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    IOS 13 not working with Tesla App [Update: check Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth]

    Tesla suggests leaving the app open in the background, but the key functionality should work regardless.
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    Easy Access Doesn't Return Seat to Full Position

    I've noticed this behavior since getting 2019.32.2.2. It seems like it actually entirely 'lost' the settings for my profile and reverted to older settings. The behavior wasn't specific to easy entry...even pressing the driver profile wouldn't return it to how I had it set before. I re-set the...
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    IOS 13 not working with Tesla App [Update: check Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth]

    Try logging out of the app and back in. Otherwise, it is likely an issue with it preventing bluetooth access due to new security features in iOS. You can grant bluetooth access via settings.
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    Spotify and Hulu included in 2019.32.10

    Video sharing is very interesting. Cant wait to see a demo of it! Curious what 'supported sources' means.
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    Newbie Question: Menu turning blue during autopilot signals what?

    Incorrect, using the scroll wheels in any manner clears the nag.
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    Newbie Question: Menu turning blue during autopilot signals what?

    It has been this way for at least 3 software versions. I use it every single day, simply adjusting the volume, skipping an audio track, or increasing/decreasing the cruise speed causes the nag to go away. *Edit: I see that you are in Europe...this could behave differently depending on region?
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    Phantom braking is the biggest issue with AutoPilot.

    Except that there are plenty of people in this thread and others that lump them all together. Its pretty clear that many people don't know what the expected behavior is.
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    Phantom braking is the biggest issue with AutoPilot.

    My wife's VW behaves pretty similarly to my model 3 on TACC, with the exception of braking due to overpasses. Behaviors for vehicles departing lane, entering lanes slowly, cross traffic, etc.. all work almost the exact same as my model 3.
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    Phantom braking is the biggest issue with AutoPilot.

    I feel like the phantom braking and jerky autopilot stuff was much better on 2019.15, but it has come back much more on the last two revisions.
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    Clean shiny salvage Tesla, should I buy this? - Noob question

    Are you seriously going to keep going on like this or just give away whatever your stupid point is?
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    Are winter tires necessary with the long range dual motor AWD?

    Theres no question whether or not snow tires are better than A/S tires in the winter. They absolutely are. That said, I made it through last winter (Ohio) without issue on the OEM A/S tires on an RWD car! The weight and distribution of the car is nothing to write off. If you get a ton of snow...
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    Rattle coming from front right passenger door

    I can't find the post right now, but there was an issue with the door tweeter being loose that would cause similar noise.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Your install looks really good! The seams don't bother me too much, but is there any concern of them peeling due to being exposed?
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    Unable to Consistently Connect with Phone

    try a soft reboot of the car by pushing and holding the two scroll wheel buttons until you see the Tesla logo on screen
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    Are we Really Really Saving Money owning a Tesla?

    Here is the math I did when I hit 20k miles. Obviously its missing some of the finer details like efficiency while charging, power losse, etc, but these are the numbers based flatly on the kWh usage tracked on the main display. Even if the actual cost/usage for electricity was 20% higher, I'd...
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    I need to know about your rattles....

    Has anyone dealt with a rattle from the roof crossbar (not sure of the technical term)? I have a metallic sounding noise coming from above and behind my head that periodically happens when driving at almost any speed over bumpy surfaces. I can't reproduce it just by moving the piece itself, so I...
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    Wrong information

    did you get an order agreement that shows your $2500 payment and order details? Ultimately, without some sort of documentation then you're going to be fighting a 'he said, she said' battle with them.
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    Wrong information

    Did you actually submit an electronic order for a black vehicle at that price on the 31st? If you didnt, and have no record of the price, then you may be out of luck.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Very detailed install video, thanks. It appears that there are going to be a lot of exposed seams with this method. Will have to keep an eye out for detailed post install photos.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Would love to see some up close images of the mirror install!
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    Repair for LED strip that is out in headlight?

    Yes, it gets replaced by Tesla with an updated part number that presumably doesn't have the issue. Not sure of your circumstances and why you don't have a warranty, but I think you'll either need to pay tesla to do it or purchase the assembly and do it yourself. I believe it requires removing...
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    Swapped Seats - Message requiring software update

    A mobile tech once told me exactly what you said in your last sentence. He swapped the charge port door and had to push the same SW that my car was already running to it to 'calibrate' (his words) with the new hardware.
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    Are we supposed to tip mobile service?

    If you live in the US, it should be common sense.
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    2000 miles only.. Is my battery ok?

    don't worry about it
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    Are we supposed to tip mobile service?

    There is a stark difference between someone who's wage is largely dependent on tips, and a salaried employee who is likely compensated fairly for their job. The issue with tipping people who normally aren't in a 'tipped wage position' is that it could potentially lead to situations as OP...
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    Are we supposed to tip mobile service?

    Of course not
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    Model 3 Car covers? Tesla's are silly expensive.

    Heres what your post would look like without all of the bizarre carriage returns It's China. Most of the covers are made in China, whether they have cutouts or whatever, or not. Thanks guys. I'm not disrespecting anyone,I'm asking what people have found. If you look on AliBaba you often find...
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Very true. There is also a physical element with the subwoofer, though. It used to be a mirror shaker, but now its much more subtle. There are certain songs that it really shines, and others that just sound very muted. Thats why I'm inclined to think that Tesla did some tweaks, but obviously is...
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    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Personally, I feel like the audio is more consistent on the past few versions of SW, but the subwoofer still feels nowhere near as impressive as it was when I took delivery last May. It could all be in my head, but I think that the LPF or something has been tweaked by Tesla.
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    Sentry mode not turning off by itself anymore

    what do you mean by record? does the sentry icon stay on the screen, or are you just finding the driving clips in the 'recent' folder? Driving clips are always cycling through the 'recent' folder for the dash cam portion to function. if the sentry icon is stuck on the screen, a reboot may fix it.
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    Sentry Mode turning itself on, Easy Entry?

    Sentry has continued to work as I would expect since that update. Have you tried removing and reinserting the flash drive? Rebooted the MCU?
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    Custom Ambient Lighting Project

    what does it look like during the day?
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    M3 Owners: Would you buy another Model 3 today?

    You've made a lot of threads over the past few days gathering information. I hope that you understand that you're polling the minority of owners who are also going to tend to be more vocal about both their love for tesla and their complaints when they have issues. I don't see how its possible...
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    Squeak from front door speaker

    Schedule an appointment for the normal SC in the app. They will review the appointment and call you if mobile is able to fix it for you. Thats how I have to do it in my area...I cant directly schedule a mobile appointment.
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    New LR AWD has 50 miles stated on MVPA, have not picked it up yet

    Your initial question is fine. The immediate jump to expecting some sort of compensation is not.
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    New LR AWD has 50 miles stated on MVPA, have not picked it up yet

    I'm sure that tesla will gladly compensate you with $2 in supercharging credit to cover those 50 miles. Boggles my mind how dramatic people are.
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    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper issues

    This is my experience as well. It still has trouble with a very light mist or drizzle, but its nothing that an occasional push of the left stalk doesn't take care of. Worlds better than it was last year.
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    B Pillar inside cover popping off

    https://www.tesla.com/content/dam/tesla/Ownership/Own/Model%203%20Owners%20Manual.pdf Page 39
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    B Pillar inside cover popping off

    Is it as easy as yanking on the cover, or do you need to remove the seal first? I really want to tear into mine to find a rattle as well.
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    Can't get in

    Step 1) lift your right leg into the car step 2) put your butt in the seat step 3) lift your left leg into the car step 4) close the door step 5) launch the web browser, navigate to TMC, and post about how it still doesn't 'feel right' step 6) travel to a parallel universe where cars are...
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    Another Model 3 owner was able to unlock mine

    Phone key may show connected, but the car has a number of radios to determine how far away you are and allow unlock. This is very easy to test. The most likely situations: 1) door was not fully closed when he exited 2) used key card to unlock car, didnt lock when walking away 3) trunk or frunk...
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    Wish List: A "Little" Tesla

    The model 3 is still barely the EV for the masses. I'm sure more models will come as tesla matures as a manufacturer.
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    Screen off when door closes?

    the connections for phone key and BT audio/phone are different
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    Consumer Reports Model 3 reliability rating: reliable?

    You're hopeless if you think that Tesla's overall quality is worse today than they were in 2013.
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    Help identify this Tesla hater

    I know this is a tesla forum and people are seemingly hungry to find examples of persecution, but I see no reason to assume its targeted.
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    Help identify this Tesla hater

    This happens when entitled bikers feel like they aren't given enough space to split lanes. Its a really idiotic thing that they are allowed to do it in CA.
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    Charged to 100%, battery maxed at 299

    The display estimates range based on EPA figures and the battery managements system estimates of battery health. It would likely take a number of cycles for it to have a better estimate of the 100% charge since your rarely go above 80%. Switch the display to show battery % instead of miles and...
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    Maxpider Mat fitment (placement?)

    My rear mat was the same way when I first put it in the car. I ended up forcing it behind the seat rail and after a while everything flattened out.

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