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  1. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    I agree completely. You know they say to never say never.
  2. nhoover

    Standard Range Model Y Currently Unavailable

    It's another real surprise to me. I don't know if it's good news or bad news for what I really want: LR RWD. Having it available for such a short time shows either a lack of strategic planning or a willingness to try stuff out and make changes quickly - I prefer the second.
  3. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    He was steering me to either. Offering for us to come in and test drive any model, buy an S, any MY, whatever, really wanted my business. I told him, sure, as soon as you make the LR RWD MY. Actually I am fine waiting a year or whatever for one that's 4680-based. I'm not really going anywhere...
  4. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    Just FYI when I cancelled my LR RWD order the other day, I got my $2500 refund to my credit card in 2 days. Jan 8 cancel, Jan 9, phone discussion with Tesla Rep who tried to talk me out of it, Jan 10, money back to my card. Nice! Hope they eventually make a car like that - I would still buy one.
  5. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    This would be awesome for me. I cancelled my LR RWD order a couple of days ago - they had my $2500 for a year. I would love it if a 4680-based model was available sometime this year.
  6. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    That sounds unlikely. I talked to my Tesla rep this morning (he called since I had just cancelled my reservation). He confirmed they are not making the LR RWD at this time - as the website says.
  7. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    I think you're exactly right. I'm cancelling my order and getting my 2500 back. I'll reorder when they have a car I want.
  8. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    I have no interest in any car, gas or electric, with a max range of 244 miles. If I wanted a car for around home and small trips this would be fine. But I only want to buy one car and it has to work for road trips too. My existing gas car can go 420 miles. 244 miles is not competitive with that...
  9. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    It is so strange and sad that they changed gears and went with the standard range - the exact opposite of their stated intentions. For me, I have no interest in a car with max range of 244 miles. Certainly not for north of 40k. I guess I'll hang in there a while and wait for the LR but it...
  10. nhoover

    Standard Range MY now available to order

    Yeah this is a bummer. Specifically the car Elon said they didn't want to make (and the car I don't want to buy). I'll wait another month or so and then decide. I really want the one in the middle, Long Range RWD. I would think that would be a popular one and they would make more profit on it.
  11. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    Like other people, I have far fewer places to go this year. Luckily my old Mazda is still running well so this delay is not all that bad for me. The car we end up getting will just be better. I'm the type who doesn't trade in often. For instance I've had the Mazda since 2004 and my truck since...
  12. nhoover

    Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive (LR RWD)

    Thanks for posting that. First news since July although it's not official. I've been waiting over 11 months for mine.
  13. nhoover

    RWD LR Order?

    That's exactly how I read that as well.
  14. nhoover

    RWD LR Order?

    I ordered my LR RWD in January and have been patiently waiting. I didn't want an early one off the line anyway as it seems there are often problems with those. In all that time waiting, I've received two texts from Tesla, back in July the funny one referring to a text I didn't get: Tesla Update...
  15. nhoover

    Any rumors on when MY RWD might be released in USA

    Yeah I ordered mine in January and was perfectly happy to not get one of the early ones since they always seem to have problems. But now it's been over 4 months since any word from Tesla. Would be nice to at least have an idea when they might start production.
  16. nhoover

    Owned a Model Y LRAWD VIN 27xx and now a VIN62xxx--Night and Day.

    That's very interesting and makes me glad I've waited. Where does your old car go I wonder?
  17. nhoover

    RWD MY Waiting Room

    I'm not so sure the backlog is all that big. A ton of people have "upgraded" to AWD. But you never know. There are not many remaining in the spreadsheet on line: Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker
  18. nhoover

    RWD MY Waiting Room

    Well now that Battery Day is over and it looks like there's nothing changing near term for the MY, I am back to wanting my RWD! Anyone heard anything? I haven't heard a thing from Tesla since the funny text in early August.
  19. nhoover

    RWD LR Order?

    Me too. They are trying...
  20. nhoover

    RWD MY Waiting Room

    @n88 same exact here receiving one text today. I ordered my RWD in Jan 2020.
  21. nhoover

    Model Y RWD 3-6 weeks?

    Hmm that's funny. I ordered my RWD in Jan 2020 and received this text today: Tesla Update - Our apologies, the previous text sent earlier today about your Model Y Long Range Rear Wheel Drive order was sent in error. Please disregard the timing previously provided, we do not have a timing...
  22. nhoover

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Atomic Teal looks fantastic. When I finally get mine it will be bright yellow!
  23. nhoover

    Anyone else 100% getting a Model Y LR RWD? Let's connect!

    I ordered mine in Jan 2020. I'm so glad they are going to actually build them. I didn't want one of the early ones anyway so waiting a few more months is no problem. Especially with Covid - we hardly go anywhere now. The price on mine hasn't dropped so might have to reorder, but that's ok.
  24. nhoover

    Any success with applying referral code?

    Yeah it's a small $ amount but I would really like my friend who let me drive his M3, gave me so much info etc, to actually benefit. I don't want to cancel my order since it's for a RWD and I don't want an AWD. It's a (minor) disappointment.
  25. nhoover

    Model Y is in!

    Man that blue looks good. I went back and forth between red and blue but in the end decided to wrap it bright yellow. So just ordered white. Yellow is just my favorite when it comes down to it. I wish mine would come soon, but I'm holding out for RWD...so breath is not held.
  26. nhoover

    RWD LR Order?

    My RWD order is the same. I completed the credit section then the next one is Insurance. I could just check "Use my own" but I want a Tesla quote first so have to wait until my VIN is assigned. I think everyone's order has asked for these new pieces of info and that it doesn't mean anything...
  27. nhoover

    Soon to know the fate of the LR RWD?????????

    I also just completed filling in all the registration, trade-in and payment information. That seems like a good sign. But the factory closing obviously isn't. While I'd like to have the car now, I am ok waiting a while since I don't want one from the first run and I don't really have many places...
  28. nhoover

    Wiki Teslike Model Y Survey & Order Tracker Spreadsheet

    Still waiting for word on my RWD - I ordered in early Jan. This spreadsheet is nice and shows there are lots more in my boat. Thanks for making this.
  29. nhoover

    Tesla Releases New Video As Model Y Deliveries Kick Off

    Gorgeous video. With all the hype now that they are being delivered, I am getting even more psyched to get mine! But it's a RWD so who knows when it will come - or if?
  30. nhoover

    Tesla Model Y Accessories are live

    Thanks for posting. I just got my 14-50 plug for charging. I'm wondering about the fob. Is that something most people use?
  31. nhoover

    Soon to know the fate of the LR RWD?????????

    I'm also waiting for info on this. When I chatted with a support guy the other day he said it would be a few weeks until they had any information but then would be reaching out. I assume there are quite a few of us in the RWD boat.
  32. nhoover

    14-50 Extension Cord use (Long Run)

    Yes definitely no more than 50 amp.
  33. nhoover

    Tesla Y Pictures - Interior and Exterior

    Awesome! Thanks. It looks fantastic and I can't wait to get mine.
  34. nhoover

    Model Y Owners Manual is now live

    Thanks for posting this - I've been looking forward to this for a long time!

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