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  1. KBF

    main screen dead this morn - cold weather?

    I'm sorry to hear that. For a temporary fix, does it work to set your steering wheel buttons to control the heating?
  2. KBF

    if you blinked you missed it......

    There's one in our area for around the same - it was a divorce settlement. This may be the same situation.
  3. KBF

    main screen dead this morn - cold weather?

    I had the same thing yesterday; when I reset with the scroll wheel buttons nothing happened, but when I did the reset with the lower two buttons (one on each side, 10 seconds) it rebooted fine. Have you tried that?
  4. KBF

    Cold Weather Driving

    I'd highly recommend winter tires even with AWD - I've owned several SUV's and while AWD helps with acceleration and somewhat with steering, there just is no comparison when braking on ice/snow. "All-Season's" only work down South (and even then, they're horrible during the rare snow days). They...
  5. KBF

    Cold Weather Driving

    I feel I should chime in here just to reassure people about extreme cold temperatures. I've also had my S through 3 winters here in Manitoba. The week my car was delivered was so cold that the delivery truck's electronics shut down in Dryden, and by the time it got to my house at night it was so...
  6. KBF

    Toronto/GTA, Honestly, How Has Your Service Been?

    Well, the Toronto service Center has sent Rangers to my house a few times now (IN Manitoba! AT my house!), and I have nothing but good to say about them. I had one incident with my rear window mechanism, and they were way faster than I expected: I emailed, got a call a few minutes later, the...
  7. KBF

    Rear jump seats

    I received delivery of my "early" Canadian signature in January, and finally got my car seats installed at the end of April. My kids do like them, though the sun/heat is tough. Setting the AC on fell helps, but I'm going to try the darkest legal tint in the back to see if it helps.
  8. KBF

    Questions about window tinting (Montreal-centric, but all welcome!)

    In Manitoba apparently the cops have devices that measure tints. I've never seen them, but then again, I've never tinted anything before. I am thinking of doing it for my kids in the back, too.
  9. KBF

    Service Plans etc. (Canada)

    I've bought the 4+4 unltd Ranger service but not the 4 year extended warranty. I've asked about what happens when the warranty is up but my service plan is still valid, but no response yet. I don't think they even know - Elon is making this up as he goes along and Tesla is trying to catch up...
  10. KBF

    Parcel Shelf Arrives

    I got mine today. The FedEx guy played 'knock knock ginger" on me. There was a doorbell, and by the time I got there he was driving away :) I'm glad Tesla ships with them because they are the only couriers to actually make it to my rural residence... I probably won't ever use the parcel shelf...
  11. KBF

    The Rules of Model S Road Tripping

    Great news - I can finally road trip now that my rear jump seats are installed! Any advice for rear - facing kids?
  12. KBF

    The Rules of Model S Road Tripping

    And thanks for adding the metric numbers... Now if only the cruise control could actually be set to 100 km/h, road tripping would be perfect! ;) Great writeup, I'll be passing this on to others.
  13. KBF

    Tesla gets brodered by UK appeals court over Top Gear lawsuit

    And yet, what I don't get, is that they claim to be a "factual entertainment program", and won the TV Choice Award in 2011 in that category. So the courts are completely wrong. Even the Guinness Book of World Records labels it as such. So I guess Guinness is "unreasonable" along with the entire...
  14. KBF

    Tesla to make "exciting announcement on Thursday" (correction Tuesday)

    I love the poll. Definitely voted for "Elon will literally eat his fortune".
  15. KBF

    TESLIVE Activities and Sights

    Do we know location yet ;9Sorry, don't have time to wade through ALL the posts I've missed)? That might make a difference as to what activities we do. If it's in Detroit, there could be some interesting ideas...
  16. KBF

    The high-pitched whine during acceleration...

    I also recently heard the "balloon" noise for the first time. I was at a MEVA meeting and gave test rides to about 25 people, and of course I was punching the accelerator a LOT. I thought it was maybe due to being warmer (-10C instead of below - 20C). I don't normally accelerate hard, but I'm...
  17. KBF

    Delivery Date Range for Canadian Production cars

    Except those border guard losses only happen April 7. They had to give a month notice.
  18. KBF

    Delivery Date Range for Canadian Production cars

    I was wrong - it was delivered on Friday due to a storm. I guess he's too busy driving to post...
  19. KBF

    Delivery Date Range for Canadian Production cars

    There was a car delivered to Winnipeg on Wednesday, and they shipped it from Vancouver.
  20. KBF

    Rear jump seats

    Anyone else still waiting for the rear seats, or am I the only one? I've still not heard anything official from Tesla about what their plan is: will they come and install it at my house, >2000 km away from a service centre, or what? I have emailed various Tesla employees and after that produced...
  21. KBF

    Rear jump seats

    Any updates? I'm assuming not all of the currently-produced seats are going in non-Sigs at the factory. Any Ranger installations?
  22. KBF

    Delivery Date Range for Canadian Production cars

    So are there others who have received rear jump seats? I'm happy for you P owners, but ... I'm glad I have had the car for a few weeks; but I still can't drive anywhere with my whole family (4 kids) since I'm waiting still for the seats. Has anyone heard from Tesla about adding them (other than...
  23. KBF

    Ridiculous concept of range anxiety.

    I know several very ignorant people, but ALL of them know that batteries discharge over time. That's why they plug in their cellphones overnight. This isn't rocket science. And ALL of them know batteries need coddling in the cold - anyone who leaves a car outside in Manitoba in winter already...
  24. KBF

    Ridiculous concept of range anxiety.

    I agree. Not plugging in at night (in the cold, no less) is the indication to me that this reporter is either very ignorant or intentionally wanted to make headlines. I'd suggest the latter. And he was successful.
  25. KBF

    Canadian Signature discussion

    Affirmative. I appreciate the gesture (though when my wife was following the delivery truck down the street to our rural house, she was really hoping it would be our rear jump seats!) :) The bag will be quite useful - we're sending our oldest to summer camp for the first time and it will be...
  26. KBF

    New Top Menu Image February 12th

    Maybe 'morsel' is the key for decrypting the code?
  27. KBF

    Cruise Control improvements

    This is also something I have to get used to. I'm adapting and getting better at the transition. That being said, I wouldn't mind the car detecting pressure on the accelerator and cutting regen in that instance, as long as the accelerator is held in. But that may cause unintended issues, who...
  28. KBF

    Day/Night mode issue

    Both my wife and I experienced this once. When it happened to me, it was 2 pm and I guess the clouds were too dark and sensor deemed it to be night. I quickly switched it to manual day and it was fine. - - - Updated - - - I then adjusted the settings so that nighttime mode was just a bit...
  29. KBF

    How to control temp without turning off defogger!

    I suppose that AC can speed things up; but I find in Manitoba at least it's not necessary. When you draw in cold outside air and heat it up, it will have a lower RH% than your warm interior air. Perhaps if the air outside is quite humid and not too cold AC would be useful.
  30. KBF

    Why is the touchscreen so glossy?

    I'll add my 2c. I also have not experienced a single instance of glare on the screen; maybe my height and seat position help. I do believe some people may experience it; but if it happened to me regularly I'd tint my rear window. I know some jurisdictions don't allow much, but it's better than...
  31. KBF

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Ha! Not when my phone's gps is off! That explains the randomness... :redface:
  32. KBF

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Maybe a silly question, but what is the 'target' icon on the location screen? When I press the car button it centers on my car, when I press the target icon a strange blue circle pops up in a random(?) location nearby.
  33. KBF

    Has any testing been done in extreme cold?

    That's right. With proper preheating (like an insulated garage, and even starting the climate control before you drive), you will regain some regen braking even in the crazy cold even while parked. So ambient temperature doesn't matter, it is your battery pack's temperature that matters. Last...
  34. KBF

    Rear-facing seats not yet approved in Canada?

    I've tried to get info since I have 4 kids and NEED them; the only solid answer I got was that all due bill items for Sigs are supposed to be completed by the end of March.
  35. KBF

    Has any testing been done in extreme cold?

    Sorry, I've been too busy driving lately to haunt the forums as much as I was a month ago! Yes, I've had my Model S in Manitoba for both recent horrible cold snaps (-34°, with a "standing still" windchill of -45°). Other threads mention this, but the only issue is 'fogging', which is not a...
  36. KBF

    Speculation on what "TESLIVE" actually is?

    Someone asked me lately if my car could find me and pick me up (using my smartphone app). And someone mentioned Google's self-driving car thing. Would be pretty awesome. :cool: Could you imagine? It's - 40 outside, so I wait by the mall entrance until my car pulls up, already warm, and instead...
  37. KBF

    Camera and the rain

    Really? While I've only driven it in ferocious cold with lots of snow, I've had complete visibility the whole time. It is, of course, a fish eye lens, but apart from that distortion I've found it better than my SUV's (they get covered the moment I go on the road. Maybe when it warms up above -30...
  38. KBF

    Who has waited the longest?

    Okay, most of you heard the good news: Canadian Regular Signature #1 is home at last! I received "my first step" email from Tesla (after filling out the online form) on 26 March, 2009 19:51 Central. My car arrived in Toronto sometime shortly before December 21, 2012, and loaded onto the...
  39. KBF

    Canadian Signature discussion

    There was one Signature that was delivered the next morning after me in Winnipeg, so keep your eyes peeled for a white one. I drove to Winnipeg and back yesterday, non realizing the conditions would be near-whiteout on tte way home. The S handled itself nicely, but the wind was very strong. It...
  40. KBF

    How to control temp without turning off defogger!

    No worries. I was driving in -35 (with windchill, which is technically non-moving objects) and this is the first car I've owned that I can actually keep my feet warm in. I set everything to manual because it's easier to fine-tune that way; I had to use the "quick defrost" icon once because I...
  41. KBF

    Canadian Signature discussion

    It was a crazy roller coaster ride, but my car made it safely home! Nasty cold weather, but thankfully no wind... Still the transport lift barely worked. My first post from my (wife's) Model S. Now, to bed!
  42. KBF

    Model S Canadian Deliveries

    So, back on-topic regarding Canadian deliveries, my car is scheduled to be delivered to my door on January 17th. It will have spent 4 weeks doing nothing in Toronto (okay, this week they will put winter tires on, so not nothing exactly). It will be sent on the carrier that does all of Porsche's...
  43. KBF

    SW/Firmware: My experience with voice commands so far... not really impressed.

    I guess you could try "two thousand... " or "twenty-four thirty-nine"; you never know what might work!
  44. KBF

    Delivery Date Range for Canadian Production cars

    I've already been in contact with the Delivery program manager at HQ. If I wasn't politely assertive I probably wouldn't even have my final MVPA yet...
  45. KBF

    Canadian Production Discussion

    Well, when I was making that decision, the word that was used on the telephone was "months", and so I decided to go for Signature. Like you, I reserved on the first day. However, my car is still sitting in Toronto for an unknown reason, apparently "logistics" is working on it. When it arrived in...
  46. KBF

    Delivery Date Range for Canadian Production cars

    Except for mine. :crying:
  47. KBF

    Who has waited the longest?

    still waiting :(
  48. KBF

    Top Menu

    You know what would be hilarious, if TEG or one of the amazing keeners here was "playing for the other side" and giving us false clues or leads. I certainly don't have time to "play" right now, but it's very fascinating to occasionally drop in on! Doug certainly has too much time on his hands...
  49. KBF

    Canadian Signature discussion

    But if there are no deliveries right now they surely must be getting sleep??
  50. KBF

    Canadian Signature discussion

    Just wondering; if I visit Ontario will I be able to drive my Tesla in the HOV lanes, or is it for "green plates" only?

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