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  1. GoldenBasis

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Went to the new Ottawa (Barrhaven) sales centre on Sunday afternoon while out for a drive. They appeared to be fully open with quite a few customers in the showroom and a couple of Tesla's in the drive in bays. There were many new model 3's and a few Y's all around the parking lots. I did not go...
  2. GoldenBasis

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Just to avoid confusion, the actual address is 530 Motor Works Private, not 540. You can even see the number in the first photo posted. Thanks for the photos!
  3. GoldenBasis

    2017 X 75D suddenly increased max supercharging speed!!

    Wow - hope this is universal. I am going to have to go out and try a supercharge session. I actually had put in a service call about this charging speed in September after a couple of longer road trips and found max of 83 Kw at V3 chargers. Tesla service pulled the logs and said it was normal...
  4. GoldenBasis

    Tinting - Traveling to Quebec

    Ontario and Quebec have the same regulations about window tinting but Quebec has been much more aggressive in enforcing it. That is changing now though. Here in Ottawa, which for those who don't know is on the border with Gatineau Quebec, the local police announced that they purchased a large...
  5. GoldenBasis

    Canada $5000 federal incentive for Model Y?

    Let's not even discuss why a number like $45000 was pulled out of the air for the legislation, by the federal government, in the first place.
  6. GoldenBasis

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Small update for Ottawa - took a drive by the new location (530 Motor Works Ave) yesterday and saw that the previous dealership is completely gone (Myers Nissan). All signs are gone. With the invitations to bid going out to contractors, it would seem reasonable to expect that it will be open by...
  7. GoldenBasis

    PPF Ottawa Area

    Watch a few youtube videos about PPF installation to get a better understanding of the nuances. The experience and skill of the installer is very important and it is not worth scrimping for poor quality work. It comes down to how well the seams are hidden and the little details that have to be...
  8. GoldenBasis

    PPF Ottawa Area

    I had Goldwing do my Model X with Full body XPel Stealth and ceramic coating last month. They did an out standing job and I looked closely for any cut corners. Yes, they removed all the badges and replaced them with brand new ones from the Tesla service centre. They also had to repair a couple...
  9. GoldenBasis

    2020.48 fixes key fob security flaw on Model X

    Interesting. Seems like having pin to drive enabled would prevent the car from being driven even if access was granted via this exploit. Personally, I have had pin-to-drive enabled permanently for about 6 months now and don't even notice it any more and gives some peace of mind over unknown...
  10. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Nepean is Live in the app as well.
  11. GoldenBasis

    Half Of daily mileage lost due to phantom Drain!! 44 miles phantom drain 2 days.

    2017 Model X - I was seeing higher vampire drain before I got the MCU2 upgrade earlier this summer. I am pretty sure the car was not going to sleep. Now it is losing about 5 miles/day with Climate overheat on. Prior to the MCU change I was seeing about 20 miles / day drain and like you i didn't...
  12. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    I recently had to deal with trying to schedule work done by Ottawa Hydro and it was a nightmare or circular phone calls, hang ups, web site forms that don't exist. They blame everything on Covid. It was a soul sucking experience. Like someone else said, this is likely the first outdoor...
  13. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    The day Perth opened up, the location showed up in the Tesla app as a nearby charger. I expect the same thing to happen with Nepean especially since it will the closest supercharger to my home. So I keep checking the app when I am not passing by the location. Nothing yet as of this evening.
  14. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    I went by the site after dark last night and they are not lit up at all.
  15. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    I (and several others here) have been visiting this SC regularly and it is just waiting for the power to be turned on, as far as we can tell. Once that happens, it normally shows up on the Tesla app & nav within a day or 7. I'm sure it will be posted here once something happens I gotta ask --...
  16. GoldenBasis

    How long is "normal" for the first OTA update?

    Just as a reference point, here are all my updates for the past year:
  17. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Still not powered tonight but I got some pics of the bollards. Looking at pictures of other Supercharger stations, it looks like Nepean is the only one so far to get this protection. Maybe it is the first of a new design improvement.
  18. GoldenBasis

    Does anyone have a Model S and a Rad Mini folding electric bike?

    Not exactly what you are asking, but my daughter has a Rad City Step thru, which is quite a bit bigger than the Rad mini. It fits inside my X without removing the wheels ( with the seats folded down) quite easily. Leaving the front wheel on helps in lifting the bike into the rear hatch by...
  19. GoldenBasis


    The X has had window venting from the app for quite some time now. I believe it was late in 2019 when that was added. But you are correct, there is no option to close them once opened. That app warns you of this when you vent. I do use the vent feature quite often on hot days.
  20. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Something else that is noteworthy -- there are new additional bollards on every charging cabinet now. I wasn't sure if they were something new when i saw them so I didn't snap a picture since my phone was already put away. By going back over the pictures in this thread I can now they were not...
  21. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Looks like the last price is in place today. Just need the juice turned on.
  22. GoldenBasis

    Model X Phone Key via Bluetooth

    Would you mind posting how you did this? I know there are many options for automation and i am too lazy to read all the forums. You are doing what I would like to do. Thanks in advance!
  23. GoldenBasis

    How to Apply Referral Code after order placed

    Another option is to cancel your order and than place a new one using the referral link. The only downside is that it takes a week or so for Tesla to refund your down payment so you are doubled up for a while but if you can float it, it is a good option.
  24. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Perth ON

    I also went to Perth yesterday for visit. Really enjoyed the shops downtown. Goes to show that putting in a supercharger can bring in more for a town than just pass through traffic.i would not have gone if not for the supercharger. The supercharger itself is a great location and seems to be...
  25. GoldenBasis

    Those with (2) drivers using (2) different key FOBS....questions.

    You need to create driver profiles in the car. Select your profile and make all your changes and save (every time you change a setting a brief prompt will pop up asking to save). Edit your profile and assign it to your fob. Repeat the above using the second fob for your wife"s profile and...
  26. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Peterborough, ON

    Please report back and/or check in on plug share. I have been excitedly waiting for this supercharger to open up the Ottawa to Wasaga Beach route for family visits. There was no feasible route to use in my X prior to this one.
  27. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Tonight it looks all done and clean. Just missing parking lines and power!
  28. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Perth ON

    As of right now, my app is showing 6 / 8 stalls available in Perth. Looks like someone is using it. Might do a road trip later today just to check it out. Haven't been to Perth in a couple of months. Its a nice drive from Ottawa
  29. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Perth ON

    And in the app as well
  30. GoldenBasis

    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    When I did the reprogram I was on 2020.24.6.4. Been updated a couple times since then and am currently at 2020.28.5
  31. GoldenBasis

    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    I reprogrammed my homelink following the instructions exactly in the online owners manual following the MCU replacement and it worked perfectly. I never thought to try the door first when I got home. Perhaps it didnt even need it but I cleared the old one anyways. i noticed it was very...
  32. GoldenBasis

    Canadian lease buyouts?

    For what it's worth. My lease is up in 2 months plus a week and I have heard zero from Tesla leasing.
  33. GoldenBasis

    X issues

    My windows do not have any problems as you described but I have had the same thing happened to me in my last vehicle (non-tesla) and the dealer need to adjust something in the door. Likely too tight somewhere. I don't have Sirius so no comment there.
  34. GoldenBasis

    MCU Upgrade - Canada

    For mine in Ottawa, I placed the request in app on June 29th (Monday) and picked July 2nd as Mobile service date. This was the only option. Received written estimate to approved with a few hours. On July 2nd, while waiting for ranger, got a call saying parts have to be ordered and it needs to...
  35. GoldenBasis

    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    Another unexpected bonus from the upgrade: vampire drain is pretty much gone. Ever since i have monitored the stats (fall 2019) with Teslamate, I noticed that the X very rarely went to sleep and vampire drain was about 1km per hour. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not as the forums have...
  36. GoldenBasis

    Whoa Holy Phantom Braking

    That seems to explain the latest behavior. In addition to highway exits ramp braking, lately the car has been violently braking on a city through street at very low speed. There are speed cameras on this street near my home so I always set AP speed to the limit (40km/h) which is very slow. The...
  37. GoldenBasis

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    Another data point - did a 360km each way round trip this weekend in my 75D. Half of the route was quite hilly and 25% (80km) of each leg was divided highways where speeds average about 120km/h). The majority of the drive was very little traffic on 2-lane highway travelling at about 100-105km/h...
  38. GoldenBasis

    SuperCharger - North Bay, ON

    To add to my previous post, I went Ottawa -- North Bay -- Ottawa this past weekend and used Deep River and North Bay superchargers. I never usually supercharge since i have been able to loop around home base so I don't what is normal. I was only able to hit 80kw max at each stop (4 charges). The...
  39. GoldenBasis

    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    I had it done last week. Dropped off the X at 8am and they called at 5:30pm saying it would be done by 8pm. They gave me the choice to pick it up after hours or in the morning the next day. They had originally promised it by 5pm the same day so I don't know why they missed that. They had said...
  40. GoldenBasis

    Q - Where to find service invoice history

    I feel like an idiot. The history is in the service section of the app. I am 99% sure that it was not there for me in the past but it is there now fro sure. Thanks @Ostrichsak for answering dumb questions
  41. GoldenBasis

    Q - Where to find service invoice history

    Perhaps I am looking for something that does not exist but is there a way to see past service appointment invoices either from my Tesla account or from the app? I have not been able to find this. When I pay for service can see the PDF of the invoice in the Tesla app but after the service is...
  42. GoldenBasis

    SuperCharger - North Bay, ON

    Just to put people's mind at ease, the North Bay Supercharger is working fine. I am here for the weekend and charged on arrival yesterday. There was a M3 there at the same time.
  43. GoldenBasis

    All season tires for MX

    I put a full set of Nokian WRG4 on last fall and they were fantastic all winter. I am running them all year and with the heat this summer in Ottawa I have been very happy with the grip and there has been no noticeable wear after close to 10000 mostly urban km. That is with many many launches...
  44. GoldenBasis


    Surprisingly -- got it on model X today
  45. GoldenBasis

    MCU Upgrade - Canada

    I don't know if IC is new. I did not ask and it doesn't really matter to me since it looks and works great.
  46. GoldenBasis

    MCU Upgrade - Canada

    Reporting in -- got the MCU2 upgrade done yesterday along with the AP3 upgrade (from AP2.5). I dropped it off at the Ottawa service center in the morning, got a Model S loaner and was told it would be ready by end of day. They called just after 5 and said it was almost done and that I could pick...
  47. GoldenBasis

    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Went there this evening and took some pics of a couple of cabinets that are on site. I have no idea what they are but perhaps someone knowledgeable in these things can confirm that these would be used by a Supercharger station. The construction seems to be progressing very quickly with all the...
  48. GoldenBasis

    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    I booked it at 9:30 am on Jun 29th for mobile service on July 2nd. Received written estimate for approval at 13:10 same day. On July 2nd, got early call saying the parts were not in stock and that they would need to schedule me to local service center on July 15th. They seemed confident that the...
  49. GoldenBasis

    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    I got the estimate within 24 hours of creating the request in the app. I am also booked for July 15th. The Canadian price is $3510 + tax for MCU2 upgrade with new screen.

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