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    Covid-19: Is there restroom access along I-5 and I-10 right now?

    Just to add in case others have similar questions, we also had a medical situation and traveled via I-80 thru Nevada, Utah, Wyoming this past week. Nevada rest stops are spotty, several closed, but truck stops are open and a good fallback. Utah and Wyoming has all rest areas open with no...
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    Tesla Support Chat Ended?

    Except chat support is always “busy, try again later”. It’s a good thing these cars are fairly reliable, cause getting a service appointment is impossible. (The schedule service in the app is broken too...)
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    Tesla App: Unable to Schedule Service

    Chat overloaded as well
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    Tesla App: Unable to Schedule Service

    I have this issue too. Absolutely no way for me to contact TESLA, and my car won’t charge. Pretty stupid that their only owner support channel for North America is broken for a month, with absolutely no alternative. Local store phone number reroute to corporate, which sez book appts with the app.
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    Software 2019.32.2.2 thread

    I always have to wake up the car to get the charger to unlock with the button. Now part of my routine - open rear door and close it, press charger button to put charger away, proceed as normal. Sometimes the Tesla app crashes on my iPhone, or gets wedged. Kill the app and restart it usually gets...
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    Model 3 Pulling to Right (FW Bug!)

    Most cars (in general, not just Teslas) are designed to drift slightly to the right in case you fall asleep at the wheel or pass out due to a medical issue. Much better than drifting to the left.
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    Cabin noise comparison: 12/2017 Model S vs 1/2018 Model 3

    Since the mast majority (all?) of the noise on the freeway speeds is due to tires, the specific stretch of pavement you are driving on (and your specific tires) will have a big impact. If you are not comparing the car on the same stretch of road, you are not comparing. I believe your car is...
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    CA HOV White sticker

    One option is that you can get a personalized plate without a car. Then assign the plate to the car later. That’s how I got stickers “early”, I had the vin and used my personalized plate.
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    2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport - SOLD

    2011 Roadster 2.5 Sport 2011 Tesla Roaster Sport (2.5) 18,000 miles Thunder Grey Exterior, Black/Grey Interior, black wheels Extended factory warranty through 2016 (should be transferrable) White carpool stickers NO Hard top. Extra "mesh" soft-top New tires, recent yearly service...
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    Brake Pads

    OK, It has been a few (several) months since I got the pads and put them on the car. I did add a dab of brake grease (instead of anti-squeal goo) when installing (keeping it off the pads). Absolutely no squealing, and they work MUCH MUCH MUCH better than stock pads. Did I say they work much...
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    Regen Light

    I've had both, but only on a range mode charge. Normal charge for me is only about 187 miles, I wonder if you had range mode by accident, or a top off. Seems anything above 195 might trigger limited regen. I haven't looked closely to know exactly when regen fades or turns off. Probably a...
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    Certified Pre-Owned Roadsters (sold by Tesla)

    For anyone who has traded in their roadster for an S, I'd be curious if you thought Trade in prices were reasonable. The CPO models certainly show high values. So high you could end up with no cash needed in a swap.
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    Official: Roadster Extended Service Announced

    BMW has done the all service included thing since the late 90s, for all their cars. It has been at least 40K or 3 years for a long while. The extended service seems like a good deal to me. You have to remember the electronics are subjected to lots of heat stresses, so unlike other electronics...
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    Unfortunate outcome for my three week old Roadster

    Nice! Glad you can enjoy the car again! Just in time for warmer weather and some topless time!
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    Brake Pads

    Thanks! Off to order the pads...
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    Brake Pads

    Brake bias I am considering swapping from stock. One thing I have noticed is that I seem to have just as much (if not more) brake dust in the rear. I suspect Tesla might have added too much rear bias since all the weight is back there, so the fronts don't bite enough. Has anyone explored if...
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    iPhone 4S and Alpine head unit Bluetooth connection Issues

    I was surfing a bit for a firmware update to the BT unit (still not available), and came across a user report that claims if you have 2 or more phones paired in the unit (instead of just one), then it might "auto-pair" better. I only run the BT audio in "headset" mode, and haven't and any...
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    Latest double-din navigating car stereos for Roadster 2.5 Sport?

    Starting to get off topic, but I noticed noise and air from the front of the soft top. A slight adjustment to tighten it up helped more than I expected. Adjusting bolts are in the middle under the Velcro. Probably something that should be on the yearly service list as the metal cables will...
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    Flush your brake fluid!

    We seem to have two classes of Tesla owners. One class where this is their first performance car, and another where it is not. I've always changed fluid every 2-3 years as a precaution, and on cars I have taken to a track, I change it every time I am on the track. Why? Because at the limit...
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    2.5 Upgraded Electronics (Alpine) Bluetooth

    When I downloaded the firmware, there was also a PDF file with instructions. Then I looked at the info screen on my radio and the update had already been applied! So check first, you might not need it.
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    Who do you race with in SoCal?

    The BMW club in NorCal does a good job and is open to non-BMWs. I believe they also have a strong SoCal presence...
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    Hawk HPS Brake Pads

    How quiet are they? I am looking for a good *cold* pad that can bite better than the stock ones. Not for Auto-X or track, just plain old "stop at the end of the street" driving. (Given regen, they will never warm up on "normal" roads anyway.) I've used track pads on other cars, and would not be...
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    Cold weather tips

    One other thought - check tire pressures. A few PSI can make a shocking efficiency difference at speed. You lose roughly 1 PSI for every 10 degrees F.
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    Cold weather tips

    The feet (cabin) heater will suck lots of power - especially if on highest temp and fan settings. I am betting that is where your miles have gone. I normally get roughly 2/3 to 3/4 of my ideal miles (mild climate, infrequent HVAC use, mostly 60-70MPH), so your numbers (2/3) seem well within...
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    Tire pressure monitoring

    Driving a few revolutions of the wheels will usually 'wake up' the sensors. Getting the pressures to display requires the parking brake to be engaged for me on a 2.5, not just stopped. Guess someone in legal thought it would be too distracting to display them while driving...
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    Three Tesla employees die in plane crash :(

    Argh! Always "pilot error"!?!? The summary indicates a control tower not very clear at all about being (not) cleared for takeoff. Sad.
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    Question about horsepower (Sport vs. non-Sport)

    I thought the Prius motor was only good for about 150 ft-lbs?!?! (and only a few thousand RPM)
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    new owner #1425

    Just to finish out this thread, it is not easier, and doesn't provide decent access to anything useful. You can get decent access by cranking the front wheels all the way to one direction, then pulling the covers in the wheel well per other threads. No need to jack things up and remove the...
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    standard tires on 2.5

    I always thought the Roadster had a pretty low center of gravity, given it's height to width ratio. Most of the heavy stuff is pretty low, except the PEM. I've considered the performance limits much more related to the narrow tires (used to maximize range), and not the COG or suspension...
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    2.5 Upgraded Electronics (Alpine) Bluetooth

    Any update? Is this only a map upgrade? What I really want is a firmware upgrade, maybe something to prevent my screen from blanking out, or keep the radio from locking up after I listen to sat.
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    Latest double-din navigating car stereos for Roadster 2.5 Sport?

    Under bluetooth settings, with the phone paired, but NOT on a call, you can adjust the mic input level. I did a LOT of experimenting, and I think 14-15 works best. The scale is 0-15. If the input level doesn't let you adjust, make a call, then hang up and try it again. See other threads for how...
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    My roadster pros and cons

    I've had my 2.5 Roadster Sport for nearly the same time frame - a few months. I try not to think about the cost of the car and get worked up about the little things, because frankly what Tesla has managed to deliver is nothing short of incredible...period! I know I am an early adopter, and paid...
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    Classroom ideas?

    Lots of advice on this thread, any surprises for you? I suspect some of us will be in a similar position someday, so curious about the details...
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    yet another regen thread

    I use my Roadster as a daily commuter, mostly freeway. My VDS shows 10% regen. As an aside, in my experience driving with a light foot (and at/under freeway speed limits) will get more range than aggressive regen attempts, though I rarely have to brake.
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    Have you met the 'i hate all things ev' guy yet?

    I am banking on the desire for a growing economy fueled by some innovative durable goods (like EV cars) being produced in the USA, and hoping that will become a major motivator. Money can not compensate/bribe politicians if they have too many unhappy constituents, and at some point the writing...
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    Have you met the 'i hate all things ev' guy yet?

    Interestingly, many married people think this way also. I have the wife's (boring) car for long trips, and the EV for me! Many people don't realize the solution is standing right there, staring them in the face. You give up nothing if you are a two car household by making one of those cars an...
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    Automatic creep makes it impossible to come to a smooth stop

    Been playing with this for a week. Unfortunately, been in lots of traffic, and not enough open roads. I can stop just fine. Biggest issue for me is properly judging the regen, which tends to stop the car slightly faster than most people brake. I think of the tesla as an automatic, so I guess I...
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    new owner #1425

    I am curious what the fix is for the headlamp fog. I have some fog, but always drive with the lights on to be better seen, so I guess I'd expect it. Are the headlights made someplace with really high humidity when they are sealed? I am also local - took delivery at menlo park a few weeks ago...
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    Adjusting the adjustable suspension

    OK, front bar adjust is the "fix" that makes the most sense. Hard to believe what a difference such a small adjustment makes, but WOW!! Just got back from a nice "Skyline" drive. A few low speed (20-30) corners, and lots of sweeping mid-speed (40-60) twisties. The car is MUCH more neutral than...
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    Adjusting the adjustable suspension

    The shock setting change had very little impact - as could be guessed based on previous posts. If anything, it is a bit smoother (ironic). This is because on freeways, the front end can get a bit bouncy over old expansion joints. The slightly stiffer settings seemed to have settled down the car...
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    Adjusting the suspension for twisty mountain roads?

    See the "Adjusting the Suspension" thread referenced. I am experimenting with this scenario in a Tesla 2.5 Sport, and posting results there.
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    Adjusting the adjustable suspension

    Now my turn to play with settings. I am using the EU spec sheet as a guide (Thanks!). My 2.5 settings from the factory were as specified on the sheet (for AD07 tires - which I have) - Shocks 4-Front, 5-Rear, Anti-roll bar in center on front and rear. The shocks are TRIVIAL to adjust, once you...
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    Over for the little guys?

    Never underestimate the power of a good incentive. I still think the carpool perk in Calif drives a lot of sales. It worked for the Prius and civic hybrid several years ago, and the plug-in and BEV benefit is driving lots of sales here now...even at the Tesla price point. Why bring an EV to...
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    Are we part of the 99 Percent ?

    That TIME issue was actually quite interesting. Traces the fundamentals of our current economy and why we are where we are, and why it won't get much better anytime soon with our current non-solutions. Bringing it back to Tesla... Are we part of the problem? (wealthy enough to afford a $100K...
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    State Farm in California Just another data point. I shifted my Car Insurance to State Farm (from Mercury) here in California. State Farm was less than half as much for the Tesla, though a bit more for other cars, but I cam out WAY ahead by moving them all. It definitely pays to shop around...
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    Charging etiquette

    This seems the best solution. Interestingly enough, we are adding chargers to a second work site, and they will not be free. We'll see if that is enough to motivate some use of spare 110v in the garage if it exists. This reminds me of trying to find a plug for your laptop in an airport. Some...
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    Charging etiquette

    Interesting real life scenario. We have two level2 chargers at work, and a bigger handful of EV cars. The volt takes about 8 hours to charge (from 110v), the leaf maybe in 4 hours using level2, and the tesla could also be a full workday if run down. So who should get priority on the chargers...
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    Sticking to the road when going over uneven pavement

    Still waiting for my tesla to arrive, but my experience with PSS9 adjustables in a 911 was that the hardest setting was NOT the best. In fact, after having the system set up by a race shop, the street and track settings were this same - and the setting was near mid range. This was a real eye...
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    NHTSA Complaint wrt Regen and TC

    Another datapoint. My 2nd gen Prius and 1st gen highlander hybrid both act this way. Regen is killed even under light to moderate braking if you hit a bump or slippery patch - before ABS kicks in. Regen stays off until you stop braking and acceleration again. Easy to reproduce, but not...
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    Buyer Beware - Carbon One

    I believe it is illegal to charge full price before a product is shipped. (That is what deposits are for...)

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