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    AWD delivery thread

    At first I was impressed: towards the early end of the delivery window we got a call suggesting our car was ready and could be picked up next week. Then a few days later they called and said actually the car wouldn't arrive on the east coast in time so we would have to push the delivery back a...
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    Signature delivery now mid/late January

    I don't think we have any reason to doubt the OP. Seems similar to what happened with the S. Founders delivered early summer (June if I recall correctly). Sig #385 didn't arrive until the second week in November in NY some 5 months later. Not that I have a say on these matters but I support a...
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    Aussie 60 Minutes shows off possible new tesla rims

    New nosecone in Australian 60 minutes segment? It looks like there might be a new nosecone for model S visible in the background of the 60 minutes interview? An experiment or a forthcoming style refresh?
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    Quality problems; "veteran members" tell us, how significant are they?

    November 2012 delivery here: I've had the following issues: 1 door handle performing inconsistently (rear passenger side, so only minority inconvenient) - replaced for free Bluetooth microphone burnout - replaced for free When I had those issues fixed they were out of loaners so I did have to...
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    Elon Musk

    I prefer this jacket to the thick-lapelled monstrosities he's worn in public before. It's a bold pattern for sure, but probably exacerbated by the metallic fabric's reaction to the camera flash.
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    Has anyone else gotten this notification or know what it is about?

    2012 Signature Performance delivered November 2012 - original owner. Thank you Thumper! I'll schedule the update. Any idea how involved a process it is?
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    Has anyone else gotten this notification or know what it is about?

    Got this email this week and I'm not sure what this refers to. Thought I'd come here and get informed before following up. If anyone has any idea I'd appreciate the insight.
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    Model X not being shown until delivery

    Model S Signatures were given a choice of 4 colors if I recall correctly: Signature Red, Black, White, Pearl White. There was some ability to choose options as well such as interior trim, 3rd row seats, and pano roof.
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    Angry Dodge Hellcat owner sets 7 rules of ownership, with a nod to Tesla

    I found the Tesla P85D hate funny. Haters gonna hate. However, the sexist stuff was less amusing (and I'm a guy!). The comment about how a girlfriend will definitely crash if you let her drive with over 500 hp was especially cringeworthy, but maybe my view of female racers is more positive than...
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    Roadster for sale, any contact info?

    Haha, I can see my old dorm room in that video. I'm surprised they let it drive through the small courtyard. The house masters are usually pretty defensive of the lawn!
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    Spotted a very orange roadster on the highway while catching a cab from O'Hare airport to downtown Chicago on Sunday afternoon.
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    For anyone interested in the Chinese knock-off version...

    That can't be electric propulsion. It doesn't take and engineer to know you wouldn't put a heavy aquarium of tropical fish and water into a vehicle that would look to minimize weight to increase range. Even if you were powering your car with a nuclear reactor I'm not quite sure why one would...
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    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    Does your car have access to wifi? I got the map update OTA, but during the night when it was getting a wifi signal in the garage as well as the regular 3G signal, so maybe it's a large packet that requires the wifi?
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    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    Are you sure you didn't get a maps update at any point? I got one in mid-december, unrelated to any other software update, and my car (a 2012 Signature, vin #553) is way older than yours.
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    Model X Delayed until Q3 2015

    The shareholder letter used more confident and strident language when talking about power train development for the X than the rest of the model. Using my ******** translator, honed after years of being an equity analyst, I get the distinct impression they are re-engineering some of the non...
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    Upgrade Button is Back

    The tensest period waiting for Model S deliveries I think was caused by the unpredictability of the cadence in the early days. Everyone expected some batching, but plenty of people (including me) started freaking out when people with identical configurations and reservation numbers hundreds of...
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    P85D vs P85+ ?

    The + is dead, in order to get the upgraded suspension you now need to order the P85D. The 85D and the 60D don't seem to come with these upgrades, which is one of the reasons why they only add a 4,000 to the price while the P85D adds 14.6K
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    Casting my vote with the dual motor, mainly because of that Elon event in Europe where George B cut him off when someone asked about an AWD variant. I suspect this will be a high-end only option that will replace the P85 (like the 4s for the Porsche 911) so they can avoid the DP jokes from...
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    15K Model X delivered next year

    True but like with the model S roll-out they'll go country by country for homologation reasons, although I expect it to be faster this time and maybe in a different order. I'd still guess that a US Model X order today will probably arrive before a RHD model X order a year ago.
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    How to Transition Pricing as Tesla's Vehicles Evolve

    Put a little more kindly but the same basic thought: the idea that someone who purchased later got a car with 1 or more incremental features doesn't make my driving experience any less great! I vote Tesla should keep adding features / versions as they're available and at the most fair price...
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    Selling my Model X... thoughts?

    I'm not going to tell you what to do but I will provide this data point: The best offer I got from someone who wanted to jump the line and buy our car was +$20k from the MSRP for a fully loaded Signature P85. That said, I didn't put a lot of effort into soliciting offers, as I didn't want to...
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    Elon will deliver the first batch of Model S to Chinese customers on April 22nd!

    Beautiful car, congratulations! Thank you for keeping us up to date on all the developments in China. Just curious - was your 7 month wait above/below average in your opinion. Given all the media talk of delays for Chinese deliveries after the 1Q SEC filings and Mr. Musk's apology tour to...
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    New Roadster Goodies for 2014

    One quick anecdote to back up bonnie's observations: As a signature model S owner, I'm usually treated very very well at the local service center - complete with complimentary Tesla swag thrown in every time I visit. However, I was once there when a Roadster Sport owner was coming in for annual...
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    Ny tri state tour?

    I hate to be "that guy" but NY isn't part of New England. It's part of the Mid-Atlantic states.
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    New York sales and service center

    There is a service center about 5 blocks away from the store in the Westchester Mall, it's closer to the highway. That's probably the closest service center to CT. The staff there is very friendly and accommodating.
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    Expectations: 2014 Model S P110+ SuperSport

    I'm skeptical we'll see a larger battery / super-performance version of the S this week only because that seems like the kind of new toy that would make Mr. Musk giddy and tweet-happy, and we haven't seen any teasers about burnt-out dynos or anything of that ilk. That of course doesn't rule it...
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    How many of you bought Tesla's ESA / Service Plans ?

    I bought the pre-paid 4 year service plan because Signature buyers were told it was mandatory to keep the warranty valid. After that policy changed and it became optional, I was never offered the option of a refund, which really didn't matter since I would have probably bought it anyway. I also...
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    Major UI problem in cold weather

    Status update for anyone having similar problems: This issue was kind of entirely my fault - but I would have never guessed it in a million years. The deep hibernation cold issue was caused by having ESPN set as the homepage on the internet browser. Apparently, having it constantly refreshing...
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    Major UI problem in cold weather

    As Bonnie presciently predicted, we got a call from the service center management today proactively before I had a chance to call them. The car is going in on Wednesday for a computer component replacement. Seems like customer satisfaction is a big priority for the SC managers. I also have to...
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    Major UI problem in cold weather

    Thanks for all the support. I'm going to call the service center again in the morning to try to get this problem fixed now that I'm more confident it's not a setting or software bug I can fix on my end. If the car is cold enough to have the problem again tomorrow I'll take a video as well. As...
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    Major UI problem in cold weather

    Lately I've been having a consistent problem whenever it's cold out. Upon entering the car, the center screen doesn't turn on, nor does the HVAC or radio, thus I'm assuming some form of the central computer isn't activating. The screen above the steering wheel is active and I can drive the...
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    Tipping Delivery Specialist

    This question has come up several times over the past year on this board. When our car was delivered I inquired about tips policies and was specifically told not to tip the delivery experience specialist. If you thought he or she went above the call of duty I was told the best way to reward them...
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    Tesla is a "Novelty Vehicle"...

    Since our Signature P85 arrived last November our 911 carerra 4S coupe has sat in the garage virtually unused. So much so that when it came time to move the 911 out to the Hamptons for the summer we discovered the battery had completely died! Also, there were a lot of dead spiders inside the...
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    Signature Angst

    I had this "Sig Angst" disease last summer as well and coming up on the 1-year anniversary of our (first failed) delivery window and reading about European Sig holders anxiety has recently reminded me of it. I totally understand those who continue to harbor resentment (though I'm very happy...
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    It's Here! And Wowsers

    In every case I've heard of the "abrupt unexpected shift to park while in reverse" it is this butt liftoff issue. Try not lifting your posterior off the seat when you turn around - the easiest way to do so is not to brace your right arm on the passenger seat but keep both arms in front of you...
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    Teslive 2013

    Great job to Bonnie as moderator and everyone who coordinated the E-note. Live-stream made me feel like I was there!
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    We should all go to Albany and protest the new bill in NYS Assembly this week or next

    I sent a letter to my State Senator as well. If we can find a charging option in Albany that's reasonably fast (it's 150miles each way for me) I'd consider making the trek.
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    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    Any idea when this one will show up on the in-car navigation "lightning bolt"?
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    Tesla vs. North Carolina on Huffington Post

    Let us know if there is any way us out-of-staters can help.
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    Clean Pass Exemption?

    After much hand-wringing I just put the NY cleanpass stickers on the car. The only one that still really bothers me is the front one. In the future if NY switches to an EV license plate system instead of stickers like MA does, I'll just have them professionally removed and get the special plate.
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    Elon Musk

    People who take the financing deal have a vested interest in his wealth since he's personally backstopping their car's minimum valuation. For the rest of us it's just a curiosity. Bloomberg does a net-worth analysis on all billionaires globally updated in real-time. You do feel slightly sleazy...
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    Elon Musk

    Bloomberg terminal had him at $4.8bn as of close of trading today with a 4 out of 5 star certainty rating. Up $2.4bn YTD.
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    Are the showroom representatives well informed enough?

    The reality for better or worse is that most store employees are not in a position to buy a ~$100k car, and one learns some things only by driving the car day-in day-out through different seasons and conditions. It's difficult to replicate that knowledge base in a few-week training experience in...
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    Early adopter peak is this over yet?

    There are definitely different tiers of early adopters with different risk-preference curves. I think it was a different group of people who put down money for a roadster before there were any Tesla vehicles on the road. A somewhat less risk-averse group put deposits on the Model S years in...
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    Tesla Model S Purchase Experience and First Impressions

    Let me know where you charge between LI and Ithaca and what the experience is like. I've considered making a similar trip, but always get discouraged by the charging desert that is central NY state. Thus, our only road trips to date are to the Hamptons and Boston from NYC.
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    Tesla Model S Purchase Experience and First Impressions

    You guys are harsh! Cut the guy some slack. He was clever in navigating obstacles that would deter less motivated buyers, and we've all had our frustrations with TSLA's customer service and need a place to vent from time to time. He is clearly a bright person since he's an engineering...
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    Sig S owners: Signing up for SigX?

    Knowing what we now know, I would definitely not get the Sig Model S again. But that said, if I wanted an SUV vehicle, I'd probably spring for the Sig X. All my gripes with the Sig S stemmed from the fact that Tesla was clearly learning on the fly and incredibly unprepared for a rollout of 20k...
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    Tesla Marketing

    I think the spread of these free Uber promotional rides to the high-end gym chain Equinox qualifies as marketing. Seems like a good idea - give a known affluent customer base willing to pay $180-$230 a month for a gym a ride in the car and increase awareness among the target demographic. I'm...
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    Help with Charging in Manhattan

    I have an apartment on 50th street and have parked the performance Model S around here many times and never been ticketed. If there is discrimination, I'm guessing it's against out of state license plates rather than luxury cars in general. In fact, the local police on horseback have given me...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Last night I spotted a rare bird while walking the dog. A brown Model S with New Jersey plates was parked in an above ground parking facility on 50th Street between 8th and 9th avenues (in Manhattan).

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