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    MCU Failure Poll

    Yes replaced in September for $2755.57 replaced both screens and rear camera for some reason. Got email saying ....possible refund to those who qualify...will notify by February.... I am waiting. I do qualify but anticipate it to take a while for refund?
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    Imagining the worst - what would happen if your car jacked?

    I would sign up for grammar lessons immediately:)
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    Is 8-12 Week Delivery Estimate accurate these days?

    Tesla site has 3-7 week delivery for All Vehicles. Seems like an excessive amount of time. Is there a chance that it is related to battery day? More range for all vehicles? or just Model S & X? Not ordering a new car till later in the year or early next year but curious. Hoping they increase...
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    We expect your delivery in 3 - 6 weeks (LR AWD)

    Tesla site has 3-7 week delivery for All Vehicles. Seems like an excessive amount of time. Is there a chance that it is related to battery day? More range for all vehicles? or just Model S & X? Not ordering a new car till later in the year or early next year but curious. Hoping they increase...
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    Model X Facelift Imminent?

    Only interior. Exterior is set for a while. The nose was fixed and they are all good.
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    Will Tesla punish their supporters, or refund $3,000?

    Things change oh well lol. Get over it.
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    How many went upside-down on a M3 loan overnight?

    Whatever, 1st world problems. Its a car loan. You agreed to get it. Now its time to pay it. You committed to monthly payments for a term. How does it change anything?
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    No more $35K Model 3?

    No reason to have a Tesla with less than 264 miles per charge. The price of the existing rear wheel drive model 3 will continue to drop and eventually be 35k
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    For discussing the issue of locals charging at California Superchargers

    I believe that some early Tesla owners from 2012+2013 charging at their local supercharger feel like it is ok as in the early days Tesla said "free supercharging for life" and at first I do not believe it was for long distance only? Also $2000 extra for SUPERCHARGING HARDWARE on configuration...
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    First Time Refferal Code

    Here is my valid referral code if needed. Tesla Supercharging Credit and Extended Solar Warranty
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    Referral codes

    9 months FREE supercharging credit Tesla Supercharging Credit and Extended Solar Warranty
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    Need a referral code

    Here is my referral code if needed. Tesla Supercharging Credit and Extended Solar Warranty
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    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    This is hilarious. Do other car companies get petitioned?
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    My email to Tesla regarding the P3D+ $5k loss

    Stop it please. Enjoy the car you bought for the price you agreed to pay. Everyone knows prices change offers change and even more so with Tesla.
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    Don't order the White Leather - color transfer

    Um, hmm, ok thanks rofl. The sky is bright when the sun is out also. Just wanted to let you know. I prefer black seats :)
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    bubbles on touchscreen

    Bummer that it did not happen during warrantee period. My 2013 model S had the bubbles a few years ago and they replaced the entire screen for free as it was under warrantee. Hope they can at least lower the price way down as its a known issue with the old part.
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    Tesla Chicago store switched out Red for Silver in showroom

    oh, woopy. lol Nothing here just another Red sold.
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Ummm Yes Premium Included. But my config is lower price with the changes 100D Premium Upgrades(now free) Around 100k instead of 103..with base wheels as I will put my 21s from old S on my new S
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    Editorial: Why it is safer to have creep mode ON rather than OFF.

    I have had a Model S since 2013 and hate creep. The first week of ownership I experimented with both settings. I actually hated it when creep was on. Creep to me is an old school thing for gas cars. With a gas car that has creep... "What happens if I pass out at a red light and my car creeps...
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    Will the Performance Model 3 w/ 20 inch wheels be able to accept the 18" for winter tires?

    I believe you should move to the west or south west. Then you will not have to deal with winter :). I did it.
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    New Exterior Colors?

    I'm all for production efficiency. Just want as many EVs on the road as possible. But I sure do miss Signature Red. Wish they did it with Model 3
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    New Exterior Colors?

    Whats up with no new colors? I own a 2013 model S They have gotten rid of some colors but now it seems they have not done anything new in a long time. Is it very expensive to add new exterior colors to the painting process? The silver color is a bit bland compared to other luxury auto makers...
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    The new Prius: Saw 8 M3s today...

    1000% the new Prius. Done Complete ...at least in California.
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    Model 3P-D 0-60 prediction?

    I actually care more about the range. Speed is no issue for me :)
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    Dual Fatality Model S Crash/Fire: Fort Lauderdale, FL May 8, 2018

    "Altering the car" is the fatal flaw in thinking.....IF that is what was requested. You alter the child not the car. No more car after a 112 ticket. Get a job and buy your own car... or use UBER. Yes I have a kid.
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    Dual Fatality Model S Crash/Fire: Fort Lauderdale, FL May 8, 2018

    Aunt said after his 112 speeding ticket "he was not reckless behind the wheel and often the designated driver". All I can say is point of view is an interesting study in society" Long ago as a teen...I was in many cars with friends speeding...others driving or myself and we all did stupid...
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    Lumbar adjustment can not be saved to My Profile

    Lumbar does not save for my 2013 model S. But I have an old car. Just thought it was a first gen thing for model S?
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    Fed up with supercharging, going back to ICE

    The only thing clogging up chargers in California are Tesloop idiots. Cant wait till they go out of business. I always tell folks to not use them. I talked to a driver in detail and he said they are "proud" of the fact that they get their energy for free from Tesla. Meanwhile blocking access to...
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    Accident at Oxnard Supercharger Site

    yes the pickup came from freeway... you can see the fence on front the pickup that it took with it.
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    Accident at Oxnard Supercharger Site

    OMG thats odd. I was there last Wed on a road trip from LA to Santa Barbara. I was in the spot on the right where the maintenance crew is working. Last week I thought...."wow this is a dangerous location..too close to the 101 freeway" I guess I was right!
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    Refused Deliver 4/26 - should I get repair or new VIN?

    Still quite a shame. Model 3 owners should not have to deal with this type of stuff. Us early model S and X folks have already gone through it. Just crazy that it is still an issue.
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    Refused Deliver 4/26 - should I get repair or new VIN?

    I am a Tesla fan boy.. been into the company since day one. Own an early model S 2013 that had tons of fit and finish problems. The company is now older and smarter... no way would I accept that car. No excuse for fit and finish issues any more. I absolutely love Tesla and will never ever...
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    Sorry to hear about the car. I am a huge Tesla fan and have an early model S before there were even electric folding side mirrors. I wish you talked to me before you got a CPO. As much as I love Tesla.... the 5 years I have been bringing my car in for service...they give me a model S loaner...
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    Current Tesla owners low take rate on reservations

    Stock holder since $20-$30 a share Panicked when it went down to $18-19 a share way back when but did not sell Sold a bit over the last year to diversify Still holding a good amount and love the company 2013 Model S owner (paid by a small portion of my stock gains) Had fit and finish issues...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Government bureaucracy and waste. The sticker company wins :). More sticker sales.
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Unfortunately its probably common, at least up to end of December. My friends had a fixes needed for exterior @ delivery. Interior was perfect. I would have had mine in Dec but delaying for all wheel drive and hopefully better exterior build.
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    Am I the only one who couldn't care less if my Model 3 headliner is cloth instead of fake suede?

    I care. I have an early 2013 model S that came with Cloth headliner. The cloth was frayed and damaged @ the windshield on delivery day. They agreed to replace the cloth with Alcantara for free. The job was flawless. I now like Alcantara. The cabin is a little more quiet as it insulates better. I...
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    Upset at Major Headliner Issue - Anyone notice this? (resolved)

    I had my 2013 model S headliner replaced with new alecantra way back the first 9 months of model S production. My car was delivered with frayed and badly installed cloth headliner. They put the new Alecantra in for free...cause of the fit and finish problem. The install was absolutely...
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    How often do Tesla owners run out of charge?

    What he said. I had an ICE car 5 years ago lol. I never ran out of gas. Always thought folks that procrastinate ran out of gas. Never ran out of charge never ran out of gas. If your the type that shaves or puts on your makeup in the car while driving then you are probably the type to not...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    With minimal configuration options Color, Wheels & AutoPilot options I wonder if they are just making tons of Model 3 in all colors and keeping wheels in stock. Then just throwing on wheels and installing software depending on configuration? Then they can deliver fast as people configure.
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    [POLL] CA Current owners ONLY. Have you received your config invite yet?

    10:17 am today 12/08/17. Also I know someone else in LA same age model S that got email today. Not sure it has to do with delivery center in Marina Del Rey as the other invite was to a person very far away from Marina Del Rey, but Los Angeles area. We both have early model S. Theirs 2012, mine...
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    [POLL] CA Current owners ONLY. Have you received your config invite yet?

    Config Email received today. Los Angeles, 2013 ModelS, Day 1 evening online reservation. 4 week delivery
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    Any non-employee get to configure their Model 3 yet?

    Just got my invite to configure this morning. NonEmployee, Los Angles, 2013 Model S, Day 1 Evening, Model 3 Online reservation. 4 week delivery. I might wait for all wheel drive. Will decide this weekend.
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I will possibly drive by in the next few days. The lot in back has one east driveway entry. Fence to the north with -park tennis courts basketball courts to the north. Maybe photos from a distance-from park but going on the lot is probably a no no until the building becomes (speculation)...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    I know... pictures or it did not happen :). Marina Del Rey...next to 90 freeway, New Tesla property. Drove by on freeway and saw tons of new cars in the back lot on Glen Alla park side. I had no time to inspect-exit freeway. If anyone wants to drive by on surface streets and snap...
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    Petition to add tow hitch to Model 3

    I have no need for a tow hitch. Never saw a BMW 3 series with one...possibly an Audi A4? Do people petition BMW, Audi and Mercedes for these sort of things or are they just custom additions. I have not been on the Audi forum in ages, but I remember their posts being more about custom additions...
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    "There will be something special", Who does this apply to?

    Simply No. I have been following Tesla since the company started with the roadster. I ordered a model S in 2011..received in 2013. Never expected anything special as an early adopter. Especially now with a zillion people following Tesla. Its not realistic anymore. Maybe in the Roadster days...

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