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  1. Nikoli

    Door Handle Issue After Static Shock

    2012 Model S P85 with only 31,000 miles. Haven't driven much in the last 6 years. I have a recurring issue with the door handles that is not one of the common mechanical failures. After experiencing a static shock when touching a handle it will slowly retract (slower than normal) then...
  2. Nikoli

    Side mirror trim rubbing paint off door jambs

    The first pic is an extreme close up of the door jamb (on the car's body) at the end of the A-pillar just below where the chrome body trim ends. Its the point where the front fender, A-pillar, and side mirror trim come together. The chip is approximately 3/8" in diameter. The second pic is...
  3. Nikoli

    Does your Model S have any dings or dents from parking lots yet?

    I always use Google maps to scope out unfamiliar parking lots in advance. If they don't pass we drive a different vehicle. (Even if the current S in the garage is a loaner)
  4. Nikoli

    Side mirror trim rubbing paint off door jambs

    Check your paint on the front door jambs by the side mirror trim. My trim is rubbing away the paint. Driver side is completely through to the metal and the passenger side is getting there. The wear point is visible on the chrome as well. Service is looking at it this week.
  5. Nikoli

    Custom radio station logo?

    I hear ya, 15+ years of Assembler. Yes, I said Assembler. No I'm not (that) old.
  6. Nikoli

    Saleen announces their version of a Model S

    Good grief! So they're going to add ground effects to make it less aerodynamic and some vinyl.
  7. Nikoli

    New Grill Design

    Agreed, the F-Type is uber sexy. If it had the Tesla drivetrain I would have bought this instead of the S.
  8. Nikoli

    [POLL] Does your Service Center wash your car? Do they do a good job?

    I'm the only one who washes our cars.
  9. Nikoli

    Dark Grey Model S (silver or grey wheels)!?

    Grey on grey. Wicked.
  10. Nikoli

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I thought we already decided on your plate - :)
  11. Nikoli

    Has anyone gotten their local credit union to finance the Model S

    This is helpful - How to finance with PenFed quickly without going insane
  12. Nikoli

    Door Handle LED Lights partially hidden

    I prefer the classic handles as well, both the feel and the light output.
  13. Nikoli

    The Handiest Custom Setting in my Model S

    I use it for the sunroof in summer, fan speed in winter.
  14. Nikoli

    farting noise in "Studio Sound" package - NORMAL!

    Genre has nothing to do with it. Some Hans Zimmer tracks sound absolutely awful.
  15. Nikoli

    farting noise in "Studio Sound" package - NORMAL!

    Its not a matter of liking the sound system. There is definite distortion in the front a-pillar, that is a fact. I've heard it on a variety of tracks from slacker and USB thumb drive. Need to find a low bit rate and a high bit rate sample of the same offending track to see if that helps.
  16. Nikoli

    Extended Warranty Going Up July 3, Will You Buy Now?

    Just pulled the trigger. Already went for the 4+4 with Ranger, might as well top it off with more burnt plastic. :redface:
  17. Nikoli

    What kind of car is that? TESLA! Who makes it?

    Seems people are starting to recognize them. Overheard a discussion amongst four young professionals near my S last night. "mumble mumble.... woah this is one of those new....mumble mumble... just announced...mumble mumble... Supercharger...mumble... around $100k....mumble.... but probably not...
  18. Nikoli

    I'm Sold

    Good choice. If you're in the market for anything between $50k and $100k, there's no argument against the Model S. None. Zip. It renders all other cars irrelevant.
  19. Nikoli


    But how is that plate legal???
  20. Nikoli

    Cool Model S Photos

    Solar Impulse The Solar Impulse Across America plane landed at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati tonight. What an experience! We watched it fly in from Alms Park with a panoramic view of the airport and Ohio valley below. We could track the plane's approach live via smart phone through the Solar...
  21. Nikoli

    Grey or chrome rims

    Grey all the way.
  22. Nikoli

    Tesla Model S P+ vs BMW M3 sedan (and everything else out there)

    Yep, agree on all points. I wouldn't trade my S for anything else in the world. Can't wait to see what the next generation Roadster delivers. :biggrin:
  23. Nikoli

    Help talk me away from the ledge

    I wouldn't trade my S for any other car on the planet, at any pricepoint.
  24. Nikoli

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I had a problem with the wind deflector on the panoramic sunroof today. There is a spring loaded plastic arm that pops the deflector up when the sunroof opens. When I opened the sunroof this afternoon the plastic arm snapped. The car was parked outside in ~90 degree sun for 8 hours today...
  25. Nikoli

    Model S in Gran Turismo 6 announcement trailer

    Nice to see it's been added, but no physics engine on the planet can compete with the video game parked in the garage.
  26. Nikoli

    Riding in an ICE makes my little girls cry

    I still love our MINI Clubman S, even though the ride is very harsh (coilovers). It fits like a glove and is amazing in the corners. We may have to trade it in when the next generation Tesla roadster is released. Our other two ICE trucks on the other hand, good lord. What a nightmare...
  27. Nikoli

    Model S Valet Instructions

    Every time I've had to valet (very few) there was damage done to the vehicle. I will never valet the S or any future Tesla we buy. I'm done with valets.
  28. Nikoli

    Model S Photo Gallery

    Interviewed for Cars and Coffee documentary.
  29. Nikoli

    Door handle issues! Self-fix by fuse pull/re-insertion!

    I had the driver door handle freeze up twice in one hour, pulled the fuses both times to fix. It happened again 5 days later, pulled the fuses again and its been good for another 5 days so far. They were seated very firm in the fuse block, not loose at all. I now carry a pair of needle nose...
  30. Nikoli

    Tesla to make "exciting announcement on Thursday" (correction Tuesday)

    Lease program - Tesla Unveils Revolutionary New Finance Product | Press Releases | Tesla Motors
  31. Nikoli

    Door Won't Open!

    My driver's door handle stopped responding Saturday. It would extend but not open, and would not retract into the door when locked. Pulled the door fuses, waited 15 seconds, and replaced the fuses. All handles worked fine. Opened/closed the door a few times, took a short drive and it stopped...
  32. Nikoli

    Official: Model S Service Plans

    I received the email notification yesterday at 2:41 PM EST. The ESA is priced at $2,400 on the email, but $2,500 on the website. Wow prices are going up fast!
  33. Nikoli

    3G Pricing - Speculation

    $30 is a joke for the slow 3G. I might pay $10 a month for 4G, might. But I have free tethering and unlimited 4G from Tmobile.
  34. Nikoli

    Can the brakes be upgraded to a BBK?

    The brakes are already BBK Brembos. The Get AMPed cars had Brembo stamped on them, the production cars are relabeled Tesla but are the same brakes.
  35. Nikoli

    Charge door will not open in 10F weather?

    A few times my charge port has refused to open on the first try even though it wasn't that cold and not frozen. Pressed the charge cord button and hear a beep and click....press again beep and click...press again beep and click. Finally it opens. It's never not opened at all. Maybe the...
  36. Nikoli

    Neighbors jealous of the Model S :(

    Our Mini is about the only other car that will fit in the garage with the S!
  37. Nikoli

    Daily Commuting in a Model S

    45 miles round trip daily. Love the one pedal driving and playing the wh/mile game with the trip computer. Got some of my best numbers today and really took a bite out of my lifetime wh/mile. Preheating in the morning with the phone app has been great. I check the app several times a day just...
  38. Nikoli

    New Jalopnik hit piece? Fair and balanced?

    I used to have a G60...VW Corrado G60. Loved that car.
  39. Nikoli

    CF Spoiler punch list item?

    Pic of the parcel shelf?
  40. Nikoli

    IRS not accepting EV Tax Credit forms until March

    The form is ready, but still won't let you e-file it. Says it has to be filed by mail. My state taxes can't be e-filed either. :(
  41. Nikoli

    Carbon Fiber Exterior Accents?

    I'd be interested in some alternatives to the stock nose cone. It needs a more aggressive front end. Perhaps some sort of grille that still preserves the aero or a matte wrap.
  42. Nikoli

    Pics: Model S w/ Lightweight Aftermarket Wheels

    Thread was about wheels, different tires were implied. These have the same Pirelli winter tires that Tesla provides on their 19" winter package. The stock 21" will go back on in spring. Regarding handling the stress of the torque. O.Z. are quality wheels so they should be fine, but I'll be...
  43. Nikoli

    Pics: Model S w/ Lightweight Aftermarket Wheels

    19" O.Z. Superturismo LM from Tirerack. Running these for winter. http://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelCloseUpServlet?target=runWheelSearch&wheelMake=O.Z.&wheelModel=Superturismo+LM&wheelFinish=Matte+Graphite+Silver&autoMake=Tesla&autoModel=Model+S&autoYear=2013&autoModClar=
  44. Nikoli

    OWNERS! - do you get awkward questions about price tag?

    The first rule is don't talk about it. The second rule is don't talk about it. At least that's how I'm trying to cope, and no eye contact.
  45. Nikoli

    Two Teslas pic

    Good gravy, I need to move.
  46. Nikoli

    Actual Driving Range

    I've been driving ~42 miles but discharging ~100. Cold weather is murder on EV range. Those in cold climates expecting to get the 40kwh pack should take note.
  47. Nikoli

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Congrats Dave! Watch out for those crazy KY drivers in the snow we're getting right now!
  48. Nikoli

    Car Care: What is the best way to dry car after a wash?

    After 21 years of obsessive washing and waxing I've found what works best for me. This is best done out of direct sunlight to minimize water spots. 1. Immediately after rinsing use an electric leaf blower to blast most of the water off, don't neglect body panel gaps and grills. This is...
  49. Nikoli


    Haven't had a windshield fogging issue yet, but noticed fogging in the driver door side window. It only obscured the side view mirror and wouldn't go away regardless of vent settings. At the same time I felt a terrible draft coming from the little triangle piece of glass in the corner of the...

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