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    Tesla on South Park... again.

    They are indeed Tesla followers. I was laughing the whole episode. Mimzi's lines were just great! Elon seems to have enjoyed it too: Elon Musk on Twitter:
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    The "other letter" has to be an "X", right? "Time to unveil the DX" Ah, Elon. :biggrin:
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Hm, if things hold as they are, those puts I sold today will actually pay off. And this was indeed a great conference call, I feel that the market really isn't appreciating some of the news that been "preannounced" today. I'll be buying some short term calls again :)
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    not able to download the newsletter, looks like busy server
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    Bots are funny. Looks like we're up now
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Not normally a fan of selling puts, but I decided to do just that since I don't think the move will be as big as people expect. $10 for an ATM put expiring tomorrow? OK. At worst, I'm buying shares at a $10 discount. Oh well :/ My bigger concern is if the market decides to keep dropping...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Hi TMCers, I haven't been able to follow TSLA as closely as I used to over the past quarter, but TSLA has done quite nicely since the drop from the last report. Is anyone planning to make a short term play on this ER? Personally, I think that the quarterly variations in delivery numbers will...
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    BMW i3

    I test drove the i3 last weekend and just wanted to post my thoughts. Keep in mind, I'm coming from driving a Leaf/low-performance ICE. Before I went to the test drive, I did not like the i3. I thought the styling was too radical and range disappointing for the price. After seeing it in...
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    TMC logo

    I like #94
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    Newbie Options Trading

    I'm not sure there are any "secrets" per se, but I mostly sell options and I agree that it's a pretty consistent income source. However, it's small compared to what I've made on my few long-side trades. I suppose that's to be expected, though.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Momentum goes both ways and right now the momentum in TSLA and a lot of other NASDAQ names is to the downside (makes sense since many traders are shorting "baskets" of these stocks, so they all go down/up together). When it comes to short-term price movements, it's much easier to follow the...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Yes, you're right. The restriction doesn't prevent short selling. I don't think it affected anything today. It's really only useful in mass panic situations, which wasn't today.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    lol, that analyst asking about NA demand just sounded silly
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    This is seriously some good GF news. Elon saying he's optimistic they can do better than 30% cost reduction with GF.
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    Supercharger in Beijing?

    Twitter / TeslaMotors: China is charged! This week ...
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    Post A Picture Of Your Car Charging

    and it's not like any of the other stalls are blocked :tongue:
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    Latest Tesla Motors-Related News (Feel Free To Post Here)

    Wow, they didn't even do a good job photoshopping it, it looks horrible :biggrin:
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    The past week or so has been quite rough for TSLA and a lot of the momentum names, but I think the worst may be over. There was pretty high volume during the bottom today between 10-11 EST (higher than during the big plunge on Friday), so I'm leaning towards bullish again (had been bearish from...
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    Charging at Campgrounds and RV Parks

    It's ARVC.org, though. Hope you sent it to the right e-mail address(es)! :tongue: It was a very nicely written letter, too.
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    Supercharger - Guilderland, NY

    That's awesome, and thank you for your updates :)
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    I will let Autoweek expire, you should too.

    I will be canceling our office subscription, thanks.
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    Elon on 60 Minutes

    There are a couple of segments on the website that weren't in the TV show... perhaps they were edited out because the basketball game went too long. Thanks for posting these.
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    If you use market orders, yeah. If you only use limit orders, then I don't see the value.
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    SolarCity (SCTY)

    Thanks... looks like that is the case in CA and perhaps others as well, but it is not true here in OH.
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    Possible outcomes of NHTSA investigation and Tesla response

    Doesn't the adjustable lowering in 5.9 come with a disclaimer about possible increased risk from road debris? The position of Tesla was that the car was already very safe even without this additional reinforcement... the Model S fire rate is much lower compared to ICEs, and there were no...
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    I think this would be a great promotional video for EVs :biggrin:
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    Latest Tesla Motors-Related News (Feel Free To Post Here)

    I wonder what prompted them to make that statement. Are there people trying to import/smuggle Teslas from HK to mainland? Or are these just scammers pretending to sell Teslas? Hopefully people who are interested will do their homework about the Tesla sales model before agreeing to buy anything...
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    SolarCity (SCTY)

    One benefit to leasing... not having to pay increased property taxes on the value of your home. With an increased value of 15-20k and 2% tax rate, that's an extra $300-$400/yr that eats in to your savings. The installers we got a quote from did not mention this or include it in their...
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    It doesn't say anything about restricting number of service centers, so even with the mass market Model E, they could just deliver them by building more service centers. 3 is not great but better than nothing at least.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    One analyst move on TSLA this morning: UBS initiated Neutral with PT $230
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    I agree about the EU superchargers potentially being a bigger catalyst. That, along with the rollout of the 3-phase HPWCs in EU will help Tesla homogenize some of the charging issues related to having multiple different plug types in EU. In the Q1 call, they mentioned they were working on EU...
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    Tesla in Australia

    Good to know that there isn't an import duty on American cars... as for the 33% vs 30%, the LCT rate is indeed 33%, but it is only payable on the non-GST portion of the LCV. Thus the additional 10/11 factor, which effectively brings the rate to 30%. I skipped that step for simplicity's sake...
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    How much can I expect to lose if I sell an untouched and brand new Tesla - No Longer Available

    You're right, it's over 120k fully maxed out for a P85, but if you leave out the extended leather and rear seats, it's $115k, so almost fully equipped.
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    How much can I expect to lose if I sell an untouched and brand new Tesla - No Longer Available

    This seems like a desirable/popular configuration so I doubt you'll lose much beyond the sales tax amount, since the potential buyer can have the car right away instead of waiting.
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    Newbie Options Trading

    Like pz1975 said, unless you are OK with tying up a lot of margin, you could buy an equivalent amount of puts at lower strikes (for the same expiration) to lower your margin cost. You essentially create a credit spread called a bull put spread. Your max gain is the amount you received on the...
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    It could be next month, but I don't see what the big deal is now (in terms of TSLA impact), really. A few people have already done the coast-to-coast trip on superchargers only. One of them (callmesam) even did it in a 60 kWh model, both ways. Unless it's a huge press event that goes viral or...
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    Upcoming Australian pricing - help needed from Tesla management

    True, but at least the NZD is at 20+ year highs vs the USD. AUD on the other hand has taken a 10%+ hit over the past year...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    The cars were to be on a boat in the end of Feb for delivery in March... that's not happening it seems. Tesla CEO: Very optimistic for 2014 - CNBC Skip to ~6:15
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    Firmware 5.9

    Thanks for the update, Larry.
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    Tesla Motors Company Forum Now Moderated

    Me too... the forums were rather hard to read and navigate. The spam was bad, but the lack of a search function made it difficult for a newbie to quickly find information. TMC was just superior in every way.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Yes, but given the delay in deliveries to China, I think the number of cars in transit will be higher than they initially estimated. It should not be a big deal financially in the long run, but sometimes the market just reads the headlines (Q3'13).
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    Tesla Model S 40kwh Red Color - SOLD

    Yeah, but this one is almost fully loaded and has supercharging... good luck finding another 40 with that capability. That said, it is a bit disconcerting that the OP doesn't want to talk about the supercharging. Given that Tesla can turn off supercharging access, I would assume that a potential...
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Indeed, though I am still surprised that people give Paulo et al. any kind of credibility. They have been wrong so, so many times now. Q1 numbers will be interesting; the early estimates were for deliveries to begin in China this month, but that seems like it has been pushed to April. RHD cars...
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    Very good article showing the laws for selling Tesla - state by state

    Florida has the same law as CA in this regard... regardless of where the car will ultimately be registered, if you drive it in FL, you pay FL sales tax.
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    Articles/megaposts by DaveT

    Don't forget the fool cells :tongue:
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    Tesla in Australia

    Dborn, you could also refer him to this blog from an MS owner who had his 60 kWh battery upgraded to an 85 kWh... it gives details on page 3 about the battery costs, installation costs, additional parts, time, etc. Minus the shipping and sales tax (which I can only assume are different for...
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    China Market situation and outlook

    Looking forward to "the fish are jumping in the boat" part deux.
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    Wheeling, WV Supercharger

    Ah, thanks. I guess that opens up the question again about when work will start there. Hopefully soon!

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