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  1. vetboy45

    Purchased a Used Model S about to make a road trip form Washington State to So cal

    I just went from the centralia supercharger to Mt. St Helens and back in a 60 with plenty to spare but I'm not sure how far off the track you want to get. Depending on how long you stay and what speed you drive, it could take 4-5 hours round-trip or so.
  2. vetboy45

    switching out 60 kWh battery for 85 kWh battery - allowed?

    I've got about 2700 miles on my 60kWh battery and have the urge to upgrade to the 85kWh battery. Is that something that can be done? What I mean is, does Tesla allow that? I'd obviously have to pay the difference between the 2 batteries once my useage has been taken into account but I can't...
  3. vetboy45

    help with slacker

    Small Animal. I'll see if a screen reset works. - - - Updated - - - Ok. The screen reset did it. Thanks
  4. vetboy45

    help with slacker

    I just signed up for slacker premium and attempted to log in via the model s. It has become stuck trying to load or something so that it just constantly shows the "working" circle and the login in the background is grayed out and cannot be changed. Any idea what I should do? It's been like...
  5. vetboy45

    New HPWC is out (soon?)

    Is there a way to tell which unit you've got without opening it up? I just had my hpwc installed last monday and would be disappointed if I was given the old design.
  6. vetboy45

    Why is Tesla putting a supercharger in Seattle?

    2 reasons come to mind. Number 1: For those of use who own 60kWh batteries where 150 miles between chargers is possible but could get a little white knuckle depending on conditions and driving style. I was actually hoping for one in Seattle when I heard about Centralia and Burlington. Number...
  7. vetboy45

    Pano roof and Bellevue opening question

    So I was giving a test ride to a couple co-workers and went to open the pano roof but it got stuck just cracked open. Great timing for that to happen. Anyway, I had a heck of a time getting it to close but I managed. I've heard a lot about trails of sealant from the pano roof but I couldn't...
  8. vetboy45

    Supercharger - Burlington, WA

    What the heck? I'll see if I can get any more info but here is an exact copy of the email: "I just stumbled on an upcoming Supercharger location. It's in the Fairfield Inn parking lot in Burlington, WA, on the Jack in the Box side. All the markings are on the ground for the electrical work...
  9. vetboy45

    Supercharger - Burlington, WA

    Yes, it is a google group - the Northwest Tesla Owners Club. Here is the link https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/ntoc You just need your VIN number to sign up. This group is not just online. There are occasional get togethers etc in the Seattle area.
  10. vetboy45

    Supercharger - Burlington, WA

    I just received an email that someone in the northwest tesla owners club found a supercharger site all marked and ready for installation in Burlington WA in the Fairfield Inn parking lot. Sweet! Looks like it will be time for a trip to Vancouver soon!
  11. vetboy45

    Tesla to make announcement tomorrow [5/3/2013]

    Because we have nothing better to do. Just wait until after the announcement when it doesn't live up to the hype that we created and we complain that Elon is making too big a deal on twitter.
  12. vetboy45

    What is Tesla's upcoming 'under your nose' announcement?

    I hope not. I find Apple products to be very hard to use and a lot more style than substance.
  13. vetboy45

    tesla on front cover again

    Sounds like Tesla has a winner over in Denmark. Can someone post the differences in purchase price and operating/maintenance costs between the 3 cars mentioned in US dollars? The difference seems to make the Tesla an obvious choice if I'm reading it correctly.
  14. vetboy45

    Tesla head on collision with a Honda

    Really Really old news. Do a search there's a huge thread on it.
  15. vetboy45

    Total Mileage Thus Far

    Maybe we need to start a highest lifetime average energy with 2000+ miles. I've had mine 2.5 months and 1300 miles (7 mile commute). No issues.
  16. vetboy45

    Tesla head on collision with a Honda

    I would like to take a moment to congratulate everyone for having the single nerdiest car club website on the net. Let the math continue....
  17. vetboy45

    Petition to Overturn Dealership Franchise Laws

    Posted on the ford focus electric site. If you word it correctly, people who have other EVs will likely sign the petition as well since it has the potential to benefit the industry as a whole. Perhaps the leaf site, plug in prius etc.
  18. vetboy45

    Worst Thing About The Tesla Model S? Driving Anything Else Afterwards

    I couldn't agree more. It's very much like an electric light bulb vs an oil lamp. It can also be really dangerous to switch back. I find myself thinking that I have plenty of room to merge into traffic, pressing on the accelerator (gotta get out of the habit of calling it the gas pedal) and...
  19. vetboy45

    Pano roof adhesive "trails"

    Me too. How long did it take for them to fix it?
  20. vetboy45

    Ford Focus EV

    I am considering leasing one of these as well. How much would the car cost at the end of the lease and what was the length of the lease? What kind of real world mileage are you getting? Do you have the 240 volt j1779 charger? If so what kind of miles per hour are you getting when charging?
  21. vetboy45

    Crowd fund to advertise Tesla?

    I have a 2 points of clarification -1) I don't want to be the math police but doesn't 1% of 100k = 1000, not 100? 2) I'm not in advertising but isn't one of the best things about internet advertising that it can be targeted to a more specific audience than traditional advertising methods? I'd...
  22. vetboy45

    CCI in King County

    Thanks for the replies. ThortsMD, you have a pm. Francis, just wanted to say thanks again for organizing everything last Sunday. It was a good time.
  23. vetboy45

    Nevada Title: Tesla -> TERD

    I've got a grey terd. Should I be worried?
  24. vetboy45

    CCI in King County

    Is there anyone in or near king county that has the center console insert from tesla accessories? I'm considering ordering one but would prefer to see one in the flesh before ordering.
  25. vetboy45

    what the %@[email protected] happened to Tesla's marketing?

    The only reason Tesla would be marketing this way is because it works. It's like everyone is against negative campaigning but we all respond to it exactly like they want us to.
  26. vetboy45

    Can your Model S control your house? Mine can!

    That's fantastic. I've actually been delaying purchasing any home automation in the hopes that there would be a way to interface with the model S. Would this work with another format besides z-wave? Does this void the warranty? I'll see you tomorrow as well. Cool stuff. Ben
  27. vetboy45

    What is Tesla's upcoming 'under your nose' announcement?

    I've wondered the same thing but apparently there is a difference in the inverter (can anyone explain what the inverter does?). Of course, who knows at this point.
  28. vetboy45

    Tesla head on collision with a Honda

    I've read quite a few threads on this site and this is the first that makes me feel like I'm watching Jerry Springer. I think everyone has made their point, no need to continue the argument.
  29. vetboy45

    Fisker Karma

    There are obviously a lot of impediments to widespread adoption of electric cars, but I don't think styling is insignificant. My wife and I refuse to buy another ICE vehicle but she is having a really hard time finding something that doesn't look like a boxy prius type. I don't understand what...
  30. vetboy45

    Help me decide - Model S P85 or pre-owned BMW M5 (new F10)

    I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. I had to drive my truck and fill it up the other day. I really noticed the disgusting conditions (oil everywhere, etc) and the smells at the station. It seems so outdated now, like using whale oil for light instead of a light bulb.
  31. vetboy45

    Help me decide - Model S P85 or pre-owned BMW M5 (new F10)

    Your comment that it is hard to say which one is more fun to drive makes me think you haven't driven a model S. Is that correct? If so, go get a test drive in a performance MS. I'll bet you won't have trouble deciding after that.
  32. vetboy45

    What is Tesla's upcoming 'under your nose' announcement?

    I used my infallible logic to determine that Elon's "putting my money where my mouth is" comment meant he was going to eat a portion of his fortune. Using the same brilliant reasoning, I have determined that what is right under my nose when driving is my stomach. Elon knows that driving the...
  33. vetboy45

    Tesla head on collision with a Honda

    Not if he had a heart attack etc. Not that i'm hoping he had a heart attack.
  34. vetboy45

    Tesla head on collision with a Honda

    I'm not exactly sure why but this crash really bothers me. I guess I kind of see owners as an exclusive club. I really hope the driver wasn't doing something stupid.
  35. vetboy45

    Tesla to make "exciting announcement on Thursday" (correction Tuesday)

    What about an advertising campaign? The most common question I get about the car is what is it. When I tell them it's a Tesla, they always ask who makes it.
  36. vetboy45

    driver crashes Model S into restaurant

    My mom is 67 years old and has a model S. Don't judge people by their age. Makes me wonder about your genetics if you assume someone who's 70+ is incapable of learning new things. Besides, as I'm getting older, 71 ain't as old as it used to be.
  37. vetboy45

    Model S HPWC now installed and working in the Bellevue Square Tesla Parking area

    Thanks Chad. I read the thread so I saw the previous discussion. I was mainly wondering if they actually have 100 amp service but only get 72 amps for some reason or if it really is just a 72 amp service. Guess I should've realized the guy in the store would be clueless.
  38. vetboy45

    Model S HPWC now installed and working in the Bellevue Square Tesla Parking area

    I charged on the HPWC there as well. Got about 40 miles/hr. I'm still waiting for my HPWC to show up but I was wondering if anyone has gotten up to the 60 miles per hour that we've heard about. Once I noticed the rate, I asked the guy at the Tesla store how many amps theirs was connected to...
  39. vetboy45

    Security Question

    I think it's fairly unlikely that someone would jump into the car and take off with it while you're still close enough that the key is picked up. If you are really concerned about it, just use the key to lock the doors right after you get out. That being said, has anyone tested how far away...
  40. vetboy45

    Tesla to make "exciting announcement on Thursday" (correction Tuesday)

    "I'm going to put my money where my mouth is in v major way." It's so obvious. Just read the words. Elon is announcing his entry into the world of competitive eating by ingesting a significant portion of his fortune. Watch out Chestnut!
  41. vetboy45

    Missing a part?

    I was just trying to install my front license plate but noticed that I got 2 sets of rear license plate screws and the rear ones won't work in the front plate holder. There is no threading or the holes are too big. Is there a different type of screw for the front plate? Or maybe there is an...
  42. vetboy45

    3G Pricing - Speculation

    Shiver GTimbers! I'm shocked that this is causing such a commotion. I'm sure that the original point of this thread (a possible $30 charge for 3G) is not the real issue for most here. I bet it is the combination of that along with the recently announced costs for maintenance and extended...
  43. vetboy45

    3G Pricing - Speculation

    Ok. I can understand the "value" argument. It just seems that the response is out of proportion to the problem. Usually when someone makes a big deal about something that is rather minor, it's not about the thing that sets them off, it's something else. So what is everyone really upset...
  44. vetboy45

    Official: Model S Service Plans

    No, actually I haven't been offered the $2500 extended plan under the services sign up button but it is on the website here Tesla Service | Tesla Motors . Not sure why it's not under the button. Did you notice this : The obligations of Tesla under this Agreement are backed by the full faith...
  45. vetboy45

    3G Pricing - Speculation

    I am actually finding this to be a little amusing. Are you seriously this upset about the $30 price for the 3G service? If you can afford the car, another $30 is really not a big deal. I'm more upset that there is only 3G than I am about the cost. It would be nice to have faster service but...
  46. vetboy45

    Official: Model S Service Plans

    Let me see if I understand this correctly. We get a 4 year or 50,000 mile warranty with the purchase of the car. In order for this warranty to remain in effect, we need to have Tesla do service to the vehicle every year or 12,500 miles. We can buy 4 years of these yearly (or every 12,500...
  47. vetboy45

    Spring 2013 event at Bellevue on Sunday 4/7 - Over 45 owners responded!

    Is there room for 1 more? I can bring my dark grey model s.
  48. vetboy45

    Some Photos from Today (Black P85) (A couple interior pics too)

    Nice! I have to say you look a little young to own a Model S but what do I know? :)
  49. vetboy45

    Front License Plate Solutions

    attaching license plates What is everyone using to attach their license plates to the front and rear? I've never gotten a car that didn't have the bolts included.
  50. vetboy45

    Frontpoint security and Homelink

    I have and there is only one listed but I wasn't sure if those listed were "partner" manufacturers or the only compatible ones. I was just hoping someone knew if they truly won't work or if there is a workaround.

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