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    Suspension - has this happened to anyone else?

    No biggie. This would kill you and a half dozen other people only if it happened on a busy highway at 60 mph or higher.
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    Local CBS story, Tesla in autopilot mode hits fire truck

    The "...hard breaking.." occurred after impact, which was probably reduced due to hard braking before the impact. :)
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    Why regenerative braking belongs on the brake pedal

    Looks like the Bolt got it right then. In D it coasts when lifting the throttle just like in an ICE where throttle position as no bearing on the speed of the car. In L it regens for true one-pedal driving to a full stop. So everyone can have it as they like it. For me, once you try one-pedal...
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    Sudden Unintended Acceleration

    My guess is that the car was against the curb without the OP realizing it. To make it move OP slowly applied accelerator. At 18% car jumped the curb and "unintentionally accelerated" into the wall.
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    Why so many Model 3 on eBay for close to cost?

    Let's see, just off the top of my head, there's the Bolt, Leaf....
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    Autopilot late braking

    :) Hi, thanks for the compliment, and likewise it was a pleasure. I agree with your assessment of autopilot. However, I found it enjoyable to use by making a mindset shift when using it. With AP on, I assumed the role of a System Manager and let the AP be the operator to carry out my system...
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    Am I the only one who couldn't care less if my Model 3 headliner is cloth instead of fake suede?

    Biggest problem is how to spin the tale that the new "Premium" textile is more luxurious than the "fake" suede used in practically all other luxury cars, hence the use of "fake" suede instead of Alcantara. But I agree, it's better to protect the poor baby Alcantaras. Oh, yeah, shouldn't the...
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    AP or Performance Model - which would you chose if only one?

    Performance. It will increase the resale value. Agree with the above that autopilot is a gimmick and is dangerous. Besides, you can always add autopilot later.
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    No worries. Some new hire was probably assigned to reduce energy consumption when the car is off. So, he/she figured since the car is off and can't move, we'll just save the last GPS location and not waste energy updating to the same location over and over. Didn't take into account the car...
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Yes, it's not the app or the server. The car is just not updating its location when it's off.
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Looks like that's what happened, firmware change now only updates GPS location when car is on. Car was moved to front of trailer and GPS location updated to a truck stop in Atlanta.
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Can sort of track it, interior temperature now shows 19 F. So it does look like the GPS location is only updated if the car is on, while everything else updates normally.
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    I didn't have energy saving on, but that brings up a thought. Maybe a firmware change was made to save energy, assuming that if the car is not on it can't move, therefore could save some energy by not updating GPS position.
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Interesting, when was that?
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Thanks, good to know. I think most people are not aware of this behavior and assume the car could be tracked on a trailer.
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Yes, it's set to "Always connected" and the trailer is open. Since the car will have to be moved to the front of the trailer at the next pickup location we'll see if that makes it updated its location. If that's the case, that would mean that a car could be stolen and non-trackable by putting...
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Is it possible that there was a software change that doesn't update the car's location unless it's moving on its own, i.e. the wheels have to be turning?
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    That's what I thought. It's on an open transporter. Maybe there is something wrong with the app accessing the server. It now says "Updated 18 minutes ago", but the location is still where it was an hour ago and the transporter is long gone. For now it's the only car on top deck at the very...
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    Tracking car while on a transporter

    Has anyone tracked the car while it's being transported? Put the Model S on car transporter this morning, but location still shows the pickup point and doesn't update to current transporter location.
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    SOLD to a lucky new Tesla owner!
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    In the second steering wheel picture my hands were damp from washing the car and the lighting made it look smudged. I'll take a better picture. I'll check with the SC if it can be Ludicrous. When the option first became available I inquired about it. They indicated that it could be but the...
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    It has Autopilot, Version 1, and it is unlocked. Came with the Tech package.
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    It did sell, but buyer was a scam. Waiting for Second Chance offer to expire, then will re-list.
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    See the ad on Autotrader for free Autocheck report Cars for Sale: Used 2014 Tesla Model S Performance for sale in Jupiter, FL 33477: Hatchback Details - 473203257 - Autotrader
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    Yes, Tesla CPOs were going for $82,500. Just completed Annual Service 12/18. 1 yr/50000 mi remaining warranty. ESA available 2yr/25000 mi $2600, 4yr/50000mi $4750
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    Photos and configuration
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    Like New 2014 P85D

    $72,500 27,800 mi, just completed Annual service. Replaced Instrument Cluster and MCU. Also see ad in Autotrader and eBay.
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    Watchout Selling Tesla on eBay

    I recently "Sold" my 2014 P85D on eBay. Turns out winning bid was a scam, the old " I'm an oceanographer stationed at sea ...etc.." The winner eBay ID may have been compromised since it showed 'Member since 1999 ' and no issues. Reported to eBay.
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    Easy Entry/Exit will wear out the motors prematurely?

    +1 for the Bollinger... :]
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    Are Tesla stores "dealers" as well?

    "Tesla stores" are dealers. They'll nickel-and-dime you like the best of "dealerships". It's just that they are so nice doing it that you feel good while you're getting screwed.
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    On second thought, the way Tesla calculated the base price is a little shady. We ordered a P85D. The way Tesla priced it is they took the base price of a Model S, then added the Dual motor and Performance package as an option. This allows them to base the RVG on a base price of $69,900...
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    Bought AP1 and got AP2? Contact the AG.

    At first I thought OP was being sarcastic. If you bought an AP1 car and got an AP2 instead why would you complain? You get a ton of more potential new features for the same price?
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    Ok, so probably because we didn't get that document in our signing package they feel obligated to give us the RVG even though we didn't finance through Tesla. I seem to remember that the reason we didn't finance through Tesla at the time was because their rate was too high. So that's a good...
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    We'll find out soon when I get some offers. Actually the offered RVG is not that bad. If I subtract the $7,500 tax credit from the full purchase price I get $123,900, and 50% of that is $61,950, only $555 more than the offer. There, now I feel better.
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    No. As I mentioned, we did not have that document in our signing package. The $61,395 is The RVG. The Trade-in value is $63,700. Both valid for 14 days, 500 miles. BTW, great job on the EV-CPO Consolidator.
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    Nope, I don't know why you think that. We did not finance it with Tesla and the RVG still apllies.
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    Resale Value Guarantee

    Does anyone have the original wording of the RVG around 2012-2013? When we put a $5000 deposit for a Model S in 2013 Tesla promised to buy back the car for 50% of the purchase price between the 26th and 39th months. This was to alleviate concerns about Tesla's long term viability and to...
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    Do Your Brakes Emit a Cheap Sounding Squeak?

    Similar problem with my S P85D (2014, Dec 2013 delivery, 27000 mi). After backing out of garage and turning wheel suspension makes a godawful squeal, sounds like steering suspension is about to fall off. Amazingly service response is "... that's normal..." instead of figuring out the root...
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    Saw the New Nissan Leaf 2nd Gen - Not a bad car at all...

    You'll be in for a rude awakening. but look at the bright side, you'll be able to join in the class action lawsuit.
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    Seriously. Where’s our annual update

    You don't seriously believe you'll have FSD in your S or 3 I hope!
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    Tesla Model S Hydrogen Range Extender Project

    Wouldn't it be simpler to just use a PMM to drive a generator to keep the main battery charged? Then you wouldn't have to store and carry any extra fuel.
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    Elon Musk is 'full of crap'

    Here you go: GM more than doubles self-driving car test fleet in California
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    Model S to Grid, coming any day?

    Using that line of reasoning to not offer a valuable feature for emergency backup, then autopilot should be disabled since someone will inevitably use it inappropriately and cause an accident. Oh wait....
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    i must say...if it happens this car will be cool too!

    True that Tesla has done a great job and laid the ground work for EV development, but to think that Tesla is light years ahead is putting your head in the sand. My Bolt is way ahead of my 2014 P85D in technology and range, Supercharger? Never used it.
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    Level 3 Autonomy - In Production

    The only advantage Tesla has is in taking customers' money for outlandish claims of capabilities that it will never deliver.
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    Vehicle to home power during emergency

    Or you could get a Leaf, then you could power your house in an emergency.
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    Teslaholics Anonymous

    Don.t worry, there is a cure. Since I got my Bolt I don't drive my P85D anymore. I make my wife drive it, and she's not too happy about it.
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    Tesla hurt their own profits by putting wimpy chargers in 3's.

    1245 posts and you don't know the difference between a charger and an EVSE? Maybe instead of wasting time looking up other peoples posts you could do a little self education.
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    Assuming you have a Tesla - S, X, or 3 - what would you want as a second vehicle?

    I got a Bolt and it's a perfect complement to the Model S. I make the wife drive the S and I get to drive the Bolt. :):):)

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