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  1. 4EVar

    Tesla Brand USB Stick Question

    To reformat it, it's two taps on the touch screen and would have taken you a lot less time that to write the post. Lol
  2. 4EVar

    Sunroof lubricant

    Did you check eBay? I got mine from there
  3. 4EVar

    Why is the Model S so expensive compared to Model 3...

    Plus.... A huge factor will be the Aluminium body (vs steel on the Model 3) so it's lightweight and power to weight ratio increases.
  4. 4EVar

    Auto lock with passenger inside

    Get the passenger to touch the screen as soon as you've left.
  5. 4EVar

    Be aware that Tesla SC don't supply any cables with loaners

    The Model X loaner I had from Birmingham had the cables in the frunk
  6. 4EVar

    MCU2 upgrade in Uk??

    It's been available in the UK for a few months now. You can book to have it done in the service section of your app.
  7. 4EVar

    MCU2 rebooting often

    I've had the mcu2 upgrade but not experienced any reboots. You should report it to the service centre to be investigated.
  8. 4EVar

    2020.48.26 update broke left turn signal

    Did you try a reboot with the scroll wheels?
  9. 4EVar

    Where is my new DAB radio?

    In the audio settings, there's a screen with tick boxes to allow to select which audio sources to show. Does DAB appear on there? Tick it if it is. If not, or it's already ticked, then contact the service centre.
  10. 4EVar

    MCU2 - do u need to request AP3 at same time?

    On my model S, they did AP3 at the same time as mcu2 without me asking for it .
  11. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    I got mine done last week and made a video showing most features and some comparisons with MCU1. Please be kind - this is my first video...
  12. 4EVar

    Finally unlocked the Back to the Future Easter egg :)

    That's so cool . Do you use the phone as a key on the model X? How do you do that?
  13. 4EVar


    If you go with Direct Line, which is usually the cheapest, they know all about the features of the Tesla and will take it into account.
  14. 4EVar

    Middle row on 7 seater?

    The second row seats recline to a comfortable position for the passengers .The 2-1 split means 2 can be a different setting to the 1. If you download the user manual, it gives more detail.
  15. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    That's brilliant. Congrats. You must be the first in the UK? I can't wait for mine to be done.
  16. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Which service centre? I'll have your appointment if you don't want it .Lol
  17. 4EVar

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    This looks amazing! And thanks for the code. I tried importing it, but mine looks all squashed for some reason. Where do you input the values for electricity and diesel to make the cost calculations?
  18. 4EVar

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    I've got TeslaMate running on Docker on a Windows 10 PC. How do I get alerts to work. I have set up a Telegram Notification Channel and the test alert works fine, but how do I set up Alert Rules. For example, I want an alert to notify me when the SoC is less than 25%. So I go to the "Charge...
  19. 4EVar

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    It's not in my Tesla account, it's in my sister's account. I sorted it - I added my email to my sister's account as an additional driver. It still didn't show so I did a restart and it is now showing. Brilliant.
  20. 4EVar

    Model X vs Trackers

    I have the Autopilot discount. They're just being arsy about the tracker.
  21. 4EVar

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I have this working using Docker on Windows 10. I would also like to monitor the new Model X that we have in the family. How do I run 2 instances of Teslamate on the same PC? I have tried installing it using different port numbers but it didn't work. Any ideas?
  22. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Let us know how it goes. Mine is booked in for 8 Oct.
  23. 4EVar

    Model X vs Trackers

    We have insured the new Model X with Direct Line. They have asked for the brand of tracker fitted and when we said Tesla's own, they said they need proof of the tracker. Until they get this, the car is not insured for theft, What do we send them?
  24. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    It's not been cancelled so that's good news. Fingers crossed it will go ahead. What date is your appointment? When I spoke to the service centre on Thurs, they said thay still had no idea about pricing.
  25. 4EVar

    TeslaMate [megathread]

    I installed it today on a Windows 10 PC used as a media server. Really easy to install docker, then run the install script from PowerShell and it's all running great. Grafana took a few minutes to get my head round but I've set up the default dashboard and it's great. I'm looking forward to...
  26. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    There's more threads about the European mcu2 upgrade coming with the tuner as an option... European MCU2 Upgrade has optional radio tuner upgrade
  27. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Very impressive. You are a brave and talented person! Did you document it in any way? Videos? Pics? I can't wait to get my upgrade! I've been waiting patiently ever since they announced it in the US!
  28. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Did you do the retrofit yourself?
  29. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    My appointment isn't for another 4 weeks yet, but they said they'll keep me posted on price etc so I'll keep you updated. I'm just excited that the upgrade option has finally come to the UK. Especially as my mcu1 is very flaky and been in the service centre for a rebuild once already.
  30. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    I've just booked mine in for the upgrade. They said they couldn't give me a definitive price because they're waiting on the price for the tuner part. Does this mean UK will get FM and DAB tuner with MCU2? It's definitely technically possible as someone did a DIY upgrade with the tuner module...
  31. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Tesla can now replace the faulty daughterboard instead of the whole mcu. Cost - .£320 all in.
  32. 4EVar

    Dead MCU - options...?

    OK so an update on my situation, if it's of any use so anyone. Tesla recovered the data from my dead mcu1 so now it's working. They had the car for a week but kudos to them for getting it back. They said rather than replace the whole mcu, they can replace a daughterboard which will fix the issue...
  33. 4EVar

    Mcu swap

    There is already a thread for this if you search. No one has had it done yet as it's not available.
  34. 4EVar

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Yes it's my profile pic too......
  35. 4EVar

    2020 Shipping Movements

    How can I tell if my Model X is on it? (Fingers crossed)
  36. 4EVar

    Wiki UK Supercharger Site News

    What's the latest on Leicester Forest East Services?
  37. 4EVar

    Dead MCU - options...?

    Yes, what became of this @sclo ? I am taking mine in to Tesla in 3 days and need to be prepared for the argument.
  38. 4EVar

    2020 Shipping Movements

    What difference will it make if is delivered before battery day? If it's delivered a day after battery day, it will still have been built weeks before. Am I missing something?
  39. 4EVar

    2020 Shipping Movements

    The Tesla rep sent me a screen shot that shows my MX will be on Maersk Nijmegen but no date. Hopefully it is the August 22 boat.
  40. 4EVar

    Tesla features: S&X vs 3&Y

    Model S - auto presenting door handles Proper hatchback boot/trunk Sunroof (on older models) More physical car controls eg setting wiper speed, adjusting wing mirrors etc Different charging port (in UK) Comes with physical key
  41. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Please do report it to the DVSA. I did using this link Vehicle recalls and faults They have been really good and emailed me for more detailed information. They said they are aware of the issue and are investigating it with the manufacturer. So the more people that report it to them, the more...
  42. 4EVar

    MCU1 black after reboot, is it bricked?

    I have posted this on the UK sub to enquire about MCU2 but this is what happened to me: Spotify froze, so I did a reboot. The screen never came back on. When the MCU first failed, most things worked, including the autosteer and TACC. However, when I set it to charge, the A/C stayed on. So I...
  43. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Thank you for the suggestions. That is really valuable. When the MCU first failed, most things worked, including the autosteer and TACC. However, when I set it to charge, the A/C stayed on. So I pulled the 12v battery cable for 5 min. Now I am left with: No entertainment system obviously...
  44. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    That's me. My mcu just died so I was going to buy mcu2 instead of having to pay twice. I might just have to live without mcu for a few months
  45. 4EVar

    Any news on MCU1 -> MCU2 upgrades in the UK yet?

    Has anybody had a UK MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade yet? I spoke to a Ranger a couple of weeks ago and he said he'd seen a price list so was expecting it would be available soon.
  46. 4EVar

    2020.24.6.11 update slacker and Spotify loading error

    12-2016 refresh model S. I've never had any issues with the mcu and it has just died. Spotify froze and so I rebooted and it never came back to life. I hadn't run a recent update.
  47. 4EVar

    Zapped while charging new Model Y?!

    Something is faulty. Either the car or your charger. Most likely your charger. This should most definitely not happen and is not normal.
  48. 4EVar

    Smart summon UK

    Yeah. And you also have to be near enough for it to detect the key. So pretty useless in practice. Does the US version not have that limitation?
  49. 4EVar

    Roof Rack Accessories in Montréal

    I'm in the UK. I just bought the roof rack - the instructions are terrible but it was eventually really straightforward to set up. Let me know if you need help. I'd be interested in the cycle mount if you get any info.
  50. 4EVar

    Smart summon UK

    I Went to use summon today and discovered we have smart summon in the UK!!! When did this go live?? Why has no one talked about it yet? I tried it out and it seems pretty limited. But it's here!! I'm on 2020.12.5. Model S Dec 2016 with AP 2.0

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