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    Blog Tesla Offering New Winter Tire Package for Model Y

    Can 4 wheels with mounted tires fit in the back of the Y? Looking to get mine changed this week and wondering if there’s room.
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    Tpms’ s model y bluetooth

    mobile service dropped them off
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    Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    Did you consider 245 at all? I’ve seen that recommended for 8.5 19s
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    2020.40.8 Performance MY no range update

    Installed this update on my perf i went from 285 to 275. edit: estimate seems to alternate between 275 and 287 if i hold it on far right side
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    274 miles of range at 100%

    how many miles? i have MYP at 3500 miles at no update yet i’m at 285 miles
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    Model Y Performance with really heavy Wheels/Tires

    Anyone have wh/mi numbers going from 21 to light aftermarket 19s? Saw someone post that they were actually getting 10% worse numbers at 75mph due to loss of aerodynamics of the oem 21in wheels.
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    Martian Wheels

    9.5 or 8.5?
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    Window Tinting ruined my Door....

    The tinter disables the lock and rolls the window up after they open the door to tint the entire thing. They closed it without rolling down the window enough to clear the trim. The damage is their fault i would make them pay for it.
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    Scratched all my glass

    Well, turns out they weren’t scratches at all. It was tiny finite specs of lint the microfiber towel left on inside the glass. Could only see it with direct sun or shining a strong flash light. Got them removed with a proper glass towel and all clear. So relieved, and yeah i’m an idiot :).
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    TPMS Fault (And service scheduled for 1 month out)

    Did you have to put in a service request request or did you just walk in?
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    Model Y 19" vs 20" Decision Guide

    TSportline wheels unfortunately put their name embedded into the wheel perimeter. Pretty unsightly and odd they have to advertise that way. What other options are you guys considering for winter wheel set?
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    Scratched all my glass

    Would this polisher be ok? G9 Random Orbital Polisher - Griot's Garage
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    Scratched all my glass

    Thanks webbah! Very helpful. What orbital polisher did you use? My fingernail does not seem to catch them on the glass which is good. Also about how many passes per section did it take?
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    Scratched all my glass

    In my attempt to remove water spots i’ve completely scratched all surfaces of the glass on my new Y. I used this with plenty of clay lube: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072HHT8NF?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share I don’t see the scratches visibly from the outside and only when viewing against direct...
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    Thinking of Preordering TSportline 20" TS5 w/ X-Ice. Anyone else?

    What’s the advantage of the x-ice?
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    How Tesla ships by rail to East coast

    My east coast delivery had a *sugar* ton of rail dust on it. be sure to stock up on iron x before delivery.
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    Ceramic coating DIY (Avalon King)

    you’ll def want to use an iron remover before claying. Mine had plenty of rail dust on it.
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    Shark Skin Model Y PUP- Xpel Stealth on MSM w/ Ceramic Fusion Plus Coat and Prime XR Plus Tint

    But the bumper doesn't match! ;) (mostly kidding with everyone talking about the white Ys, but I think its across all the colors and just more noticeable on the white). Sweet ride!
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    Tint front camera issue

    Got my windshield tinted and noticed this piece of material obstructing some of the front camera view. Any idea what it is and if / how I can fish it out?
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    Model Y excessive battery drain

    Here's my data point. Performance Y with 21in Uberturbine wheels. Mostly 75-80 mph (and sometimes up to 90 :x):
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    Windshield streaks

    As someone who has never touched a polisher and also a car detailing newb, is this something i could do? and how much would all that cost?
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    Windshield streaks

    FYI I wiped off / cleaned the blades with some glass cleaner and microfiber towel. You wouldn't believe how much black came off onto the towel. I didn't get it all off yet, but it reduced the streaks significantly. Going to try cleaning with some rubbing alcohol.
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    Be aware! Missing Control Arm Nut: Potential Safety Issue

    Can I tighten these myself? Any idea what the torque is?
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    Which Winter/Snow Tires

    I think they will have options in the store soon (from what i’ve heard. at least before winter)
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    Which Winter/Snow Tires

    I would wait and see what Tesla offer OEM
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    New Model Y Tail lights?

    There’s also been 13 improvements in the octovalve. Pretty nuts!
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    PPF Cost???

    Did anyone have to sign a paint damage waiver? Had a shop tell me that bc of tesla paint. Also wondering if anyone has actually removed ppf from a tesla when you have to replace it 5-10 years. I know they require a waiver when removing it. Seems pointless if the thing it is protecting get...
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    Windshield streaks

    Anyone else get this? Going to try wiping down and cleaning the wipers. Any other suggestions?
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    Car already has PPF?

    Great, faux PPF :D. If it's the molding, I'm wondering what service could do to address it? And if its even worth it?
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    Car already has PPF?

    I think it might be the factory plastic molding that just wasn't sanded down maybe?
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    Car already has PPF?

    Can I remove it or do I need service to do that?
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    Car already has PPF?

    I’m still not convinced it’s PPF. Any way i can safely test that?
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    Car already has PPF?

    Yeah honestly didn't notice it for 2 weeks. Doesn't bother me, but if it ends up yellowing, rusting, or collecting dirt that might be an issue.
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    Car already has PPF?

    Have you talked to service about it?
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    Car already has PPF?

    Could it be the clear coat?
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    Car already has PPF?

    Could this be poor clear coat application?
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    Car already has PPF?

    There is ppf on both front and back bumper, and the two side mirrors. That's a lot to replace! Maybe the car was built from spare parts that were already ppf from another vehicle in CA?
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    Car already has PPF?

    My VIN was assigned 2 days after its "birthday". I asked when it was built and they said July 18th. Got schedule delivery text on the 20th. I got delivery first week in August.
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    Car already has PPF?

    I've had my white model perf Y (vin 28xxx) for 2 weeks and noticed while hand washing today that it already has PPF on the front bumper, rear bumper, and two side mirrors. From all I can tell there is no way this was a car returned (it was delivered on a train from CA to GA that took 2 weeks). I...
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    ANY white without a mismatched rear bumper?

    Lets see photos!
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    Hit a trash can on freeway :(

    about the cost of a sharpie pen?
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    Perfect Build 28XXX

    Ha mine was decatur but yes very similar! glad they got the build issues under control just before our orders
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    Perfect Build 28XXX

    Picked up white on white PUP with hitch two days ago. July 18 build date. Car is perfect in terms of panel gaps, panel color matching, and interior. Charge door is flush as well as rear break lights. Seats in back align perfect. Hatch opens and closes fine. Has new door open decals. Only...
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    When to accept loan agreement

    but before or after you’ve accepted it? what if you sign the loan agreement then decline?
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    When to accept loan agreement

    I know to wait to pay until after checking the car out. Did you also wait to accept and sign the agreement in the account?
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    Tesla Mobile Service

    how far does mobile service operate from service centers?
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    White / White PUP Tow Hitch East Coast VIN - 282xx

    Are you planning to get any work done afterwards? tinting? coating? looking for shops if you have any recommendations

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