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  1. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!

    Completed my service at the Savannah, GA service center today. They really did a great job. Offered me a loaner but I had planned to stay and work while there, so I was in and out in 3 hours. Cost to replace the upper control arms was $747 including tax. They checked the alignment and determined...
  2. EnrgyNDpndnce

    replacement tires and tire aspect ratio question

    I’m on my third set of tires now. Went with the stock Michelins for set 2 because it was easy and I regretted it (as you said, not a great tire). For third set I did research and selected the Cross Climates. I honestly don’t remember if they are CC+ or CC2, got them around August 2020. I like...
  3. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Rural Ownership

    OP, it sounds like you should be good to go. having a solid home charging option (which you said you have figured out) is 90% of the battle. Service Center trips are quite rare for most, so the 100 mile drive is doable. Plus, as several folks have said, the mobile Ranger service will come to you...
  4. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!

    Glad I found this thread. I started hearing the creaking noise a few days ago and it has become more noticeable. Going around curves and over bumps when turning the wheel etc. Sounds exactly like the video @Threader posted, so assuming it’s the upper control arms. Mine is a 2018 AWD with 107k...
  5. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Valdosta GA

    Oh wow, I did not see your sig before, that’s awesome! So quick question,,,those 150k miles on your S100D, are those all on the original battery and motors? Just curious as I love to find examples of high mileage Teslas on the original drivetrain. Either way, thanks for sharing and drive safely!
  6. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Charge Port Wouldn't Open

    Just curious as mine stopped working last night after 107k miles (so definitely out of warranty). Did mobile successfully fix your problem and was the total cost around $300? I’m going to put In a service request this morning.
  7. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Madison, GA

    Ah yes. But then I’d have to buy a Chademo adapter, and I’m far too stubborn for that. 😎
  8. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger Needed on I-26 in South Carolina - help submit to Tesla

    Yes. The North Charleston SC is located at The Mellow Mushroom near the I-26 / I-526 interchange.
  9. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Savannah, GA Service/Sales Center

    As others have said, wait until early to mid April then hit the order button. Even if you have to pay a few months of that old lease needlessly, I promise you won’t be disappointed. My Model 3 is the best car I’ve ever owned, and it’s not even close. BTW, there is a very active Tesla Owner’s...
  10. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Madison, GA

    I 100% agree on more frequent, and shorter charging stops vs less frequent, longer stops. I travel a lot for business and my typical Supercharging stop is 10-15 minutes. With V3 stations and a low SOC this yields even better results. You have also hit the nail on the head regarding the I-26...
  11. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Considering 2021 Model 3 - Trade-offs to current cars on my mind

    I too had a Leaf before getting the Model 3. Mine was a 2015 with 84 miles of rated range. Still, great little car that served us well for 3.5 years until my daughter (was diving and) was rear ended by a full sized pickup that totaled the Leaf. My daughter walked away without a scratch, and for...
  12. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Valdosta GA

    Bro, that’s a long drive from Seattle! Did you relo to Chucktown or make a cross country drive?
  13. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    No worries. Actually I wasn’t entirely correct as I thought the fee went to mass transit projects, not roads and bridges. My memory seems to be fading with age. At any rate, while I’m not opposed to all of us paying our fair share for the roads on which we drive, I do think GA’s fee is a tad...
  14. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    That link is for the AFV tag fee. I was referring to the (much higher) $200+ annual EV fee. The tag fee (which is optional) goes to the general fund, the EV fee (which is mandatory) goes to fund mass transit projects.
  15. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Actually the GA EV fee goes into a fund specifically for mass transit projects. That’s how the legislature got the Sierra Club to support the fee.
  16. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Thank you for your service!
  17. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Actually, if you think about it, the existing gas tax does impose a penalty on gas guzzlers, both new and old. The worse a vehicle’s gas mileage is, the more gas the owner must buy, and thus must also pay more tax per mile driven. I’m not saying it’s enough, just that it is a penalty on gas...
  18. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Annual license plate renewal fees - how much in your state?

    Wow that’s a beautiful picture, thanks for sharing! (Btw I haven’t watched MTV in over 20 years, and God willing I never will again)
  19. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    Last charge to 100% was 290 miles vs 306 miles when new.
  20. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    Really sorry to hear this story. I’m at 101k miles on my Model 3 and zero issues to report. Please keep us posted on how Tesla resolves this other than simply replacing the motor...again. I’m also wondering what warranty they provide on the replacement. Factory drivetrain warranty is 120k miles...
  21. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Question about supercharing

    Is there an easy way to tell how many kWh of Supercharging you have done? Or have you simply been keeping a running total?
  22. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Pre-cool remotely?

    Yep, one of the few things my wife actually likes about the car. We’re from Atlanta and now live in Charleston, which believe it or not is HOTTER and MORE HUMID in the summer than Atlanta. But a few minutes after turning on the AC with the app those black pleather seats are nice and cool. :cool:
  23. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Rotate the tires with one jack?

    I use a jack on the rear Jack point and place a jack stand with pad under the front just to be sure. Also use wheel chocks on the side not being lifted. Rotate same side F to B and B to F, then rinse and repeat on the other side. I drive a lot so I rotate every 10k miles and this has worked well...
  24. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Knoxville, TN - Neyland Drive

    So, is it confirmed Tesla will remove these soon, or is there a chance they leave this station in Kville permenantly?
  25. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - North Charlotte @ Northlake Target

    What’s wrong with that? I’ve been doing 5-7 mph above the posted limit for over a decade. Almost completely eliminates the risk of getting a speeding ticket.
  26. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Roanoke Rapids, NC

    THIS, THIS, SO MUCH THIS!!! The wife and I went to Gatlinburg for the weekend and man is that drive along I-26 annoying. Gotta detour 15-20 minutes to charge in Santee, Columbia or Greenville. Amazing that there is nothing within a few miles of I-26 through the entire state of South Carolina.
  27. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Elizabethtown, KY Supercharger

    Wow, that’s disappointing. I no longer live in KY, but when I did the Lexington to Bowling Green drive was definitely anxiety inducing in the winter. Of course that was during my first few months of ownership, maybe now I wouldn’t mind so much. On the plus side, it seems Tesla has updated the...
  28. EnrgyNDpndnce

    2021 Model 3 heater not working

    OP, would you please update us on the status of your issue? Was it fixed to your satisfaction, and did the SC share any useful information on the cause or the repair? Many thanks.
  29. EnrgyNDpndnce

    2021 Model 3 heater not working

    Just a FYI, “lots of people on YT” does not equate to any statistically relevant data. Really premature to suggest a stock crash is coming because of this.
  30. EnrgyNDpndnce

    2021 Model 3 heater not working

    1. Panel gaps. Yes you’re probably over-analyzing, especially if you have been reading online because the reports of Tesla panel gap issues are greatly exaggerated and lead to FIA. That doesn’t mean yours aren’t out of line, just that the general issue is exaggerated. My understanding is they...
  31. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Savannah, GA Service/Sales Center

    Spoke with a Tesla employee today who said they originally planned for Savannah to be open before EOM but hit some delays. He said it certainly should be open by the end of January, and confirmed this is a Service and Delivery location.
  32. EnrgyNDpndnce

    External speaker retrofit to enable boombox on 2018 car?

    FWIW I have summoned my car twice in the last few weeks. Basically playing with the feature both times, but still have done it. Might I suggest you take a daily vitamin NERD supplement. Once that is in your system you’ll enjoy things like summon and fart mode immensely. :)
  33. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Columbia (Columbiana Centre), SC

    So I’m guessing this location is DOA, but we still need another SC in Columbia convenient to I-26. As luck would have it, Quiktrip is about to break ground on a new store in Columbia just off I-77 less than a mile from I-26. It would be a PERFECT location for a SC on the I-26 corridor between...
  34. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Service Center - Knoxville, TN

    Glad to hear Knoxville is going to happen. Seems it’s at a similar stage of development as Savannah, GA as both are imminent and should open soon. Local Tesla employees openly discussing these locations is a good sign they are happening near term. Let’s hope this is a sign of a great expansion...
  35. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Hardeeville, SC

    I must have gotten lucky then. I was plugged in overnight and charged to 90%, and did not move until after 8am.
  36. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Airport Charging - Charleston - Is this something people use?

    Ug. I didn’t realize this was a pay station. When I lived in Atlanta and flew out I used the stations there a few times, but those are free with paid parking. No way I would pay to park AND pay to charge while flying out. Not to mention they installed these stations on the top floor of the...
  37. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Hardeeville, SC

    Go a bit further south and you can stay in downtown Savannah where a nice room is reasonably priced and you’re walking distance to many nice bars and restaurants. I stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn last week and parked/charged overnight at the Robinson Parking Garage. Two Tesla and Two J chargers...
  38. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Helen Ga. Charging?

    That book looks interesting. Have you finished it, and if so how would you rate it?
  39. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Oil Change

    Would you mind sharing how much this “oil change” cost you, and how many miles you had on the car at the time?
  40. EnrgyNDpndnce

    CCS adapter

    Yeah, $660 is a bit steep. Guessing they have yet to achieve any economies of scale. I might pay Tesla $400 or even $500, but an unknown vendor from South Korea? No. I do appreciate their efforts though. Still hoping Tesla will begin selling one next year at that sub $400 price point.
  41. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Model 3 crash @ +100MPH

    This thread is great! Not the original intent but (like so many) what it has turned into. Reminds me of one of my favorite birthday cards. There’s a picture of two nice, young women hanging out on the front. Woman one asks the other “So where’s your birthday party at?” And the other woman...
  42. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    After reading this entire thread I have reached two conclusions: 1. This is a BS ticket and you should fight it. I would hire an attorney. 2. Dude, you gotta be more aware of your surroundings. If there’s a cop two lanes over you CRAWL off the line. Good luck!
  43. EnrgyNDpndnce

    First significant problem with LR AWD after 2 years and 28k miles

    Pellet guns seem to work well. Or, if you’re out in the country, there are no squirrels in the world that can defeat a 22LR. ;-)
  44. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Helen Ga. Charging?

    Its Buford, only one f. Sorry, we lived there for 15 years so I couldn’t stand to see the misspelling. Glad your trip worked out well. Go Wolves! :-)
  45. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Peachtree Corners GA

    I thought the same thing. Are there many apartments nearby? It has been many years since I worked in that area, and back then it was mostly middle class, single family housing. Vast majority had garages, but maybe since then some apartments have sprung up. Regardless, more Superchargers are good.
  46. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Hilton Head Island, SC

    Off topic or not, I have to agree with @loganwatson here. If bars and restaurants are closed, or if open but few people are there, the economy takes a hit and tons of people get laid off. We need people working and earning a living so they can support their families. We need to do it safely, of...
  47. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Savannah, GA Service/Sales Center

    Thank you very much for the update, please keep us posted if you hear or see any further progress.
  48. EnrgyNDpndnce

    A sad day. Got T-boned today.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures. Really glad there were no serious injuries. Would you mind following up after your insurance company or designated body shop gives you a repair estimate, and letting us know what the estimate is? I’m gonna spitball at least $10k to repair that...
  49. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Tesla experience living far from a Service Center

    Depends on your definition of “routine.” The items you mentioned are definitely part of the maintenance schedule, but occur about once a year so IMO not routine. It’s a vague term, so you can disagree and you wouldn’t be wrong. Just telling you what my rationale was for leaving those items off...

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