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  1. trnunes

    S3XY Shorts: Guess Ive Been a Good Girl this Year

    I looked at the short shorts *first* (hey, I was invited to, right?), which totally distracted me from the *Tesla*, so I had to *reopen* the post to look at the car! Um, er... *Very* nice, er, M3! Which is, uh... Black! It's black, right?? Okay, need a drink of water now.
  2. trnunes

    Just finished a 3,044 mile road trip in my '16 MS 90D

    Great road trip report! I did a 2000 mile road trip in my 2016 MS 70D recently, and, aside from occasional range anxiety (which would've been lessened in a 90D), the S did great. Mountains, needing to quickly get out of the way of inattentive semis, etc., aren't as problematic when you're...
  3. trnunes

    Excellent Tesla Service

    All three of my Tesla service experiences since picking up my used S in January have been positive. Two were mobile, one overnight/in-shop,, all out of the Highland Park, IL location.
  4. trnunes

    I miss driving my Model 3

    Oh yeah. It's tough going from daily to once a week grocery trips, so I have taken my S for the occasional 'walk'. Once you've experienced "zero to speed limit in 2 or 3 seconds", it's like ... Well... You all know what it's like, so......
  5. trnunes

    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    Awesome news! Thanks!!
  6. trnunes

    Updating a 2020 Tesla vs 2020 Updating a Land Rover - A lesson in WTF

    After doing just that to my Model S last night (and still dealing with the *significant* trauma to the fingertip of my right forefinger; I obviously need to start switching between my left and right forefingers!), I can only say this about future ICE purchases......
  7. trnunes

    My Tesla buying/servicing/after sale support experience

    @retepnivlag, Loved your story, as mine is similar -- though I don't think I could have told mine as richly/colorfully :-) . And after several decades of mostly North American cars + a Honda that refused to die (which, btw, I ended up shipping to my parents, who've since used it for another ten...
  8. trnunes

    Family man finding the S a little too tight. Is the X significantly better with kids?

    That is a damn fine looking Model X. Love the matte black/chrome delete.
  9. trnunes

    My Tesla buying/servicing/after sale support experience

    Thanks for sharing! I also purchased my first Tesla and pure EV this year (I did own a Ford C-Max Energi PHEV in the past, but it was *not* an ideal Midwestern car, in several respects. I accepted delivery of my used Model S 70D this past January, had a similarly positive delivery experience...
  10. trnunes

    An unforeseen Model S risk

    Aside from arriving first/leaving last, or a ludicrous amount of red tape? Unfortunately, no. That said, I actually did arrive to the last dark site before sundown, and left with everyone else. I also mostly do outreach these days, where night vision's already a lost cause, so......
  11. trnunes

    An unforeseen Model S risk

    A Y to replace my partner's ICE SUV would likely be my first post-lottery win purchase!
  12. trnunes

    An unforeseen Model S risk

    Lucky!!! In the current market, I think your Costco purchase may be worth more than an S; especially sold by the individual roll on eBay!
  13. trnunes

    An unforeseen Model S risk

    Same here. Her car is an SUV, as was her previous car. Unfortunately for me/the future, height aside, you can fit almost as much (if not more) in the back of an S, with the rear seats still up, as you can in some SUVs; something I recently proved with an s'load of astronomy gear for a public...
  14. trnunes

    An unforeseen Model S risk

    When I bought my first Tesla ~3 months ago (a pre-April 2016 MS 70D), my partner initially tried to talk me out of it (cost), and has repeatedly ribbed me about the decision since. A week ago, she had to run an errand, was low on gas in her car and borrowed the S. Over the weekend, she went out...
  15. trnunes

    An Astronomer's Dream Car

    I haven't taken my S to dark skies yet, just the one public outreach (where night vision's a non-starter). You did inspire an odd picture in my mind, though; of the red tape I had on my old Subaru's interior lights, totally covering the S' two screens. ;-) If I get a chance to RTFM, I'll share...
  16. trnunes

    An Astronomer's Dream Car

    I gotta echo @nwdiver. The actual pic accompanying my initial post is my 8" SCT/mount, tripod, step stool, two 17amp power tanks, dew shield, and big-bag-o-accessories. I haven't tried putting my 12.5" truss dob in it yet, but I think it will fit with the seats down. And, re:small SUV...
  17. trnunes

    An Astronomer's Dream Car

    Yep! My S has a solid roof, though, but most people would have glass.
  18. trnunes

    An Astronomer's Dream Car

    I'm helping one of the local astronomy clubs staff a public observing outreach tonight at an area library, and discovered that a Model S is apparently ideal for hauling an s-load of gear. #astronomy #STEM #telescopes #NAS #volunteering @Celestron @BarringtonStoke @tesla
  19. trnunes

    Best service experience EVER!

    Admittedly, a Tesla newbie here (I've had my used pre-April 'CPO' 2016 Model S 70D for just a few weeks now), but..... I just had the BEST car repair experience of my LIFE. The factory technician came out the NEXT DAY, fixed my car in the parking garage WHERE I WORK, all while I remained...
  20. trnunes

    Purchasing used MS from Tesla vs 3rd party

    Just purchased a 2016 (AP1/pre-Nov) S 70D from Tesla w/48 mo./50K mile new car warranty (caveating the drivetrain, which is still original purchase-based). The pre-delivery communications were a bit challenging, as has been shared by others (and as my own pre-purchase research forwarded me...
  21. trnunes

    New Tesla owner w/J1772 concerns

    Thanks for responding! I'll try not to drive off without the adapter (as I can see myself doing that (pained smile)).
  22. trnunes

    New Tesla owner w/J1772 concerns

    Hi, everyone! I'm a brand spanking new Tesla owner (a used S70D). I wanted to say "Hi!", and also bounce a question off everyone (which, if it's a stupid question with an obvious answer, my apologies in advance, being a 'newbie')...... Has anyone had any issues with their J1772 adapter going...

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