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  1. btownalset

    Master Thread 2021 M3LR heated steering wheel Discussion thread

    Cool. What was the previous version? And what is it now?
  2. btownalset

    Master Thread 2021 M3LR heated steering wheel Discussion thread

    Did your car receive a software update that enabled it?
  3. btownalset

    WTT - M3/MY center console 1.0 for 2.0

    Yep, not just a part swap.
  4. btownalset

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    Every turn signal stalk would like a word with you - lol
  5. btownalset

    I need to know how to get parts to repair my model 3

    Open a service request from the Tesla app. Choose other and write that you want to order these parts. Specifically mention each part. And you’ll have to schedule an appointment, pick the soonest date. Someone will eventually message you via the app. Or if you live relatively close to a service...
  6. btownalset

    External speaker retrofit to enable boombox on 2018 car?

    Is PWS wiring plugged into a dummy plug? And the dummy plug is screwed into the bumper reinforcement?
  7. btownalset

    A sad day. Got T-boned today.

    Fwiw - a friend of mine did a self referral and only received 1k. This was recent...ordered in Nov, car delivered in Dec (just before they announced the free supercharging for a year incentive).
  8. btownalset

    Model Y passenger doors needs to be slammed

    Rear passenger door on my 3 needed to be slammed shut initially but over time (a few months?), we don’t need as much force anymore.
  9. btownalset

    Aero Wheels - Old vs New - will they fit on a M3P+?

    The 18” winter wheel and tire package on shop.tesla.com say they won’t fit. On another note, this set comes with ble (assuming Bluetooth Low Energy) tpms.
  10. btownalset

    Model 3 tire size for maximum sidewall 18” or 19”

    The specs are in the owners manual; pages 217-218.
  11. btownalset

    Alternatives for ‘Zero G Performance’ Wheels?

    Tesla Offer has these: Model 3 Fully Forged Zero G Wheels (Tailor Made) – Tesla Offer
  12. btownalset

    245/45 R19 wheels with Nokian winter tires for sale

    Correct me if I’m wrong but those look like model s wheels. If so, these won’t fit model y (or 3). S/X are 5x120. Y/3 are 5x114.3.
  13. btownalset

    Question: Improved Efficiency Range Updates - Model 3 LR (not AWD)?

    Maybe OP is referring to 2020.40.7? I’m curious to see if my 2019 m3p- gets an efficiency bump too with this update but would not be surprised if it doesn’t.
  14. btownalset

    Model 3 (pre-owned) accessories

    Tesla Parts for Sale
  15. btownalset

    19’’ Sport Wheels

    Unfortunately, the aero covers don’t really offer much protection from curbing the wheels. :/
  16. btownalset

    Leaving key card to shop for tint

    Yes, turn on valet mode.
  17. btownalset

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    you should buy it so it goes away permanently :D
  18. btownalset

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    You can return it before the 48 hrs is up. I don’t remember having to give a reason when I initiated the return in the app. This was just before the price bump to 8k.
  19. btownalset

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    It doesn’t take very long...a minute? It was so uneventful/hassle free I don’t really remember how long it took to see the credit on my credit card.
  20. btownalset

    Upgrade refund experience anybody?

    App. It’ll be under “Purchased” in the Upgrades section. Enjoy the test drive!
  21. btownalset

    Upgrade refund experience anybody?

    The refund is quick. I want to say it posted back to my credit card within minutes but I don’t remember anymore bc it was so hassle free.
  22. btownalset

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    should be minutes. I bought fsd before the price bump to 8k and it appeared quickly.
  23. btownalset

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Same here.
  24. btownalset

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Buy it before Elon changes his mind again.
  25. btownalset

    Tesla Homelink

    Did you have any issues convincing Tesla to install/activate it?
  26. btownalset

    Install automatic front & truck - customization.

    @ClearBraIndy any ideas?
  27. btownalset

    Stealth Y Owners

    when it was available, it was the same price as the performance with PUP.
  28. btownalset

    Model Y Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    thanks! Was it the 3m double sided vhb?
  29. btownalset

    Model Y Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    which 3m tape did you use? Also what size?
  30. btownalset

    Radio Flyer Model Y

    You can report it and ask to move it to the y forum. :)
  31. btownalset

    Slow leak in tire

    Bring a printed copy of the jack points from the owners manual to the shop too. I just handed my copy to the shop person so they knew exactly where the jack point are. Also, you can ask them if you can verify that the lift points are positioned properly under the jack points before they raise...
  32. btownalset

    Is autopilot now a "forced" option for all MY orders?

    I thought the Model 3 Stand Range doesn't come with autopilot. Did something change?
  33. btownalset

    Gemini 19in performance wheels

    In comments section in the video below, the owner mentions the purchase price of the rims. Mind you this is from 8 months ago...hopefully the price hasn’t changed dramatically.
  34. btownalset

    19" Geminis for sale

    These are the model y version, correct?
  35. btownalset

    Told to Apply for Loan Before VIN

    Yes. Bought an inventory m3p- last year and my SA emailed me my vin later that night. it took almost 24 hrs before it showed up in my source code and then on my account.
  36. btownalset

    Traded Wheels

    I assumed he bought it 3rd party bc it was a diy installation.
  37. btownalset

    Traded Wheels

    If you don't mind me asking but how much are they charging to activate homelink? TIA
  38. btownalset

    Tesla Cancels Base Model Y

    I don’t disagree with this. Elon’s playbook is vast and nothing is ever off the table imo.
  39. btownalset

    Tesla Cancels Base Model Y

    indeed. So don’t be too surprised when they start software locking features off the MY LR RWD and presto Standard Range lives again. Also, he said no SR model...there will still probably be SR+.
  40. btownalset

    FS: Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45 R18 Tires-Seattle Area Only

    Use Report. Ask it to be moved to the appropriate forum. GLWYS.
  41. btownalset

    What happens to my stealth performance order?

    Very good point. My trade in lost 100 in the 70 mile trip to the Tesla store when I test drove and then ordered my m3p-. And then I drove it as little as possible as to not lose more since I knew I’d be adding at least another 140 miles (70 to home & 70 back to trade in).
  42. btownalset

    What happens to my stealth performance order?

    I was hoping they’d give it to you for 1000. But I’d do the same thing to get my car sooner.
  43. btownalset

    What happens to my stealth performance order?

    what price did they give you for the hitch?
  44. btownalset

    What happens to my stealth performance order?

    Gotcha...thanks. So similar to current model 3 dual motor vs dual motor performance.
  45. btownalset

    What happens to my stealth performance order?

    What’s the evidence...is it a new part number?
  46. btownalset

    I have a lemon in Missouri/Kansas, need help

    The lemon law document is located in your tesla.com -> Tesla account and within your glovebox link. However, I’m not sure if this contains the appropriate information you are looking for.
  47. btownalset

    Home charging confusion

    It doesn’t come with the corded mobile connector. It comes with the gen 2 mobile connector bundle. Unless something has changed in the last few months.
  48. btownalset

    Home charging confusion

    1. Yes, it does -> Corded Mobile Connector 2. The car comes with this -> Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle You’ll need to purchase the NEMA 14-50 adapter -> Gen 2 NEMA Adapters
  49. btownalset

    Buying a Tesla from Third-Party Dealership In 2020

    Maybe try posting something here -> Midwest/Great Lakes Also, from looking at the O'Hare Supercharger thread, there seems to be a Chicago area Tesla Facebook group...so you might want to look there too. Good Luck!

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