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  1. TechnoMage

    Moving to new house.. solar system sizing

    When looking at getting solar do not forget the value the panels add to your house value. The payback is not just dollars saved on your electric bill, but the value added to your house, as well as the tax credits.
  2. TechnoMage

    Blog Tesla Software Update Improves Speed Limit Sign Detection

    We have the opposite problem. When transitioning from 65 highways to 40 streets autopilot does not adjust the speed setting and tries to keep going at 70. I am basically having to manually set the speed 75% of the time since the last update.
  3. TechnoMage

    Autopilot not available issue

    Anyone know why autopilot often is unavailable for a while after making a turn?
  4. TechnoMage

    What started you investing in Tesla (@Jackl1956 thread)

    We bought a few shares years ago based on it being an EV company worth watching. After autonomy day my interest ramped up, and we started buying in on a monthly dollar cost average basis. Continuing to move money from bonds to Tesla as the risk level of the company reduces. We plan to hold for a...
  5. TechnoMage

    Do you regret paying for Full Self Driving?

    No regrets. I trust it to do lane changes, and in the first month it prevented an accident that would have totaled the car. Idiot passed me on the right weaving between lanes. FSD aborted the lane change before I saw the car. I was doing 65, he flew past me. I like stop light detection, it makes...
  6. TechnoMage

    Can we make an Official Photos thread or sub-forum?

    Not chrome delete, just the lighting.
  7. TechnoMage

    2020.28.5 update

    We got 2020.28.5 a couple of days ago. It now goes over the speed limit by the +3 I have set. Stop lights seem the same.
  8. TechnoMage

    How’s the Y

    Picked it up 6/30 Love it. I will not be able to go back to a gas car. This is my first Tesla. The Y has been great in terms of cargo compared to the minivan we had before. I like the size. The performance is fun, the handling a big improvement. Autopilot/FSD has made daily drive an order of...
  9. TechnoMage

    FSD/AP saved me, and almost caused an accident

    This morning FSD/AP saved me from a bad accident. I was going 65 (speed limit) and had just moved past a truck enough to pull over to the right lane. I initiated a lane change on AP. The car started the lane change, then aborted and returned to the left lane as an idiot blew past me weaving into...
  10. TechnoMage

    Missing VIN and tire pressure labels in door jam

    Mine is there. I was looking for the vin sticker in the wrong place. Mine is lower right when facing driver seat. Same as picture above.
  11. TechnoMage

    What kind of Wh/mi are you guys getting?

    Most recent round trip: 47.3 at 241wh/mi mostly 65 on highway and freeway 90% autopilot. 910.8 at 267 wh/mi lifetime. A/C definitely was a drain when temps were in the high 90s
  12. TechnoMage

    Missing VIN and tire pressure labels in door jam

    I have the tire pressure sticker, but no vin sticker.
  13. TechnoMage

    You're suddenly well off, your lifelong friends are not. Now what?

    A friend of mine that aspired to a Tesla does have a hard time hearing about my Y. But, I have always made more than he does, and while it can get touchy at times, we stay good friends because our connection is not about money. If having money changes things then I would say they were not real...
  14. TechnoMage

    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    it looks like that was a typo for “stunned”
  15. TechnoMage

    After FSD 3.0, Summon accident!!! Crashed my bumper and hood

    Smart summon needs to show live camera feeds. There is no point in smart summon if you are in/following the car. The point is to have it come to you. If it offered live camera feeds, the user could monitor its operation.
  16. TechnoMage

    My new Tesla Model Y has 30% more usable cargo space than my 2018 Subaru Outback.

    There have been videos showing a bag of clubs sideways in the trunk by using the 2 side cubbies at the back.
  17. TechnoMage

    What software version on MY when delivery

    It came up in the app about an hour later
  18. TechnoMage

    What software version on MY when delivery

    Second attempt completed. Now on 2020.24.6.4 1 week after delivery
  19. TechnoMage

    My new Tesla Model Y has 30% more usable cargo space than my 2018 Subaru Outback.

    “Crash tested dog care” unfortunately that is not an option for us, as they are too big for anything except possibly the Cybertruck. Saint Bernards are big. 54” crate.
  20. TechnoMage

    What software version on MY when delivery

    I got the notice as well. but, the update failed.
  21. TechnoMage

    Old guy driving

    We had an on-campus CDC, and teletypes to the state timeshare my first year, and got a PDP with 16 crt terminals my second year. We even got a S100 PC my last year 1979.
  22. TechnoMage

    What kind of Wh/mi are you guys getting?

    Around town I have seen 244, lifetime average 280s. Still only about 200 miles.
  23. TechnoMage

    Current owners... new thoughts on 3rd row space?

    I have to move the fromt seats forward for the grand kid’s car seats as it is. I do not see a third row without a longer body.
  24. TechnoMage

    Can we make an Official Photos thread or sub-forum?

    In the above 2 the first is Gemini without the covers, and mine is with the covers
  25. TechnoMage

    Supercharger - Sioux City, IA

    They are installing v3 in long distance locations. We got a v3 in the mountains on I-70 that will have very little local traffic. Of course it would have high numbers of vehicles on I-70. We also got a v3 in one of the local supercharger locations. Denver is certainly larger than souix city.
  26. TechnoMage

    Old guy driving

    63 for me. Picked up my Y on tuesday. No issues to fix other than the rear hatch not always applying enough force to latch nwill get around to scheduling a mobile service one of these days.
  27. TechnoMage

    To FSD or not..

    Yes. The standard is to be noticeably better than human drivers. I would say in some situations that is already true. Now it is just getting them all there. I think they can get to where most situations that is true soon. But, as they stated there is a very long tail. I would not be surprised if...
  28. TechnoMage

    What software version on MY when delivery

    You need 2020.12 to work with exFAT which is what modern computers can format. I am in the same boat.
  29. TechnoMage

    What software version on MY when delivery

    Delivered on 2020.11.103.5 no updates yet
  30. TechnoMage

    Charging habits?

    I just got my Y this past week, and want to set good charging habits. Do people plug it in every night, or wait for it to get low before charging? I imagined charging every night to have a “full tank” every day. But, now that I have it I am leaning toward letting it get low before recharging so...
  31. TechnoMage

    All weather floor mats

    We got the Tasmanian mats and they are a really good fit. No odd bends.
  32. TechnoMage

    What kind of Wh/mi are you guys getting?

    Currently getting 303. Most of the driving is at 65, with A/C on (68 inside, 90s outside)
  33. TechnoMage

    Any Colorado deliveries post factory reopen?

    Got mine on Tuesday. There were 100 at the Superior center, and 240 at the Littleton center.
  34. TechnoMage

    What will you name your Model Y?

  35. TechnoMage

    Issues with Model Y wireless phone charger

    My XS Max fits if I tuck it under the lip. I have a pretty thin case. My wife’s case is thicker, and does not work.
  36. TechnoMage

    Pickup Saturday

    Picked up mine today at the superior center. Nathan was great. No issues worth a service appointment (I am not that OCD about it). The hatch did not always close when pushing the button to close. They adjusted on-site. Pull tab does interfere on occasion. I may eventually get it adjusted.
  37. TechnoMage

    Pickup Saturday

    Pickup pushed to Tuesday, arriving late Monday.
  38. TechnoMage

    What kind of Wh/mi are you guys getting?

    It depends on the kind of driving and the driver. Some have posted under 200 average when most of the driving was city/surface. Highway driving is going to be higher wh/mi.
  39. TechnoMage

    Model Y Road Trip Experience

    Great story. Thanks which adapter did you need for the RV parks?
  40. TechnoMage

    Pickup Saturday

    Pickup scheduled for Saturday at Superior Colorado center. Blue/black AWD 19” tow FSD. Ordered 3/277/20. VIN 18xxx
  41. TechnoMage

    Has anyone who got the 2-4 week text gotten a VIN/delivery scheduled?

    Just got a text that they expect delivery 6/25-6/28 and will reach out once it is built. I had given up on this month. Fingers crossed it has no major issues.
  42. TechnoMage

    Colorado VINS/Deliveries

    Still waiting. Last weekend we got a text to say it would be 1-2 weeks. Fingers crossed.
  43. TechnoMage

    Is FSD worth to buy now for Model Y ?

    There are two reasons to buy FSD: 1) features today, 2) features coming in the future. You need to decide if 1bor 2 justifies the price. If you are financing the car at 2.5% (common rate right now) then it costs about $105/mo. To me 1 or 2 justify that, so it was an easy choice. Since the OP was...
  44. TechnoMage

    Financing Rates on Y?

    2.49 72 mo through Tesla. 730+ score.
  45. TechnoMage

    Has anyone who got the 2-4 week text gotten a VIN/delivery scheduled?

    If this quarter is like the rest, most of the cars are in transit to all reach their destinations in the last week or two so they can be delivered before the end of the quarter. I ordered in late March, still waiting.
  46. TechnoMage

    Model Y Insurance Cost?

    A large factor in auto insurance is medical liability. Tesla has much lower risk of injury, and lower accident rates. They do cost more to repair. But, get a quote with minimal medical coverage, and max to see the impact.
  47. TechnoMage

    Home charger options

    Wall charger + install, not much more than a new NEMATODE + mobile
  48. TechnoMage

    Text from Tesla - but no VIN/MVPA yet

    2-4 week text. Colorado, Blue/Black AWD FSD, Tow 19” Gemini wheels

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