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  1. JDea

    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV (High Roller at LINQ)

    Went to the new LV super charger twice this weekend to check it out since I was in town. You enter the code on the parking arm / gate and it gives you a ticket. The parking is free for the first hour, and then it charges you at the Caesar's / Flamingo rate (it's posted on a sign when you're...
  2. JDea

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    I have a Model 3 not a X, but the usb stick should just be plugged into wherever the usb port is on your car. It should work as long as you have a folder named "TeslaCam". (And a correctly formatted USB) To view it from the app / software that the original poster is referencing, you would need...
  3. JDea

    How are the 3D MAXpider floor mats holding up?

    I've had my Maxpider's since the first batch came out (got mine end of May) and it's been holding up great. I haven't noticed any issues with it. No sliding or any warping that I've seen.
  4. JDea

    Charge Port Door not unlocking after v.9 Upgrade?

    I also have this issue now, the charge doesn't open anymore when I get out of my car (while leaving my front door open). I remember this scenario specifically because this is how I go about charging my car after I park. Not sure if it was v9 or an update before it though.. Now I have to go to...
  5. JDea

    Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa

    I just noticed that I got some sand / dirt caught under my ppf near the front air intake of the car. Probably due to the PPF not being fully glued to the paint in this section and I didn't notice either but as long as it doesn't get worse I'll be fine with it. Unfortunately I looked around the...
  6. JDea

    Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa

    This includes the front windshield when I got mine done (1 week ago). Not really sure on the film, it should just be the Full Suntek CIR. (and no idea on the Formula One Pinnacle) The film applied nicely and you won't even notice that the front is tinted (after it settles / dries up in a day)...
  7. JDea

    Telsa firmware 34.1 and Android 8.1.0 have fixed my phone key!

    I also have no issues with the phone key now. Compared to when I first got the car. Although I hide the constant notification since I didn't need that there. Luckily in Android you can permanently hide notifications (and Tesla set this is under a different notification group) so it doesn't...
  8. JDea

    Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa

    I had the same tint done and it was $580 (which I guess is normal since it's listed on the site for that price. Nope, not sure how many people are in the current group, and I don't think I'm part of it since I didn't do any coating on my car. If I remember I can check in two weeks since my...
  9. JDea

    Group Buy: Southern California/West Side: Tint/PPF/Ceramic via Concours Auto Spa

    I'm also picking up my car from the MDR location today. Didn't do the coating, but went for Frontal PPF + the full tint package. Once I get the car back and have some time / lighting for pics, I'll upload some of the photos.
  10. JDea

    Beach Road Trip...bad idea?

    Same here I took it on a 400 mile trip the weekend I got the car, had no problems with it. And then another 1000+ mile trip after a month and the only issue is having to clean the bugs off my front bumper.
  11. JDea

    Phone as Key Issues

    Phone key still going strong now, so there's definitely been improvement and I still think it's both the Android 9 update (since my smart watch is still connected consistently compared to before). I've never had to toggle my bluetooth anymore and on the times the car doesn't open is usually...
  12. JDea

    Recommended PPF installer in So Cal? (West side)

    I'm actually getting mine done at the new location as well (it's further out for me, but it would be right before a driving trip I have planned). I was somewhat worried about the quality since it's at the new location, but sounds like they are doing an awesome job there as well! (And I have the...
  13. JDea

    Recommended PPF installer in So Cal? (West side)

    Hey guacamaya, Any status update on this? Curious as well since it is a refundable deposit.
  14. JDea

    Phone as Key Issues

    I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but ever since my phone upgrade to Android Pie (9.0) and maybe the update to 28.1, but my bluetooth has been a lot more consistent. I haven't had any issues opening my door now. I believe it's something that changed in the Android Pie update on my...
  15. JDea

    Lifetime Wh/mi

    I've done a lot of long distance driving. My mileage is currently at 6000 with 245 Wh/mile. So I guess those long drives really make a distance, also a lot of incline on those drives such as driving up to Mammoth Lakes etc..
  16. JDea


    I updated last night to 28.1 and I haven't seen any of these issues. Also plugged into a charger at work today and seems to be working there as well.
  17. JDea

    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    I believe when I put mine in, it didn't align perfectly in the center like that as well. I kind of just accepted it but it is a bit off like that video from what I remember.
  18. JDea

    Won't Shift in to Reverse or Drive

    This has happened to me twice (with summon version as well). Happened to me in the past 2 weeks twice. One time I sat in the car for a good minute and it wouldn't switch gears. I did a soft reboot and it didn't fix it. I waited another minute, walked out of the car and came back in. Waited...
  19. JDea

    Horrible delivery experience from Fremont - Assigned a new VIN

    Update - Tesla reported a battery problem in the original VIN / Car and that's why they have to assign him a new one. Looking to be at least a week out.
  20. JDea

    Horrible delivery experience from Fremont - Assigned a new VIN

    And this is pretty bad already. Although I'm not surprised if there are worse ones than this then.
  21. JDea

    Horrible delivery experience from Fremont - Assigned a new VIN

    I'm posting on his behalf because he isn't outspoken about it, if you really want more proof I can provide it. I've already picked up my own Model 3 LR and I love it, but this experience is not something anyone should go through. It tipped the line for me when a new VIN had to be assigned.
  22. JDea

    Horrible delivery experience from Fremont - Assigned a new VIN

    I'm reposting from the /r/teslamotors experience thread from reddit onto this forum as I think it should be seen. Note: Posting for a friend since they are currently having a terrible experience with picking up their Tesla from Fremont. Pickup was scheduled on Saturday, June 30th - 4pm Drove...
  23. JDea

    Supercharger - Downey CA - Stonewood Street (LIVE 28 Jun 2018, 12 Urban stalls)

    I remember seeing it show up on the map and thinking, am I crazy because I'm pretty sure there wasn't two super chargers this close to each other before. Saw plenty of people already using it!
  24. JDea

    Home made license Bracket under $10

    I'll be looking forward to this as well!
  25. JDea

    Misalignment of left taillight with bumper

    I reported a panel gap on my tail lights when I took delivery, after the appointment, 2 months later. They said they did some shimmy work to make the gap more aligned on the left tail light. Since the right side was flush and my left side had a decent gap.
  26. JDea

    Phone as Key Issues

    After getting a Model S loaner for a week, I have to say the keyfob is definitely amazing for consistency of course. It's nice to have the doors always unlock for me as I approach (and lock as I leave). @apacheguy I've also encountered that issue where I forgot I would have to manually lock my...
  27. JDea

    Who's tinted their windows?

    Where are you getting the tinting done?
  28. JDea

    Model 3 Floor Mats

    Here's the thread of the Maxpider floor mats. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/3d-maxpider-kagu-mats-for-model-3.97273/page-11 I have them on my model 3, and I think they fit pretty well but I wouldn't say perfect. I won't be in heavy rain or snow for the majority of the time so these...
  29. JDea

    Did Everyone Who Made A Reservation On Day 1 Get A Model Car?

    I was a line waiter and had it in my center console (Costa Mesa).
  30. JDea

    Found the perfect phone mount

    Thanks for this! I may go for this as well since I miss having being able to mount my phone. Clever to use the screen from the OP and others here, I actually wouldn't have thought of that haha.
  31. JDea

    Model 3 - Tips for dog owners

    I bought this car seat cover (saw someone on reddit post a video with their dog + the cover). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076PL6ZD7 On another note, it looks like they dropped the price by $13 since I bought it lol. I'd definitely say its worth it now for sure. I originally paid $40...
  32. JDea

    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    I also got my mats yesterday. So far the fit is good. But we'll see how it lasts in the long run. So far I like the look and especially the look for the rear seat liners. I did notice that the carpets mats that the Model 3 came with have a much grippier bottom than the 3d maxpider liners...
  33. JDea


    Performed the long reset yesterday and the reverse camera still goes black for a second. I think I saw someone mention here earlier that Tesla is aware and resetting is not able to fix that atm.
  34. JDea


    Not sure why Tesla would not write this up in the change log. My guess is we'll see some official change log write up for it in the 19.0 update.
  35. JDea


    Wow I'm going to try this today as well and report back. That black screen on reverse has been bothering me. (I also seem to have more vampire drain while parked, even in a garage in 70~ degree weather. No direct sunlight). Lost about 2-3 miles sitting for 6 hours.
  36. JDea

    yet another wireless charging mod

    Nice! I think that wood touch looks awesome.
  37. JDea

    Recommended PPF installer in So Cal? (West side)

    I remember seeing a rebate for the PPF, is that over now? Thanks

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