior.
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    Heat Pump Limit?

    the heat-pump needs to run forever to achieve heating in really cold weather. that's why with an auxiliary heating system in a house it kicks in. you don't want to wake up to a 61F house in the morning and then wait for 2hrs+ for the heat-pump to get it to 68F ... hence there is electric...
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    2021 Model 3 Heater blowing cold air

    if the car doesn't get warm after 15 minutes (like the OP states) ... the inefficient mode isn't good enough.
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    the location also opens up Taos - North Texas alternate route as well as Capulin Volcano National Monument. Really excited about Clayton as it is a pleasant drive that way into Colorado
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    2021 Model 3 Heater blowing cold air

    I can't believe they didn't add some auxiliary heating system to the heat-pump. if it's between a heat-pump and a PTC heater ... i'll pick the PTC heater any day. it *will* get the car warm. Heat-pumps simply do not work well under 25F and stop working altogether when you get into the low 20s or...
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    Heat Pump Limit?

    there's a reason residential heat-pumps include a gas furnace / auxiliary electrical heating units ... because once you go below 30F it becomes *really* hard to heat the place via a heat pump ... under 25F nearly impossible...
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    happy to see that they are putting 8 stalls into Clayton... this charger will be a *must charge* for most traveling Texas - Denver corridor although charge level can be fairly low with Trinidad being next option to fill up more
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    Supercharger - Texas Best Smokehouse - Grapevine, TX

    love the location and the more chargers the better.... but those "30min general parking" superchargers at *that* location and *this close* to the main entrance / pumps will be heavily ICE'd ...
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    So Tired of Curb Rash!

    learn how to drive and use the mirrors / cameras... there's also no special award for parking 1 inch from the curb when a few inches will just do fine...
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    Does anyone know the UV specs on the new double-pane windows?

    normal glass absorbs nearly 99% of UV B rays. UV B causes sunburn and skin cancer but doesn't penetrate that deep and hence is absorbed by even normal glass. UV A rays is only absorbed by ~25% in untinted glass.... that being said while UV A rays will heat stuff up - they are the lowest energy...
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    Rotate the tires with one jack?

    lol. ANY modern car does that.... otherwise you'd have cracked windshields and whatnot...
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    USB 32 Gig inadequate

    micro SD card (high endurance) in 128GB + USB card adapter. *much* better than any USB stick. High endurance micro SD cards are designed to be overwritten constantly... USB sticks really aren't.
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    Yes... Coyote RV park near Clayton ; Dalhart city and Corral RV park all offer L2 Nema 14-50 charging for a small fee. Additionally there's a large L2 destination charger at a hotel in Dumas which shortens the drive to Trinidad enough and isn't that out of the way. You can tip the person at the...
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    Always Be Connected?

    any words on durability of charge port and charge port door opening/ close mechanism ? if you plug / unplug every day you are going thru 2x cycles / day ... 730 / year ... 3,650 / after 5 years .... not sure if that door mechanism which is powered by a little motor is rated for much more than...
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    Always Be Connected?

    *everyone* with their own house / condo with a power outlet where they park. *plenty* of Tesla owners in coastal states which live in apartments and charge only when they need ....
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    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    don't care for chrome delete/ power trunk / center console double pane window (but only on drivers side???) is nice 350+ miles EPA is *very* nice compared to the 310 miles my LR AWD was getting when new. 350+ rating let's you do Amarillo - Trinidad nonstop leg year round as long as you stay 70...
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    Tesla Service Rocks!

    congrats on getting a loaner. here it is uber credit and that can be for days.... sucks if you live farther away and uber during a pandemic isn't particularly safe either
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    Tesla Service Rocks!

    and that took them a day.... lol
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    Supercharger - Clayton, NM

    the fact that there is *zero* movement on the Clayton supercharger is nuts. it's the *main corridor* between DFW metroplex with 7.5m people and Denver area with 3m people. Anyone going skiing in Colorado from North Texas will use that corridor. it should be a high priority for Tesla... Maybe...
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    120v Extension Cord Charging

    do not use a cheap extension cord without proper rating would be the more accurate answer. if you use a UL listed 10 gauge / 15amp rated extension cord it's totally safe... the same stuff you use to plug in demanding power tools....
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    This is a decent white touch up paint.

    thanks. the Tesla factory white touch up kit is one big joke in terms of paint match. noticeably darker than factory paint
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    120v Extension Cord Charging

    do *not* use a walmart extension cord to charge... just don't. get a contractor grade heavy duty 10 gauge / 15amp rated cord and you won't see much loss and no fire risk. many of them are UL listed and USA made. cheap extension cords get scary quickly.
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    12V Accessory Socket fails when I use it to power my 12A portable air compressor

    https://www.amazon.com/Lifeline-AAA-300-Volt-Compressor/dp/B000SL4AA2/ref=asc_df_B000SL4AA2/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=242002940295&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=8394157462533107470&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027211&hvtargid=pla-382248413653&th=1 this one...
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    Model 3 2-Year Service

    there's literally no way that an EV with braking happening largely over re-gen needs a brake fluid flush after 2 yrs... even on ICE vehicles that's not something needed before year 4 or even 5. if there's significant moisture contamination in your brake fluid after just 2 yrs... something is...
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    Tesla model 3 accident

    given how much a new front axles, new motors, new hood, new fender, new sides, new door will cost - assuming not other parts are bend,,, it could very well be totaled.
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    Oil Change

    Gear oil without the thermal stress related aging you see in a 6+ gear tranny of a ICE car should last *a lot* longer than 100k miles in a EV like a fixed single gear Tesla.... Heck - many ICE transmission don't even mandate a tranny fluid exchange at 100k miles.
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    What is it with ICE truck drivers? Is it just me.....?

    oh yeah... totally did the same living in Texas and recently went on roadtrip from Texas to Northern Idaho and back. tactical black/white american flag magnetic sticker on trunk ... looks now "tacti-cool" and no coal rolling anymore. likely keeps keying down to a minimum as well.
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    What is it with ICE truck drivers? Is it just me.....?

    the absolute worst are lifted trucks with off-road tires constantly swiping the sides of the road and spraying everybody driving behind with rocks/ gravel....
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    Cracked windshield wait time

    I wouldn't trust safelite with a windshield. they put a nice dent into the hood of my wife's GMC Terrain while fixing a chip. They tend to employ very junior close to min wage "technicians".
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    Rock chip, should I be worried

    you're lucky... totally fixable and it's in the "black" non visible part of the windshield. I might even do a DIY repair with a $10 repair kit as it wont be visible. better than waiting and driving around with it.
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    Model 3 rear-ended by driver insured by Leader/Infinity/Kemper Insurance in GA

    yeah. seriously. it's not like he's driving a clunker worth $2k
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    Model 3 Windshield replacement $2300 and 2-3 days?

    i paid $1090ish at Plano SC in 2019... $2300 is WAY too high. that's high end performance car pricing and what you shell out for a Porsche windshield
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    Venting-post sale customer service... sigh... (i

    there is no recall. the battery breathers are not even defective. Tesla might very well deny that to be done for free under warranty. a TSB is not a recall ... especially for "cosmetic" issues.

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