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    Does performance feel safer?

    Everything said here is every bit as true in the LR, as well.
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    Poorly Designed Induction Wheels

    Sadly, curbing your wheel is nothing the non-existent 360 bird's eye view wouldn't be able to mostly fix. Come on, Tesla!
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    Non-chill acceleration mode

    Need some kind of steering wheel button mapping for a quick toggle between Chill and Standard/Sport modes. Explosive acceleration when I need it (even if it's only 1% of the time) is one of the main reasons for buying a Tesla. Being in Chill mode and not being able to switch out of it, except...
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    FSD beta - how do I know I have it?

    But at least you still have a beta, just not FSD! See, Tesla hasn't been completely just leading you on and not putting out.
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    Unhappy with FSD sales and pricing

    So this whole time, NHTSA is the party that set the requirement for Tesla to only release FSD beta to YouTube influencers!
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    Unhappy with FSD sales and pricing

    There is a big difference between what FSD is and what it can be. Currently, FSD is a gimmick, toy-for-the-rich, investment into Elon's dream, total scam, or whatever term you choose to apply for something that costs a load of cash, but currently is delivering very little (except for Autopilot...
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    Update 2021.4.3 Release notes blank

    The fixes are so minor that you just can't even see them in the release notes!
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    $7000 Tax Credit in 2021 - retroactive?

    Why wouldn't Tesla just raise their prices by $7k and pocket what the government is handing out?
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    Midnight siliver color regret anyone?

    MSM is one of those colors have look purplish gray under some lighting, Definitely one of my favorite colors. I chose MSM with a white interior because I wanted to look like an elephant with white tusks (seriously)! Could be said that most of the Tesla colors are somewhat bland and limited...
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    New Headlights on MYP VIN 124,XXX

    And if you keep on waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, you'll get the new structural batteries, the high precision build from Texas Gigafactory, actual working FSD, etc.... It's like trying to time a stock to buy at the top! Don't forget that we're still missing some fundamental...
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    Procedure for windshield replacement?

    Did you have to schedule an appointment after the glass replacement with Tesla for camera calibration, or did Safelite do the calibration?
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    Would you pay $90-100K for a Plaid Model 3?

    Even if the basic $40k Model 3 did 0-60mph in 1.0 second, there will still be a niche group who will pay double for a Performance or Plaid that does 0-60 in 0.7 second. Such is the primal drive to show who has the biggest reproductive organ, and Tesla definitely caters to this drive!:p
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    Any updates on FSD beta?

    Yes, it's apparently coming real soon!
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    Would you pay $90-100K for a Plaid Model 3?

    Sounds like fake engine sounds played through the speakers would be exactly what is needed to rekindle that passion for driving! More seriously, I have nothing against a high-performance version of the Model 3, but the car quality would need to be much better differentiated from the $40k...
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    Elon confirms NO FSD transfer will be offered :(

    Buying FSD and having it be not transferable is the same as buying Final Cut Pro on the Mac and having it be not transferable, even though it’s still your own account. An iPhone app is cheap, so not such a big deal. On the other hand, software worth hundreds or thousands of dollars being tied...
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    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    I can imagine a spouse who is not a hardcore video game player and car enthusiast getting into a massive accident because of the steering wheel. This is like forcing someone to move from a mouse to a trackpad full time.
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    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance

    Envious enough to purposefully choose the model with all-season tires and FSD, instead of the Performance! Disclaimer: both FSD and the Performance are equally illogical and frivolous, but I reserve the right to blow some cash for fun.
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    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance

    The decision to pick the Performance over the LR is purely emotional; both are already acceleration beasts. It's more about whether you emotionally "need" to have the fastest car at at stoplight against another Model 3 (because that's probably the only place you'll get to prove yourself), or if...
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    Is there a DIY fix for water in the B Pillar Cameras

    Does this mean that Autopilot and other driver assists features are basically designed to only be functional when it's warm and sunny outside? How is FSD supposed to ever work when the side cameras get cataracts every time it rains?
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    Still Waiting on Holiday Release Part 2 Update

    What may have happened is that the outcry over the intern-written UI threw a monkey wrench into their Holiday update plans. Instead of putting in more farting noises and games to complete Part 2 of the Holiday Update, they're now scrambling to make the fonts bigger and the low-resolution...
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    Expanding FSD Beta.

    It's no different than with Apple and Steve Jobs, or the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and the pyramids. It's like there is only 1 person who is worth anything in the whole company, and everybody else is just a mass of faceless, brainless slaves providing temporary and disposable labor. NOT!
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    Door gap within spec.. push back?

    By the way, on my Y, the top and bottom back edges of the passenger front door are flush with the body, but the middle of the back edge (near the door handle) bulges out slightly. I concluded that any attempt to fix it will result in worse damage and decided to do nothing. It looks like...
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    Door gap within spec.. push back?

    The way the fit and finish is in these cars, Tesla could almost get away with claiming that every car is custom hand-crafted. Just like things were before the days of precision machinery and mass production. Given that your car is hand-made, the gap is indeed in spec!
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    Still Waiting on Holiday Release Part 2 Update

    Come on, cut Elon some slack! After all, he is literally a car salesman doing what a car salesman is known for doing.
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    Tesla offers 3 months of free FSD

    I also bought FSD, and the only feature I'm using so far is the AutoPilot lane-change. I told myself to pretty much expect a 100% loss for forking out the FSD money, but took the plunge anyways. Come on, Tesla, at least throw us foolish worshipers, who have already paid, a bone every once in a...
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    Tesla offers 3 months of free FSD

    Three months for the current released version of FSD is not compelling, except for EAP features. If they really want to entice, they should offer 3 months of the FSD beta!
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    Can’t deny this one! They even make sure that the games are playable while driving. If Tesla’s decisions are based on pandering to who they think will pony up the money to buy the next Tesla, it looks like they’re betting on the 25 year old passenger being the up and coming buyer.
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    Tesla is readying us for FSD while driving in reverse, thus reducing the need for the side and rear camera view sizes. Which is obvious given the increased screen real estate for the currently useless driving visualization view. Seriously, I can't understand why Tesla didn't just implement...
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    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    On a positive note, I like that the speedometer, although smaller, is now closer to the top left corner (in the US) of the screen, which is easier to see than before.
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    So torn between 2021 Performance and LR+Boost

    I strongly suggest buying the son a Model S Performance! Girls obviously won't go for anyone driving a car not capable of Ludicrous mode. Besides, how can he show his face to his circle of friends driving a car that needs more than 3 seconds to do 0-60mph! The M3P is obviously too slow, and...
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    So torn between 2021 Performance and LR+Boost

    I find it hard to imagine that the son will get in to trouble only with the 3.1s 0-to-60 of the P and not with the 3.9s of the LR+Boost! Both are supercar territory not long ago. This is not like the old days of comparing a 6-cylinder to a 4-cylinder version of the same car.
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    Firmware 2020.48.x

    Did you figure out why there is a setting to specify when off-peak hours end in the new scheduled departure settings, but not for when the off-peak hours begin? Maybe I'm missing something obvious. For me, off-peak hours begin at 12am (no place to enter this into the scheduled departure page)...
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    Firmware 2020.48.x

    Don't disagree in the substance of your statements; however, the current Tesla stock price and profitability is built on their ability to sell to a much wider audience than the small cult-like following they used to have. As such, Tesla would be wise to tread a middle ground and at least offer...
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    Firmware 2020.48.x

    I think some people had the expectation (how dare they!!!) that they would indeed get something related to driving improvements in return after paying $8 or $10k for FSD. Instead, they get something frivolous written by Work-from-Home interns for interns! You know Teslas are meant for the...
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    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    It really doesn't need to be either CarPlay/AndroidAuto or Tesla. This being a Tesla, the Tesla interface will always be there; just give the option to have CarPlay/AndroidAuto for those who prefer it for the wide variety of apps and integration with the rest of the phone ecosystem.
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    Does the $2,000 Acceleration Boost upgrade for 0-60 primarily, or increase passing speeds too?

    It’s a no brainer. Just get it! No drawbacks except for the relatively small cost.
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    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    I’d rather Tesla use the space devoted to games for more onboard dash cam or sentry recording space, so that the USB drive is optional for both. I already have all the games I could possibly want on my iPhone or iPad. Or how about devote some of their lean resources on eliminating phantom...
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    How do you deal with cold steering wheel ?

    I also have a 2017 Prius Prime. Funny that the $25k Prius had several advanced features, that you quickly take for granted in a modern automobile, that Tesla 3/Y simply can't touch. Heated steering wheel Blind spot monitor Rear cross traffic monitor Flawless intermittent wiper sensors Flawless...
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    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    This discussion is really just like talking about iPhones. Now that the iPhone 12 is out and sells at about the same price as the iPhone 11, how many people would actually still want to buy the iPhone 11 when given a choice? Or the Sony A7R IV mirrorless camera vs the older A7R III. Nothing...
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    So you don't have a 2021 "refresh"...who cares, really?

    Don't the laminated double-paned 2021 windows make the car double the goodness of the obsolete old 2020 generation :eek:!
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    What is your profession?

    Would be much more insightful to differentiate between personal vs household income in this poll.
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    New Hansshow Center Console Dashboard Touch Screen

    This is also the first thing that jumped out at me. The thick, chunky borders look like my old Nexus 7 tablet from almost a decade ago.
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    Model Y Dual Pane Glass Retrofit

    Given the 9 panes of glass the Model Y has, I'm not surprised that simply replacing the two side panes makes no difference to sound levels. Looks like the lamination is primarily for shattering safety (unless you drive into a lake and need to break free).
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    CA carpool sticker -- Best to order in November for 2021?

    Hope you get a 2021 blue sticker. Would really suck to receive the 2020 sticker!
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    Why not buy a Mustang Mach-E?

    Should be fair and point out that the quality and Customer Service of Teslas built in the US by US workers, sold and not serviced by the lack of Tesla dealers, also doesn't fill me with confidence.
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    Tesla Online Store - complete lack of communication

    Just wait until you try to call their Parts department, even just to check if an accessory is in stock, at your local Service Center. Voicemail comes on automatically; you leave a message and absolutely no one gets back to you. I ended up going to the SC in person. A service rep told me that...
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    Tesla rolling out new headlights worldwide

    The most important thing you didn't miss is the improved build quality of the later builds. Everything else are just features.
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    Model Y ride comfort?

    The ride on the LR w/ 20" wheels is not bad over small bumps, but could be abrupt over bigger bumps. Jarring enough so that I guarantee you won't be operating the touchscreen without first stabilizing your hand with your other fingers against the edge of the screen when going over the bumps.
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    MY Performance seems neutered worth upcharge?

    LR+Boost looks appreciably slower off the line, but is still able to hang in there to make the difference only 0.5 sec. For sure, Tesla let a bunch of Performance sales get away by not offering it with the 20 inch Inductions. Good news for them is that people ended up buying the LR+Boost...
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    Why Does The Delivery Process Suck So Much?

    You guys talk as if Tesla Customer Service is only not on par with Lexus/MB/BMW. Fact of the matter is that Tesla isn't even on par with Toyota/Honda/Chevy. With no other car make do you have the feeling that you've been given the middle finger after spending $25k, much less $75k. Tesla has...

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