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  1. jlv1

    Where are refreshed S and X?

    I suspect most are still inside the Fremont factory.
  2. jlv1

    Turn off WiFi in Powerwall Gateway?

    In the end I found no actual interference or problems with either of my Zigbee networks (one on a Smartthings v2 hub, one on a Hubitat C-7 hub), so I did nothing to the Gateway's WiFi. That said, the approach I was going to try was the one suggested above, which is to join the Gateway's WiFi to...
  3. jlv1

    Electric vehicle registration hike in Idaho

    Idaho gasoline tax is $0.33/gal (ref: Gas Tax by State 2020 - Current State Diesel & Motor Fuel Tax Rates) If you drive 12000 miles/year in an ICE that does 30 mi/gal, you'll use 400 gallons of gasoline. That would result in paying $132 in gas tax per year. It seems like the existing...
  4. jlv1

    Clearview Free Wknd Charge EV plan

    And I just realized I had a mistake in my math. I was computing the free 250kWh (per month) based on my full electric cost; but it actually only reimburses for the supply portion. I pay National Grid $.14/kWh for distribution costs, and (on my current supplier) $.0957/kWh for supply. This...
  5. jlv1

    Clearview Free Wknd Charge EV plan

    While looking at this, I went back to my notes for energy suppliers. I'm been using alternate suppliers for years, switching nearly every year. My notes included something on Clearview: they have a $10/mo "customer charge". It used to be on all of their plans, but now it's only on some of...
  6. jlv1

    Clearview Free Wknd Charge EV plan

    Ah, Chargepoint's page on incentives for MA includes the new plan you mentioned from Clearview, even though Clearview's page is not updated. This is a great deal if you already have the ChargePoint EVSE. Otherwise, I'd have to buy one ($699+tax). There's the 30% Federal tax credit ($210) and...
  7. jlv1

    Clearview Free Wknd Charge EV plan

    Where does it say that? The FAQ page still lists the old plan.
  8. jlv1

    MA Sales tax on powerwalls: Don’t pay it! Get a refund if you did.

    As it shows in my location.
  9. jlv1

    MA Sales tax on powerwalls: Don’t pay it! Get a refund if you did.

    Thanks for the heads up! I checked my receipt from last year - no sales tax was added to my payment.
  10. jlv1

    Is the yoke steering only for Plaid/Plaid+ ?

    I just configured a Long Range and it included the yoke steering wheel. No option.
  11. jlv1

    Model S or Y for Boston/NY trips?

    We do trips from MA=>Buffalo (~440miles) all the time (well, not over the last 12 months), summer and winter. With my S75D (~240mi range), we usually charge twice on the way (Albany and Utica), but we need the bathroom break anyway. With the X100D (~290mi range) we only stop to charge in Utica...
  12. jlv1

    Has anyone got updated map?

    I've lived in my current house for 30 years and only recently did I finally memorize what my exit number was on the Masspike. And that was only because my car would show me the exit number on the screen (via the nav) as I was approaching the exit. With the car's nav, I almost never pay...
  13. jlv1

    Supercharger - Woburn, MA

    There is plenty of spacing between Superchargers in MA for even a range-limited Model S 60s to be able to transition the area successfully, so I think Tesla has done a heck of a job. (IMHO, the worse thing is traveling on a Saturday and arriving at a Supercharger as an interim waypoint only to...
  14. jlv1

    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    Can someone fix the title for this thread?
  15. jlv1

    Creep, Roll and Hold

    Break HOLD is not the same as the Creep / Roll / Hold option being asked about in the OP. Your '16 does not have the feature being asked about.
  16. jlv1

    How many of you had Door handle issues on your Model S?

    2017, just under 4 years old, 46K miles. Never had a problem with any of the door handles. (I keep wondering if I should get an extended warranty in case my door handles start to fail)
  17. jlv1

    the real Tesla Model S killer made and used in China only

    Poor Model S. So many killers after it... more than John Wick.
  18. jlv1

    Teenagers and automated driving

    I'm glad I was able to teach my kids to drive on cars without any assistance systems (7 to 15 years ago, before our first EV). It made them learn to not depend upon a rear camera or lane keeping, and IMHO made them all better drivers. Our belief is that the purpose of "learning to drive" is as...
  19. jlv1

    Using a Credit Card or Paypal to pay for TESLA Solar

    Yes, I did, too. Almost immediately.
  20. jlv1

    Using a Credit Card or Paypal to pay for TESLA Solar

    Just last week I got an email invoice for my Powerwall install (from [email protected]). It directed me to Paypal to pay by "bank or credit card", but I don't have a credit card hooked up to Paypal. I called and was able to give the CC over the phone. I was not charged a fee for this.
  21. jlv1

    Turn off WiFi in Powerwall Gateway?

    Tesla is coming by tomorrow for the town inspection, so I'll ask about using a serial cable there and disabling the WiFi. But if that doesn't work out, I'll probably do you as you suggest and join it to my network (and then see what network it actually talks upon).
  22. jlv1

    No PowerWall Notifications/Alerts

    We certainly were able to just continue doing things when the power went out the other day. It was really awesome. I have a case opened with support on the missing notifications. I'm hoping that can fix this (but I have my doubts given how many people are complaining about it). Meanwhile, I...
  23. jlv1

    No PowerWall Notifications/Alerts

    I have the one notification ("Power Outage" under Energy) enabled in the app (Android), but I haven't ever gotten a notification. Right this instant we are in a power outage only because we saw a blurb on the news that said our area was without power. I guess the PowerWalls are working fine...
  24. jlv1

    Turn off WiFi in Powerwall Gateway?

    The gateway has it's own WiFi access point built it and it is listening on it's own SSID at "TEG-xxx" (on channel 10). They do this so that you can connect to it like this: Connecting to Tesla Gateway | Tesla Support My gateway is connected directly to an ethernet switch. It's not using WiFi.
  25. jlv1

    Supercharger Speculation - Bar Harbor/Ellsworth, ME

    And given how the parking lot at the Hannaford is constantly full most summer days, I'm going to suspect there will be lots of icing at those SuC stalls.
  26. jlv1

    Turn off WiFi in Powerwall Gateway?

    BLOT: Is there anyway to configure or turn off the WiFi in the gateway? My two Powerwalls were recently installed. The gateway is hardwired to my gigabit ethernet network. The WiFi isn't being used. But it's still active, and on 2.4GHz WiFi channel 10. My two WiFi access points are...
  27. jlv1

    Something interesting happened with my Service Loaner and Autopilot

    AP2 came out starting in October 2016. You can physically tell the difference between AP1 and AP2 cars by looking at the chevrons behind the front wheels; for AP1 they are all chrome, and with AP2 (or newer) they are actually cameras. You should be able to tell if your S is AP1 or AP2. When...
  28. jlv1

    Help me understand my options for backing up circuits using a single Powerwall.

    I struggled between ordering 2 or 3 PowerWalls. We have 2x HVAC systems (2 furnaces, 2 A/C). In the ordering process it stressed that I needed 3 to have a whole house backup; with just 2, they would only put critical loads on the PowerWalls (e.g., everything except the 50A EVSE and the two...
  29. jlv1

    How to get FSD?

    The first time your car drives away for an errand without anyone in it, you'll know it's working.;)
  30. jlv1

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Well, I see the difference every time I drove my wife's X. To me, it's not a big enough difference that I'll do something about it. In fact, I'm glad Tesla came out with the FM radio upgrade after I had my MCU2 upgrade done, as it saved me $500!
  31. jlv1

    Mirrors unfold "randomly" in my garage

    It's a mating ritual. The Model S is trying to get your other car's attention, which is likely ignoring it. You are best off replacing the other car with another Tesla. Of course, then you get the opposite problem. When we go into the garage and get into the Model S, our Model X opens the...
  32. jlv1

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Yes, someone wrote that deleting old nav destinations helps. I did so on my S when it had the MCU1 - it did not help.
  33. jlv1


    I can second this!
  34. jlv1

    Driver profile selection difference between S and X ("Exclude Home" in Walk-Away Door Lock)

    Just to clarify, having the other fob nearby is not the cause of the problem I describe when I created this post. As I said, when I tested out this cause of the problem, I had the other fob in the Faraday bag. But I originally bought the bags for situations such as when we travel and the car is...
  35. jlv1

    Driver profile selection difference between S and X ("Exclude Home" in Walk-Away Door Lock)

    When I did this testing I had the other fobs in Faraday bags. And I first tested the effectiveness of the bag by attempting to get into the car when I had the bag with fob inside next to each car. The Farday bag absolutely prevent the signal from getting out. I bought these because they were...
  36. jlv1

    Late 2016 / Early 2017 S Owners: How Are Your Daytime Running Lights Holding Up?

    My passenger side DRL was replaced when I had my S in for the MCU2 upgrade. 44K miles.
  37. jlv1

    Driver profile selection difference between S and X ("Exclude Home" in Walk-Away Door Lock)

    TL/DR: The S selects the driver profile based upon which fob caused the handles to present. The X selects the driver profile based upon which fob last unlocked the car (*not* the fob that caused the driver's door to open). A few months ago, my wife started complaining that once in a while her...
  38. jlv1

    Best Tesla Apps?

    It's not an "app", but TeslaFi is a great tool for knowing about your car and what you've done with it. Read more at this post (which has a list of other posts I've made about TeslaFi). Must have phone apps I'm not associated with TeslaFi - I'm just a happy, paying user ($5/mo). But if you...
  39. jlv1

    Would You Buy a Model S today?

    Would I buy a Model S today? If it lacks the Pano Roof, no. Should you trade your Model 3 for a Model S? Maybe, if it makes you happy. (and that's after taking financial matters out of the way; e.g,. if you have a loan for your Model 3, then stop wasting money. It's just a car)
  40. jlv1

    First EV driven to 50 states to be scrapped

    Glad to hear you are alright! Are you planning to have the 2nd EV to drive in all 50 states?
  41. jlv1

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I consider an "old S" a nice loaner.
  42. jlv1

    65 mph Speed Limit Signs "invisible" to Tesla

    I don't think we have any roads around here where the speed limit goes from 35 MPH to 65 MPH, so I've not seen that problem. However, we have a State Route 30 and that sets the speed to 30 MPH every time. :(
  43. jlv1

    Powerwall in New England ?

    Should be "with out power on the 2nd day". This is probably a symptom of impending eMMC failure in my original Brain1. Maybe I should get the upgrade to a Brain2.
  44. jlv1

    Powerwall in New England ?

    A team of two showed up this morning to start our PowerWall installation. They left an hour later without doing anything. Turns out our electric meter (a new netmeter from 5 years ago when we had solar PV installed) has a "connection lock" on it, and they can't take it off without National...
  45. jlv1

    Supercharger - Great Barrington, MA

    It had been open when we passed it Friday the 9th in the afternoon on the way to the North Canaan SuC. I noticed it was marked offline on the map when we drove home on Sunday. We stopped by Lee and were only one of 2 cars there mid Sunday afternoon.
  46. jlv1

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Got the car back last night and everything is great. All my settings were carried forward. As expected I did need to reprogram both Homelinks (although the garage doors were still listed, they no longer did anything when pressed). The only thing I read about that didn't happen is converting my...
  47. jlv1

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    My 2017 S is in the SC right now for the MCU2 upgrade (as well as getting the FSD upgrade). Thanks to all for the information in this thread -- I've been reading it from when the upgrade was still a wish. I would have done the upgrade sooner but I fretted over losing the FM radio. I finally...
  48. jlv1

    2018 New England Super Chargers

    Try "fast" charging a LEAF or Bolt and you'll know the meaning of "terribly slow".
  49. jlv1

    Problem with keys and profiles

    We are having a somewhat similar problem with our X that started recently. It no longer switches profiles when we go into the car with our respective fobs; instead it stays on the last profile that was selected. Since she uses Easy Exit and pushes the seat way back, when I get into the car it...
  50. jlv1

    Powerwall in New England ?

    We finally got through the National Grid permitting morass and have an install date in October for our Powerwalls! We already have 8.9kWh (DC, 7kWh AC) of PE panels. The Powerwalls are purely for power backup (we are on an isolated power branch and get 3-4 outages a year, and we're often the...

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