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    Why I ordered 22+ kw solar glass roof for $134k

    Wow...sorry to hear of your torture. I thought for sure you would have been completed by now from your posts last summer. Bummer... I would certainly call main number in early morning and elevate level of concern about repricing of contract, instead of trying to contact PM. I found most...
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    Signed up for PGE NEM2MT but got placed on NEM2-PS?

    20Kw Pv solar tiles w- 3 Powerwalls (40Kw storage)... Lots of confusion about why people are in one or other in prior recent posts, and it seems more recently PGE was pushing people into NEM2-MT that is more restrictive, more requirements than NEM2-PS. Maybe a minor issue in the end, but was...
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    Signed up for PGE NEM2MT but got placed on NEM2-PS?

    ...somehow got placed into NEM2-PS ??!! Cannot say how or why, did nothing special. Ignored PGE bills (on auto pay anyway) and NEM billing details until just now...and surprise, both show me in NEM2-PS. Go figure... ;)
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    Need advice on PW storage vs NEM use

    Thanks for the PGE & PCE NEM explanation...did not get that impression from the NEM info PGE hands out. I also saw the PCE rebate info before but it seems intimately tied to Sunrun...did not pursue and fill out as no desire for another call list to be on from sales or other telemarketers. Hope...
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    17kW System = 98.4 kWh Production (5.79kWh/kW of Panels)

    Impressive...do u all live on the coast to catch sun off the water as well?? I'm jealous
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    Need advice on PW storage vs NEM use

    Thanks for suggestions ... Maybe my bad assumption was if I generate summer peak time credits in NEM but never use them during peak time grid use since peak is being covered with solar and PW year round. Then assumed that those peak credits would not be used at all (ie., like for like) and would...
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    Need advice on PW storage vs NEM use

    Trying to let go of the reins of power control and from my addiction to the Tesla app (looking at 20+ times a day) for energy cost savings...but not so happy with current advance control mode. Asking for advice... Have 20.4 Kw solar roof, PWv2 x 3, on PGE EV2A rate (nonpeak rates 12mn-3pm), but...
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    Requesting a new "project advisor"?

    I certainly feel for you... (been there) My general assumption has been that they have too few personnel to handle the demand they are facing. And the knowledge base (and knowledge of your specific project) of those that are involved are not what they "should be", along with (I assume) rapid...
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    Should I go to EV rate plan?

    ....Should have mentioned, certainly other factors play a part into the expense and time of use that would alter final energy costs. For fair comparison, we are unfortunately high energy consumers (30k Kwh annually with ACs, pool pumps, multi-frig, large family / home, etc)
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    Should I go to EV rate plan?

    Have had Teslas with free supercharging for past 6 years and rarely used it as I always home charged at night with EV rates out of convenience (and prior to solar). Can tell you with PGE rate comparison online, my usage always had least annual expense overall with EV rate (now EV2-A) vs TOU. But...
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    Is my solar panel system too big?

    At that rate of consumption, I assume you do not have an EV. Whether now or sometime in the future, you will be looking at getting one. Consider roughly adding 4000 Kwh to annual consumption for approx 12000 miles in EV.
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    PG&E Customers with 3 or more PWs: Interconnection NEM2, NEM2-MT, or NEM2-PS

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer... I had similar feelings (WTF??!!!) when reading section 8 of interconnection agreement about liability insurance requriement. But, I would take section 8 in this as PG&E doing CYA moves only IF someone purposely jerry-rigged available output from PW storage by...
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    255/35/20 tires M3P

    With the zero g on 245/35/20 and associated settings... ECU should be expecting tire diameter of 26.8", also equivalent to 285/30/20 (which I run in the rear on the 10.5" HREs). Glad to hear beastmode13 also chimed in...no prob running with a 27.1" diameter tire size. Thanks all :cool:
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    255/35/20 tires M3P

    Sorry if I am mistaken ... but this what I am referring to... I personally do not have these...have the HREs FF01s...(which at quick glance look similar for the driving display)
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    255/35/20 tires M3P

    Look at Service...Wheel configuration, then drop down list. Only issue is that it may not be an option on non-performance model 3...someone else may have to chime in.
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    245/45ZR18 & 275/40ZR18 Staggered Fitment

    You should have no problems with the 9.5 / 10.5 wheels with those tire sizes, again just depends on offset As to the staggered tires on all 9in wheels, I would say it may not be ideal with what you would want. The fit of 275s on 9in is borderline...maybe someone has them. I am not so familiar...
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    245/45ZR18 & 275/40ZR18 Staggered Fitment

    What wheels are you putting them on? ...width and offset for front & rear ?
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    255/35/20 tires M3P

    Ahh...here you go 255/40/19s on Beastmode13 's car (dia 27.1") MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation
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    255/35/20 tires M3P

    To add a little more optimism for OP, I would think you should be able to place the 255/35/20 (27") on without issue if you "tell" (wheel configuration in settings) the car it is on the new track performance wheels that come with 245/35/20 standard (26.8"). This difference should be within an...
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    Are there any mods that improve steering feel?

    For OP request...mod for better steering feel https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07814CRNV/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_nuGeGbB08KMRN ;-)
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    HRE FF01 wheels discontinued

    Just realized the difference seen above ... with the nonperformance hubs, I believe the wheel sets with a slightly decreased offset (further away from hub) compared with the performance hubs by a few mm. Getting old...brain not working as quickly as when a young, whipper snapper back in the day. :-)
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    Under performance

    Based on other posts...I imagine what is being stated about output is correct. And sorry to hear you have had a disappointing experience so far. Would agree w- trautmane2... start looking into output from you inverters if you can. Sometimes with Tesla, you just need to “help” them and you by...
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    Under performance

    Have a similar size solar roof as you and certainly would imagine all of your tiles are not perfectly aligned to the south to give the estimates listed above. But unless you have some really serious shade issues over most of your house (I actually have significant shading due to many large trees...
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    HRE FF01 wheels discontinued

    Interesting difference in pics above...I have same wheel sizes as TypeRx and similar looking fitment of front but at stock height and running on 265/30 and 285/30 front & rear respectively (as opposed to HREs recs of 255 and 275s)...sorry, not as nice pics of mine currently Would agree still...
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    Model 3 Staggered Tire Size?

    OP should seek advice elsewhere then that vendor as others have mentioned.... many things to consider if really looking for aftermarket wheels and tires together. What people have been referring is the diameter of the tire (aka height, and obviously proportional to rolling circumference) needs...
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    So frustrated that TEG won't discharge to grid during peak

    OP (and I) were stating that advanced mode was not managing system appropriately for some reason when accounting for correct peak and no peak time periods. I have been manually switching b/w self power ( during peak) and battery backup (during non peak) while waiting for more tech support to...
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    So frustrated that TEG won't discharge to grid during peak

    I will confirm - I have had same problems as OP with power wall discharge during nonpeak and charging from grid during peak while using cost savings mode on 20.40.3. New system and figured there are still some “wires loose” with the system as a whole and tech planned to come out again...already...
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    Solar+Powerwall Canceled on Day of Install on Due to Complications

    Agree w- above...bollard very likely necessary on floor of wall opposite garage door. Side walls parallel to car entrance less likely to need bollard. (recently permitted 3 stacked PWs floor mounted on side wall without bollard). Best reassurance would be to talk to your local jurisdiction...
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    Seattle Solar Roof timing

    Obvious thing to consider ... solar "glass" roof is very challenging (even dangerous) to install in wet weather. I would be surprised Tesla would have any plans to do any solar roofs during the winter in Seattle (with the continuous drizzle up there), as opposed to other roofing products.
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    Do you need fire suppression for 3x Powerwalls in Northern California?

    Hoping anyone could comment on the spacing between bollard(s) required for side wall on ground garage install for PWs?? I was planning on stacking 3 PWs together near the exterior garage door pillar that is 27" in depth, but now being told bollard required by city in mid peninsula SF Bay. The...
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    Why I ordered 22+ kw solar glass roof for $134k

    Similar size project for solar glass and 3 PWs...and treated same way. Could rarely (maybe once) get a hold of my project manager by phone, text or email (certainly something left to be desired on the customer service side of things). Taking the best point of view of the situation, my assumption...
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    Taking delivery in a week, best insurance company?

    Been there, done that...never again. If you want a less expensive "insurance card" in your pocket, go with GEICO. Was former customer for long time. If you want to be returned whole without hassle when the unspeakable things happen, go elsewhere and pay a little more. Had uninsured 'dweeb'...
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    Bay Area CA solar roof install

    Tesla solar roof info is a very minor part of the report...no complaints, but they have "stricter" architectural design approval than likely other townships in the area....for better or worse. But the point of request for info by original poster is there and maybe helpful.
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    Bay Area CA solar roof install

    Publicly available information (whether intended to or not), was being used for mine and others in neighborhood in bay area for local building permit approval...look at very last (10?) pages the very long document for meeting agenda listed here...
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    Why I ordered 22+ kw solar glass roof for $134k

    You have a beautiful home. Your comments above are correct on the surface, but it ignores an important factor about the "value" of the solar glass installation that may appeal to some more than others. That is, the "curb appeal" of the installation for effective solar home output from solar...
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    Tesla 3 Performance v. Porsche 911 4S

    Back to the original poster question...Have had 911 turbo S, Tesla MS P90D, and now M3P (and some other high end cars prior and long history of porsches in the family over several decades). I feel your hesitation and concern. Loved the porsche handling, power, design, and fit, and oddly the...
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    Keyfobs are back!

    You have to really rethink this possibility....you cannot program the new key fob to your car without it registering signal from the center console thru the carbon fiber wrap (...found out the hard way, out $150 o_O). Fortunately, I never have a problem with my phone but wanted the key fob for...
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    Anybody receive the Carbon Fiber Performance Spoiler from RPM Tesla?

    I actually still have mine untouched in box that I purchased some time ago. Happy to sell it to you and ship as quickly as you wish.
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    Tire pressure system needs service after tirerack snows

    Maybe obvious, but did you press the "reset the tire sensors" in the service submenu? Would not count on the installers to do this. Otherwise, maybe incompatibility issue. I also have purchased ones off amazon and worked like a charm for whatever its worth. Good luck...;)
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    Model S Impressions After 3

    Regarding door handles, there is a setting option for door handles that will be something on the order of "driver side only", you need to deselect. Then the rear door handles will work the same way as driver side. Premium seats in S are better than M3 as to support / sporty feel. Steering feel...
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    [V9] How to Format USB into 2 Partitions for DashCam and Music [Windows]

    Although I will not be doing this exactly (gave up on PCs after 35 yrs), I highly commend you for doing all this work in putting the instructions together....greatly appreciated !!;)
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    Lessons learned about USB audio

    Saw your discussion on similar thread but wanted to help you clarify by comparison... I have had no problems uploading 125Gb of FLAC files on 128Gb Sandisk USB in about 1-2 min in M3 on initial insert. I do not experience the USB having to reload files on restart. Would agree that the M3 does...
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    USB Music Not Working

    For whatever its worth, I have been using slim profile Sandisk 128 Gb 3.0 USB with approx 125Gb FLAC files (about 5000) in both Model S P90DL for few years and in new P3D+ without reading uses. Also does not seem to take long for the files to be read in either car when take out and replace...

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