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    Supercharger - Panama City Beach, FL

    Anyone know what the time frame is from permit issue to go live? I'm guessing my hopes for a 2 week turnaround are not realistic.
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    Shopping cart hit and walk-caught on Sentry cam

    Rookie mistake parking anywhere near a cart corral. Still, sorry this happened to you. As everyone else suggests, you have no legal recourse against Costco and may get laughed at if you try to go that route.
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    Your experience trading in a leaf

    Curious what year your Leaf is and what the offer is. Do you mind sharing? I sold my 2015 to Carvana before getting my Model 3.
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    I say that, and I'm referring to auto lane change and NoA, which are not features of autopilot. They are current features of FSD.
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    But no one is calling it feature complete. I'm confused as to what you're talking about.
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    I disagree based on my experience. I use auto lane change daily during my 65 mile highway commute and it's very smooth and precise. Lne changes in NoA work well too but not as nice because the car is more conservative and will slow down to find an opening rather than speeding up to find one.
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    It clearly says "in the future." Therefore my comment is correct - they did not tell you it would do it at the time of purchase. They said it would be coming in the future.
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    That's not what they promised it would do at the time you (or anyone else) purchased it.
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    Air suspension leaked.....

    You should definitely cancel and wait to reorder. I'm sure this is the last new feature they'll ever introduce to the Model 3, ever.
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    2020 model 3 performance stealth option

    Here are a few other very recent posts about this. Lots of discussion in these. M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc. How to find a stealth? Somehow changed to old stealth order? Stealth Performance Now Available!
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    Tesla has a new high tech steering wheel

    “I like a lot of things about this. Especially the fact that it would enable more controls from the steering wheel” That's some hard-hitting journalism right there, Electrek.
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    tesla hate.

    Oh geez
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    Model 3 SR+ Mileage at Full Charge

    But with ICE, there's no fear of battery degradation, which is what's at the root of this range anxiety behavior.
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    tesla hate.

    Where do you live that people just flip you off because of the car you drive? That sounds terrible. :) Then again, are you sure their drive-by flippings are due to the car you drive? Could just be your driving. :P
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    M3P- . What is it, how to order it, etc.

    I've heard/read a few people go with the "it's a mistake" mindset, and for the first day that wouldn't have surprised me. However, it's been nearly a week at this point. You think an error like that would go undetected for this long?
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    WOW...Superbowl commercials taking aim at Tesla.

    Comparison to the Model S aside, goodness gracious, the Taycan is such a beautiful car. An absolute styling home run.
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    Buying FSD from the app. FYI

    I'm relaxed. :) My apologies if I came across like a jerk. However, to be fair, you had it for ~2 days. Hardly enough time to get used to an autonomous driving feature. It does take some time to get comfortable with it. I use NoA every day now, and have gotten to the point where I just peek...
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    Buying FSD from the app. FYI

    I'm sorry that an online forum discussion influences you so easily.
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    Buying FSD from the app. FYI

    Man, my experience is totally different. AP is so great in stop and go traffic on a jammed highway. Can't imaging going back to not having it on my daily commute.
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    Opinion: FSD, Why you should not buy it.

    I disagree. Maybe some people could comfortably afford it but just don't want to pay the money for something that's not complete and may never be. Also, I'm not sure if anyone actually "needs" FSD in its current state.
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    Buying FSD from the app. FYI

    I respectfully disagree. I use NoA on my 32-mile commute every day and have gotten quite comfortable with it. The cause of my occasional frustration with it is that it's too safe/conservative at times. Doesn't speed up to get to an opening for a lane change but instead slows down to wait for...
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    Model 3 SR+ Mileage at Full Charge

    I charge mine to 75% daily. Have never charged it to 100%. At 75% it displays 183 miles, which extrapolates to 244 at 100%.
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    Good Deal? LR AWD

    So good I question whether or not it's real.
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    Perfect Charging Routine

    I use the ABC method. Always Be Charging. My charging limit is set to 75%. When I get home, I plug in, whether I just used 3% or 50%. The only exception is when I get home and am leaving in <an hour, then I normally just leave it.
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    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    I'm not sure if there's any real-world scenario where the math would justify getting free supercharging in lieu of the $1875. Not getting if you were "supposed to" really sucks.
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    Opinion: FSD, Why you should not buy it.

    If they did that, they'd likely issue refunds to those who paid more for FSD, which would negate most of that profit. I believe there is precedent to support this theory.
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    Is it possible to find a LR under $40,000?

    To each his own, but if someone asked for my 2 cents I would tell them that if they need to finance a car for 7 years to be able to afford the payments, they should buy a cheaper car.
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    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    As important as the tax credit seems to be to him, what would be the benefit in ordering a more expensive car that still gets no credit?
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    Is it possible to find a LR under $40,000?

    I can't believe 84 month loans are a thing. I can't imagine paying on a car for 7 years. 7 years!
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    POLL: Aero Wheels - On or Off

    I was surprised by how much I liked the aero on my white 3. Looked much better in person than in pictures. That being said, I took mine off to see how it looks with the cap kit and thought it was super slick, so I'm sticking with that for now.
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    which range to choose?

    Wait, how do you know he can afford that based on one post?
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    Quite disappointment with my new Model 3's range. Should I be?

    Yes, but with ICE vehicles there's no concern of degradation, which is probably the root cause of this type of range anxiety (especially from people newer to EVS).
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    Quite disappointment with my new Model 3's range. Should I be?

    I disagree with this sentiment. I can definitely understand how someone (especially one new to EVs) would be disappointed with a 320-mile EV getting far less than that.
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    Anyone waiting for tonight's financials before pulling the trigger?

    Yeah, it would be pretty big news if they give a start date for new builds getting the new battery tech.
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    Anyone waiting for tonight's financials before pulling the trigger?

    Could you please share your source regarding new battery tech going into cars this summer?
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    Buying a Standard Range Model 3 without Autopilot

    Why? Isn't the only difference the 30 miles of range? If 220 miles would cover ones needs, why spend the extra $2K?
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    SR Purchasing Doubts

    This is not correct when made as a blanket statement, and I also don't think it's true in the OP's scenario. I have an SR+ and I've never had to make an extra charging stop. Depends on individual circumstances.
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    SR 2020

    I'm not sure how trustworthy the account in that article is, based on what it says in Step 1. It says to place an SR+ order and not include Autopilot. Autopilot is standard and there's no option to deselect it when placing the SR+ order online (unless I'm missing something).
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    does rate match exclude the sr+ as well?

    Same here. Rate Match is available for SR+.
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    Thoughts about a future change.

    An add-on called Full Self Driving is a reality. Actual full self driving is definitely not.
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    How soon before I apply for financing?

    Different ways to skin a cat, I guess. But yeah, if you wait until the last minute, you could certainly get in trouble. I think there's a wise middle ground to find when awaiting delivery on a car like this, and the delivery estimate is your best gauge.
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    Model 3 Stealth For Sale

    How many miles on it?
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    2 months waiting for SR+

    Just upload proof of insurance on your current car. That's what I did. There is some thought out there that your order may not move forward if your profile isn't updated (ie registration info, insurance). Not sure how accurate that is but my delivery was scheduled with me having uploaded proof...
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    Model 3 price drop in 2020 [Speculation]

    Not really for free, just rolled into the increased car prices.
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    How soon before I apply for financing?

    Well, your previous scenario was one in which he got a call that the car was ready to be picked up and could be lost if he delayed. Now you're talking about him shopping for rates. So...I'm kinda confused as to your point. My point was merely that to avoid multiple, unnecessary credit...
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    How soon before I apply for financing?

    If it takes your bank more than a week to arrange financing, it's time to find a new bank.
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    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    You're financed amount will just be $1750 less than it originally was.

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