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  1. spatterso911

    What did you name your car?

    I named my car “T’Challa“ after Black Panther. Originally it was Black Panther but my daughter suggested I give it a real name and since T’Challa is Black Panther’s real name, it was perfect. “Wakanda Forever!”
  2. spatterso911

    NoA is worthless, Autopilot is essentially unimproved from 2016-2017, and everybody has caught up.

    Your experience mirrors mine. I am in an HW3 Raven S. I drive about 200 miles a week on AP. 95% is with little correction from me. I wonder if the other automakers have simply caught up to HW2.0/2.5 cars. I really don’t see the issues that the OP has.
  3. spatterso911

    Would you like to see fsd as a subscription option?

    And that, ladies and gentlemen is the reason why it should not occur. Lets face it... The structure assumes that every vehicle on the road currently has a HW3.0 computer. It also assumes that you have 8+ cameras to make it function properly. Only the last couple years of the S and X can every...
  4. spatterso911

    Raven Model S: worth it or wait?

    My return trip started in an underground parking garage. No reception
  5. spatterso911

    Raven Model S: worth it or wait?

    If the car is not connected via either 3g or LTE, it cannot access traffic and routing data. It won’t allow NOA to work. TACC + auto steer works tho. I found this out yesterday.
  6. spatterso911

    Post April 23rd announcement VIN

    Congrats on the delivery! I took delivery yesterday. Looking to do ceramic pro exterior and expel tints as well. My VIN #312xxx is a Raven as well. Impressed with the improvements over my previous 2013 P85.
  7. spatterso911

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Yes, it can still be ordered on the website. I have found, though that if you have a Gen 1 UMC, it charges at 30 mph vs 23 mph for the Gen 2. It’s worth it to get your hands on a Gen 1 14-50 for home charging unless you don’t mind the slower rate of charge.
  8. spatterso911

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Picked up this morning at the Delivery Center. Tesla sent an Uber to get me and drive the 51 miles to the Center. Delivery experience was pretty nice, new for me since my other Tesla was delivered to my house. Paperwork and intro done in 15 minutes. I had few questions thanks to this board...
  9. spatterso911

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Ordered mine 5/30. Got my text today. Picking up on Friday. P100DL, So Cal
  10. spatterso911

    Adaptive Suspension

    Latest information is that the adaptive suspension uses google maps data to adjust the suspension for the road you’re traveling on. I may also adjust based upon speed, yaw, pitch information from the sensors. I’ve heard nothing about any new sensors that “read” the road surfaces on the fly like...
  11. spatterso911

    Am I crazy? Considering ditching my Model S for the Ford Focus RS

    The RS would be awesome! One of the few sports cars with a manual transmission, remarkable power, great price. If you have a shot at it, go for it! To play devil's advocate, it might be horribly impractical if you have to transport the kids in a pinch (say if the van had a mechanical problem...
  12. spatterso911

    Kaitlyn's Law and Tesla

    +1 True. I think Kaitlyn's law (and consequently the general context of this thread) is California-specific, but it's a good thing to hear how other states deal with this issue in terms legality.
  13. spatterso911

    Kaitlyn's Law and Tesla

    +1. No piece of tech is infallible.
  14. spatterso911

    Kaitlyn's Law and Tesla

    Well, actually the law is violated if the car is "ON" or "running" and you leave a child in the car. If the car is off and the child is not in any perceivable danger then the law is not violated.
  15. spatterso911

    Kaitlyn's Law and Tesla

    In California, it is an infraction with a fine. I agree, it will take a long time before ICE drivers fully understand what the differences are between BEV and ICE cars. I guess the technical answer after consulting a few law enforcement friends is that if the temperatures are not such that the...
  16. spatterso911

    Kaitlyn's Law and Tesla

    Kaitlyn's Law: It is against California law to leave a child under the age of seven alone in the car without the supervision of a person at least 12 years old if: 1. The keys are in the ignition or the car is running, or 2. There is a significant risk to the child. Given that, how the...
  17. spatterso911

    My audio upgrade for "Watt ME" - Reus Audio

    The sub control is not openly visible, and you will completely forget that it is there. The install is very clean. The bass slider control has direct effects on the bass response, including the sub, although you will likely keep it at 0.
  18. spatterso911

    How much has your Model S' battery degraded?

    I'm at 32K miles, and it hits 225 rated miles on a standard charge. I saw about 243 rated miles on my most recent range charge. Its a 2013 P85, I've range charged about 6 times, and supercharged about 15-20 times max. I mostly drive evenings/early mornings, California weather. When new, it...
  19. spatterso911

    What's left to improve on the Model S?

    There really should be a poll to capture this stuff for Tesla. I'd like to see them finally deliver on the media player. It is severely handicapped with poor bluetooth control. Why can't we use the metadata and photos from our own music? The photos don't oft-times match the album. Why...
  20. spatterso911

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Just used the Rancho Cucamonga Supercharger site, and can confirm 135kW and 12 charging stalls, 14 marked Tesla spots. The supercharger is located at a large outdoor mall area with over 30 restaurants, numerous mid to high end stores, and access to the 15 and 210 freeways. This makes travel to...
  21. spatterso911

    Simple yes or no - are you satisfied with your Tesla vehicle?

    I was....until I saw the P85D!
  22. spatterso911

    Firmware 6.0

    The law only applies to driving after dusk with just DRL's on. You can drive during daylight with DRL's on in California.
  23. spatterso911

    Rip vin p01653

    Yikes, just tuned into this thread! Sorry to hear the news Todd! I hope this gets resolved quickly for you.
  24. spatterso911

    Stolen Model S crashes after police pursuit. 7/4/14

    +1. The ejected one is far more likely to die or suffer devastating permanent injuries. I've rarely seen ejected people without serious injuries. The seat-belted people usually go home that night or the next night with minimal injuries. Also, just supposing the quoted theory is correct...
  25. spatterso911

    Anyone getting preferential electricity rates for owning an EV?

    Edison (So-Cal) customers can opt for TOU-D-EV rates which are inexpensive and rewarding for those who charge after midnight. Day rates are expensive, but combine with a PV system, you will crush your electric bills every month by limiting use between 10A and 6P, and charging after midnight.
  26. spatterso911

    Does anyone have a home solar setup that covers all charging?

    Oh yeah. 14 kW system that covers Tesla, C-Max Energi, and home. Edison owes me $300 this month, despite liberal use of AC here in the desert... :)
  27. spatterso911

    Elio Motors

    Jerry, I have a feeling that you in an Elio would get more like 100 or more mpg. You have hypermiling down to a science.
  28. spatterso911

    Rear Ended today,

    Not a Geico recommended shop. I know this for a fact. They are a Tesla approved/recommended shop. My car got backed into, and I took it there on the advice of Tesla. They did a superb job, and the repair is imperceptible. They had to replace the entire rear quarter panel due to a crack in...
  29. spatterso911

    DOCS---What specialty do you practice?

    Emergency Medicine
  30. spatterso911

    About to pull the trigger on a Prius V

    If you're just going to drive it to work and back, I'd recommend the C-Max Energi. My wife has one, loves it and it's getting about 53 or so mpg. She got about 730 miles on her first tank, but doesn't practice good hybrid driving habits most of the time, drives it like she stole it and after...
  31. spatterso911

    no loaner instead they gave me a camaro!

    I did my annual service recently and no P85 loaners available. I was given a Jag XF which was ok but it was the 4 cyl Jag. Tesla picked up fuel costs as well though.
  32. spatterso911

    Visors too small

    I have found the exact same to be true. If you look at the visors on any other car with a steeply raked windshield, you'll notice they are quite thin and small. Check out the visors on an Aston Rapide...
  33. spatterso911

    Model S knock off? 2015 Chrysler 200

    it's a big improvement over what they have now, though... I'm not too keen on the interior. Looks very cramped...
  34. spatterso911

    How have you handled accident damage (as in I'm looking for other's experience)

    I had rear quarter panel replacement, and it was around $12K to replace. Took about 3 weeks to get the part from Tesla. Repair is flawless, although I am dealing with a wind noise problem that I have to get checked out. Count on about a 2 month repair time. Good luck with the diminished...
  35. spatterso911

    Never been supercharged

    Mine was super'd a couple weeks ago at Hawthorne...unfortunately I wasn't there... So... Is there a "Never supercharged club" for Owners??
  36. spatterso911

    My new added 10" sub

    Just had a 10" enclosed sub installed in mine last week. It's on display at the LA Auto Show for those of you who are in the area. Should be in Kentia Hall.
  37. spatterso911

    Poll: Charging with your own Solar Power ?

    22000 kWh annual:
  38. spatterso911

    Is it possible to view/touch the Model X?

    3 prototypes available. 1 is on display and you can't touch. The other two were available to the public. 1 with standard interior, the second with variable interior (glossy white, black sport). You can tell the public demos by the sides mirrors which are identical to the Model S. The first...
  39. spatterso911

    2nd Row Cup Holders from Tesla

    Ha ha! Now I can justify considering these! Innovation can sometimes be the repurposing of someone else's bad idea!
  40. spatterso911

    ARG!!! Creep Failed me :( Bad Results

    +1. Used it for about a month, then realized that I never really needed it.
  41. spatterso911

    Model E

    I'm just waiting to see if the hi performance E85 actually shows up :)
  42. spatterso911

    Tesla S - Daily Driver or Second Car?

    P85 is my daily driver. Still have a backup ICE but only because I need the towing capabilities.
  43. spatterso911

    Model S accidents

    My Tesla got bumped in a parking lot a few weeks ago, small dent (3 inches on rear quarter panel just above the plastic bumper and about 4 inches forward from the corner of the car). Hit and run incident with no witnesses. The aluminum was cracked, so they have to replace the panel. Total...
  44. spatterso911

    Alloy Gators Rim Protection (Pics and info)

    Mine have been on for about 6000 miles. No leak issues. One scrape, no rim damage. So glad they were there. The repair would have cost more than whole set of gators. The supplied tool cleaned up the scrape damage nicely as well...
  45. spatterso911

    Parking sensors

    Add me to the queue. I got a reply back as well... It basically said announcement is forthcoming in a few weeks.
  46. spatterso911

    I'm in mourning!

    Mine got hit in a parking lot last week. Got referred to European Motor Works in Santa Ana. Hit and run (looks like someone backed into it) with no note! Rear quarter panel needs to be replaced entirely, as does the bumper cover. Now I also have to replace the HOV stickers too! Repair shop...
  47. spatterso911

    Firmware 4.5

    Got .61'd today. No news.
  48. spatterso911

    Tesla “Model P” – a compelling case for Model S in Police fleets

    There are other factors regarding the choice of car as well.. . The car typically has to withstand an impact of about 60-75 mph rear collision. The electronics on the car, including radios, GPS, MDT adds a substantial amount of weight to the car. The ballistic panels, cage and firearm racks...
  49. spatterso911

    farting noise in "Studio Sound" package - NORMAL!

    we should all be pushing for a bit more control over the crossover frequencies in this particular system, because it just isn't handled well. EMDoc is right, the software is more likely the culprit, because 7.9" woofs should handle Kanye no problem.
  50. spatterso911

    Frunk, slight dent

    Doesn't need an electric open, but it could use an electric closer. That can be done and still comply with the safety latch design. Just a motor to pull the hood down after it catches the first latch.

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