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    The Best Charging Adapters To Have

    I bought my Model 3 in February 2019 and figured I would do 120v charging until I had a chance to get an electrician to put in a 14-50. I could charge at work if I wanted to (in the 1.5 months that was relevant for me) but most of the time I didn't and it worked just fine. Since then I've been...
  2. K

    Buying a used FSD car from Tesla, first hand experience

    So on the one hand I agree that you need to be up to date and informed about the details of your employer’s products and offerings, it’s also true that Tesla has a massive amount of churn in what their offering, the special deals, and I suspect a lot of ideas are pushed out without rigorous...
  3. K

    Custom front grille

    I wanted to put a P-40 look on my Mazda3 but never got around to it. I don’t suppose that’s really practical on a Model 3.
  4. K

    Listen to Podcasts?

    Or get really skilled at precise voice commands. Which might be impossible.
  5. K

    Door Handle Wraps

    To me the lines look cool, dots do not. Probably won’t do this myself, but I have a definitely opinion between them.
  6. K

    Boring Company Prepares to Dig in Vegas

    Isn’t 2nd Ave Subway more expensive? Also, probably not too meaningful to compare tunnels that need to exhaust fumes from ones that don’t. (Unless the point is tunnels are not a great fit for cars)
  7. K

    SC delivery day: anything worth buying?

    Are they more available at service centers, given they are sold out online?
  8. K

    Vendor New from EV Tuning! Molded Rubber Floor Liners

    Thanks for the reassurance. I sent an email via the web form with some questions about the wireless phone charger (speed, certifications, USB splitters) and once I know the answers to those I’ll place the order.
  9. K

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    Any reviews of the EV Tuning mats? They’re on pretty good sale, have removed the logo (which I didn’t mind) and I know they don’t provide full dead pedal coverage.
  10. K

    Vendor New from EV Tuning! Molded Rubber Floor Liners

    How are the user reviews now? Everything in this thread sounds positive but it’s not particularly long compared to other product threads.
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    Is it possible to find a LR under $40,000?

    I just bought a used M3 LR RWD 19” with 13k miles on it for $41,800 from Tesla. That seemed like a fair price. Now I’m looking for how to switch to 18” wheels.
  12. K

    2020 MY and NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Which is also out of stock, so I don’t see a clear way to get an OEM 14-50 adapter right now. Perhaps the Service Center has some on hand?
  13. K

    2020 MY and NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Which is also out of stock, so I don’t see a clear way to get an OEM 14-50 adapter right now. Perhaps the Service Center has some on hand?
  14. K

    Model 3 OEM 19in Wheel HUGE Price Increase for 2020

    I am waiting on delivery of a used Model 3 with 19” wheels when I’d really rather have the 18s, so I’m sure there are lots of people in my situation willing to sell to you.
  15. K

    Sell my 2018 to buy 2020? Am I crazy?

    How much did you sell your LR for Marius? I'm considering buying a used M3 since all I want is LR RWD but it doesn't seem like a very liquid market.
  16. K

    Tesla EV tax credit extension

    if you allow Tesla, Nissan and GM to take essentially all of the credits, there’s extremely little incentive for Ford, VW, Honda to try and catch up and participate in the EV market. By allowing each manufacturer their own credits, they have an incentive to join the market now rather than giving...
  17. K

    BMW shows more EV concepts, still can’t build EVs in any significant quantity

    I think you are underestimating the investment traditional automakers have in reliability, safety, manufacturing efficiency and service supply chain. Those are also important industrial skill sets.
  18. K

    VW ID.3

    How much to import a Seat to the US... ;)
  19. K

    Off-Menu Metallic Silver Paint

    That's beautiful. You're quite right about the completely different looks.
  20. K

    What do you think 2019 holds for the Model 3?

    I dillied and dallied and didn't get an order in for 2018, so I'm going to wait until something changes to place my order. A HUD would very likely push me over the edge.
  21. K

    How do you still order the LR RWD? Confused

    How much does being in Texas complicate this? Make it impossible?
  22. K

    Transportation option gone for CPOs?

    Do you have private browsing on? I had that cause strange issues that only appeared on my iPad on a hockey site.
  23. K

    Destination chargers are mostly worthless

    To be fair, we can only know that if we know how each entity's budget is set by the parent company.
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    Forbes: Will Tesla's Battery Investment Win It the Inside Track Against the Germans?

    I think you should read the writing of Horace Dediu Asymco He writes a lot about disruption in business, which is mostly about the exact model you're talking about. Also, he has built his own EV and has a podcast called asymcar because he likes cars as a hobby.
  25. K

    1 million Teslas by 2020 - what does it take?

    Are you anticipating zero defects and operational failures in that calculation?
  26. K

    When will the Model Y be unveiled?

    Yes, but one option gives them the cash of the 3 plus the cash of the Y where the other requires them to have sold a new 3 to the used 3 buyer or only receive the cash from the Y, and they only get that money a year or two later. In a cashflow constrained business, a dollar today is worth a lot...
  27. K

    When will Tesla design and manufacture tires?

    Tesla's invention wasn't to invent a new form of battery technology, it was to see that the existing manufacturing of the 18650 cell presented an opportunity to repurpose the existing battery in a novel use that was economically feasible for them when it hadn't been before and wasn't interesting...
  28. K

    New Yorker: Elon Musk has delivery issues

    Manufacturing efficiency might be the most studied topic in business in the last 100 years. Any improvement you can make earns massive returns, from reduced waste, feed stock costs, avoided capital investment, warranty expenditures and labor costs. Also, with huge volumes comes savings from tiny...
  29. K

    How hard would it be to make an electric semi truck

    Just to point out to all the people gleefully predicting replacing freight rail with electric trucks, road damage goes up with the cube of the vehicle weight. So a truck does significantly more damage to a road than the passenger car does. Also, rails are just plain more efficient as long as the...
  30. K

    When will Tesla design and manufacture tires?

    Without knowing anything about the topic, it seems hard to be sure there is an advantage actually feasible. You could also propose they build the Model Y out of unobtanium and vibranium. Would probably do amazing things for weight and NVH dampening.
  31. K

    State of Michigan invests in Tesla

    Is it conflict of interest if they change the law to benefit the retirement portfolio? ;)
  32. K

    Looking Forward to the Model 3 Debut

    You can have it in any color you want it in as long as it's black. Or next year.
  33. K

    Should Tesla move M3 reservations to a realistic time closer to actual release?

    Probably the Model 3, if he's already willing to put down a deposit AND make a proposal, it's probably a pretty stable relationship that could keep going as is for a while. :p
  34. K

    Signature Blue

    A model aimed to compete with the BMW 3 series is not accessible to the masses. I think the Signature series is no different than the M3, and doesn't signal to regular buyers that the Model 3 isn't for them any more than the M3 tells accountants they can't get a 328i.
  35. K

    35K-50K price point? Leasing or Buying? And 1st day announcement # orders discussion

    I'm figuring about $40k for me, and I'll probably be ordering a year or so after it is released. I have a 2010 Mazda 3 and I figure I can get 10 years out of it, so 2019 is the end of the window.
  36. K

    Signature Blue

    What's your reasoning for this? It's an easy way to charge extra for the first production models, it attracts buyers who are emotionally invested in the brand more than usual and who are probably going to be more forgiving of early production issues than general market buyers, and it doesn't...
  37. K

    I would like to visit the Tesla Fremont Factory, but don't own a Tesla

    To be honest, I didn't consider anyone might live in France, but be closer to the German speaking part of Switzerland. All my visits have been to Geneva, and I assumed the entire west of the country was the French part. But I expect even in Schweiz Deutsch land, you'll find people prepared to...
  38. K

    I would like to visit the Tesla Fremont Factory, but don't own a Tesla

    You might call the Swiss location. Benefits of not having to travel while still being able to speak in French. ;) Of course, as someone who has interacted a lot with people in France, Switzerland etc and I speak basically no French, everyone I have spoken to has been much more unsure about their...
  39. K

    Model 3 "pushed back" to 2018?

    More likely, the delays in the 3 are unrelated to the Gigafactory, and the excess battery production will need to be routed to stationary storage until the car catches up.
  40. K

    Will the Model 3 Be Built in Fremont, or Somewhere Else?

    I've heard rumors that auto industry operations in Southern Ontario are likely to decline. There's plenty of industrial capacity in Gary, Flint, lots of cities. Leaving aside the places that were all set to compete for the Gigafactory before.
  41. K

    How is Tesla going to make the Model 3 for $35,000?

    Are people putting cost of warranty service in the margin or attributed to individual parts?
  42. K

    Will the Model 3 Be Built in Fremont, or Somewhere Else?

    The question for Tesla is does it decide to move the in house non-assembly work it does in Fremont to elsewhere to free up space for more assembly, or does it do assembly elsewhere in order to not disrupt the existing in-house work. Either way, that's an industrial engineering question rather...
  43. K

    Elon's cash flow/liquidity

    They use the money in the bank they got from their investors, or commercial loans they obtained from banks.
  44. K

    How important is design of a modern car?

    Would you take something that looked like a Leaf with a 200 mile range over something that looked like a Model S with a 70 mile range?
  45. K

    Over promise, under deliver

    Are we talking about the majority of current Tesla owners or the majority of potential owners or the majority of people who have heard of Tesla?
  46. K

    Should Model 3 be offered as a Series rather than a Model?

    I like the convenience of knowing that a BMW 318i or a 335d or 335xi etc has consistent information embedded in the designation, but I'm sure the Model 3 will get appropriate shorthand soon enough.
  47. K

    Model 3 Timeline (speculation)

    I think this is a good description. Schedules slip. Something will be delivered in 2017, but it won't be significant to the total market.
  48. K

    Investing in Panasonic as a side-play in Tesla

    Panasonic is a terrible choice for diversification from Tesla.
  49. K

    Design improvements over what people have seen

    Why way too early for Model E? We're imagining a 2016 launch or so? I presume it takes a year to manufacture from prototypes to production, and probably a year from design to prototypes. So we're at 2014, and you want your designers to be up to speed and aware of constraints and options...
  50. K

    Gen3 @ $35k without any government voodoo

    Different people have different definitions of the masses. People in higher income ranges really don't have a strong grasp on what % of people are living in lower income ranges. I took him to mean the $500-600 monthly payment was for the 3 year old. ;) If the resolution of the 15" screen is...

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