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    Autopilot Disabled When Sold

    It hasn’t always been standard
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    2018 Model 3 LR RWD EAP Silver (RARE) Austin, TX

    For Sale: 2018 Model 3 Long Range RWD with EAP Features... Rare Silver metallic color 19” wheels - minor curb rash on 2/4 Homelink Premium interior (Black) 25k miles Vin 39*** Paid premium connectivity No damage/accidents Window tint Early red reflective roof glass (when wet) Location...
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    Mea Culpa

    It’s worse when your phone dies and you have to ask someone to call your wife to start your car Or my best one yet... Driving off with the iPhone on top of the car.
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    Home charging confusion

    The UMC (cord) that comes with the car can be plugged into a $30 14-50 adapter and charge your car at 32a. That’s all you need if your existing setup is plugged into a 14-50. Gen 2 NEMA Adapters
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    Upgraded to FSD, now what?

    Longtime Tesla owner S/3... I’ve seen all the missed deadlines and promises over the years but it’s still the most capable self driving (driver assisted) car I’ve ever experienced and that’s why I keep buying them and telling my friends to do the same. My best guess from years of Tesla...
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    PSA: Restoring iPhone from backup will not restore phone key

    Yea, happened to me at the mall. Took my iPhone in for work and they replaced the damn thing and then I couldn’t get into my car. Luckily the wife was home and brought me the key card.
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    S to 3

    I went from AP1 S60 to RWD LR 3. Ride is similar. Maybe slightly louder/bumpier. Way easier to park. Feels sportier and quicker. Interior is much more modern and less cluttered. I would never go back. I tell my friends it’s like comparing an iPhone 3g to a new Xs.
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    Made the right call upgrading from EAP to FSD for 2k

    Look back at this in 3 years and see what promises are fulfilled. It’s seems like FSD has been redefined and the description watered down so much I’d be shocked if you get more than Stop Sign and Stop light recognition. I’d be willing to bet Tesla weasels its way out of upgrading anyone’s...
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    Am at a loss: is the $2k FSD offer going away on Monday?

    See attachment...
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    MODEL 3 LR AWD vs 16/17 MODEL S

    I’ve had both. I prefer the model3 in every way possible. Going back to Model S for me would be like trading my iPhone X for a 3g.
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    The Model 3 is the new Bug

    Seems like more Model 3’s in Austin than Ford F150s these days!
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    Speed Limit Sign Reading Coming Soon?

    My AP1 model S has done this since 2014. Model3 autopilot is finally better than that 4year old tech.
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    Navigate on Autopilot missing from 2018.42

    Correct. It has to have updated maps and can only get that on wifi
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    v9 using feature only available in FSD?

    It’s called a “Standard Feature” and Elon said all safety features are free/standard on all cars. Who cares what cameras it uses. Convenience features cost $$$. Dashcam uses the cameras and is free for everyone. That a problem also?
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    v9 using feature only available in FSD?

    The owner who didn’t purchase FSD or EAP benefitted the most from this particular feature. It’s FREE to all owners of 3’s! Even without paying for EAP. And yes... it’s totally fair. They constantly upgrade these things and all of them will get better over time. Enjoy it. Whatever Tesla says...
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    New Owner: Range, Charging, Will This Scenario Work?

    My FAVORITE part of owning a Tesla is having 270 miles of available range every morning when I leave the house, I will never have to stop for fuel on the way to work. I sold my Model S a few months ago, bought a 4Runner, couldn’t stand going to the gas station, and Mopac without autopilot, so...
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    New Owner: Range, Charging, Will This Scenario Work?

    I live in Austin. I used to drive my Model S 60 to Houston with a 200 mile range. It’s no problem at all. Model 3 will make it with 100 miles to spare. I’d also reconsider your charging plan. City of Austin will pay 50% for level2 Install. Just have them upgrade the panel at half off. Also...
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    Mid range battery available now?

    I’d guess most of those 4 week delivery cars were all inventory. I got an offer for to change to MSM and to take delivery less 24hrs after ordering. I’m glad I waited 2 weeks and got Silver Metallic RWD LR.
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    Anyone that wanted to try and sneak in LR RWD Model 3 before it disappears, were you able to order?

    This is 100% accurate. This is the exact method I used to order my RWD LR in Silver Metallic after it had been discontinued. They did up charge me $2500 for the discontinued color but the process to change it was exactly as described, quick and error free.
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    Model S to Model 3 movers : what are your experiences ?

    The 3 is better in every way. The same way the iPhone X was better than the 7. Just more refined. Don’t regret it one bit. It’s quicker (I had s60 ap1), more fun to drive, ap2 is better, less cluttered. Wouldn’t switch back if you paid me.
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    Software Update 2018.39.x (Version 9)

    To all new Tesla owners... welcome. I’m a 2x Tesla owner S/3. This company is not Apple. They make cars. If they release the update to all owners and the same time and all cars break they can’t fix them all right then and that’s a bad look. The media and regular car companies would make...
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    Model 3 Battery Capacity

    My question would be how do you explain the reports of RWD owners getting 350-375 actual driven miles on their odometer? How about you and your AWD buddy just start driving and see who runs out of juice first?
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    WTB: Model S, will include my M3 Reservation (Ready to Config)

    I’ve got a Model S in Austin for sale... not quite what you are after. Let me know if you would like to see/drive it. 2014 Model S60, AP1, CPO warranty, well optioned $47k
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    2014 Model S60, AP1, CPO warranty, well optioned $47k

    Couple things to add... LTE retrofit was done I will include 50ft NEMA 14-50 extension cable Adapters for UMC: 14-50, 14-30, 10-30, 5-50, 5-15, J772 Rear window sunshade included Windows are also tinted Location: Austin, Texas
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    2014 Model S60, AP1, CPO warranty, well optioned $47k

    I’m having trouble getting all of the photos to upload correctly... I have a ton of high res photos I can email if interested. If this allows me to upload more I will attempt that.
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    2014 Model S60, AP1, CPO warranty, well optioned $47k

    Hey everyone, I am offering for sale my 2014 Tesla Model S60. The car is in great condition. See below for photos and options... 60kWh battery Ap1 - activated and working perfectly Single drive motor Tan Nappa leather seats Blue metallic paint (dark blue) All glass panoramic roof (sunroof) 19”...
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    WTS: 2014 S60 AP1 CPO

    I never really thought it was realistic to sell a car on here and was really looking for pricing info more than anything. If you think I have a solid chance to sell on here I’d love to make that happen. I will add photos and a better description of everything. You think it’s better to close...
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    WTS: 2014 S60 AP1 CPO

    I am open to reasonable offers. A couple things I didn’t mention. - It has had a LTE retrofit - 2-5k miles ago the drive unit was replaced due to “milling”, other warranty work was done to replace leaky tail lights, replace autopilot radar, couple parking sensors that went bad, replace floor...
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    WTS: 2014 S60 AP1 CPO

    AP is enabled. When I purchased it was the policy of Tesla to turn on all software upgradable features for CPOs. Is that still the case?
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    WTS: 2014 S60 AP1 CPO

    Hey everyone, I’ve had my S60 CPO for about 18 months and am in the beginning stages of trying to sell it. What do y’all think it’s worth? I’ve attached the CPO listing from when I purchased it. Model S60 AP1 Premium interior Dark Blue, Tan leather Glass Sunroof 44k miles (CPO warranty until...
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    $5k Delivery fee? Really?

    There is some flat out wrong info being spread in this thread... I purchased a CPO 11/2016 from Dallas, TX and it was delivered to Austin, TX with zero fee. According to my salesman Brent Seavey there are no delivery fees in state. Most CPOs out of state had a $2k delivery fee and I've read...
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    Blocking the signal from the key FOB

    I had this exact experience last week and the SC left the fob in the deep compartment in the very bottom of my trunk (where legs would hang with those kidnapping seats). I couldn't open the car except with the mobile app. I haven't tried to reproduce this but suspect if you try placing it down...
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    Google WiFi router and Tesla

    I have Google Fiber and it works perfectly. It's a similar setup to the google access points. You could have multiple devices giving out IP addresses. Try this... configure the google devices as access points only allowing only the n300 to dish out ip addresses and give all the devices the same...

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