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  1. IchDochNicht

    Model LS V8

    After someone stole the engine from my Tesla, I realized it's not really needed and the ride is nice and quiet. Putting one back there is not worth the effort.
  2. IchDochNicht

    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    Thats what I ended-up doing today. I had a little time and swung by the local service center. They had the battery in stock and took it in pretty quickly. The best of all: it cost less than $200! I’m happy. Thanks again for the guidance. Sometimes I find it hard to extract the right...
  3. IchDochNicht

    MS White Interior Swap

    You'll need to swap the door panels as well.
  4. IchDochNicht

    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    Thanks, everybody, for the insight you provided! I really appreciate it - regardless of which side of the fence you're on. Based on what was said, I have definitely ruled out the Ohmmu battery. I was skeptical before, but now it's clear that I'm not going to spend the extra money. So, it's...
  5. IchDochNicht

    12v Battery Options - Which is best?

    I am getting the 12v Battery needs service message, and am weighing my options. Which of the following have you tried and would recommend as a better option than just letting a Tesla ranger replace it: 1. Gruber Tesla Model S Battery ($138.50 plus $30-80 for shipping) 2. Ohmmu Lithium Battery...
  6. IchDochNicht

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    I guess I won't know, if I like it until there is a chance to test drive and feel the new steering and automated "gear" shifter. My preference would be a long range with the 4680 style batteries. That should come with 550 miles of range, or so...
  7. IchDochNicht

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    I don’t have any Android devices. Is there anything for iPhones/Pads or PC Laptops?
  8. IchDochNicht

    Throttled supercharger speeds

    How can you find out how many kWh your battery has charged at Superchargers? Is there an app that can read that out of the car's memory?
  9. IchDochNicht

    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Looks wider to me on the front AND the back. The new rear bumper is shaped differently on both the painted and black parts. Love the chrome delete! Now the question is what's exactly happening in the front, and does it get a new interior?
  10. IchDochNicht

    AP1 - drifting out of right-benders

    These were simple right benders on freeways. I rarely use AutoPilot on non-divided highways. What's puzzling to me is that it handles similar left benders without problem.
  11. IchDochNicht

    AP1 - drifting out of right-benders

    I just returned from a 500+ miles drive. As usual, I made heavy use of AutoPilot (AP1). However, I noticed that the system often seems late to react to right bends on the freeway, and in quite some cased tends to drift over the left lane marker, if I don't take over. It doesn't seem to do this...
  12. IchDochNicht

    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    All I want to know: Does a conversion - be it factory or aftermarket - make the ride softer? One of the few things I don't like about my car is how stiff it is over small bumps - particularly at city speeds.
  13. IchDochNicht

    Tesla Service can't fix vibration

    Let's disect this one more time: You had no vibration, got new tires, then started feeling a vibration - correct? Where do you feel the vibration? - If it's in the steering wheel, there is a problem with the front wheels - If you feel it in your seat, there is a problem with the rear wheels...
  14. IchDochNicht

    Blog Report: Model 3 Inspired Compact Hatchback Planned for Europe

    Same here. Love the size of the Model 3 but can't live with the trunk (and the lack of any instrument in front of me and the lack of a mechanical way to open the rear doors in case of power failure)...
  15. IchDochNicht

    Crazy Things Tesla Service Has Said...

    If I'd tell you,... But you're in Texas! Are you sure you never go with the flow of the fast ones? I have been a passenger on Texas roads at much higher speeds. Not in a Tesla, though.
  16. IchDochNicht

    Crazy Things Tesla Service Has Said...

    Thought this could be fun... the crazy stuff that service personnel sometimes say that is disconnected from reality. 1. I made an appointment to have my car aligned because I scraped a curb with the right front wheel, and it no longer tracked straight. Tesla Service (when I arrived): "Since you...
  17. IchDochNicht

    Blog Report: Model 3 Inspired Compact Hatchback Planned for Europe

    How about this? 2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback
  18. IchDochNicht

    Listing your car for sale

    It's https://onlyusedtesla.com - no plural
  19. IchDochNicht

    Working with HOA for EV-Charging; California law

    Too bad you are so far from San Diego, or I would have referred you to my electrician (Peter Steglitz, Steglitz Power in San Diego). Another thing I just learned is that we could have mounted the DCC-9 on the ceiling. I don't think that was in the instructions, so we never considered it. But...
  20. IchDochNicht

    A/C Compressor Noise

    Mine sounds like a bunch of loud "crickets". Not immediately upon start-up, but whenever I come back from a drive and open the door in the garage, I hear it pretty loud. The service center says it's normal.
  21. IchDochNicht

    Door sill kick plates... argh.

    We appreciate you appreciating us! :)
  22. IchDochNicht

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    I haven't read all 58 pages of this thread, as I only check-in occasionally. But I'm puzzled to read that software is getting worse and features are removed. I've had my car (2016 model) since December of 2017, and am very happy about all the updates I received. I can't think of anything that...
  23. IchDochNicht

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    It feels like an incomplete solution for a lot of money. I do use FM radio, and it would bother me not to have it. I guess I'm going to skip this for the time being. Still better than no radio at all.
  24. IchDochNicht

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I may have missed this - didn't read all 190 pages: Do new Teslas no longer come with AM/FM radio? Or why would the upgrade take that away?
  25. IchDochNicht

    Door sill kick plates... argh.

    Once you mess with those sill plates, I feel it's worth considering an upgrade to an illuminated version from Norm or Tesland. It was a relatively simple upgrade to do, but it's really nice to have! I had to get a few new plastic clips (Toyota Sienna, I believe) to reattach the larger plastic...
  26. IchDochNicht

    OEM Rear Console Model S

    The hinges are not what breaks on these - it's the lower housing for which the spring is too strong. But it really doesn't matter - you don't need the spring, and it continues to work very well - it's just "springless".
  27. IchDochNicht

    Can paint haze over time?

    Something similar happened to me. I bought the car used, and didn't know it hat body work done prior. Over time, two areas on the hood started "cracking" - but it looked as if it was below the clear coat. The people at the local Tesla service center said they don't cover paint work, but didn't...
  28. IchDochNicht

    Liftgate latch metal clank when driving over bumps

    I remember that when my car was in for service sometime ago, they said they performed a recall on the parking brake. I wonder, if that's what it was. Glad you found the source!
  29. IchDochNicht

    Liftgate latch metal clank when driving over bumps

    Can you wiggle it? Does it feel lose? Do you hear the rattle also when you close the hatch? In the past, I had a few rattles in areas where I didn’t expect them. For example one car had a rattle on certain bumps that I thought was from the hatch, but came from the mechanism that latches the...
  30. IchDochNicht

    Model S Ride Comfort compared to Model 3

    I can say that my classic Porsche 928 S4 has a more comfortable ride than my 2016 Model S 75D. I really wish someone would make a set of springs that are softer on the shorter bumps at low speeds.
  31. IchDochNicht

    Seat Belt Shoulder strap anchor point too high

    Cool! The other thing you can try is to move the backrest of the seat back by a little, and instead extend the steering wheel closer to you. It did make a difference in my case.
  32. IchDochNicht

    Seat Belt Shoulder strap anchor point too high

    Unfortunately, they missed the standard adjustable belt feature when they did the Model S. And it’s probably not a cheap update, as the cars would have to be crash tested again. I find that if I move the clip too far from the lock, it pushes into my belly as you describe. But it’s not...
  33. IchDochNicht

    Model S Ride Comfort compared to Model 3

    Had one of the early Model 3 (VIN less than 5000), and have a 2016 Model S with standard suspension. Have driven S with air and adaptive suspensions. My take: the early 3 had more road noise and a harsher suspension than my S with standard suspension. The standard suspension on the S is good...
  34. IchDochNicht

    Liftgate latch metal clank when driving over bumps

    Check the whole hatch area, including the struts and the license plate. Something is lose, or lose enough to make the sound. I wouldn’t be surprised, if it turns out to be the license plate or it’s frame.
  35. IchDochNicht

    Range hit from Arachnids

    I hope you won’t be hit by rage when the larger wheels reduce your range. ;) Best of luck! :)
  36. IchDochNicht

    Seat Belt Shoulder strap anchor point too high

    Im 5‘4“ and have the same issue. It kept me from buying a Tesla for many years, and is still the first thing I would change about my car. No matter which seat position I try, the edge of the belt rubs on my neck. To avoid this, I am using these plastic clips, which essentially change the...
  37. IchDochNicht

    I like the new standard wheel design! Goodbye Slipstreams

    They look like a wheel and cap design like on the Model 3. Wonder what’s underneath.
  38. IchDochNicht

    Shipping my Model Y to Europe - Lots of questions and concerns!

    Contact Ove Kröger from Ove Kröger Tesla Kaufberatung Sachverständiger Gutachten Email is kontakt (at) teslakaufen.com He is both a Tesla expert AND an importer of American cars into Germany.
  39. IchDochNicht

    Working with HOA for EV-Charging; California law

    One thing that made my install more expensive than it would usually be was the lack of wall space in the electrical room of the building. We had to mount the DCC-9 in a different room across a hallway, which added a lot of wiring and conduit. The closer to the meter/main panel you can install...
  40. IchDochNicht

    Help getting EV Chargers listed on Airbnb and VRBO/HomeAway

    To my big frustration, Airbnb has not moved on this issue, yet. You can check a box when putting together your listing, but nobody can search for it. Same at VRBO and the network it's part of.
  41. IchDochNicht

    Working with HOA for EV-Charging; California law

    I have gone through a similar story with the HOA of my vacation rental in Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA. I did a write-up on how we solved the power limits with an intelligent switch called "DCC-9" that my contractor found: How to Install EV Home Charging in a Condo with DCC-9 Installed a...
  42. IchDochNicht

    WOW...Superbowl commercials taking aim at Tesla.

    Tesla should make basic Summit (back/forth) Standard in all cars.
  43. IchDochNicht

    2016 Model S Headlights

    You will find better high-end options in some high-end cars. But when aimed properly, the standard Tesla LED headlights are pretty good. I appreciate the turning lights. If you add fog lights when it's not foggy, you create a very bright area right in front of your car. Your eyes will adjust to...
  44. IchDochNicht

    Summon in new vehicles

    I was equally surprised when I got to drive a Raven Performance recently. The ability to move it out of a parking space when someone parked to close or it's tight otherwise should be standard - just forward/backward is enough. Finding me on a parking lot is a different level and not something...
  45. IchDochNicht

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    There were a few annoying behaviors: 1. Lane changes were much delayed 2. Car would decelerate very apruptly to adjust to traffic 3. Car would accelerate like crazy when traffic opens-up #2 and #3 were not comfortable - particularly for the passengers. It felt as if the driver had missed that...
  46. IchDochNicht

    Cabin noise compared to other luxury cars.

    I have a 2016 dual drive model, and had the opportunity to drive newer Model S at multiple occasions. They did something to reduce noise from the front motor - I can hear mine more than in the newer models. Not badly more, but I notice the noise in city driving. On the freeway, road noise, and...
  47. IchDochNicht

    AP1 ONLY Please -- life after 2018.50.6

    Not, yet. Still hoping that someone can confirm that V10 made AP1 much smoother than before. Is that true, or my imagination?
  48. IchDochNicht

    Door handle squeaky noise when retracting

    So, I discovered yesterday that mine only squeaked when I closed the door, and it retracted partially. The full retract upon locking the car did not cause any squeak. So I took WD-40 and sprayed it into the gap between the handle and the door, and tried again. The sqeak was gone.

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