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    High Pitched sounds from drive unit 35-50 MPH

    I just mentioned it when it went in for annual service. I made sure to tell them the speeds it occurred, so they would drive it if needed.
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    High Pitched sounds from drive unit 35-50 MPH

    Mine was doing exactly that last fall/winter and they replaced the drive unit.
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    Does Model S work as family car?

    Absolutely. Ours has been the family road trip car for 8+ years. Me, wife, 2 boys and dog. When the oldest hit 6'5" he got use front seat, otherwise no complaints on back seat comfort. First beach trip we tried to keep the dog all the way in the back, but gave up after that and she rides back...
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    new 14-50 versus using dryer 10-30?

    My sense is you will be fine with the 10-30. I've used 14-50 for 6+ years and when visiting my Mom, I use her 10-30 dryer outlet. I think your proximity to any Superchargers might play a role in how much reserve higher capacity you would want. Currently there are probably 6 or 7 Superchargers...
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    Got my car back from Burleigh today and initial impressions I’m pleased with the results. It took about a month for the job to get done but at least half of that was waiting for parts from Tesla. Glad to be back in the saddle; I’ve had enough of gas range anxiety and standing around at gas stations.
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    Veteran Day and the 1 Percent

    There are numerous VA benefits outside of the medical system. The VA loan guaranty (0% down) and eligibility to buried in a National cemetery (free headstone!) are the first to come to mind. The VA medical is a safety net system. I was in and out of the Navy twice, and each time on separating...
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    Supercharger - Chester, VA

    Yeah the chargers do take up a good chunk of available parking there, so I wouldn't get worked up about the occasional ICE, but that's just someone being a jerk.
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    I went with Burleigh, which is the other Tesla recommended one in Richmond. Getting the work done now. I got an email from Tesla noting the parts are ordered. I'll post with results. Driving my wife's plug in Prius. Boy I miss all electric ....
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    I appreciate the replies. Mike if you're in Lynchburg, I think we know each other. I hit the deer on the way to Southside.
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    Hello All, Long time no post. My 6+ year old 85 has been doing great until today when I t-boned a deer on my way in to work. Nose cone , hood and quarter panel are dinged up quite a bit . Car handled it like a champ otherwise. I’m disappointed to learn that the service centers don’t do body...
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    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    6 years old in 1 week. “A” battery pack, 67k miles. Max charge last time was 240 miles. It was 273 when new. I’ve always suspected that the true range is a little more than that. Ran it down to 10 miles left a few days ago.
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    My baby is all grown up now (4 year old Model S)

    Mine has 46K. I have air suspension on mine. I wonder if the dual motor contributes to a little extra noise and maybe makes the car a little stiffer. I've had loaners 5 or 6 times over the years, but this last was the only time I've put serious miles on one. I had my drive unit replaced a year...
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    My baby is all grown up now (4 year old Model S)

    Just passed 4 years with my S85. I used to be a regular here in the lead up to buying and in the several months after delivery of my S85 but haven't checked in much over the past couple of years. Just passed my 4th anniversary on March 10 and the car is as good, probably better, than the day I...
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    Altavista, VA: New Destination Charging location opening soon

    Hi Steve, Long time no talk! First time I've checked in here in months. Keep me posted, text might be best, and I'll go if I'm not working. BTW, my wife saw your car over at Randolph recently. H
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    Dulles Parking

    There are one or two threads here on Dulles. I live 160 miles away and this summer drove to Dulles for our family trip to Europe. The charger spots were all full including 3 Teslas not plugged in. I couldn't find a spot with a 120 outlet and so when we got back from our trip we had to make a jet...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Just returned from Scandanavian vacation. Saw 3 or 4 Teslae in Stockholm, including a P85D on Birger Jarlsgatan near my hotel. Teslae all over the place in Copenhagen, but thought the brown deserved a pic. This also near my hotel on Dronningen Tvorgatan. There was also a blue in a parking lot...
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Yes 3 Teslas not even plugged in. One parked head first! My car is parked on the other side of the garage now with 44 miles of range and 160 miles to get back home. Hopefully there'll be enough range left to limp over to the Woodbridge SC which, at best, will add a couple of hours on to the...
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Well I'm waiting with my family at the Dulles airport. Garage 1 was pretty full and couldn't find any spots near outlets. The Garage 2 EV spots were all taken, including 4 or 5 Teslas. 3 of them were not plugged in. Losers. I took pics.
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    World record of fewest visits in Service Center ?

    Me personally? Zero. My car has been about 5 times in 2 1/2 years, but they always come pick it up for me.
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Double bump Any news on 120v outlets at Dulles? My trip is coming up soon. I'm going to try to use the 120 outlets on the Chargepoint spots, but looks like there is a lot of hate and discontent over those spots. I'm parking for 10 days so I'm also interested if anyone has had any luck charging...
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    Any plans for Superchargers in Richmond VA or Norfolk VA?

    The weakness of the on board nav remains in it's route planning. It has always preferred major routes and will take you on pretty inefficient routes. Example: I travel to the RDU area from my home in Virginia pretty frequently. About a 130 mile trip, partially on 2 lane roads. I had 200 miles on...
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    Bugs in firmware 6.2

    Sorry, short term memory, couldn't remember from the walk from the car. .136 . I tried starting from scratch a couple of times without success. First time in 2+ years I've had a BT problem that lasted more than a few minutes.
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    Bugs in firmware 6.2

    Anyone having Bluetooth problems? I updated to .146 a few days ago and to iOS 8.3 around the same time and now my phone won't connect. Rebooted phone and center console a few times each, no success. iPhone 6 which is new but worked fine before these upgrades. The car and the phone will "see"...
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    Is the Tesla wave / chin hello dead?

    I was just up visitng a friend in Potomac MD, saw a total of 3 Teslae. First two I waved, no response. On the third, I started to do the Deep South "lift the index finger off the steering wheel" and got a honk and a vigorous wave. Made me feel bad. Also saw my first ever P85D, black, here in...
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    We are everywhere

    I just saw my first "wild" one here in Lynchburg, VA yesterday, a red one. There is one more I know of besides mine and another on the way this month. Not bad for a town of 70K!
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Bump. Any updates or inside info regarding 110V charging? I'm planning a summer trip and will park there for 10 days but I don't want to eat up L2 charger the whole time.
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    How to get to snowshoe?

    Another option to consider - I remember reading of a level 2 charger somewhere in Lewisbug WV, I think at a small hotel. This is 196 miles from Burlington. You could get there with a short stop in Roanoke, overnight in Lewisburg before final assault on Snowshoe.
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    Cheated on my new Tesla today...

    Pizza goes in the frunk.
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    Brought this home today ...

    Unfortunately my house and my other gadgets aren't as reliable as the Tesla.
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    Brought this home today ...

    In my Model S. New Husky 52 Tool Cabinet with LED-Lit Drawers | ToolGuyd This car rocks! Try that in a Panamera!
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    State Inspection worries

    I take mine to a little service station a couple of blocks from my house. First time the guy was just as nervous about putting it up on the lift as I was, so he did a cursory test of the brake lights. Year #2 it went up on the lift; I made sure to pull out the little info card from the glove box...
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    Quick Charger in Roanoke, VA

    That's great news for Leaf owners! Looking at the Eaton website, they mention work on a J1772 option for this charger. Downtown Roanoke has plenty of options for dining,etc, so that will be a nice location for I81 travelers if we ever get the Chademo adapter. FYI the transportation museum...
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    Cold weather fun

    My big problem in some bitter single digit cold last winter was the window not sealing properly. The melted ice would re-freeze on the rubber seals. In one case the window was flexed so much I was worried it would break. I'm still not sure if there's a good method to prevent/solve this.
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    120 volt 15 amp extension cord?

    I have a 15' 15A cord which I believe is a 12g I got from Home Depot. I use it pretty regularly on road trips, including a few occasions at RDU airport. It's sometimes difficult to fit the adapter into an outlet that has a flip up cover and the extension cord helps with this. I routinely get 3...
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    New Tesla owner and HAPPY Great price from tesla!

    Wow, that is a great deal! Less than I paid for my new one under the original pricing structure in early 2013. Enjoy!
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    I think we can assume he got the tech package.

    Hmmm, I'll have to check out the government auction on drug bust cars.
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    Supercharger stations in North Carolina

    Wait other people use that Supercharger? I thought Tesla built it just for me!
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    Random Model S sightings

    RDU airport parking garage. Saw a (green, I think) S60 last Wednesday on the way in and a black P85 today before leaving.
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    2 teslas as only cars in household? good idea or bad

    Me too. Currently (no pun intended) the Prius stays at home while the Model S goes on road trips.
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    GM CEO Mary Barra on Tesla: 'We just want a level playing field'

    The playing field will never be level as long as GM keeps making those ugly ass clunker cars. Aztec anyone?
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    Value of Autopilot and improvements .... Used S85 values.

    There's a thread on the official Tesla forums of a guy essentially asking for offers for used S85's. I haven't looked at in a couple of days but there were a few in the low 60's.
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    lorih going away party (cohosted by Brianman)

    Happy Birthday! I actually checked into being in SF on 10/24-25 to see the Giants in the World Series but it didn't work out. FYI, I moved from Ess Eff in 1995 and I've been trying to figure out when I can move back ever since.
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    The Tragedy of Ignorance and Hatred: The wages of FUD

    I've seen more of the type of behavior described by the OP as a bicycle rider than as a Tesla driver. As far as the Tesla goes it's almost all "nice car"' and thumbs up around here.
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    HPWC and J-1772 Near UVA in Charlottesville

    Thanks Lanny, that's good to know and that's a good location. I may swing by there when I'm up in Cville in a couple of weeks.
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    My wife is my autopilot

    I think my wife would be OK with autopilot as long as there was an audible "Careful!" or "Watch that car!" every 2-3 minutes.
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    Why Tesla, why now?

    Congrats on your purchase and thanks for your well written post! i read a news article a couple of days ago which trumpeted that the average mpg of cars (manufactured or sold, I can't remember) in the US was 24! Pathetic! I think that you are correct in that major auto makers aren't trying...
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    Textile or leather?

    Happy with textile, and I think it looks nice. If you haven't seen it, it's much better quality than your typical Ford Taurus, etc. cloth. My dog usually stays in the back, but she always works her way up to the driver seat while supercharging. Dog hair is holy hell to get out of the carpet in...
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    How long is your wait at a supercharger?

    Not only have I never waited, I'm almost always the only one there.
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    Your Happiest ICE (New or Used) Auto Dealer Story

    I've bought 3 new cars in my life, the Tesla being one, Toyota Prii being the others. Never had any problems buying used from private sellers. The first Prius I bought in 2006 was pretty painless. They were in high demand then, so I was fortunate to find one with no wait. Many dealers were...

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