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  1. Tommy

    TPMS Help in SoCal - IE (Fontana)

    I have experience with the Autel dual frequency programmable TPMS, they didn't work on my 2012 S. I ended up purchasing TPMS sensors from Tire Rack: https://www.tirerack.com/tpms/results.jsp?autoMake=Tesla&autoModel=Model+S&autoYear=2012&autoModClar=85 that are the Baolong equivalent of the...
  2. Tommy

    Best interior cleaner for headliner

    Seldom post, however I saw your predicament. I too had a dirty headliner courtesy of Tesla. I took the car back and they cleaned the headliner of the greasy fingerprints. I asked the detailer what Tesla uses and he said Crazy Clean. Amazon.com : crazy clean Hope this helps.
  3. Tommy

    Shopping for new 19" tires for my P85D

    Have you considered Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires. I now have over 4k miles on these tires and have seen an improvement of 2-3% (wH/mile) over the stock Goodyear tires they replaced. They have great reviews on Tire Rack, a great tread wear rating and are LLR. Admittedly, I...
  4. Tommy

    Warm Breaker Normal for 14-50

    Did a self install myself; some things to consider: You didn't mention the breaker rating and on the off chance the breaker is underrated please verify the breaker is a 50 amp breaker. There is a torque tightening specification for the breaker terminals to be tightened to; verify the terminals...
  5. Tommy

    Added power consumption from charging?

    Here are my numbers from the spreadsheet I keep on my energy usage. My "at wall" energy usage is roughly 20% higher than the Odometer kWh readings. Some observations: My watt usage per mile has gone down over the time I have owned the car; driving in winter uses more engery, even here in...
  6. Tommy

    Black fingerprints on headliner-How to clean it off?

    From reading the above posts, it looks like there are several methods that have given good results. For me, I used Tide's Stain Eraser Amazon.com: Tide To Go Stain Eraser 16 Count: Health Personal Care to remove some finger print smudges on the A pillar fabric left by the window tint...
  7. Tommy

    Speedometer off by -1 MPH

    Not a scientific measurement, however I have driven by many portable radar speed display trailers and my car's speed always shows at least one mile higher on the display than what the speed sign shows. My other cars also show I am traveling faster than what the radar displays show, so it's...
  8. Tommy

    Tesla Opens Its Patents To Boost Electric Car Adoption

    Getting other manufacturers to help with the SC build out is all well and good, however my thinking is if Tesla could entice government entities to participate in installing SC's, doing so would accomplish two objectives: adoption of a fast charging standard and rapid expansion of the SC...
  9. Tommy

    Sudden Inability to Charge Via Timer

    A workaround to consider: Set your timer so power is on when you typically plug your MS in and off at 6 a.m.; set the MS scheduled charging to begin between midnight and 6 a.m. Doing this always insures the car is being charged at the lowest rate. Also, using a little math, one can work out...
  10. Tommy

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Been away from the forum, however do want to post our car has averaged 321 wh/mile over it's lifetime. Just hit 36,000miles. Now that spring is here I think the car will settle in at 320 wh/miles as I don't do as many "jack rabbit" as I did in the beginning and spring and summer the car...
  11. Tommy

    Best Jack for Model S

    I am not claiming this is the "best" jack; however it did meet most of my criteria for a portable jack that I can use on the road to make a tire change. I am using a military Humvee jack. The pros: The jack has a very wide base (good for stability), is rated at 3 1/2 tons (well over the...
  12. Tommy

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I had a similar sound; turned out to be a cracked axle nut which was replaced under warranty.
  13. Tommy

    Photo Sync Tint - Front Windshield

    I have Photo Sync 75 on my front windshield and get the halo effect only when wearing polaroid sunglasses (Jim Maui), otherwise no halo effect night or day. I had 3M Crystalline on my front windshield and switched to Photo Sync as the Crystalline gave the appearance of looking through a film...
  14. Tommy

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Southern California weather this time of year makes everything you drive seem nicer. :wink:
  15. Tommy

    2013 EV Tax Credit Form Out

    As I read your post, you had a tax liability of aprox. $9,500 ($4,500 owed + $5,000 already paid). Your line 61 should be about $9,500 correct? If so, of the $7,500 credit due you, $4,500 the IRS will keep to pay for the $4,500 you still owe them and a refund of $3,000 is arriving tomorrow...
  16. Tommy

    2013 EV Tax Credit Form Out

    You have to have a tax liability of $7,500 to get the full $7,500 credit. See line 46 of your 2013 Form 1040 to see what your tax liability is. If it's at least $7,500 than you get the full credit, otherwise it's a dollar for dollar of tax liability to tax credit up to the maximum of $7,500...
  17. Tommy

    Saleen announces their version of a Model S

    The Achilles heel of the MS is its loss of power when pushed hard on the race track; enough loss of power to cripple the MS after only one or two laps on the track. The other specs of the MS make it a competitive race track car and any tinkering would only make the MS that more compelling. I...
  18. Tommy

    Inside Tire Wear, my take

    As @jerry33 has correctly pointed out in a previous post, the rears are suppose to be the tires with the most tread; this is to prevent excessive oversteer from occurring if the car needed to be suddenly turned in an emergency situation. That is the reason why Costco and other tire installers...
  19. Tommy

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    My observations: SJC has a very slow growth rate; population just over 35k (the mission was founded in 1776). Compare that to it's neighbor Mission Viejo with it's population of 95k+ and 1965 origins. There is anti-development sentiment at work here; people want to keep the small town feel.
  20. Tommy

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    The adage "A watched pot never boils" comes to mind:wink:
  21. Tommy

    Tesla making changes to inventory car purchase process

    I think the new policy is a win-win for everyone. Tesla will still sell the same # of cars in any given quarter, a stable fleet of loaners for existing customers and a more affordable car for the budget minded customer due to the new time limits and resulting mileage increases.
  22. Tommy

    WTB: UMC, HPC, or HPWC

    Contact your SC and see if they won't sell you the UMC "unbundled" i.e. no carrying bag or adapters. Several posters (various threads) have reported the SC selling the UMC to them as a single item for $480. I went this route to get my second UMC; paid the $480.
  23. Tommy

    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    Replaced by Tesla under warranty due to a firmware fault in the battery causing the car not to operate. The story: Drove fine during the day, plugged the car in at night and awoke to find the "red circle of death" lit on the charging port and an inoperable car. Car flat-bedded to SC and...
  24. Tommy

    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    My stats: Model S 85 Standard Manufactured: 11/12 Delivered: 12/05/12 Original Battery replaced late December '12/early January '13 (no paperwork best recollection) Replacement Battery: "B" P/N# T12L0002812 Have not Supercharged yet
  25. Tommy

    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    Any way to add a column noting if the battery is the original or a replacement. A few on the forum have posted their battery was replaced. The additional information might be useful. My Vin # is 1656; I have a "B" battery as a replacement battery that was replaced in Dec '12.
  26. Tommy

    Should I trust ChargePoint customer service?

    You may want to verify with Kohl's it is ok for you to use the charger. The Kohl's by me in OC also has a charger; however there is signage to the effect that the charger is for use by Kohl's patrons only.
  27. Tommy

    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    To add a wrinkle in the 90kW vs 120kW debate. I have an early vin. #16xx, however I don't know if my battery is 90kW or 120kW capable as I have never supercharged yet. The wrinkle is this: My main battery pack was replaced due to a firmware fault in the pack itself, this was done in my first...
  28. Tommy

    The Physics of the Tesla Grin

    Well said; the best "textbook" explanation I have read regarding the grin. Thanks Professor Calvin.:wink:
  29. Tommy

    Melted Charging Adapter/Cord

    Your idea may be under Tesla's consideration: I stopped by my local SC to pick up a 14-50 adapter and was informed by the parts guy that all of their 14-50 adapter inventory had been sent back to HQ at HQ's request. He also stated Tesla is always improving parts and this was why the inventory...
  30. Tommy

    Worse than getting ICE'ed!!

    My first thought in seeing the picture was the car was parked that way for a "photo shoot" by the owner to both show off his car and the Tesla Chargers. So giving the benefit of the doubt to the S owner, perhaps he/she had to run in to one of the stores for a bathroom break or some such thing...
  31. Tommy

    Firmware 5.8

    No one's mentioned this (maybe because most folks have given up on Dolby and keep it off), however it seems that the bass response is more authoritative under 5.8 and the overall sound has more "warmth" to it. That observation is made with Dolby on. I am probably one of the few posters who...
  32. Tommy

    Garage Wiring Fire

    The UMC is easier to install than the HPWC. Besides the HPWC 2x's cost, there is also the extra cost of installing a disconnect switch which is required for the HPWC due to it being hard wired. For someone with an existing 240v outlet in the garage, the UMC makes perfect sense, provided he/she...
  33. Tommy

    Garage Wiring Fire

    Counterpoint; I don't believe the UMC is a "cheap piece of crap". It's sized for the job 40A continuous. The HPWC is more robust, it has to be as it's sized for up to 80A continuous. As much as you don't want to jeopardize a million dollar home and $100k car, I have no doubt Tesla dosen't...
  34. Tommy

    Garage Wiring Fire

    I don't envision any wear and tear on the adaptor(s) if the UMC is not being unplugged to take on road trips. I purchased a second UMC to use just for road trips and use my original UMC for home charging; it never gets unplugged.
  35. Tommy

    Accident this morning. No injuries but painful damage to car.

    After enlarging the photo, it does look like they used a short strap across the tire rather then feeding the straps thru the wheel. Good all around. And thanks for your keen eyes.
  36. Tommy

    Accident this morning. No injuries but painful damage to car.

    I hate being the bearer of bad news, however your car isn't secured to the flatbed as advised by Tesla. The wheel openings are NOT suppose to be used to secure the car. Here is the technique that Tesla advises in the owner's manual as well as their Roadside Assistance Guide. More of a...
  37. Tommy

    Finally 120KW Supercharging!

    Did your drive-train (inverter/motor) get replaced as well? Just making sure there are not two variables to deal with.
  38. Tommy

    Caring for lacewood trim

    I think the best way to protect the lacewood trim is to have ALL your windows tinted. Blocking UV light and mitigating heat buildup in the car's interior will go a long way in protecting the wood. I don't know of any other product that is as effective as window tint in stopping UV rays &...
  39. Tommy

    Help Installing 14-50 Nema in Condo

    @ifatall, no idea on the cost; the main advantage of the device is it allows ev charging to happen without having to do a panel retrofit or upgrade of wiring (which can be cost prohibited or not even possible). If over your budget, @Lloyd has an elegant solution to get your car charged.
  40. Tommy

    Help Installing 14-50 Nema in Condo

    There is a device on the market EV Charger Powershare Electric Vehicle Charging Station | EVSE LLC that wires into your existing panel and per the website "shares the existing 220 volt wiring and the 40 amp breaker dedicated to an existing appliance. When a vehicle has been plugged‐in for...
  41. Tommy

    WTB 19" Aero Wheels

    Interested in buying 19" Tesla Aero style wheels. I have 19" Tesla stock wheels and would also consider trading them for the Aero's + cash on my part. P.M me if interested.
  42. Tommy

    Normal Model S Sounds

    I had the sound, produced exactly as you described. It turned out to be a broken axle washer. Those following these threads will remember some cars were delivered with loose axle nuts. Mine was one of them and the nut(s) were re-torqued. The SC wasn't sure if I got a defective washer or the...
  43. Tommy

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    At the one year anniversary of ownership these are my numbers: 322 Wh/mi, 29,400 miles, 85/19", O.C. Calif. Note to self: the smiles per mile average about a 1 to 1 ratio.
  44. Tommy

    Most Mileage: Commuter Or A Weekend Rider?

    I am going to wait a couple of weeks to answer the poll as I am fast approaching 30k miles and it looks like that category could use a mark. :wink:
  45. Tommy

    So just how reliable is the Model S?

    I have already logged 28.5k miles with the S and it is clearly the car I choose to drive among the 3 I own. To your question about why I feel no ICE car can compare to the S it is really a simple answer: The driving experience is zen like in the Model S. No other car I have driven has put me...
  46. Tommy

    So just how reliable is the Model S?

    Find another justification as there isn't enough data to support your primary justification for purchasing a MS: "the MS should be significantly more reliable and cheaper to own then a traditional ICE car." I am coming up on my one year anniversary and have logged 28.5k miles to date. I...
  47. Tommy

    Another NHSTA Unintended Acceleration Complaint

    I wonder if creep mode was turned on without the driver being aware of this fact. The car does move forward on it's own in this mode and maybe took the driver by surprise. Though the speed is so slow, I can't imagine hitting another car unless he/she was already very close to the car. Case in...
  48. Tommy

    12v battery problem and stranded!

    @SMOP can you provide us the group # of the Odyssey battery; better yet the particular Odyssey battery you used. Mileage wise, I will be out of warranty this time next year and I too don't mind spending a bit more to get a good quality battery to avoid having battery related problems.
  49. Tommy

    Poll: Is MS daily driver (DD)?

    After putting on 26k+ miles in 10 months, I think it qualifies as a daily driver.:wink:
  50. Tommy

    What is this orange dotted line on the charge indicator/speedometer?

    The dashed line indicates your regen is limited; this is due to the battery being fully charged. Once you have driven a few miles the battery is able to accept charge from the regen and the line will disappear. Regarding your second question, I suspect you have the 60kWh battery and 209 miles...

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