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    SOCAL Model 3 Part Out

    How much do the springs lower the car?
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    Current Delivery Times

    Updated today to May 19 - June 8th
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    For Sale: 21” MYP Uberturbine Wheels, Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) Tires, TPMS, 59 miles, in Dayton, Ohio

    What wheels are you using currently? I'm in Dayton and have a Model Y on order.
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    Current Delivery Times

    Order Placed on Saturday, 4/10 -- Exterior: White Interior: Black Wheels: 20" Induction FSD: No Hitch: No Completed all of the order process Account shows May 6 to May 28th for estimated delivery. Here's to hoping it's sooner, or at least remotely accurate.
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    WTB Tsportline TST 19" wheel in Matte/ Gloss black

    What wheels did you order with your Model 3? I have 19” sport wheels and 20” gloss black T Sportline TSS
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    Model 3 Uberturbines

    Model 3 Uberturbines are 20” They are 21” on the Model Y
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    Model 3 Uberturbines

    No interest in trades I assume?
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    WTB: Model 3 19" Sport Wheels

    Are you still on the prowl? I have a set of silver but have them dipped with Hyper Dip Black.
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    Picked up the P100D this week and went for chrome delete — still needs window tint!
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    Cybertruck Home Charging - New Onboard Charger?

    The weather elements (ice, rain, snow) wouldn't be an issue outside on the wall charger or the plug?
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    Cybertruck Home Charging - New Onboard Charger?

    The truck likely will not fit into my garage where my wall charger is. I live in Ohio where the winter is not friendly. Besides putting a charger outside, or going to a Supercharger (35 min from my house), what options do you have?
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    Model 3 AWD - Unplugged Moderate Springs

    Isn’t that the same as retail price?
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    20" Grey Performance Wheels/Tires/TPMS - Brand New

    Absolute steal! If you decide you’re interested in shipping to SW Ohio, my DMs are open
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    M3P Factory Springs

    Are these different than SR+ and LR? Does it lower the car?
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    For Sale T Sportline lowering springs for Tesla model 3 LR AWD with 1" drop

    thanks. Looking into some quotes for install. May be interested! love the vossen’s by the way - which model?
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    For Sale T Sportline lowering springs for Tesla model 3 LR AWD with 1" drop

    What size rims are those? Trying to envision the 1” drop on my 19s. Are these the Unplugged Performance Moderate Springs?
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    20" Silver Performance Model 3 Wheels

    I’m in Dayton. Any interest in swap for 19” and cash maybe?
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    Performance Wheels and Tires w/ TPMS

    Open to shipping?
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    This has been on my to-do list for what feels like forever! Did you do one side at a time and Put wheels back on and move to the next?
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    where did you get your steering wheel kit
  21. K

    TeslaBros vs NikolaPros chrome delete kit?

    Nikola Pro — Satin Black couldn’t be more pleased!
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    Quarantine Project — Hyperdip on the wheels. For those interested, this product seems much better than original Plastidip. I couldn’t get in for powder coating right now. This was a great temporary solution for $75! Very impressed and pleased with the results.
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    Satin Black Model 3 Performance 20” w/ Pilot 4S & TPMS

    Are you wanting powder coated sport 19s? Or stock 19s? I know it depends on condition, but what cash difference would you have in mind?
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW!

    What rims are these!?
  25. K

    Tesla model 3 spoiler

    Used? 3M still applied?
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    Pics of Model 3 with Grey Performance Wheels

    Does anyone know the exact color Tesla is using for their Gray Performance 20s?
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    4-5 hour job.. mirrors definitely trickier than I anticipated. Heat gun was very handy to have. Overall very happy with this product! Love the Satin Black.
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    Tesla Model 3 Performance Carbon Fiber Spoiler - New

    Still brand new? Double sided tape still fully covered and able to be used?
  29. K

    Satin Black Model 3 Performance 20” wheels

    Price include the worn tires?
  30. K

    Caliper covers

    Interested. Photos?
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    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    keep us updated with your delivery!
  32. K

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Just found this on Twitter! Appears Model Y deliveries are being arranged officially. Exciting news! Can’t wait to see more in depth reviews of this vehicle soon! Hope to see some of you guys share your updates!
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    Powder Coated Rims **POST PICS**

    Mind sharing a few more full photos of the car!? Looks awesome.
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    Service center experience: trading my 3 in for a Mercedes

    Yep! Haven’t had an issue yet, but in Ohio, they’re not as saturated as California, Florida.
  35. K

    Service center experience: trading my 3 in for a Mercedes

    How do you not have a phone number for the SC? A quick google search gave me the number to the 3 within 100 miles for me.
  36. K

    Ceramic coating

    Full front, rockers and bumper got PPF Full vehicle ceramic coating Installation by Clear Bra Ohio in Cincinnati, OH —
  37. K

    WTT: Model 3 19” Sport for 20” Sport

    Anyone interested in swapping your 20s for my 19s?
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    Powder Coated Rims **POST PICS**

    I’ve been considering powder coating my 19” Sport wheels on my Black LR AWD — Can you share pics of your powder coated wheels? what color, size, finish? Cost? Any regrets?
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    Calling all owners of a Black Model 3 ( Black Knights) Build Thread...

    Let’s get this thread going!
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    Black 19" Model 3 wheels and tires, Orange County, CA

    What color and finish powder coat is this?
  41. K

    Cincinnati Tint / Wrap Recommendations

    an Any idea on their pricing?
  42. K

    Difference between PPF, Ceramic Coat, XPEL, Etc?

    M Model 3 is a rock chip magnet. That’s why nearly every owner seems to recommend doing PPF
  43. K

    Difference between PPF, Ceramic Coat, XPEL, Etc?

    This is great! I appreciate the response. Did you ceramic after the PPF? That’s a thing, yeah?

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