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    Tire Recommendation - Quietest all season?

    These are XL in the 19” size that I got. I have been driving the Pirelli P7 A/S Plus2 since December and can confirm they are definitely quieter than the oem Continentals.
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    Quietest tire for 19’s wheels

    Did way too much reading on this forum and others. Just got the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II and drove 15 miles home. They definitely ride smoother and are quieter. Performance and road feel also seems pretty good compared to the oem continentals. I reset the trip computer to check...
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    Quietest tire for 19’s wheels

    I just got a nail this morning and it is unrepairable. My 19” oe continentals are almost worn out anyways at 25k miles (2018 lr rwd). As road noise is the only real thing that I wish my car does better at, I am looking for the quietest tire. These look highly rated on this and other forums...
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    Replaced Air Filters, still musty/old smelling.

    Anyone know what the recirculate symbols mean? There are 3 modes: Blue White Grayed out Blue would be recirc=on but what do the others mean?
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    Replaced Air Filters, still musty/old smelling.

    My goes back to recirculate by itself and it does not tell u when it does. How do u never use recirc?
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    Air conditioning cycling on and off

    Mine was action very weird after a sw update. A full reboot seems to have calmed it down but it is still not as smooth as it was before. It blows noticeably less air at the same auto temp then before.
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    Scheduled Charging - Start Yes, Stop No

    I just signed up for a new electric provider and the free electricity is free from midnight to 3AM. So having a charging stop time would be great. Currently, 3 hours gets me about 30% so I plug in when my car gets down to 50% and it finishes to 80% by 3AM. So not too bad of a workaround but...
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    Daily charging vs every few days

    Excellent! I have been using the Stats app for a while now but didn’t know they have this functionality. I wonder how the app stops the charging. Does it suck up battery on my phone? Has anyone tried the Stats app for this function?
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    Daily charging vs every few days

    I’m in Texas and did a comparison with the last years energy usage. While the rates are slightly higher with the midnight to 3am plan, if I save $10 or more per month within the 3 hour free window then I come out ahead. Need to find more excuses to take the Tesla since it’s sort of free now! I...
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    Daily charging vs every few days

    I just got on a new electric plan that gives me free electricity between midnight and 3am. 3 hours gets me about 30% so it’s not enough to charge from my usual 30% to 80%. With the virus, I am working from home so have some flexibility. Is it worst for the long term battery health to charge...
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    My Solution to the Blind Spot Problem

    I had the circular from Abstract Ocean too but never got comfortable with it especially at night as the mirror was too small. So I did the floss and it removed pretty easily. The trick is to wrap the floss all around and then tighten the like a knot. I then got the mirrors from the OP’s amazon...
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    Added convex side mirror

    I just got these based on this thread last week. Still trying to get used to them. The images are so small that I have to look and concentrate on the little mirror which is not great. At night, things are so small and dim that I can’t use them at all. Time will tell if they are keepers.
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    Houston Area - Electricity Plan

    Anyone switch to Griddy and use it long-term? It looks tempting but there are some bad online reviews alleging really crazy bills during peak demand times.
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    TheDrive article about Tesla Screens

    Anyone see this article yet: Tesla's Screen Saga Shows Why Automotive Grade Matters It basically says that Tesla used lower grade screens on the Model S and now they are having issues. Interesting and I wonder what grade of screen on my the Model 3?
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    Winding Roads with Parked Cars = Collission Warning

    I got my M3 in November and this would occasionally happen in my neighborhood. After some update (not sure when but probably around January or so) it now happens to me almost every time if I drive my normal speed. If I drive slower then it does not happen. I now just drive slowly as I should...
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    NEMA 14-50 & Cable Organizer Install

    The bay on my side is very narrow and not deep enough to fit the wife’s full size suv. It would have been much easier for sure to just switch.
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    NEMA 14-50 & Cable Organizer Install

    Here is my setup. I park the Tesla on the opposite side of where the breaker box is so have to string up the cable over my wife’s car.
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    Head rests - so narrow and far forward

    I was worried about this too but just completed a 600 mile trip over 2 days and the headrests ended up being very comfortable. I moved my back tilt angle rearward a little to compensate. The headrests feel too forward at first but after a while I stopped thinking about this and everything is...
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    ICE car is so old school

    Haven’t driven an ICE car in a while. I drove my wife’s car today and: Had to carry around a key fob Turn the car on Listen to engine noise Feel the transmission shift and shudder Wait a second or so for the car to accelerate when pressing the gas pedal When I got to the store I forgot to...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    I think the seals could block more noise if u put them closer to the door edge to make a tighter seal. This issue is that it’s a very fine balance between a tight seal and a door that must be slammed really hard to close properly. I have been continually making adjustments especially on the rear...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    I have now done all the above. Each one made some difference. Here is my opinion (I didnt do any dB measurements) in order of the most effective to the least. Noico on all doors Window tint Tesla front sun shade RPM Tesla wind kit Foam in trunk shelf opening Noico in frunk/trunk Door seals...
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    Rear deck cutout

    Thanks! Looks like the air comes from the top side and down. I covered the floor and sides in the middle tub so should be ok. I did remove the noico and replaced it with some breathable foam after see this thread.
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    Rear deck cutout

    It’s is quieter for sure but still too loud in my opinion. I have put noico everywhere that I can without dismantling the car too much (trunk, frunk, front doors, rear shelf), put in rpm wind kit, and added seals to all doors. It’s now better than an economy car but not as good as a true entry...
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    Rear deck cutout

    Where are the rear side exit portlets. I pull out the carpet to put in noico and didn’t see any holes. Hopefully I didn’t block the portlet holes with noico...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    It looks like newer builds are using some sort of fabric to still allow minor airflow but possibly reduce the noise. There is a thread about this: Rear deck cutout I may try to replicate this and remove the noico so that at least some airflow is allowed. I was just using a pillow before the...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    I put a small pillow inside and then used Noico to cover up the rear shelf hole. It definitely made a difference and is probably the easiest 1st step in noise reduction. I haven't noticed much airflow difference (the doors possibly could be ever so slightly harder to close) or any lowered sub...
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    Thanks! This is perfect. I’ll try it and see if this makes any difference. I have used Noico in the frunk tub, frunk hood, front doors, trunk lid, trunk deck, and trunk bottom. Car is a little better but still way too loud.
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    Reducing noise and keeping the door sills clean

    I am on a quest to make car quieter. Have done the Dynamat and how have the seals that you suggested coming in this week. Any chance to can tell us where u put each kind? It’s hard to tell which goes where.
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    Rear deck cutout

    Wow. I had the mesh on my car (November delivery) and used a small pillow as a similar solution. It made the car a little quieter. I then completely sealed it with noico sound deadening foam. The doors are harder to close but car is now quieter.
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    Reducing Road Noise

    Yes. I spent about 4 hours doing the frunk tub, frunk lid, rear shelf, and trunk lid as per the OP. I also fully lined the metal bottom of the trunk as it is very easy to get to if you just remove the plastic covering next to the latch and lift up the trunk carpet. The lining covered up a...
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    Reducing Road Noise

    I just ordered the 80mil Noico and will work on this during the XMas break as the road noise is driving me crazy. Did you notice any reduction in bass by lining the the underside of the rear package shelf? The sub woofer is in the right side of the trunk. I have experimented with covering the...
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    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    I have location services for the app set to "only when app is running". Does anyone know if this limits what statistics the app will collect. I don't like to have location services set to "always" for any app.
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    Reducing Road Noise

    Do you have a link to the 80mil material from Amazon?
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Install Price

    Wow. Thanks a good price. I just put in my order on Monday and live in Houston. Can you send me your installer guy's info.
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    From a Merc C Class to a 3 ?

    This is my exact dilemma. Currently driving a 2016 C300 with AMG Sports package. Love the car but have always wanted the instant torque of an electric and no more buying gas. 1st day reservation holder and just got invited to configure the M3 with everyone else but have not done it. Worried...
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    Any other reservation in Houston area get this?

    I got the email too and also clicked to link hoping to get a private appointment. I'm sure there will be a long line by the weekend to see it.
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    Model 3's Ride Quality

    I had different combinations of very low profile z-rated summer and all-season non-runflats 18’s and 19’s on the bmw and mb both with sports package suspension. The quiet ride with minimal road noise and firm yet still smooth suspensions are the primary reason I buy these cars over a Honda...
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    Model 3's Ride Quality

    Motor Trend tested the noise levels and has the Model 3 (74.2db) as almost 2 decibels louder than the Leaf (72.5db). 2 decibels is quite a bit louder...

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