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    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Think about all the people and press that traveled there for a meme. What a joke.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I'm lusting over the ambient lighting in the the new Mercs. I hope Tesla has a similar implementation.
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    Any last minute guesses?

    The Toyota whatever has it so one can hope.
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    Any last minute guesses?

    It's basically the modern equivalent of a mini van so I would hope they go with family friendly features like stow away seats and integrated vacuum. There's no way they'll add premium features like a HUD before adding them to S and X first. It's probably unnecessary for this type of vehicle anyway.
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    Tesla needs to refresh the Model S, asap.

    I don't think anyone is advocating for the autonomous taxi interior that the 3 has. You're right, that would be a deal breaker if Tesla went with that trash.
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    Referral program ending for good

    They could be content creators like Bjorn who probably deserve to be compensated for the free targeted advertising they give to Tesla.
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    You can almost smell the Mercedes desperation

    They do a very nice job with material selection. Very little plastic to be found. I'm a sucker for the accent lighting too, really makes the car look modern and Tesla wouldn't have to steer away from their plain design aesthetic if they added it. That expansive display right in front of the...
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    You can almost smell the Mercedes desperation

    I really like the E ans S class interiors by Mercedes. Hopefully Tesla can steal with pride from them in that area. I'm not sure why people have a problem with buttons. Some buttons can be useful and easier to use than fake buttons on a touch screen.
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    Purposely Delayed Tesla Model 3 Refund

    Just cancelled my reservation on Saturday and the deposit showed up at my CU yesterday. Went with the debit card option. I was kind of shocked they processed it over the weekend. It must be automated or something if using a debit card.
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    Lucid Air vs Model S

    Tesla is quietly building the largest, most convenient and most capable charging network in the world. As everyone converts to EV's over the next 30 years, the charging network could be the most valuable revenue stream they have.
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    Would you pay *dearly* to have ZERO nag?

    This is like asking a drunk if they would like to drive while intoxicated as long as they sign a waiver that it's not the bar's fault and watching a film about the dangers of said intoxication. If you want to kill yourself, have at it. The problem is that autopilot drivers have demonstrated...
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    Full Self-Driving - feels like a long way off to me...

    FSD is a long way off and when it comes, why would I need a performance car like a Tesla? Autonomous cars will be speed regulated by legislation so why not just get a large battery car with a weak motor and ultra luxurious interior? That doesn't fit the Tesla MO. By the time FSD gets here...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Please Tesla, stop pretending like Autonomous driving is just around the corner and design cars with an actual driver in mind. This is getting ridiculous. Honestly, just give us a HUD and some nicer finishes and call it a day. I don't want that trash model 3 ventilation system or center screen.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    It's all lollipops and candy canes until you hit the side of a truck. Complacency is the real problem with AP. Not everyone will use it properly which is how you are doing it and then they eventually become a statistic.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I can't unsee the angry frog face on the model 3. The S front isn't perfect but it doesn't look like a bad cartoon character.
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    Tesla tech is great, but other companies are starting to push

    You are spot on. AP has been a massive distraction from making the rest of the car great. Mobileye was doing just fine with their development and there was no reason to bring it in house except stubbornness. I just hope they don't continue this trend of developing cars around autonomous driving...
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    cross country FSD trip this year?

    It doesn't prove anything even if they do it. They will have mapped the route beyond typical and prerun it many times to fine-tune the software for that particular route. I'll pass on the smoke and mirrors. Just deliver a Model S refresh that people actually care about.
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    Will next Model S refresh eliminate physical controls for most functions?

    There are many owners that are trying to rationalize bad design decisions or ones done to control costs. It's funny to see the mental gymnastics when obviously bad decisions like the phone entry system are being reversed. They had proclaimed key fobs as obsolete and the phone entry is better...
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    Service Center - Cherry Hill

    A 12v reset usually involves disconnecting the 12v battery and stepping on the brake for 30s to drain anything left in the capacitors. That works to reset computers in pretty much every car I've ever had.
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    Phone Distracted Driver on Autopilot Slams into Firetruck

    Part of the problem is that Tesla charges $5k for essentially lane assist which leads people to believe it can do more than it does. I mean who would pay that much for lane assist when it's becoming a standard feature on other cars, right? It must be able to do more than that...
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    Fatal Model S accident

    Sounds like fake news. Wikipedia puts it at 2X and Europeans have far fewer motorways and vast distances to cross.
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    Green Tesla S

    My mind is blown. I've been looking for pretty much that exact color to wrap an S and I had no idea it was a stock color. Too bad it doesn't exist anymore. Love it.
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    Custom Model S Wood Plaques

    Do you do this on a CNC? Thinking of picking up a shapeoko for some hobby stuff.
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    Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

    I was looking to get AP when the refresh hits, whenever that is, but now I'm not sure it will even be an option. With the Uber fatality, I have to think regulators are going to have to evaluate Beta testing of self driving systems on public roads. For sure the full self driving option is a pipe...
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    No Vented / Air Conditioned Seat Option

    No one ever gets hot from body heat sitting in a seat for a long time. Nope, no one. Ever.
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    Model 3 entry via ... keycard & app. No fob.

    This RFID card will likely interfere with the one I have in my wallet for work so they just made my mornings more inconvenient. Thanks. I've tried to keep two in my wallet in the past and neither one ended up working while still in it.
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    Elon says no Central Speedometer

    Building on that, Tesla has shown that the technology they do implement is usually bleeding edge and not quite ready for main stream adoption. There is no way I will ever put this car into autopilot mode, won't even get the option, if there isn't a screen telling me if the cameras are seeing...
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    Full Autonomy All But Confirmed for 3, "We're doing the obvious thing"

    No but I never thought it would have it either. I like Elon's idea of sharing cars when you don't use them but I don't trust people and it doesn't solve the problem of commuting where everyone needs to be on the road at the same time.
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    Just announced. 500k cars by 2018 instead of 2020

    The production lines were designed to produce both cars right? If one line is down to fix X issues, Tesla is effectively at half capacity until it's fixed. Then they have to make those same changes to the other line at some point to maintain manufacturing flexibility.
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    Tesla makes offer to acquire Solar City

    This is just one guy but at different times I was considering solar panels (in NJ) or a Tesla 3. I'm now considering a package if they offer it. I was definite on the 3 but I don't know how long I'll be in my home. If they figure out how to make solar easy and cost effective, I'm all in.
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    Spaceship like controls... hint from Model 3 Design sketches?

    No you wouldn't have to move your eyes further away than you already do. Currently you have to look through the upper portion of the steering wheel to see the gauge cluster. That's where the LCD could go. Basically in the hollow area right above the airbag.
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    Spaceship like controls... hint from Model 3 Design sketches?

    Pure speculation here but I think every car I've ever been in, the driver must look through the top part of steering wheel to see the instrument cluster. Maybe they'll just move the gauges to a smaller LCD on the steering wheel. It would have the same functionality as the model S binnacle at a...
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    If You're Reserving -what car are you coming from?

    2006 G35 6MT Coupe. I've been looking to replace it for a long time but everything I looked at didn't seem that much better than what I already had. Tesla seems like a giant leap forward in the direction all cars should be going so I'm supporting them with my wallet. My only hope is they don't...

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