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  1. bmanke

    2019 Ravel Model X 20" Lugnut size?

    Since I learned the hard way since nobody answered you - they are a PUSH on cap. Take two little screwdrivers - wrap in tape first and gently pry them off.
  2. bmanke

    2 Used Radio Flyer Tesla Cars ($200-$300)

    Which nose come on the red one?
  3. bmanke

    Tesla forced an update of my P85D to 2019.16.2

    Wow. I didn’t realize our cars (plural) were so bad.
  4. bmanke

    BOX ONLY - Generation 1 Wall Connector - $10 + Shipping

    I have a left over BOX for a generation 1 wall connector. Recycling comes tomorrow. I figure their is a chance someone may need it to ship their own. Will sell for $10 plus shipping. Tomorrow morning this post will be deleted if not sold. Thanx!
  5. bmanke

    HPWC High Power Wall Connector Gen 1 - $450

    PM sent. Let me know if you received it and if you want to purchase. Thanx!
  6. bmanke

    HPWC High Power Wall Connector Gen 1 - $450

    Price drop to $375 Anyone know how to change the title? Other forums you can edit the title.
  7. bmanke

    HPWC High Power Wall Connector Gen 1 - $450

    Boxed up and ready to go. Wire was run through the back so no holes in the side of housing. Original box, instructions almost as if you purchased brand new from Tesla.
  8. bmanke

    HPWC High Power Wall Connector Gen 1 - $450

    Up for sale is a beautiful Gen 1 wall connector. In excellent shape. Even the connector is scratch free. Never had any issues. I also have the original box and instructions. Not shown in the photographs yet but that is how it will be shipped. $450 shipping included.
  9. bmanke

    New Genuine Mode S Floormats $80

    Brand new set of black floor mats there were never used in our S. $80
  10. bmanke

    Disappointing delivery & condition, returned my X--thoughts?

    That makes perfect sense. I definitely wouldn't want to be notified if I am departing my lane........... In 160k miles combined Tesla driving we can't say that we have ever not seen the system work as it should which means notifying us when veering out of our lane.
  11. bmanke

    Charge port door won’t fully close?

    Our charge port does not close on our brand new X. It hangs up / hits on the tail light. If you push it while closing its ok. I guess if the service center had done any sort of pre delivery we wouldn't have been there for 4+ hours but I won't get into that rant. And we are Tesla fan boys and...
  12. bmanke

    Check Charge Cable - HPWC High Power Wall Connector Flashing Red Gen 1

    If you found this thread I will cut to chase - take the charge cable and uncoil it. Lay it out on the floor as much as possible to avoid coiling. You should then be able to reset the HPWC and get the car to charge. How do I know? Took the old S 85 in for ironically an inability to Supercharge...
  13. bmanke

    19" Slipstream w/ Modesta BC-06 and BC-08

    I am interested - need the tires AND rims. PM sent - please contact me. Thanx.
  14. bmanke

    Model S Photo Gallery

    My coworkers thought they were funny after our holiday party....
  15. bmanke

    Electric Lawnmowers

    Just a few trees.... Never mind the non grassy parts - filling in low spots were stumps were buried. Either have a passage through the fence or two iMow's. Program it no to mow when the sprinklers are on. Children's toys could get destroyed.
  16. bmanke

    Electric Lawnmowers

    Like any lawnmower - if it runs over poop - it will smell like poop! There are some differences between iMow and Automower..... I can explain if you like.
  17. bmanke

    Electric Lawnmowers

    There is a much easier solution- full automation. iMow Robot Lawn Mower | Robotic Mower | STIHL USA Mobile iMow - You Tesla. :)
  18. bmanke

    For Sale - Tesla Model X P90DL Signature Red/Tan Fully Loaded

    If you are at all considering purchasing this X you found the right seller! I purchased Neal's previous car - an equally gorgeous P85D #67544 in his list. I live in Virginia and as you can imagine buying a $100,000 car sight unseen from the other side of the country is a bit nerve racking. I...
  19. bmanke

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    18650 - same batteries we use in my AP batteries that I am the product manager for at work.
  20. bmanke

    Windshield wiper jets

    It's the entire spray nozzle that clips in under the hood. Unclip the old one, clip in the new on and you are on your way. The new style sprays. Really no picture required. It works much, much, much better.
  21. bmanke

    Electric Lawnmowers

    I think if you did the math you would find its only a few extra passes and only a few extra minutes.... The mower was designed for the European market where smaller mowers are the norm.
  22. bmanke

    Electric Lawnmowers

    Voltage does not equate to the potential power at the cutting attachment. Wattage is also not a pure measure of the performance of the equipment either. The entire product must be looked at as a system. STIHL designs it's equipment in house as a complete system. All STIHL AP powered battery...
  23. bmanke

    Electric Lawnmowers

    The voltage is only one piece of the power puzzle. Wattage of the battery is what is truly important when comparing batteries. A 36 volt battery can contain significantly more energy than a 80 volt battery. There are professional grade battery products on the market- we at STIHL have a...
  24. bmanke

    Windshield wiper jets

    I would recommend changing your windshield nozzles to the spray type or "froathers" instead of the jets. As far as I know the spray nozzles are only available in the non-heated version but seeing as you live in Florida this should not be an issue. I switched both of our cars over and am much...
  25. bmanke

    Home Charging Help

    Relax a bit - he said LIKE installing dryer outlet. Which it is - just with heavier wire and breaker.
  26. bmanke

    Model X optional with non Falcon-Wing-Doors

    Having experienced a Model X for the first time today this thread is silly. Falcon wing doors are unbelievably cool and functional!
  27. bmanke

    Suspension Problem on Model S

    After reading this thread - I must support Edmond and defend the owner. This is clearly not an issue of abuse. It is very clear the ball joint seal failed some time ago. It could have been damaged during manufacturing or it could have been damaged by road debris. Probably will never know what...
  28. bmanke

    Final P85D vs P90D Decision

    I would go with the car that has the options you want. That is most important. Exterior color, interior color, options etc. I for one am very picky about this sort of thing and it drives me nuts when I hear someone who bought the "wrong car" but "got a great deal". In other words they regretted...
  29. bmanke

    Trunk Lighting Upgrade

    For those of you without the two side lights in your Model S trunk - I recommend you purchase and install the two side lights. I am sure like me you noticed the trunk otherwise is a dark dungeon. It is very, very easy to do and the wiring is already there! I recently read about them on Abstract...
  30. bmanke

    It's official, I'm in!

    Funny we got tan because we thought grey was "old man grey". LOL
  31. bmanke

    2000 mile road trip-What I learned

    Car dealerships are also handy and helpful. On a recent trip outside the Supercharger network the local Nissan dealership let me charge to get back to the Supercharger.
  32. bmanke

    For those who have bought or sold their pre-owned Model S...

    When you sell your Model S you email Tesla the information. Within a day or two they will transfer it to the new owners account. Very simple. I bought our second one from a private party.
  33. bmanke

    used p85/p85+ vs used 70D

    Having just returned home after 4 hour road trip (8 hour round trip) - I cannot fathom wanting a Tesla without autopilot!
  34. bmanke

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    And how does the franchised business model change any of this? The manufacturer still holds all the information and decides what is released. Furthermore they like any other manufacturer, they set the price on spare parts. I fail to see how Tesla is really all that different. If anything it is...
  35. bmanke

    Indiana - HB1254 to Shut Tesla out of the state!

    For those of you with State Farm Insurance - Kevin Mahan is the bill's sponsor. https://www.statefarm.com/agent/US/IN/Hartford-City/Kevin-Mahan-3XDP04RDXAK I would suggest applying pressure on State Farm as well since many of us are insured with them. I did.
  36. bmanke

    squeaky brake pedal

    Our AP car, 80xxx VIN that was built in March had a squeaky brake pedal. Tesla changed the brake fluid and the squeak went away. Not sure if they did something else.
  37. bmanke

    New Owners: What was your last car? How much more was the MS than that car?

    Wife: 03 Civic Ex -> 08 535xi Wagon Touring (with manual) -> S 85 Me: 87 Fiero GT, 05 Chevy SSR (manual), 05 Saabaroo (totaled) and replaced with 09 X5 35d. All for sale now. -> P85D Keeping the 911 C4 to go racing. :)
  38. bmanke

    Any configuration regrets?

    Fixed all our regrets with Tesla #2 :)
  39. bmanke

    Need Help- Buying Tesla car from private party

    I just bought one private sale and couldn't be happier. But then it was from a forum member and my Dad picked the car up.
  40. bmanke

    Ready for a CPO

    As much as you may love driving.... you'll love relaxing while Autopilot does the boring stuff more. I would watch for a good deal on a CPO car with Autopilot. There are some white unicorns out there that can be really good deals - 60's and P85's with autopilot. They are out there!
  41. bmanke

    Q for the Lucky Folks who Own Two Teslas

    Second Tesla is enroute for us. We have a HPWC but that is the wife's parking spot. Installing a 14-50 temporarily and looking for a second HPWC. My vote is have an outlet for each car.
  42. bmanke

    Gen. 2: TESLA Phone Supercharger

    Not cool I like many of you thought the Supercharger phone charger was unbelievably cool. When I clicked on the link to see what others thought I was shocked and ashamed that you asked Maddin0r for the file. I can only imagine the many hours he has invested and is trying to make a couple bucks...
  43. bmanke

    Drive unit failure/problem posts decreasing - reliability going up?

    This is how ours started and I also thought it was electrical. Over the course of another 10,000 miles it started growling at low speed and the "buzz" became noticeably louder. So much so people at work in the parking lot began to notice. Just had our drive unit replaced - wow - soooo much...
  44. bmanke

    You might be a Tesla owner if...

    You might be a Tesla owner if you and your wife have an agreement that commuting to work is "Tesla Time" and phone calls are only for emergencies. Note we have the ultra high fidelity sound system :)
  45. bmanke

    You might be a Tesla owner if...

    I laughed so hard at this one. We have had Tesla #1 since April 2015. We have decided it's time for Tesla #2 for EXACTLY this reason! Anyone selling an early red P85D with next-gen seats? :)
  46. bmanke

    Building New Home- Best place to Install NEMA 14-50 to charge X in Garage????

    I also have the LiftMaster 8500 jackshaft garage door openers. I bought one and very soon there after upgraded our other two garage doors to this model. By far the best garage door opener I have ever seen and well worth the money. I would install HPWC's for the best look. Just upgraded my garage...
  47. bmanke

    Selected my options for order to maximize value and minimize cost for me

    I for the life of me cannot understand why you purchase a brand new Tesla without autopilot enabled. It is by far one of the greatest features of the car and keeps getting better with time. Why would you want to spend an extra $500 after delivery? If you do any sort of interstate driving...

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