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  1. J

    Heat pump vs Resistive on Model 3

    Heat pump can also use main gas (cheaper than electricity) when the heat pump would be ineffective/unavailable.
  2. J

    Saving an hours worth of Dash Cam video

    Raspberry Pi Zero W so that your Tesla thinks it's a USB drive (not tested not having Tesla yet)
  3. J

    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    That makes sense, thanks. When waiting for affordable Tesla for 12 years already the few years more do not matter much.
  4. J

    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    Interesting the LR vs. SR price increase ratio differs: AU=18.9%, US=23.7%, Czech=14.4%
  5. J

    Buy now or wait for 2021 model?

    Tesla Upcoming Events by Troy says there should be a heat pump and 10% battery increase (density, is it an increase of capacity?). Fortunately for me I plan to buy one only in 2021 anyway. BTW think twice about SR, the LR is not much more expensive and SR owners usually regret it here (although...
  6. J

    Wall Connector plug holder

    The plug from Wall Connector one normally plugs back to its right side. Is it needed? Does it turn off the Wall Connector somehow? May I leave it hanging from ceiling somewhere in my garage instead? Thinking where/how to install it and I do not have it here yet, thanks.
  7. J

    What will battery day do to our resale values?

    Rather 425 kW max. That makes it 950W/kg.
  8. J

    Czech republic - Česká republika

    What is written in "technical certificate" (technický průkaz) as power ("Max. výkon [kW]") of Model 3 AWD? Manual says 324 kW (F=121 kW R=203 kW), Wikipedia says 258 kW, dyno says 370 kW but Tesla delivery specialist told me 65 kW.
  9. J

    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    It should have even power higher at 50-80mph: Model 3 AWD+ (Acceleration Boost) tested from 0-160 km/h - Peak power up 11%, Peak torque up 12%, 0-60 mph in 3.78s : teslamotors But probably not much to notice.
  10. J

    Keeping a Model 3 outdoors during a Quebec winter; any issues?

    240V * 40A = 9.6kW compared to the maximum Model 3 AC charging of 11kW. Just missed the numbers.
  11. J

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    New Q1 2019 is marked as Q1 2018 on the Production tab and it is marked as Q3 2017 on the Delivery tab (in all 4 spreadsheets), a bit confusing but obvious it is a typo.
  12. J

    Energy Graph equivalent on center display?

    One could put an extra tablet there, the information is on the diagnostic port. Is there some ready app for that? I have seen only TM-Spy and Scan My Tesla which are both proprietary apps but then they also do not seem to show such energy graph, do they? OVMS even lists Model S as under...
  13. J

    Seriously considering S -> 3

    As a techie I miss the 2 displays. And does Model 3 really have the trip graph? If it has then it cannot display it together with navigation/map anyway. I should test Model 3 (I guess it is not yet available to test in Europe) but I do not think I will be able to give up on the 2 displays.
  14. J

    100D vs 85D Range

    Those are together 4kWh and they are already considered in (excluded from) the "usable capacity" BMS report.: As twonius above says, 85D has 77.5kWh usable (at 100%), 100D has 98.4kWh usable at 100%. You can subtract 10% of both but when you care about the capacity is when you drive far and...
  15. J

    New owners: Wh/mi of Aggressive vs Conservative driving challenge?

    There has never been any S100. But yes, "if there has been one then...".
  16. J

    New owners: Wh/mi of Aggressive vs Conservative driving challenge?

    I did mean primarily MS 100D vs. M3 consumption comparison under the same conditions. The higher testing speed was a preference but 70 mph is also fine. There are many owners of both MS+M3 so I would guess they should be interested themselves comparing the consumption riding once by MS and...
  17. J

    New owners: Wh/mi of Aggressive vs Conservative driving challenge?

    I still haven't seen yet a comparison of MS 100D vs. M3 range on the same track, same temperature, same speed, same style. 100mph preferred but 80mph would be also fine. It looks to me the range is similar (and so M3 has 75% of energy consumption of MS due to its 75kWh vs. 100kWh battery) but...
  18. J

    [Unsubstantiated Rumor] Just Read That A 130 Battery Is Being Tested??!!

    Wikipedia says 3mm thicker and 5mm taller: List of battery sizes - Wikipedia
  19. J

    Order now or wait a few weeks?

    Model S - Options by Year - Tesla Motors Club Wiki
  20. J

    Lower Charging Rate\Battery Longevity vs Efficiency

    There was some thread that statistically people charging faster have slightly lower battery degradation. A possible explanation was that a faster charging keeps battery in higher temperatures (even despite the battery HVAC) for a shorter time overall.
  21. J

    Tesla Phantom Battery Losses of 20%

    There is no reserve, zero is zero as one can read in many threads. There is only 10-20km left after zero due to a bad car's guess of the remaining battery capacity. Maybe you rather mean that Tesla company lies about the model capacity as for example 85D has just 77kWh of usable energy: Tesla’s...
  22. J

    No Plans to take X, S (or 3) above 100kWh

    At Tesla Supercharger. Musk was offering Supercharger access to competitors as long as they pay their share of the Supercharger network cost.
  23. J

    New 75D vs CPO 85D

    85D has faster supercharging than 75D as it has more cells charged in parallel.
  24. J

    Why does Tesla use a Resistance Heater instead of Heat Pump

    Not more range, about the same range: Why do PxxD have lower range than xxD?
  25. J

    CPO deposit price now jumped up from £1000 to £4000.

    I haven't put down a CPO deposit yet. But I read somewhere if it turns out you do not like the ordered CPO car after visiting its service center you could use the deposit for any other CPO car?
  26. J

    CPO Ordering - Website or SC?

    I have repeatedly heard/read about some "hidden CPOs" which are not listed on Tesla web but that are available for offers by Tesla staff. Also ev-cpo.com provides some paid: Access to 'Hidden' CPO cars -- cars available for sale but not currently listed on the CPO site. (Experimental! Use at...
  27. J

    Why do PxxD have lower range than xxD?

    Is there known the differences of PxxD vs. xxD range in range mode? Yes, I have already tried to Google it.
  28. J

    Why do PxxD have lower range than xxD?

    PxxD have about 3..8% lower range in EPA/NEDC range tests. But those tests have no extreme acceleration parts nor slippy roads so Tesla should keep using the more power efficient front motor. And the front motor is the same on both PxxD and xxD so why is there any range difference at all...
  29. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    OK, sorry, it does work for me now.
  30. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Thanks; there is a bug that changing this toggle does not enable "Apply Current Configuration".
  31. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Yes. Tesla is obviously a VAT-paying company so yes, Tesla company does carry that VAT reclaimability.
  32. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    If you mean "New Inventory" does not have listed whether VAT is reclaimable or not it is because any new goods have the VAT always reclaimable. That's the most common normal goods buying process for VAT-paying companies.
  33. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    VAT is reclaimable if it was owned by a company which has more complex business accounting and it is paying VAT (typically bigger companies and resellers of any goods). Searching for a car with reclaimable VAT makes sense only for another VAT-paying company. First non-VAT-paying car owner...
  34. J

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    European VAT: Is there a way to search/list the "VAT Reclaimable" vs. "VAT non-reclaimable" parameter?
  35. J

    In your signature kW should be kWh. But then 85 models do not have 85 kWh, their battery has...

    In your signature kW should be kWh. But then 85 models do not have 85 kWh, their battery has either 81.5 kWh or (usable) 77.5 kWh. Or if you really mean kW for Model S then it should be something between 278 kW and 568 kW. :-)
  36. J

    Home wall charging (in Czechia)

    I drive sometimes even few days in a row to capital Prague which is 2x120km away and at 160km/h on freeway it made a borrowed MS 90D battery empty (20%). I do not yet have experience how easy it will be to keep MS connected to some 11kW destination charger while parking in Prague. Still I...
  37. J

    Home wall charging (in Czechia)

    I am getting upgraded my main house circuit breaker from 3x25A to 3x50A for Tesla so I have fortunately no limit on that side. :) OK, I see it is most convenient to just buy Tesla HPWC. So I do not see any use for the IEC 60309 3x32A adapters I mentioned in my OP - all the public charging...
  38. J

    Home wall charging (in Czechia)

    3-phase 32A 22kW with a 3rd party adapter to IEC 60309 32A (larger one) wall connector: also ELPA EVR3 adapter
  39. J

    Home wall charging (in Czechia)

    I am aware modern Model S charge only 24A (16.5kW) but AFAIK there is no 24A-only wall charger, all such chargers are already capable of 32A (22kW). I am aware of these charging options (there is also http://www.teslaclub.be/teslachart.pdf). 3-phase 16A 11kW with Tesla cable shipped with the...
  40. J

    What exactly am I looking for in a used Model S

    MSes before 2015 had water leaks into rear lights. Unfixable in a Service Center. Fixed by:
  41. J

    1300 Miles with a P100DL

    *85* has 77.5 kWh usable capacity, *100D has 98.4 kWh usable, therefore it is just 78.76%. And then there are few earlier % from a wear of a used car battery so let's say 75%.
  42. J

    Range Question

    For example in Europe in Germany 200km/h is a perfectly valid, safe and legal speed. And for 200km/h any battery size is too small. There will come always first the weight+size battery limitations.
  43. J

    Absolute maximum charging rate observed

    350kW will be for Tesla Semi. That will have enough parallel packs/cells.

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