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  1. CliffG

    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Bah. So now the question (for those of us who have not followed closely) is: do the replacement MCU's for older Models S come with the old daughterboard?
  2. CliffG

    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Wait. What? Did they say when the cutoff was? (i.e., what's the earliest build that can take the replacement board?)
  3. CliffG

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    I've tried installing this update (from the app) 3 times already, and it doesn't seem to take. Maybe that's a good thing.
  4. CliffG

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    That's another NJ point that hasn't been mentioned yet - no inspections for EVs.
  5. CliffG

    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    Much like this: 12/13 MS85, D pack, 65.5k miles, 255 rated miles @ 99% (since firmware 2019.20.2.1, won't go to 100% anymore... what the what?) and 233 RM @ 90%.
  6. CliffG

    Supercharger - Barnegat Township, NJ

    Anybody willing to give it a shot and see if it's wounded but functioning or just MIA?
  7. CliffG

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    I have not noticed that; I'm still getting 233 @ 90%. (or is that not the metric you were referring to?)
  8. CliffG

    Just received Tesla Solar Panel proposal ( NJ )

    I don't have solar (neighbors have too many large trees), but there have been discussions of this on the Tesla Owners of NJ google group: Google Groups I'm pretty sure I even read a post from a member with solar from Sunrun + a powerwall. (look for 'Solar')
  9. CliffG

    What did you name your Tesla?

    John Bigbooté, is that you??
  10. CliffG

    This must be the silliest reason to sell a Tesla

    Probably just what the Maserati-hockey-parent was thinking....
  11. CliffG

    Does anyone with AP1 (or pre-AP1) have got any 2019 software updates?

    I, too, started the update from the app, last night (to 2019.12.1.1). Checking the app later, also got Update In Progress showing in the app, and again in the morning. Shut down and restarted the phone (iPhone), but no change. Went out to the car,and also got "update complete, checking update"...
  12. CliffG

    Does anyone with AP1 (or pre-AP1) have got any 2019 software updates?

    I'd be happy with an update that stops the flippin' maps from flipping.
  13. CliffG

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Nope. No response. Several updates since then (I'm on 2018.48.12.1) and the maps still flip.
  14. CliffG

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    Had it briefly - clicked on it and it seemed to hang. Now it's gone.
  15. CliffG

    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Same thing happened to me last night, except the MCU wouldn't wake up. No better in the morning, but fortunately a reboot brought up the "Update completed, checking status" window. <phew>.
  16. CliffG

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Huh. I was wondering when and if they'd get around to applying for one of those Drive Green NJ grants. If I got it right, those are funded by NJ and PSE&G. Also interesting is that the next Resolution after that was to approve submitting another grant request to another source (THE GARDINIER...
  17. CliffG

    Anyone tested S/X CHAdeMO Adapter on Model 3

    So this is what I've been wondering recently. Just tested a working CHAdeMO adapter today: - my MS charged just fine (firmware 2018.42.2) - a friend's M3 still wouldn't charge at all (unknown firmware version) It would be really good to get confirmation of which or whether both (car/adapter)...
  18. CliffG

    Supercharger - Bridgewater, NJ

    Given the crudely approximate nature of the projected sites, I'm wondering if the "Bridgewater" site isn't going to turn out to be the Basking Ridge site, which already has a permit, is close to I78, and is not on the tesla.com supercharger map.
  19. CliffG


    makes sense.
  20. CliffG


    Yeah - is there any way to block news from Business Insider? :) (or, more seriously, how to adjust which newsfeeds are used)
  21. CliffG

    Software Update 2018.39.7 9736c9b

    nope. got it on my non-AP. (HW0?) posted to ev-fw, but no clue about notes - updated via phone app from the comfort of my easy chair.
  22. CliffG

    Software Update 2018.39.6 8377b4d

    Was chill mode turned on?
  23. CliffG

    What's your 90%?

    2 1/2 years later, @ 56.5k miles, back to getting 234 @ 90%.
  24. CliffG

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    So do I in my 2013 85 (non-P). Of course I haven't tried it, and am not particularly interested in doing so... (well, maybe to appease my wife sometimes...). So I don't know if it actually does anything.
  25. CliffG

    Can I *not* update to version 9?

    Well, I got it this morning, and on my pre-AP 2013 MS, I can still bring up the rear view camera (and the other apps) in what is effectively a split screen. Sort of a pop-up/over window without a frame. Of course I haven't tried to bring up two apps at the same time, and not show the map, so I...
  26. CliffG

    My "guide" quit without giving notice.

    Nope, you're not. First thing I noticed was that the new voice didn't sound like Elmer Fudd, pronouncing 'Avenue' as 'Wavenue'. o_O
  27. CliffG

    Supercharger Routing App for iOS, Beta testers wanted

    So, this is free-standing, with no required token or registration for our cars, and no credentials required. Yes?
  28. CliffG

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Funny... I was listening to WNYC and it showed the logo for WQXR... at least it's not just me... :(
  29. CliffG

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    So, today I noticed the (Google) map in the center console still does the occasional flip, even when not using Nav. Left a note via voice command, but don't expect much from that. Looks like it's time to call Service.
  30. CliffG

    What did you name your Tesla?

    yeah, once I hit "Post", I realized that and couldn't edit it... (so many quotes, so little context...)
  31. CliffG

    Firmware 8.0 - For Classic Model S

    Maybe, and I hope so, but now I have something I haven't seen before: using nav (haven't tried without) after the update to 2018.34, the nav map in the IC and the google map in the center console will flip 90 or 180 degrees after a stop. Very distracting. Rebooted the center console, but no...
  32. CliffG

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Private Eye?
  33. CliffG

    Does anyone have free charging at work?

    If you're talking about what I think you're talking about (near CAIT?), we should be getting more from the DriveGreen program. A few of us in our group who drive EVs are being moved off campus, so that should cut down on the competition a little....
  34. CliffG

    MB Sales guy's anti-Tesla sales pitch

    We should start a pool on when someone's going to figure out how to provide incentives for the sales people, not just for customers.
  35. CliffG

    SyFy's Most Excellent New Series "The Expanse" Full Episode Preview

    Somewhere in there (maybe another article?) they teased that the whole Culture series could be added. ohboyohboyohboy.... And if you liked those, I may have gotten my hopes up too much from this speculation from last year. Don't know about Lazarus, but .... <sigh />
  36. CliffG

    SyFy's Most Excellent New Series "The Expanse" Full Episode Preview

    Hopefully soon.... "Expanse revived for season 4+"? (and, while sniffing around that.... found this...)
  37. CliffG

    Tesla Semi in Silicon Valley Intro

    Sure, they're off to the right of the cyrillic Facebook.
  38. CliffG

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    sure hope so! boy, that'd really crimp one's style if it opened in...
  39. CliffG

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    Door handles, and that the driver's door opens out, not up (not Falcon wings).
  40. CliffG

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    definitely dystopian. <shh /> don't let Alexa hear this ....
  41. CliffG

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    A driverless, self-driving Model X takes Scully for a ride in tonight's XFiles...
  42. CliffG

    ICE'ING Solution?

    So any EV driver from outside AZ will be ticketed and fined (no alternative fuel vehicle special plate or sticker, per AZ law 28-2416)? Thanks for the warning.
  43. CliffG

    Aftermarket rear-view mirror?

    update: So, the SC did order a new mirror - it was installed and now functions as expected. Count me as happy again. Hopefully, it was just that one device(mirror).
  44. CliffG

    Aftermarket rear-view mirror?

    Interesting to know about the central mirror controlling the outboard mirrors - it might highlight where problems originate. For example, my outboard mirrors dim reliably and well, the inboard mirror not at all. Good luck with that - I've been complaining about the lack of dimming on my mirror...
  45. CliffG

    Car issue this WE

    I started having the same issue with my headlights recently. I had brought my S in for service and one of the things I wanted them to look at was the autodimming rearview mirror - it hasn't reliably dimmed for some time. We are waiting for a replacement mirror, but in the meantime they must...
  46. CliffG

    BMW Introduces Direct Competitor to Model S

    like Neo, without a mouth...
  47. CliffG

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    Con Man used to be web-only, but it's on SyFy's now, so it's television now.... Season 1, episode 11, Jack Moore (Nathan Fillian) gets pulled over in a white Model S.
  48. CliffG

    Tesla Model X in the Movies and TV

    I don't doubt you're correct in regarding the "futuristic look effect" as the reason for the X, but in the first episode, second shot (around 00:29:13?), the FWD are open and people are seated in the rear seats (well, I remember only one of them, but there should be at least 3 people in the car...
  49. CliffG

    Tesla Model X in the Movies and TV

    So I'm bingeing on Amazon videos and stumbled onto a show called Salvation, which has: -a billionaire tech entrepreneur pushing for colonization of Mars, -same entrepreneur has a rocket company, and -(per the thread title) in Season 1, Episode 1, a few of the main characters are whisked away...

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