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    Long Road Trips. My Experience and Why Tesla's are Currently Unfit.

    Can’t blame Tesla for this one... it could of happened to any car without a spare, there are plenty out there. I drive a lot, recently had the pleasure of clipping a pothole with a chunk of concrete stick up, shredded my front passenger tire. Texted Tesla roadside, sent a truck with replacement...
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    Tesla EV tax credit extension

    Honestly the credit has done what it was supposed to, get electric cars on the map and in the mix. What we need is more focus on a charging infrastructure that supports multiple brands, only way it will become more mainstream.
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    FS Model 3 Stock 18 Aero Wheel Tire Set SoCal

    Interested, but need shipped. It’s not complicated. Wrap them in shrink wrap, add a piece of cardboard and styrofoam to the front to protect the rim and wrap it up. UPS will ship this way, just like tire rack does tires. The aero covers can be sent in a box themselves. Let me know if your...
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    FS: San Diego Area 18" Model 3 aero wheels and tires with covers.

    I am interested. You don’t have to box them. Get some styrofoam, cardboard and shrink wrap. Cut the styrofoam and cardboard to the size of the tire and rim. Place on the front to protect the rim, then wrap the whole thing with the shrink wrap, a good amount. They can be shipped that way, just...
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    4 18" aero wheels and tires

    Pm sent
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    Model 3 trunk lid replacement

    Yup. Worked out perfectly for me! Definitely luck of the draw on finding a salvage lid the same color as yours but worth a shot. My reasoning was if it didn’t match I would just have it painted and blended as getting a replacement lid from Tesla was 8-10 weeks at the time. If that doesn’t...
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    Anyone else going to trade their Model 3 for Cybertruck?

    Way to crazy looking... I was hoping when he paused at the end he was going to bring out the real truck... then the ATV came out. Oh well still enjoying my model 3.
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    WTB 18” Aero wheels and tires

    Looking for a good set of 18” Aeros and tires in NJ/PA/DE area.
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    Dedham, MA Tesla woes... "Hugh"

    Having bought many cars over the years I found the Tesla experience more similar to buying a new phone then a car. Salespeople were polite, no pressure but also no urgency. Unlike regular dealerships that fight for every customer that walks through the door, because they have too, Tesla has more...
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    Sound Deadening Model 3

    This ^^^ I had a Cadillac before the model 3, also have a 2019 Ram and 2014 Vette. The model 3 is just as, if not quieter then my Cadillac, the truck is a bit louder, bigger tires and the Vette is much louder, all due to tires. My Cadillac would get louder as the tires wore, when I first bought...
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    Incentives coming at the end of Q4 2019?

    Unfortunately I don’t think you will see anything by year end. Unlike last quarter they have been pumping out cars to export, they will hit their number and won’t need to promote anything more then the current federal rebate to get their. Last quarter there was lots of inventory available with...
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    This isn’t going to help Tesla’s lack of service but aligning the trunk is very straight forward. I had to replace mine completely and it took about and hour to remove the old and install the new. Just remove the struts, loosing the 4 bolts and adjust it. So if your like me and can’t stand...
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    What convinced you to buy?

    Was ready to buy a certified CT6 plug in to replace my ELR. Stopped to place deposit and a used 18 black Model 3 was sitting out front. Intrigued I sat in it and was impressed with the comfort. The car was being sold as a favor for the FI managers nephew who was in the military and had to move...
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    So I learned something new with this accident. Most people who rear end someone immediately admit fault. Once they do filing a claim through their insurance is easy. However, denying or not admitting to the accident changes everything, while some may find it dishonest insurance companies and...
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    Unsure of purchase

    It’s all about expectations. I drive a lot, about 30k a year. I live in NJ so some cold weather, not as cold as where you are. I have owned Volts, ELR, and regular ICE cars like Cadillac CTS. For me I researched everything and had proper expectations. Yes it is more to insure, repairs and...
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    I looked at it before they pulled it. It came off the IIHS test crash car.
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    That’s how it went down, Split decision. I just let it go, no point in following through with the claim for 700.00...
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    Sorry for the delays, it was raining all week. Here are daytime photos. It really is spot on. I stopped by the body shop to get their opinion, they were shocked. He said he wouldn’t touch it. With parts hard to find it may be worth a shot sourcing Salvaged parts for minor repairs.
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    Tesla improves Model 3's Interior Cabin Noise

    I was concerned about this too before I bought mine and expected to have to add gaskets and such. Mine is a 8-19 build and Noise is minimal, I checked with two meters against my Ram and Cadillac before I traded it and the loudest reading was 76 DB in all 3. Average was around 72. Not sure if...
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    Tesla improves Model 3's Interior Cabin Noise

    I see you have the correct car in your avatar to go pick up the 2020 Model 3...
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    Cant decide which car to get, Model S 2016 with MCU1 or new Model 3

    Same here, looked at used 16-17 S too. The 3 sold me on Warranty, better tech, better ride (IMO) and more fun to drive overall.
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    Agreed... the police report was filed so it will show up on Carfax at some point. Which is exactly why I wanted to go this route. Minimal cost and impact that I can prove. I Got an estimate through my insurance company for about 2500.00 for repairing it. I plan on reaching out to his insurance...
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    687.00 with tax. I had to act fast, someone else wanted the lid too so I had to choose to ship it for 250 or go pick it up. I wanted to see it in person so I bit the bullet and picked it up. It was like finding a unicorn... the car was made in July, mine was in August, chances of finding another...
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    That’s what I am thinking but will reserve final judgment in the morning. The night lighting under the LED tends to show the most. If I park the car nose in I can see a sublet shade difference on my front front bumper against the fender but don’t notice it during the day.
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    Exactly what I wanted to avoid...
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    So to answer some questions, he didn’t receive a ticket, he said I backed up and I said he bumped me. History dictates he should be found responsible, however there are no guarantees, it was a busy intersection, the cop couldn’t care less as the damage was minimal. The Tesla repair shop would...
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    He was insured, just denying it was his fault. Ultimately it will go through his insurance. And no recordings as I didn’t have it set up... it is set up now.
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    Damaged trunk, need advise

    So after only having my car 3 weeks someone bumped my car. He was driving a lifted Jeep with a brush guard so instead of hitting my bumper he hit the edge of the trunk putting two creases on the edge... Ironically he denied hitting me... it was very obvious he did. So after some research I...
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    Advice and experience purchasing "used" M3 w/ < 200 miles from Tesla

    You can see it so that’s the best case scenario. If there is anything wrong you will know immediately. You rarely hear someone with a mechanical issues. So if it looks good buy it! Good luck!
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    Advice and experience purchasing "used" M3 w/ < 200 miles from Tesla

    Assuming you are local to the car, don't have to pay the 2k to transport it and can see it in advance? If so go look at it before signing. 2500 savings is substantial, all the used ones I have seen were only a few hundred off and once the 2k freight was added and rebate loss figured in the used...
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    Buying used Tesla process through Tesla

    I saw that originally before buying mine. Buying new as optioned red, 19" wheels, AWD, FSD would be 57,500 less the rebate of 1850.00 = 55,650. I believe they where asking 56,400 for the used one? So its not the greatest deal, especially with 6500 miles on it. But you can buy this one now verses...
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    Minor Paint Issues turned Major

    Actually the paint formulas started changing in 2008. I have a red G8 and the paint was soft. That’s the biggest issue, some colors are more susceptible then others. Time curing, overall environment along with the low VOC’s really impact the end results. You are better off letting them paint...
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    So I use to drive a wrecker back when wheel lifts were just coming on the scene. I used to have to grab cars that were dead in parking garages with 6’6” high clearance, no way to get any truck in there. It was pretty easy, put the car in neutral, push out of the spot and let gravity take over. I...
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    Comparison of a P85D loaner to my Model 3

    I also noticed it’s a PIA to get in and out of the S, doors seem too small... I am 6ft 225 lbs, way easier to get in and out of the 3. Was thrilled to pick it up today.
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    Comparison of a P85D loaner to my Model 3

    On point for #1, first stop was the car wash, it was really bad... I joked with them when I dropped it off, told them I had it washed. Guy was like you didn’t have to do that! I said I absolutely had too! No way can I roll in a car, especially a Tesla looking like that!! Same with the bald...
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    Comparison of a P85D loaner to my Model 3

    Good info, works better IMO.
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    Comparison of a P85D loaner to my Model 3

    They tried to offer uber credits to me too... I drive to peoples homes for inspections, meet builders on new construction sites... no way Uber would work. The Enterprise down the street rents Model S too. Seems like the car I got is their “go to” loaner.
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    Comparison of a P85D loaner to my Model 3

    There was a dog in this one too... lol
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    Comparison of a P85D loaner to my Model 3

    So dropped my car off for service and got a 14 P85D as a loaner. Other then being very dirty (had to take it to the car wash to get all the bird crap off, lol) it seemed nice. After driving it 125 miles a few things stood out: 1. Ride: It did and didn't ride as nice as the 3... Very strange, on...
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    Paint Correction by Tesla SC

    If it was me I would just let the detailer fix it and try to get Tesla to refund you, they probably won’t but at least you know it’s done right.
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    Need help deciding between Performance and Long Range Model 3?

    I drove both and bought the LR AWD. The performance is a blast, but so is the LR. You can tell the difference in speed to 60 between both but again, they are both fast. If you have the money and plan to track the car occasionally get the performance, otherwise save some cash and get the LR AWD.
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    11 issues on new car - Tesla SC quotes almost $700 to fix 7 of them?

    I have purchased 23 cars over the past 31 years, 26 of which came with warranties, new, used or certified. At no point did any of them ever send me or provide a work order with pricing to be signed in advance, that’s ridiculous. Prices are posted for both diagnostics and work that would be done...
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    if Supercharging was free...How much would you use it? Battery health concern

    I am in a similar situation. I drive about 30k a year. My rate is around .18kw and I have solar which offsets usage by 1200kw a month. I have had my car about 2 1/2 weeks and supercharged 4 times to top off, adding about 100 miles of range and charging with 30-50% remaining, stopping at 80%...
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    Replace rear glass

    Probably more a gut feeling something may go wrong... I had a rear window replaced years ago in my Pontiac GP due to dealer removing rear tint improperly, the glass was installed crooked, and it leaked. Second replacement they scratched the rear pillar down to the primer... it was holy hell...
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    Replace rear glass

    So when I picked up my car they were still cleaning and detailing it. As I walked around the car looking at it I noticed there was tape inside the rear glass. They said they saw it and were going to remove it. As I continued to look the car over I saw them removing the tape, using some light...
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    2020 Model 3

    I doubt you will see further price drops. Based on 3rd quarter results Tesla missed projected units delivered, giving up more margin won’t help that going forward. Plus COG, general price increases will make it difficult to drop pricing. Adding options, possibly newer battery tech or range to...
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    Tesla nearing 50k miles mark, what preventative maintenance should I have Tesla do?

    I live in NJ too and will be close to your mileage, I drive 30k a year. What mileage did you get out of your original tires? Replaced with OEM or a different brand? PSI? And assuming you do a lot of highway driving what’s your WH/MI? Thanks!!
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    Do you use touch-less automatic washes?

    Haha!! I haven’t put anything on it yet. They detailed the car before I picked it up. I had to refuse the first car because of paint defects. This one was spot on, plus I think they spent extra time making sure it was good hence the detail. Funny, I was set on the blue until they offered the...
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    Do you use touch-less automatic washes?

    I have been through the car wash a few times, no scratches yet.

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