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  1. spooksman

    Features we would like to see

    I've given up dreaming of all the 'nice things', Tesla just can't seem to focus on much other than frivolous puff, so of late I only want two basic things.. 1. A proper speed limiter 2. Being able to set a start and stop time for charging in the car Oh, and maybe waypoints for navigation...;)
  2. spooksman

    PodPoint - New Scheduled Charging

    I was on the beta for this for the last month or so - seemed to work fine 90% of the time with the Tesla. I do have a current support ticket open with Tesla, as on occasions the car seems not to wake to charge as expected. If I opened the app, it starts immediately - according to Tesla that...
  3. spooksman

    Tesla to fix smart charging (wake vehicle from sleep via Zappi charge)

    Not sure if it's related, but I currently have Tesla looking at why my car doesn't appear to wake up to charge when to wall charger kicks in. Open the app and it starts charging straight away.
  4. spooksman

    PodPoint - New Scheduled Charging

    I was on the beta for this for the last month or so - seemed to work fine 90% of the time with the Tesla. I do have a current support ticket open with Tesla, as on occasions the car seemed to not to wake to charge as expected. If I opened the app, it started immediately - according to Tesla...
  5. spooksman

    Supercharger questions

    My car is leased, I see the SuperCharger invoices in my account on the web site. You don't see things about the car, but sadly bills show up...
  6. spooksman

    Confused about charging in off-peak hours

    I am seeing an issue as well - also an M3P on 2021.4.12. My wall box powers up at 00:30 until 04:30, and until the update everything was fine - the power came on, the car started charging and did so until the power turned off. Now, the car will only start charging if I wake it from the app -...
  7. spooksman

    Timed Charging and Waking from App

    Nothing set in the car at all, and no other services. Just the PodPoint app that turns the wall unit on/off... I'm sure I read somewhere about a software thing in the Tesla that means it doesn't react to a charger coming 'online' when it's sleeping, but I couldn't find it...
  8. spooksman

    Timed Charging and Waking from App

    Hopefully someone with experience of timed charging can help... I recently took part in the PodPoint beta that lets me schedule my wall charger - all good and that now reliably comes on between 00:30 and 04:30 for me. Whilst on the trial I kept a close eye on things, but as it settled down, I...
  9. spooksman

    Stopped by the Cops

    But I'd like to be able to choose as you have done...
  10. spooksman

    Stopped by the Cops

    Would like the option to have the speed displayed on the video that is recorded to be honest - I would think that is fairly achievable. As long as it's an option of course...
  11. spooksman

    [UK] 2021.4.x

    My last update was 22nd January, and I'm on Advanced... And yes, I have checked a few times :p...
  12. spooksman

    How do we get Tesla to add a speed limiter feature

    I'll let you know when he gets back to me and updates my car :confused:
  13. spooksman

    How do we get Tesla to add a speed limiter feature

    I tweeted Elon this evening, kinda surprised I didn't get a response already... :p
  14. spooksman

    REWARD if successful: help me identify where this annoying interior rattle is coming from 2021 M3P

    My parcel shelf made rattling noises - I tried everything without success, however the SC sorted if after driving down a cobbled street to find the issue.
  15. spooksman

    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    I had 30 minute meter readings on the website but didn't get an electric bill until I chased for it (couple of months). I didn't want an extended argument about any possible issue, so got it sorted.
  16. spooksman

    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    I thought that was for Agile rather than Go. You got this working for Go?
  17. spooksman

    Non-Tesla recommendations for 2nd cheaper EV

    We've had the car since October, but never really been on long trip (lockdown!) - when she's driving to work the return trip is only about 20 miles. She is planning very occasional long(er) trips to Swindon (about 150 miles), but she'd be anticipating to stop on the way regardless. In the cold...
  18. spooksman

    Non-Tesla recommendations for 2nd cheaper EV

    My wife went for the e208, she thought the Zoe was a bit 'bland' and liked the styling of the Peugeot. I actually quite like the car, it seems well put together and nice to drive. The 'floating' instruments are ok and work pretty well. I find the lane assist/autosteer/cruise better than the...
  19. spooksman

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Thanks for the heads up @DaveW - all sorted... :)
  20. spooksman

    Octopus Christmas Rebate

    I started with Octopus back in November - got gas bills but no electric ones. Decided to ask and they effectively said "ooops" and sent me one pretty much straight away. As it happened I questioned something, and have had about 5 different ones thus far... :(
  21. spooksman

    Blue or Red! ARGH!!!!

    Everyone knows that blue is the only correct colour choice. There, fixed it for you :D:D
  22. spooksman

    Blue or Red! ARGH!!!!

    When I went to the Tesla dealer for my first look at a Model 3 there was a blue M3P with a white interior waiting to be collected... I said at that point 'I want that!' as it was stunning. I got mine delivered in May :), and I still have the same reaction every day when I see it on the drive.
  23. spooksman

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I can assist if you want, even though I only just got mine working again. I'm not great with Unix mind, so you'll need to be gentle with me...:)
  24. spooksman

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Thanks to both you and @DaveW this is now working again. No idea what was wrong, and initially deleting and recreating didn't fix the issue. However I deleted again and set the backup to GDrive to a later time (4 am) with * 4 * * * /home/pi/tmbackup/tmbackup.sh and it's all working. We'll...
  25. spooksman

    Frosten [frosted] headlights

    I quite like frosten...
  26. spooksman

    Podpoint at home - App not connecting to network

    I had to call to get mine connected as well...
  27. spooksman

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    My TeslaMate system (on a Pi) has been running just fine for a few weeks. I even added the automated backup to Google Drive on a nightly basis, and all was fine. However, the scheduled backup seems to have stopped working since the 27th of December. If I log in and run the backup manually, it...
  28. spooksman

    Warning: Gridserve Braintree Superchargers don't support all cars - V3 CCS only

    When I called ahead to Crawley to other day to see if their chargers were operational (they were) the guy double checked I had a 'suitable car', as they are V3 chargers (CCS only).
  29. spooksman

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I've not been at this TeslaMate thing long, so am a little unsure... I want to set the date format in Grafana to be UK based (DD-MM-YY) rather than the US format currently in use. I think I'm needing to change/add an environment variable in the YML file, but I'm really way out of my depth -...
  30. spooksman

    Does TACC avoid undertaking?

    In general, I would say yes, it seems to avoid undertaking. I find a quick tap on the throttle overrides that and off it goes again...
  31. spooksman

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    Fascinated why you have two instances running? Is that for backup/redundancy purposes?
  32. spooksman

    Wipers - a suggestion

    Surely a long press currently activates the windscreen washers, which I use a fair bit... I guess I must be lucky, I have very few instances where the auto wipers don't come on when I want them to, and then a simple tap of the stalk seems to kick start them... With regards to the question...
  33. spooksman

    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    Ah - makes sense, cheers ;)
  34. spooksman

    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    How long have you been able to swipe up on the 'extras' icon on the toolbar to get to the recent calls list? Didn't realise you could swipe up on the music icon either :p
  35. spooksman

    Cruise control no longer safe

    My wife's Peugeot e208 does it without issue...
  36. spooksman

    Wiki [UK] Holiday update - 2020.48.26/.30/.35.x

    I went out for a drive - I like the new layout, bit like getting a new car for Christmas. All looks fresh and shiny - pity there is no new car smell (there's something I didn't know I wanted Elon!). A UI refresh on any OS has a bunch of people saying they don't like it, but if you want the...
  37. spooksman

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Yes, that's correct, one quick click down for current speed, click down and hold for the speed limit. Works really well.
  38. spooksman

    Cruise control no longer safe

    I drove about 500 miles this week, nearly all motorways. After reading this thread, I kept an eye on things - the nasty braking is totally related to those high sided vehicles jumping lanes or dramatically moving in the lane they're in. I didn't see spray or shadows making much difference, but...
  39. spooksman

    BBC podcasts not available in Spotify

    I think it's a BBC thing, they pulled a majority of their podcasts and you can only get them on their BBC Sounds app. That's fine if you have Android Auto... If not, it's TuneIn for now - which is a pain, as it never remembers how far through you were... *** UPDATE *** Actually, on further...
  40. spooksman

    Crawley Update

    Regarding the A22 etc, my mum lives in Uckfield, so that's perfect for selfish little me... I normally come down the M23 (hence the stop at Crawley last night) and then across via Turner's Hill. Pease Pottage will work OK as well, probably arrive sooner than Gridserve!
  41. spooksman

    Crawley Update

    Visited today, all stalls free and working. Sadly as it is not 'on the map' there was no battery pre-conditioning so charging was very slow. Also, for those that don't know the area (I didn't) it is located at the end of a retail park, so the traffic to get there was heavy today. Will try...
  42. spooksman

    Making phone calls with Voice control

    I don't think you do I'm afraid... I'm contemplating another contact ("the wife") with just one number to see if that works...
  43. spooksman

    Spotify Tesla account

    The free one is just there - simply don't sign into an account. Seems to be fine for my usage (which is just a bit of travel) - keeps favourites etc Having said that, Spotify Duo is about £3 extra a month, so I might do that, then I can play music at home as well without the missus moaning...
  44. spooksman

    Model 3 Efficiency

    Wow - look at the efficiency at 0 degrees - what's happening there, is it lots of small trips maybe? Mine looks like this...
  45. spooksman

    Locking a Model 3

    I must admit I tried this and never managed to make it work,
  46. spooksman

    Crawley Update

    Can the car navigate to them yet? I'm heading down south on Friday, so fancy a visit and a top up... ;)
  47. spooksman

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I'm pretty sure when I entered my new rate TeslaMate asked if I wanted it applied to everything or just from then on...
  48. spooksman

    Tesla Referral - Free supercharger miles?

    Its like a feeding frenzy on here when anyone mentions referral codes for anything - some of you lot must be here ALL the time :p Note to self "Must try harder"...
  49. spooksman

    Lease cars and Supercharging

    Your loot box won't show anything on a lease car I'm afraid. The only way to see your referral miles/credit is via your Tesla account and the Supercharger history, where your charges will be charged at zero. It will also show how much 'free stuff' you have left. Not great, but Tesla and...

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