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  1. Flybuddy

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    Thief steals Tesla, can't figure it out so he pretends to be an owner and tries to reach customer service. After 3 days of not being able to reach anyone anyone, no return calls, messages or emails, he returns car with apology note.
  2. Flybuddy

    Tow hitch option

    As far as the tire pressure. If you have the stock 255/45/19, the door sticker calls for 42 psi front and rear. The towing section of the owners manual calls for 42 psi also..No change.
  3. Flybuddy

    What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?

    "What do you do if your Tesla is stolen?" Walk!
  4. Flybuddy

    Poll: Official Tesla Motors Club (TMC) T-Shirt. Which version would you want?

    Please don't just be in "black"...I live in Florida where we bake in black shirts.
  5. Flybuddy

    Double-charged by Tesla?

    It all balances out for Tesla...the OP paid for yours
  6. Flybuddy

    Double-charged by Tesla?

    I wish the batteries would get double charged:)
  7. Flybuddy

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    If you really want to promote EVs, a government rebate (as oppossed to tax credit) for EVs only priced below 27K. That will incentivise car companies to shoot for that goal and open up a MUCH wider market.
  8. Flybuddy

    Aftermarket TPMS

    Nothing special, insert from inside rim and add long nut on outside. My only issue was that I couldn't find a recommended torque value anywhere (the torque values for most TPMS are fairly low). I looked up other Tesla models and took a guess.
  9. Flybuddy

    Battery loss

    Is it possible that your remote climate control is on?
  10. Flybuddy

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Midnight Silver, stock wheels. 2nd pic is with aftermarket rims.
  11. Flybuddy

    How are the Replika r241 wheels for the Model Y?

    You can order them from CanadaWheels, shipping to the U.S. is around $300.
  12. Flybuddy

    How are the Replika r241 wheels for the Model Y?

    Post 2 pic is 19 X 8.5 +40, they fit fine.
  13. Flybuddy

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    Hitch weights given are generally an unloaded hitch weight. This means no battery, empty propane tanks, no liquids or loads in storage area, etc. In most cases, real world hitch weights will tend to be higher. On the Basecamp, the axle is a bit farther back to accommodate the entry and layout...
  14. Flybuddy

    Poorly Designed Induction Wheels

    This is a byproduct of rim vs tire size. I have the stock 19 inch wheels which use a 9.5 inch wide rim. When I replaced them with aftermarket rims I used an 8.5 inch rim ( acceptable size and load rating) for the same size tire. As you can see in the pictures, the stock rim and tire will have...
  15. Flybuddy

    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    The tax credit is proposed to enhance electric vehicle sales. EV purchasing is reduced since no one wants to miss out on a possible large credit. Bill may take many months and not even pass at all with potential purchasers moving back to ICE vehicles in interim. Some EV owners even selling...
  16. Flybuddy

    Wheel Suggestions?

    Thanks, I eventually took the Apollo/Gemini off (kept as spare set) and went with Replika R241s, with new tires and new TPMS.
  17. Flybuddy

    Wheel Suggestions?

    Here's pics of Gemini's on MS MY both with caps and without.
  18. Flybuddy

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    You are probably correct but look at post 83, similar in size and weight to aforementioned trailer and I generally do better numbers than that. I would think most folks towing would be figuring max between stops of 100 to 140 miles. All kinds of factors will drive those numbers, temp, headwinds...
  19. Flybuddy

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Yes, but maybe not MUCH more often. Once we start towing there doesn't seem to be a huge difference. I towed a much larger trailer and found minimal difference in range. The aerodynamics is the main problem and that can be minimized by slowing down. You also have to drive to Canada and pay 24K...
  20. Flybuddy

    TPMS system is acting weird

    Yes...When I put new wheels on I also had 2 that were obviously swapped on the pressure reading. Eventually fixed itself.
  21. Flybuddy

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Here's another one to consider that is well within the MY tow capability. Made in U.S., standard queen (not RV) bed, full size fridge and full bath, power awning, power jack and reasonable pricing.
  22. Flybuddy

    Model Y Max Capacity Towing

    The pigtail is unique and must be gotten from Tesla. The Model X uses the same pigtail and that was all that showed in the parts catalog when I had difficulties getting it. That was some time ago and I'm sure, by now, that Tesla has fixed this. Just call your local SC and see if they have in...
  23. Flybuddy

    eco friendly dirt biking

    The hitch limit issue is baffling and somewhat unusual. Only reason I can see for variation from tongue weight is that many cargo carriers place the weight further from the hitch than where the ball would hook on a trailer. In this case the motorcycle is fairly close to the normal hitch point...
  24. Flybuddy

    Tow Range

    I've towed several times and my trailer is about 3K loaded. It's short but the aerodynamic profile is poor. The WH/MI is somewhat inconsistent. Temps, headwind/tailwind, speeds, stop and go, etc. makes for range anxiety if you try for even expected range. There's a trip I've made a couple of...
  25. Flybuddy

    TPMS connection

    Possible but highly improbable. What can happen though is that the sensors get recognized as the wrong wheel ( ie; front right instead of front left) which happened to me.
  26. Flybuddy

    TPMS connection

    For the MY there is no other option or aftermarket TPMS yet. There are 2 different part numbers though as there is a newer version, but both are Y only. Also, point of fact, I purchased 4 TPMS from Tesla and installed on new Replika R241 rims and new tires. I flicked to the tire pressure page...
  27. Flybuddy

    TPMS connection

    Bought new TPMS from Tesla for my aftermarket wheels and it took about 1/4 mile of driving for all 4 to show up.
  28. Flybuddy

    What did you own before your Model Y?

    Owned a 2nd gen Volt also before the Y.
  29. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Sounds like you might have the latch positioned a bit low. If you've got it all back together you can simply unclip the emergency button panel (the one in the front of the frunk that's lit) and access the two 10 mm bolts holding the latch in place. Loosen them just to the point that you can...
  30. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Only issue I’m having is the frunk lid (when closing) comes all the way down and sits on top of the latch but doesn’t actually seat itself down into the final position, I have to manually push it down the rest of the way. Anyone else have this problem or the solution to it? Sounds like you...
  31. Flybuddy

    Model Y Brake Controller

    Seems to work as soon as you plug in the 7 pin trailer plug. Two days back I was installing a rear view trailer camera and had to plug in to the camper to get the running lights on as the camper has that circuit as pre-wiring for the camera. As soon as I plugged in the trailer mode icon came on...
  32. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    The Frugal Tesla video is excellent--wish I had seen this yesterday before my install.
  33. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Agree...I just did my install today and pulled them off the top first and did one side at a time. It should have been noted that the struts simply snap on and to mark around the latch before removing. Also, his hands block much of the latch rework and he skims over the plug connections. I think...
  34. Flybuddy

    Midnight Silver - Show Your Stuff

    19 and 8.5
  35. Flybuddy

    Midnight Silver - Show Your Stuff

    Replika R241 Rims
  36. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    What does homelink have to do with the frunk?? Is the frunk kit set up as an additional door? Why would that be needed or wanted? P.S. got word that mine just shipped (also got the DHL notice for Wed 2/3 delivery). It was ordered 6 hours after the code went out to everyone.
  37. Flybuddy

    How are the Replika r241 wheels for the Model Y?

    Do a search and you'll find several threads on them. I've had them on MY for 5 weeks with no issues. Go with the 8.5 if the tire size fits (I did but mine are 19s). The narrower rim will allow the tire to stick out just enough that if you get some curb rash it'll be on the tire and not scraping...
  38. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Same here, would be nice if they communicated delays.
  39. Flybuddy

    Model Y Towing - Experiences Post here

    Here's a pic of rubber wrapped chains held on with plastic ties.
  40. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    Just ordered, thanks for setting this up :)
  41. Flybuddy

    Model Y Gemini Wheels For Sale

    4 OEM Gemini wheels including rims, tires, TPMS and OEM hubcaps. Used for 2700 miles before going to aftermarket wheels. Excellent shape. $1500, pickup only in Fort Myers FL
  42. Flybuddy

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    I'm in and will send you my email.
  43. Flybuddy

    30% off Hansshow Power Frunk

    Here's the link to the group buy: Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy
  44. Flybuddy

    30% off Hansshow Power Frunk

    Also interested in group buy, thanks for taking the initiative.
  45. Flybuddy

    Tesla Referral Program

    Here's my referral link also, thx much..Tom/Fort Myers Earn Free Supercharging Miles or a $100 Cash Award
  46. Flybuddy

    Tesla Apple Watch apps

    Doubt they would be that short sighted. A LOT of us would simply go Android.
  47. Flybuddy

    For Sale - New Replika R241 Wheels

    Sorry, they are currently on car. I got fed up waiting for Tesla to ship TPMS sensors. I was able to eventually drive 300 miles R/T to get a set at another SC before I got anyone interested in buying the rims. Can't delete or edit on this forum except right after psoting.
  48. Flybuddy

    Tire Replacement

    Atlas Tires – The World rides on Atlas!
  49. Flybuddy

    Tire Replacement

    Atlas Force UHP : 255/45R19 104Y XL-255/45R19 104Y XL
  50. Flybuddy

    Anyone bought Replica r241 19x9.5 for their new Model Y?

    Thx, handling seems to have a marginal improvement. Had been fairly well behaved before, except on Interstate at high speeds it was a bit too sensitive in steering, this has slightly improved.

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