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  1. jvmoore1

    Tesla Service Centers

    Based on the Tesla Directory it shows John Brandt ([email protected]) as the contact for the Tesla Owners Club of Alabama.
  2. jvmoore1

    Road Trip Planning

    this is my technique as well
  3. jvmoore1

    Supercharging COVID-19 Restroom Availability

    my wife and two sons went from Alabama to Texas and they had no issues with bathrooms. On the way to Houston they stopped at the Slidell rest area due to nothing being open. On the way back they went to Michaels before hitting the SC. Lafayette SC they went to Ulta to use the restroom Lake...
  4. jvmoore1

    Bad white model 3 seat stains

    same here. rear seats. not sure how long it has been there. nothing i have tried has worked.
  5. jvmoore1

    Best in car/ portable vacuum?

    this looks awesome! may be taking a trip to Home Depot
  6. jvmoore1

    Swap Evannex rear trunk auto-open kit for regular struts.

    i have the EVannex struts as well and i feel the same way. wanting to swap them back to the original struts, but the tension clip popped off the passenger strut and no idea where it went.
  7. jvmoore1

    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    order placed..Christmas in Jan to me
  8. jvmoore1

    A better routeplanner now has an app

    Happy Holidays! @RouteBetter: Our Christmas gift to all ABRP users - an early release of the official ABRP app is out! Not fully featured yet, lots and lots more coming. ‎A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.iternio.abrpapp ABetterRoutePlanner on...
  9. jvmoore1

    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    i keep hoping they will add one at the Summit since we seem to stop there any time we drive through
  10. jvmoore1

    Iphone not being reconizing

    i had an issue yesterday where my phone was removed from the Bluetooth list when i first got in the car. restarted the car and phone, but it still would not show up. had to re-pair my phone for it to show. Has been working fine since then
  11. jvmoore1

    What did you do to your Model 3 today

    wife got me the Evannex wireless charging pad for the Model 3. Installed it yesterday. Only issue i have had with it so far is it will randomly pause charging, but will start up again without us moving our phones. No biggie, just a bit annoying
  12. jvmoore1

    Birmingham, AL - Supercharger

    we charged here over Thanksgiving. it was a pain to actually get into the lot due to road construction and there was a Sesame Street concert at the BJCC going on when we arrived. We had to pay 1.50 for the lot when we left. But, we did not go to any of the shops to validate our ticket since we...
  13. jvmoore1

    Should I buy the "full self driving option"?

    i wish Tesla would add Lane change to Autopilot. Such an annoyance to disable/enable AP just to change lanes
  14. jvmoore1

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    i have the Meross garage door opener. So i have to ask Alexa to ask Smart Meross to open my garage door
  15. jvmoore1

    Car Wash Mode PLEASE!

    it is listed during the quick scroll through. i had to check on twitter and someone had a screen grab after slowing the video down
  16. jvmoore1

    Teslafi tips for new users

    if anyone else needs a referral code hit me up in with a DM
  17. jvmoore1

    Teslafi tips for new users

    here is my set up...
  18. jvmoore1

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    i will try that this afternoon if it acts up. first time i did toggle bluetooth, but made no change
  19. jvmoore1

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    i have mine set to Manually. Only time DND is scheduled is at night while i sleep
  20. jvmoore1

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    yeah i am not sure if this is going to work for me. Got in the car this morning and it would not connect again. tried a few times on my way to work, but nothing. Check the Alexa app and the Echo wasnt even showing. So, i had to set it back up. Hopefully it will still be there when i leave this...
  21. jvmoore1

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    i actually had to completely reset the device and start from scratch. funny thing is when i got back in the car with the family it failed to connect again. "hey guys check this out...Alexa..." "I am still trying to connect to your phone.." *kids and wife bust up laughing* finally it...
  22. jvmoore1

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    welp. got to use it all of one day. Setup was easy and did a couple test commands for SiriusXm and Apple Music. but, went to leave this morning for work and the Echo kept saying it was trying to connect to my phone. checked the bluetooth settings and it showed connected, but the thing still...
  23. jvmoore1

    Echo Auto In Model 3

    mine is out for delivery and should be there by the time i get home. excited to try it out
  24. jvmoore1

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    so glad i opted to buy instead of lease. we would be way over on mileage since we take the 3 everywhere for every little thing
  25. jvmoore1

    Thoughts on the "World's First Tesla extension cord"?

    thanks for the update.. on a separate note, great username. been a Stavesacre fan since HS!
  26. jvmoore1

    Teslafi tips for new users

    my trial ends tomorrow. if you still dont have a referral by then i will send you a PM
  27. jvmoore1

    Teslafi tips for new users

    i second this statement. and making the change now On Thur i set up a schedule to turn on HVAC 15 before i leave work. Did not go to work Friday. 3:45 get the notification HVAC rule completed successfully. Ya!! 5:00 family go out to get in the car to get dinner. Youngest child goes "hey dad...
  28. jvmoore1

    Has anyone ordered Homelink for service center installation?

    are there any videos or directions for installation?
  29. jvmoore1

    I ordered an brand new X OMG!

    yes...but the good kind of crazy!! ;)
  30. jvmoore1

    Pensacola Service Center

    Went by here today since we were in Pensacola to eat at McGuires. Wanted to check the SC out and to charge a little bit to help relieve the wife's range anxiety. Unfortunately there is no Destination chargers on the outside of the building. Hopefully they will get some installed soon
  31. jvmoore1

    Just got 2019.24.4

    got in my car this afternoon with a nice note saying that there was a software update available. rushed home to get on wifi and download that bad boy. Software Update in Progress!!
  32. jvmoore1

    Model 3 Updated to 2019.15.105

    Software Update in Progress!!
  33. jvmoore1

    Anyone currently considering buying FSD post-delivery (Aug 16 price hike)?

    i feel the same way. would love auto lane change and summon, but don't think it is worth 6k
  34. jvmoore1

    Father in law's P3D- reaction

    i love it. keep making up reasons to drive around. i will try and get some pics this afternoon and post them
  35. jvmoore1

    Father in law's P3D- reaction

    he kept saying that he needed to find a way to get one..have a feeling it will be truck
  36. jvmoore1

    Father in law's P3D- reaction

    Let my FIL try out the Sport mode in my P3D-
  37. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    yes. my boys keep on asking me to punch it. my oldest keep going "i hate it, but i love it" aww man. i feel bad. you should have unwatched this a long time ago. lol i am happy that this ordeal is over and i can enjoy the car.
  38. jvmoore1

    Model 3 performance new 18 inch wheel option now avail 7/15/19

    15.104.1 for me as well. in fact when i picked my car up yesterday it had the Sentry bug. So no audio on our 5 hr drive home. Delivery specialist said she would get with their service manager to push the update to me. *fingers crossed*
  39. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Finally home...such a long and somewhat hectic weekend. But, excited to start this new chapter as a Tesla owner. Welcome Electric Bluegaloo
  40. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Nothing I could tell. The bottom panel on the driver side was out. So just had to push it back in. We tried to schedule an appointment for the sound issue and badge. But, looks like the system is down
  41. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    So we are here. Car has been somewhat acquired. And as I expected there would be another hiccup. Currently waiting on a software update due to no audio and voice command working.
  42. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    I can DM my OA contact if you want
  43. jvmoore1

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    The service center I am picking my M3P- up at had a whole parking lot full. Think every one I looked at was a M3P-. Not sure how many were already sold though
  44. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    @shiftkenny is correct. I didn't know how much longer it word be before the RWD batch would be made and we are needing a vehicle now. Plus, with the price change and discount the M3P- was not much more than the RWD build.
  45. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Merry Tesla Eve. Made the trip up to Atlanta today with delivery in the morning. Spent the afternoon going back and forth through email and calls with OA and DS. Reason is due to my account showing I have a balance when it should have been a credit. My account went from them owing me 1,310...
  46. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    after all of this and everyone's interest i feel like i need to do a Facebook/Youtube Live of the delivery
  47. jvmoore1

    LR RWD Waiting Room

    well fingers crossed....delivery is slated for this weekend. been mad rushing this afternoon trying to finalize finances. maybe this marathon is finally coming to an end
  48. jvmoore1

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    i have to say Andrews Federal Credit Union has been great to work with through my whole ordeal. Big thanks to Daun. Very nice and patient with all of my questions.
  49. jvmoore1

    Inventory vs. Customer Order

    same here...hate that i have to drive two vehicles back. but, i dont want to take a chance there is an issue with the car and, with my luck so far, it would prob be another 3 months before they would deliver it to my house
  50. jvmoore1

    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    now part of me hopes they havent updated my car. would be great to experience the difference

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