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    Premium Connectivity in Canada

    Same here. Exact same situation. Account says expires, car says included, and account will not even let me add it.
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    HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install

    Whats the code for 30% the one on the youtube description only gives 15 %
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    Looking for advice on best power lift trunk kit

    There is so many kits out there to upgrade the trunk to go the power lift route. Looking for the best one as they are similarly priced :) Thanks
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    Chademo Adapter is back in stock

    For those interested in this piece of hardware it's now back in stock in the Tesla Store CHAdeMO Adapter
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    Model 3 delivery, they didn't show up

    Is this a troll ? 1 post and does not answer to any of the questions :confused:
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    Who uses the Gen 3 wallcharger?

    Is your wire able to support the new breaker ?
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    Rapid discharge while parked at airport, how to contact a human for help?

    What would be cool about an airport mode would be if essentially it would completely shutdown the car until it is waken up by taping the card on the door, or some other special technique.
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    Range has never been close to 320

    I suggest you do a search, as there is numerous threads on this subject. But in short no its not a faulty battery.
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    FSD is Now $7,000

    9200$ CAD :eek: This is a bit extreme
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    Why is FSD going up $1000?

    Confirmed that the price as went up, to add it it's now 9200$CAD. :eek: Not seeing a day where I would shell out that much money for FSD.
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    Issue to login to slacker

    Next day everything was fine. Weird, but results are king :)
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    Issue to login to slacker

    Getting an invalid account when I try to login to slacker in TM3. Anyone have seen this before and might have a fix to suggest before I call Tesla?
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    Model 3 mud guards

    Not really expecting much but I will take a little range hit and save my paint.
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    Model 3 mud guards

    Exact same plan here :) Has my rocker panel are PPF I think, to be confirmed that my PPF will prevent this issue. Also planning to use a heat gun to make them fit if they are not perfect fit.
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    Inability to download software

    Sorry to ask this, but is your car connected to WIFI ? Your post saying that you have full internet connectivity can be interpreted that you have only the LTE connexction.
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    Good(?) Deal On Insurance For Quebec Residents

    Same here with lapersonnelle which is Desjardins BTW 965$ LR AWD with new replacement in case of total and partial lost and 40K km a year.
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    What Prevents Aero Covers From Fitting Over Caps?

    Never tried it but I think so.
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    Using Phone as Key - Stolen Phone

    PIN to drive is your best friend then :)
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    Let's talk winter tires for the 3

    I know its a bit on the early side, but with the popularity of the 3 and the requirement to have winter tires here in Qc, better be safe than sorry. So what rims and tires did you guys have and where did you get them. Looking for 18 as 17 will not fit the 3. Thanks
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    VW GTI Performance for M3 LR AWD
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    Phone Key always connected at Home

    In short No. When Pin to Drive is activated as soon as you put the car in park, it will ask you for the pin the next time you try to put it into drive
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    New owner of Model 3 missing Home Link

    Home link was never a feature for SR and SR+
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    Down Payment with CC

    Other than that NO
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    HPWC making a loud click when starting to charge

    My HPWC makes a loud 'tock', like a relay engaging every time I start charging the car, anyone else have this ? Or Am I better to call Tesla ?
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    HW2.5 even after April 12th build date

    I I see you are in Ontario and have ordered a SR+, check with Tesla if you can return the car, because I've read that if your car has received an incentive such as the 5K from the federal government, the 7 day return period is nullified. But I might be wrong as this program is brand new and...
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    Tesla Software 2019.16.3

    Same here got it 15 minutes ago.
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    QC provincial rebate experience

    Just did that too :)
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    Took delivery yesterday, DA says this is normal

    Normal no, worth to make a fuss about it probably no also
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    Are Canadians still getting Model 3s right now?

    Don’t worry there is a message on the website saying they have issues with their website to claim the rebate. I’m in the same boat as you. Waiting for it to be fixed
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Mine is Great White I'm a scuba diver and from Canada so double meaning Great White Shark Great White North
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    QC provincial rebate experience

    What is your experience in getting your 8k from the government ? Do you need to wait to get your official green registration through the mail before you make your request or are you able to just use the temporary given to you by Tesla on delivery. How long was your wait ?
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    Model 3 sales already peaked?

    Might be related to supply
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    USB cable no longer included ???

    Actually it's the DA that told me that by email after I realised when I got home that they were not in the car. Needless to say that I'm challenging this statement.
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    USB cable no longer included ???

    Has anyone who taking delivery of their model 3 very recently faced this affirmation that the USB that goes into the cell phone charging docks are no longer included ??? That seems to me this is one place that is pretty stupid to make cuts.
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    Missing EAP - "Included" with Order

    It might be because I,m in Canada or that I'm financing through Tesla that I have yet to see that option, See the image
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    Order Issue w/ LR RWD w/ new FSD chipset HW 3.0

    Stick to your gun and wait for the car you want. They can't force you to accept this one, just tell them you will wait for the built that you want.
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    Missing EAP - "Included" with Order

    Taking delivery tomorrow myself. In my Tesla account I do not see the MVPA, probably normal right ?, but only the order agreement which reflects my original built and price, which I changed afterwards. I've taken a bunch of screen capture that shows that AP is included in my build, and it is...
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    Used Model 3 Option Packages Transfer Question

    Short of calling Tesla, No. But good luck with that. Best way is to ensure that the options are working when you try the car.
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    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Royal Bank of Canada 155 Wellington Street West, BSC 3rd Floor Toronto, ON M5V 3K7
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    No traffic info on new Mode 3

    If you have a standard range or a standard range plus this is normal, this is a limitation on these model.
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    Who's your car insurer in Qc?

    I'm shopping around right now for the insurance of my upcoming Model 3, and looking for recommendation :)
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    What's your VIN, as my configuration is very similar to yours :)
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Proof that Tesla Vin are all over the place got a vin for my 3 AWD white with black interior 216xxx and a built date of April 22:cool:
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    NEMA 14-50 UMC Adapter No Longer Included With New Purchases

    Just wondering picking up my 22 April built next Saturday and just wondering how big a deal I should make if it’s not there
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    Warning to potential Model 3 Buyers in BC and Quebec, Canada

    Yes just curious if it’s tesla that process the rebate in BC because in QC they will not and it’s up to the customer to do so. I myself planing to wait the 7 day period before filling after I had read the terms and conditions of the return program
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    NEMA 14-50 UMC Adapter No Longer Included With New Purchases

    Anyone know the built date that they stopped including the 14-50?
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    Manual lane change process? Basic AP in autosteer

    It’s because you are on FSD trial period

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