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  1. cablue

    CA CAV HOV Lane Decal - Wait times

    I submitted my application a few days before 2021. Nothing yet. I doesn't even look like my check has been cashed yet.
  2. cablue

    California Plates and Registration

    I’m also waiting to order my HOV stickers until next year. I will not put on the CalTrans orange sticker. Hopefully next years will be more reasonable.
  3. cablue

    Different color white on rear hatch vs rear panels?

    Yes, my white Model Y has the same problem. I need to bring it up to Tesla still.
  4. cablue

    Anyone taking delivery of Model Y this week?

    Someone from the Rocklin service center will be delivering my car in 20 minutes to my home! I could see if they have any answers for you.
  5. cablue

    California Deliveries???

    Good luck! My VIN is 33XX, fyi.
  6. cablue

    California Deliveries???

    I am getting my performance white/blk no FSD tomorrow in Sacramento region! They are doing a home delivery - no contact.
  7. cablue

    Just got my text to schedule delivery ...

    Just got my delivery text, too. Instead of picking up at the service center, which is very close to me, they say they're delivering it to my address Friday. So excited! I looked on my account, and my VIN is 33xx. White/blk, performance with upgrade, no FSD. "There is no need to be present...
  8. cablue

    Got a text from Tesla.

    I'm just outside of Sacramento. I've submitted all my docs as soon as I got my email, the 24th, and have heard nothing. No one has reached out yet. I'm hoping soon!
  9. cablue

    CAV Decal 2020

    I've had my Tesla for 7 years and only applied a small sticker on the back right bumper. Never has any cop had an issue with it. I am getting the new Y and will be doing the same. There's no way I'll plaster all those stickers on my white Y.
  10. cablue

    Got a text from Tesla.

    That's the same screen I have. I'm in CA. I do not know when they'll make deliveries there. I'm supposed to get mine between the 15th and 31st. All documents have been given to Tesla, so I'm just waiting to hear more.
  11. cablue

    Got a text from Tesla.

    I have completed all the steps allowed. No trade-in, cash buyer. I do not have a VIN or exact date assigned yet. I'm in CA, so I was able to submit my current auto insurance. There is no way to complete the payment portion yet. In the past with Teslas we've bought, we pay the day of...
  12. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    I just uploaded a copy of my current insurance, no vin for the new Y. I believe, at least if you're in California, you have some leeway with the insurance. Actually, this is what Tesla says: Proof of insurance is required to take delivery, and must be valid for the next 60-90 days. If you're...
  13. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    I am in CA, and I did see something about Tesla insurance. I ignored it because I wasn't interested. It was, I believe, when I was prompted to enter my DL, upload my insurance, state how I was paying for it, etc...
  14. cablue


    For those that want to dig a little deeper, from Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?as_ylo=2020&q=covid+19&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5
  15. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Not sure I understand your statement. Just to be clear, I did not order it with FSD.
  16. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Did you also order the performance model? I did.
  17. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Yes, white with black interior, all options but FSD. And I ordered it end of Dec. '19. I'm in northern CA.
  18. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    I got my email, and I did not order FSD.
  19. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    As I mentioned before, I got my email. More info: I'm in northern CA and ordered it in white with black interior, no FSD. I ordered end of Dec. '19. It's coming with the 21" wheels, which when initially ordered, I chose 20".
  20. cablue

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Got mine, too! So excited! I reserved 12/28/19. They asked if there were any dates between I think the 15th of March to maybe the 30th which I could NOT accept delivery. I said I'm available any day!
  21. cablue

    Used Model S

    I have a 2013 Model S that I've owned from the beginning. I have approx. 87000 miles on it now. It's always been under warranty as I bought the extended warranty. It's $200 if I need to use the extended warranty, which I have for a slight amount of bubbling on my screen. I had it replaced...
  22. cablue

    How Early is too Early to get the Y

    I'm not at all worried. We bought an S shortly after they came out (January of 2013) and a 3 early on, and are getting the Y soon. I have no hesitation.
  23. cablue

    21" Wheels now on Performance Package

    I'm confused. I ordered the LR Performance, but I do not want the 21" wheels. But when I ordered the Performance, I expected to get everything listed here, but without the larger wheels. Will I now not get these things if I choose not to get the 21" wheels under this free upgrade? I'm paying...
  24. cablue

    How Early is too Early to get the Y

    My thoughts, too, but for the S.
  25. cablue

    TMC Member Spots Tesla Model Y in the Wild

    Here are some from the Daly City supercharger over the weekend, VIN 560:
  26. cablue

    How Early is too Early to get the Y

    Just ordered my LR AWD Performance Y! I will be replacing my 2013 Model S 85, and I'm the original owner with 86,000 miles on it now. I debated waiting for a new S, but no new interior has appeared yet. I will definitely miss having a sunroof, but the Y should be fun for a change. We do have...
  27. cablue

    TPMS reset on V10

    I agree it's BS. But, for me, as I'm planning on selling it soon, I want the car in top shape. And, yes, Tesla should fix this for everyone free of charge, period. I did not change out tires recently, either. It was just the V10, in my mind, that started this. Very clear to me.
  28. cablue

    TPMS reset on V10

    I had this same problem after V10. I took it in for service, and they replaced the sensors and module. Luckily, it was covered under my extended warranty, minus my $200 deductible. Now I have the newer version sensors. Not happy this happened, but they first quoted me around $1,100, stating...
  29. cablue

    LF Model S for 30k

    I'm planning on selling my 2013 Model S 85, but it has 84,000 miles on it now. I did buy the extended warranty to 100,000 miles. I'm the original owner. If you're interested, let me know. It's not posted anywhere yet. It's silver with black interior, tinted windows. It has most options...
  30. cablue

    Do you think Tesla will bring back Sunroof option again this year 2019?

    I have not tried out the Raven performance. I did just test drive the Raven, though, and loved it! I had that Tesla grin all over again! I've decided to move forward with the S Raven, even though it doesn't, disappointingly, have the sunroof. I will miss that!
  31. cablue

    Do you think Tesla will bring back Sunroof option again this year 2019?

    I have had my Model S since 2013 and have been waiting quite a while now for a refresh. It's just not happening. I, too, can't bring myself to buy a new S now. For one, the interior is almost identical to what I have now. And to give up having a sunroof, I could not do it. In fact, just...
  32. cablue

    Multiple systems shutdown in hot weather?

    We had that exact thing happen the day we picked up our Model 3 - before we even drove off the lot! But, they did replace the steering column control module, and we've not had that problem again in nine months. Hopefully, the replacement will take care of the problem.
  33. cablue

    Latest Price Drop Discussion

    We've had Teslas since 2013. We also bought a P3+ at the higher price. Just went on the Tesla site to look at getting another, we love it so much. Was very surprised at the price reduction - kept looking back in the build to see if I was missing something. This discovery did not make me mad...
  34. cablue

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I sure hope something changes on the S SOON! I've had my S since 2013. I've been patiently waiting for a refresh, with my hopes dissipating. Getting another S with no real change on the interior or exterior - other than the nose cone - is hard for me to do. Yes, there are obviously changes...
  35. cablue

    What's the latest on the $5k refund for Performance version buyers?

    Would be nice, but, no, ours was removed immediately.
  36. cablue

    RIP Panoramic Roof... :(

    We've had two Ss beginning in 2013, both with sunroofs. They were fine, no leaking or creaks. I'm waiting to replace mine when a newer version S comes out - hopefully soon - and am doubtful it will have a sunroof. I will definitely be disappointed. We should have the choice when spending so...
  37. cablue

    Value drain on Tesla S

    I've had my Model S 85 since '13. It is still like new, in great condition. Yes, it doesn't have AP, etc... but I've never kept a car this long. I've always wanted something new. Not this time. I'm just waiting for a refresh of the Model S and will buy again. We bought two Ss in 2013 and...
  38. cablue

    Carpool stickers Ca

    Good to know! Thanks!
  39. cablue

    Carpool stickers Ca

    Good to see! That's my sister-in-law's car. She never registered for the sticker because she just didn't want them on her car. She's not selling, though. I, unfortunately, did and lose my privilege soon.
  40. cablue

    Carpool stickers Ca

    I had heard that might be the case. Did you verify this, that an older car that never registered for the stickers can now register for them and they'll be good for a few years?
  41. cablue

    What's the latest on the $5k refund for Performance version buyers?

    That supercharger obviously has something wrong. It should be charging much faster.
  42. cablue

    Tesla 3 Performance - parts missing from car are now on backorder?

    I also heard that those of us that paid for the Performance upgrade can have that refunded.
  43. cablue

    Tesla 3 Performance - parts missing from car are now on backorder?

    We are in the same position, but we did get the pedals. The buying experience has been subpar, but the car is phenomenal. But, I, too, am very frustrated by the lack of communication. We've had Teslas since 2013 and are loyal to this brand. I had numerous BMWs before the Tesla, and Tesla...
  44. cablue

    Major Colision Repair, Whats your experience?

    Yes, and my S was in an accident four years ago - not as severe as the OP - and the airbags deployed. It was all repaired and has been perfectly fine since. Never would have known it was in an accident. It did take time as the shop was waiting on parts.
  45. cablue

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    FINALLY got our P3D+ Saturday. I'm a huge Tesla fan and have had them since 2013. But, this last order was ridiculous. Ordered back on 6/30. Problem was, it was inadvertently ordered on a Canadian site. Repeatedly was told no problem, your order is here and everything looks fine. We have...
  46. cablue

    AWD delivery thread

    It says October, but I was hoping it would have been sooner, as so many people have ordered after us and already got theirs. And, yes, I've called the delivery hotline last week. No movement on my account. And, as owners already, I made our reservations (2) the day they opened for...
  47. cablue

    AWD delivery thread

    Still waiting on ours, a P3+ silver/blk. Ordered 6/30. No word on any delivery date yet. We're in CA, too.
  48. cablue

    From Zero to Model 3 AWD in 20 hours

    Congratulations to your wife! But, yes, I'm still waiting for our order placed 6/30. We are also current owners. We ordered a P3+, are a cash buyer, but no word yet on when we'll get ours. We're also in CA. We almost got ours this past weekend, but we were then told there wasn't one.
  49. cablue

    Anybody got a follow up after text?

    Sadly, I got the same one: Thank you for confirming your availability. We are unable to schedule your delivery this weekend. We sincerely apologize for this, but will reach out as soon your car becomes available.

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