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    Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    I have 20" wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 all season tires on my Model Y, (they say M+S on sidewall?). The range hit is a non-issue, even for road trips as you won't roll into the Supercharger with your last 10-15 miles you saved with the 19" wheels. There is absolutely no ride comfort issue for...
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    Model Y Road Trip Experience

    Your car looks beautiful, but those pictures were awesome! Pro quality photo skills! Thanks for the trip details, sad that the supercharger issue came up. Happened to me back in 2013 on my way home from Fremont factory in new Model S, there was very little support at that time, luckily I limped...
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    Odometer read 15miles...was this a previous rejected MY?

    My car delivered last Friday said 15 miles on paperwork, odometer showed 7 miles when I picked it up. Not sure if it matters at all as long as it is under 50-100, I thought they may have road test miles on them after a build but I guess they don't do that? Car seems great so far in the last 6 days.
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    WTB Carbon fiber Model Y spoiler

    Interested in purchasing a new Model Y carbon fiber spoiler if anyone has one they don't like or want from their Model Y Performance. Email me at [email protected]et
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    White/White AWD Vin 145xx

    Ordered my white/white/long range AWD/20" induction wheels in March, car was delivered last Friday in Las Vegas. My original date estimate at time of order was for delivery in mid May. I'm glad I waited and didn't get too discouraged, but the car is fantastic and I have owned two Model S, P85...
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    Record here when you receive your invite to build your Model 3...

    Reserved 3/31/16, current Model S owner, no email sent yet.
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    Batch of New Inventory 90D on the loose.

    I just leased an inventory P100D for 3yr/36,000 miles at $1,300/month. Almost $40,000 discounted from original sticker. Was very lucky I feel to get this deal. Good luck to anyone searching for more deals from Tesla.
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    What tires are fitted on recent P100Ds?

    Just a little more info., I have a 2013 P85 with 21"Tesla grey turbine wheels that is currently pending sale, and it has Michelin Pilot SuperSports in 245/35/ZR21's all 4 wheels (non-staggered sizes). The new P100D I just took delivery of 2 days ago has the new "TO" (Tesla Only?) designated...
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    What tires are fitted on recent P100Ds?

    Same here, Pilot Super Sports in staggered size 245 front and 265 rears on 21" grey turbines.
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    Yes, sorry I left that out of the description. Only option I did not get was the rear jump seats. Pending sale.
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    Have a current offer, if it falls through I will re-post. Thanks.
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    You can reach me at 702-768-1620. Thanks. Robert
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    Seats are leather with suede like Alcantara sides and trim. There is little to no wear at all and look almost like new. I am really careful and don't eat or drink in my cars. Pictures don't do it justice.
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    I will consider any reasonable offers, just PM me.
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    I don't have an options sheet, but it has every option available except the rear jump seats offered in 2013. Panoramic roof satellite radio dual chargers carbon fiber interior carbon fiber spoiler 21" gray turbine wheels rear cargo cover clear bra performance gray leather/alcantara seats seat...
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    Thanks FlyingCookie! I have loved every minute of this car, only selling to make room for a new P100D. Hopefully it will go to a new owner who loves it as much as I have. Thanks for looking.
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    2013 MODEL S P85 White with Gray leather/alcantara $49,900 obo

    For sale is a 2013 White/gray interior P85 with 21" gray wheels with 53,200 miles. One owner car bought new from Tesla with Fremont factory delivery in Mar. 2013. Car had nearly all available options at time of purchase except rear jump seats, carbon fiber interior trim, panoramic sunroof...
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    21" Tesla Arachnid Grey Wheels and Tires - Staggered Brand New

    I'm interested as well if they aren't sold. Thanks.
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    Model X 90D Discounted inventory Cars - Great leases < $850 a month

    Can you PM me details on these deals Jimmy. Thanks for the help with these great deals!
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    Where can I see a Model X now?

    There was a white one in the Hawthorne SC waiting area/design center last week. I don't know if it has been moved in the last week, but it has been there for a few months.
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    Petition to rollback 5.8s suspension behavior modification at high speeds

    I had 5.6 and about a week later got 5.8, and honestly could not tell a difference in highway driving until I read about the lockout of lowering at highway speeds. I will say I was a little angry/upset that the change in suspension would occur before I downloaded the new software update. I have...
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    Best service experience ever so far!

    Funny! I hear ya, once you are at $100k, what's another few grand right! Lot's of high rollers at Mandarin, and Ferrari posers. I'll take my MS P85 over those unreliable gas guzzlers any day. We have over 100 MS in town already, so I am sure you'll see a few on your next trip. We Tesla owners...
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    I want 21" Staggered Wheels for my P85

    JerryNYcom, I am thinking about doing the exact same thing with my rear wheels and tires on my P85. Can you tell me what differences in handling, noise, ride, etc. you noticed when switching to this set-up. I thought the + suspension upgrade parts were overkill for me, but I like the thought of...
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    Best service experience ever so far!

    Plus suspension option is definitely more "planted" to the road, if it was $1-2,000 upgrade, it would be a steal. The difference in everyday driving for me though is not anywhere close to being worth the extra $6500. I do not and will probably never track the car and at decent, safe speeds in...
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    Best service experience ever so far!

    I had the first service experience with my Model S P85 #6025 ever the last 2 days and it was the best service experience I have ever had as a car owner! It started with Tesla e-mailing me with "updates" that should be performed, news to me, as I have had very few problems with the car since...
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    Tesla S - Daily Driver or Second Car?

    I have used the MS as my daily driver since i picked it up in March. I just sold a 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S, and it sat in my garage for 2 1/2 months without being driven much before I was able to sell it. The Tesla driving experience is so much better than driving an ICE car that you don't...
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    What did you drive before getting the model S and why did you change?

    2010 Porsche Panamera 4S My Model S P85 is a very similar style sport sedan, but the MS is faster and cheaper to operate and has slightly more utility/space, seats 5 instead of 4. The Panamera is the best ICE sport sedan I've ever had, but I do not want another ICE car after living with the...
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    Tinted, De-Chromed, and 22PLE Coated

    That is one of the best looking black cars I have ever seen! I have a white P85 with pano roof and grey wheels and love it, but your car looks fantastic. You will spend many happy hours washing though unless that 22PLE keeps dirt off well. I can go 2 weeks without washing my white car with...
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    Hot Weather Range

    I have to agree with minimal impact on range so far in 105-110 degree heat here in Vegas the past week. The AC works very well in this level of heat also, and the iPhone app is great for pre-cooling the car before I get in. My car is white with grey interior which probably helps a little with...
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    Any way to get a valentine 1 to work with Model S?

    My VIN is 6025, don't know about the windshield or not, but I still have not had any problems with my V1 working, I'll try to post a picture of where I have it mounted when I get a chance.Good luck and hope yours works fine too.
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    Any way to get a valentine 1 to work with Model S?

    I use my V1 everyday in my MS, and have not noticed any issues at all. It works exactly as in my Porsche Panamera. I place it at lower windshield centrally with suction cup mount. It has already saved me from multiple tickets! Used it on the drive home from factory in Fremont to Vegas without...
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    California Supercharger Usage

    Nice photo wraithnot! Thanks for the Barstow SC update. Last time I was there, only 2 chargers were up and running and the one on the right was much slower than one on the left(1A). This will be a VERY popular stop for Vegas-LA crowd in both directions, wish it were planned out like Tejon or...
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    Door handle issues! Self-fix by fuse pull/re-insertion!

    I've had it happen twice now in 2 weeks and the fuses were seated firmly after the first time and the second time they were worked up and out slightly again. I have never had this happen in any other car I have had and I've had a lot of cars. Kind of makes me think it might happen again.
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    Door handle issues! Self-fix by fuse pull/re-insertion!

    I have had my Model S Performance for approx. 2 weeks now and it is a fantastic car, except for 2 issues now with door handles not working properly. I had the drivers rear-side door handle stuck out and no ability to open the door externally occur once and just yesterday the driver's door handle...
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    2010 Porsche Panamera 4S for sale! Porsche CPO warranty and low mileage!

    Car is still available, had a couple of buyers fall through. Just listed on AutoTrader as well with pics and Carfax. Great car, just took delivery of my Model S Performance 2 weeks ago. The Panamera is the best ICE sports sedan out there in my opinion, and yes the color is fantastic. I would...
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    Help me decide - Model S P85 or pre-owned BMW M5 (new F10)

    The money you will save not buying gas, (premium unleaded at about 10mpg!) in the M5 will pay for your $600/yr maintenance in about the first 3-4 months with the Model S. At the same time it is faster in real world driving, more comfortable, has more cargo space, and has much more technology in...
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    P85 picked up at factory and drove to Vegas, car is better than I dreamed about!

    Barstow to Vegas was no problem at all wraithnot, I had over 80 miles of range left when I got to my home in Summerlin, and I was cruising comfortably from 70-85 mph. I left Barstow with 265 miles of range. It was a great drive, beautiful scenery through hwy 152 (Pacheco Pass) from 101 over to...
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    P85 picked up at factory and drove to Vegas, car is better than I dreamed about!

    I picked up my new white P85 from Fremont on Friday and drove back to LA with stops at Gilroy, Harris Ranch and Tejon Ranch superchargers. The factory tour is truly incredible and if you can make the trip I would highly recommend the tour. There were about 11 people in my tour and 14 in the...
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    Addressing factors that cause range anxiety

    Great article and info.! I am a first time plug in EV buyer and my first drive was a 600 mile road trip from Tesla factory back to Las Vegas.(Not the ideal first trip for a new EV driver!) The wait time to charge, even with Tesla superchargers adds a lot more time to a road trip, but it also...
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    2010 Porsche Panamera 4S for sale! Porsche CPO warranty and low mileage!

    Thanks for the tip! I was hoping mainly Tesla folks on this site seeing this ad, that is why I posted my e-mail and # so readily, but you are probably correct in that this stuff seems to show up everywhere! It is a great car, perfect for Chicago in winter! Throw some 19" wheels and snow tires on...
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    2010 Porsche Panamera 4S for sale! Porsche CPO warranty and low mileage!

    FOR SALE IS A 2010 PORSCHE PANAMERA 4S with 21,500 miles, and Porsche Certified Pre-Owned warranty until Feb. 2016 or 100,000 miles. This car is being replaced by a new Model S Performance 85. Car is pristine and has many options including air suspension, 20" Turbo II wheels with Michelin Pilot...
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    Best Car in The Doctor's Lot

    Doc's seem to love their Tesla Model S's! I am an Ophthalmologist scheduled for Feb-Mar delivery of an 85kW Performance S white/grey/pano/21" grey/tech/sound/air (replacing my 2010 Porsche Panamera 4S-(anyone interested? PM me), my cousin is an Anesthesiologist, his 85kW Performance S...
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    Factory pickup details

    My cousin just drove his SP back to LV from Fremont with stop at Harris Ranch supercharger and the stretch between Harris Ranch and Barstow is the longest, at about 220 miles with Tehachapi mountain range sapping a lot of electricity! Make sure you have a FULL range when you leave Harris Ranch...
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    OWNERS! - do you get awkward questions about price tag?

    I am going to say less than my last car, (2010 Porsche Panamera 4S). Anyone who asks this question needs to look it up for themselves and it is really not their business to know what you pay for anything. We have the right in this country to spend our hard or easily earned money on whatever...
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    Latest "Finalize your order" date

    Thanks for the info dgmanny. I am trying to time selling my Panamera at the right time to expect delivery of my MS. My cousin sold his 911GT3 a little early and could have kept it a little longer before he got delivery.
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    Latest "Finalize your order" date

    Res number 320143, #15,444 got my configure e-mail 1/17/2013 for 85kW Performance, white, 21" grey wheels, pano roof, grey interior with carbon fiber, carbon fiber spoiler tech and sound system. Much earlier than expected! Estimated delivery date is Feb-March!!!! Finalized today, awaiting...

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