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    Supercharger - Lake Charles, LA

    The station is back up, I used it twice yesterday.
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    Wind/road noise from doors/windows -- fix it for good

    I just adjusted my driver side window using your video as a tutorial and it greatly reduced my wind noise, thanks a bunch!
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    Solved: wind noise

    Hello all, my model 3 just came back after an accident on the passenger front end. The wind noise is much louder than it was previously, how are you all determining where the noise is coming from. I am having a hard time pin pointing it.
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    Is it possible to find a LR under $40,000?

    I'll sell my late 2018 LR for 40,000. It has 58k miles though...
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Should I be worried about a vin from the 60k range, I was on "off the menu" LR with white interior until they notified me that wasn't available. Just received my updated MVPA with VIN. M3 LR RWD Pearl White Paint Premium Black Interior 18" Aero EAP Order Date: 10/14/2018 VIN Received...
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    2016 Louisiana tax credit letter - help!

    Acidtest is correct for any Louisiana residents, my gf works with the state gov and she called about it today for me to get clarification. The rebate is now $2500.
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    2016 Louisiana tax credit letter - help!

    Does anyone know if the credits in Louisiana survived into 2018? I am able to design my model 3 now and as of today it stopped showing applicable tax credits for the state in Tesla's online calculators.
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    2014 Model S 60

    No way, somethings wrong there, I have a 60 with 93k miles and my 90% bounces around 178-180....
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    2014 Model S 60

    Your 90% charge only goes to 160? you should have Tesla look at that if true before you sell it, somethings wrong.
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    Buying "dead" Tesla

    Depends on how cheap you are getting it, but based on your initial questions run away. Jumping the 12v is easy enough so you could see if you can turn it on.
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    ICE'd in Alexandria

    There were some slots near by but not a lot, walked into the hotel and asked what was going on. They had a dancing with the stars benefit going in a near by event center. Not much I could do but wait. Luckily someone moved about 15 minutes after I got there. All in all it went ok, but it...
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    ICE'd in Alexandria

    Had to take a trip to Dallas, last stop before heading back to Baton Rouge was Alexandria. Every slot was occupied by an ICE!!! Ouch!
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    2013 Model s60 white $40,000

    I did not get the extended warranty.
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    2013 Model s60 white $40,000

    Yes currently still available.
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    2013 Model s60 white $40,000

    Someone asked privately for full charge miles.....196. I havent done a deep discharge/recharge to see if that number can be upped but I will. New Price $37,500!!!
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    2013 Model s60 white $40,000

    Tire pressure sensors batteries died recently, I will have them replaced for new owner for a full price offer.
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    2013 Model s60 white $40,000

    Of course it starts raining! IMG_1001 by bleebdat posted Aug 4, 2016 at 7:40 PMIMG_1004 by bleebdat posted Aug 4, 2016 at 7:40 PMIMG_1005 by bleebdat posted Aug 4, 2016 at 7:40 PMIMG_1008 by bleebdat posted Aug 4, 2016 at 7:40 PMIMG_1010 by bleebdat posted Aug 4, 2016 at 7:40 PM
  18. IMG_1010


  19. IMG_1008


  20. IMG_1005


    Rear Left Side
  21. IMG_1004


    Front Left side
  22. IMG_1001


    Driver side small paint scrape.
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    2013 Model s60 white $40,000

    Yes car is available, I apologize been out of town for work.
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    2013 Model s60 white $40,000

    White, gray leather, tech package, supercharging enabled, weather tech mats front and back. 81k miles. Small fender bender ended up getting the rear driver side quarter panel replaced. A few nicks in the paint, I'll have pictures up tomorrow sometime. Just put in a new 12v. Sadly my new job...
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    DIY 12v replacement

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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    DIY 12v replacement

    Bump.. nothing out there?
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    DIY 12v replacement

    Sorry if this has already been posted, tried searching...Is there a walk through anywhere for replacing the 12v battery. -2013 model s 60
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    White Tesla Wanted

    I have a white 60kw with 19" wheels for sale.
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    2013 White 60KW grey leather 16,000 miles.

    Charging report: Standard charge 176 rated/200 ideal Range charge 195 rated/226 ideal Interestingly after the range charge I wanted to bleed off some charge since I do not have a lot of driving to do tomorrow so I took a scenic spirited drive. The rated range didn't drop until I got a little...
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    2013 White 60KW grey leather 16,000 miles.

    Delivery was June 2013. Supercharging is not enabled. Folding mirrors and parking sensors were not options at the time. Singe Charger. No Damage. No exterior clear protection. Only repairs so far: Tesla changed the coolant pumps. Ill do a full charge and post the results.
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    2013 White 60KW grey leather 16,000 miles.

    2013 White 60KW grey leather 16,000 miles. Looking to upgrade to an 85 or P85. Grey Leather. Tech Package. Piano Black. STD 19" wheels. "B" Battery. Brand new UMC (Tesla replaced original). It's been a great car, need the extra range. List Date: 4/11/2014 Location: Baton Rouge, LA...
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    Model X Tally

    Reserved today #8361
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    Schneider Electric EVlink 30 Amp

    In case anyone is interested they said they will take $350 for it.
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    Schneider Electric EVlink 30 Amp

    Dunno, was just throwing it out there, maybe someone wants a second plug setup, or maybe since I put it in the other cars section it may apply to someone who has a Leaf etc....
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    Schneider Electric EVlink 30 Amp

    Schneider Electric EVlink 30 Amp This is for sale at a pawn shop here in town, my wife saw it. Ill find out tomorrow what the lowest they might take for it, if anyone interested in it Ill grab it and ship it to ya. List Date: 2/23/2014 For more info, click here to view the original...
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    A quick thought from an owner/ non investor

    To me the fires/quarterly report were enough to stop and reverse the irrational momentum the stock has had for 6 months. TSLA was being treated almost like a tech stock, the difference is though being an auto manufacturer things just don't move as fast. TSLA cant even take money from the run...
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    I installed a 14-50 at my office on airline in south Baton Rouge if anyone ever needs a charge you can come by.
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    Mike- It was the dark grey going towards the Huey P bridge. Saw 2 in Baton Rouge over the last week as well and supposedly the whole foods here now has a charging station!
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    Was driving though Harahan yesterday and a P85 drove up behind me, first model S I've seen on the road here in the state!
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    Kickstarter Level 2 charger: $109-$329

    Im thinking about pledging in on this, a second UMC would cost $650, and this would cost $400 ish since we already have a j1772 adapter.... Doesn't this seem like a good alternative if you have 2 places where you charge regularly and don't want to take your umc with you all the time?
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    Photos of outdoor charger installs

    Hey all, I have a 14-50 in my garage at home, but Im about to do an outdoor install at my office, if you have an outdoor install Id love to see what you did!
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    Splitter for a 14-30 exist?

    Ive looked all over I'd like to find a simple y adapter like this but with 14-30 male/females so I dont have to unplug and replug each time. I understand this poses a chance of accidentilly charging and drying at the same time, however I only charge well into the night when no drying is...
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    I think hopefully we will see some come in just due to i10 and people looking to travel between texas and florida, wont be soon though.
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    Took delivery of my 60, white, tech. On 6/10, hopefully we can pull some more people in and get some supercharger love close by.

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