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  1. Griffinlair

    midwest to HHI

    I don't know if you can make it from Asheville to Santee without a stop in greenville. Given that, from Asheville to greenville is easy. I'd only charge in Asheville enough to get the tapered charge rate, maybe 60% or so. Then stop in greenville and charge for the Santee run. There is a good...
  2. Griffinlair

    Not confident this is a good road trip vehicle for me...

    To the OP, while I can understand that your experience with the double flat and the situation that ensued due to that was less than desired. I do, however; hope that the perceived (real or otherwise) deficiency of the Model S is taken with the understanding that had this double flat occurred in...
  3. Griffinlair

    Loaner gets 240 plus miles with a 90%/standard charge

    I'm not sure if there is a difference with the P85, but my 85D gets 242 at 90%.
  4. Griffinlair

    -These go to eleven-

    Oh Yeah by Yello Hot for Teacher by Van Halen
  5. Griffinlair

    Question about AutoPilot/AutoSpeed Control

    Push the selector away from you, then re-pull towards you twice to engage AP at the new current speed.
  6. Griffinlair

    How quickly is autopilot "learning" about its trouble spots? Anybody experience it?

    I have driven the same route at least 4 times. I've noticed a significant improvement. On at least two of the exit ramps on the right, which on the first day were so abrupt, I ended up completely taking the exit, those two areas are now just a gentle drift to the right and it recovers back to my...
  7. Griffinlair

    Auto Parallel Parking feature working for anyone?

    I must have had more luck in finding spots that my car can recognize than the majority. I've tested it a total of 3 times so far, all three successful. I started with a space that was quite large between cars, big enough that I figured it wouldn't work from the discussions here. I could have...
  8. Griffinlair

    How Satisfied Are You With Autopilot?

    I found a position that is comfortable with my hands "on" the wheel but not so heavy handed (as I've been driving my adult life) that causes the AP to disengage. i try and see some of the limits of the system, as others appear to do also, so I was trying to find something similar to the "tesla...
  9. Griffinlair

    How Satisfied Are You With Autopilot?

    I'm one of those that normally has hands at 10 and 2 with all of my arms weight resting on hands.
  10. Griffinlair

    How Satisfied Are You With Autopilot?

    Has anyone found a way to keep your hands on the wheel while in AP that 1) didn't cause AP to disengage and 2)didn't make your arms tired supporting the weight of your arms mid air since you can't place much weight on the wheel without causing condition 1)?
  11. Griffinlair

    Supercharger capacity

    I'm not sure of the numbers, but a large majority of Tesla are still found in California. They may be under developed from the idea of an 8 stall station per every 600 Model S/X. That should get better over time as they once they "cover" the US, they can backfill from a capacity standpoint.
  12. Griffinlair

    Should I take my battery capacity concerns to the SC?

    5 to 10 times more energy use? I hope that is not accurate. I haven't driven yet in winter, but going from 300Wh/mile avg to 3kWh/mile would not be good at all.
  13. Griffinlair

    EVERCHARGE Quote - what did you pay?

    The HPWC or NEMA 14-50 is not rocket science. A good licensed electrician shouldn't have problems with it. My run about 70 ft with a new sub panel in the garage 100amp service was $1400. Tesla recommended was $3000. I went with my local guy that I had worked with before.
  14. Griffinlair

    Disappointing response from Tesla sales for National Drive Electric Week

    I don't know the situation where you are at, but I do know in some States, (Ohio is one), there is a limited number of locations that Tesla is allowed to sell cars within the state. In Ohio they only have 3 licenses, so if sales employees attend something other than the stores in Columbus...
  15. Griffinlair

    Has your car shut down before it hits zero?

    I've driven until 8 rated miles remaining. When I started the last leg of the trip 42 miles (if I recall correctly), I received a warning that I would reach my destination with less than 0. I immediately slowed down (approx 10 mph below the speed limit). Fortunately, very little traffic where I...
  16. Griffinlair

    Maximum "real world" range

    I don't know maximum range. But I just drove my 85D (yesterday) in 85-90F temperature with climate set to 68F, for wife and I. The cruise was set at 78mph (other than two sections of about 20 miles each, which I set to 65mph.) I drove from Asheville , NC to the supercharger in London KY (211...
  17. Griffinlair

    Charge everyday or only when near empty?

    Discussed many times in the forums. The batteries are maintained best by charging everyday, no matter how much you commute. When you are home, plug in. Just get into the habit of always plugging in, it only takes 5 seconds. Then you will always have a full charge when you wake up.
  18. Griffinlair

    Nice to meet you at the Tesla Cincinnati Supercharger / Service Center / Design Studio grand...

    Nice to meet you at the Tesla Cincinnati Supercharger / Service Center / Design Studio grand opening party.
  19. Griffinlair

    Supercharger - Blue Ash, OH (SC, not for public use)

    Superchargers are up and running. I charged a bit and took a short tour of the showroom.
  20. Griffinlair

    BEV-ing a gas station

    This is what I have. LB85EL-LawnBott And I love it. Only need to trim around the house every other week. The lawn is always perfectly mowed.
  21. Griffinlair

    some Model S drivers are just jerks

    I understand your point about charging someplace else with less congestion. However, the Tesla store can wait. They have all night to charge, when you go to the mall to visit / charge you need the charge now, not over night. You aren't going to be there long enough (or at least shouldn't have to...
  22. Griffinlair

    Supercharger - Blue Ash, OH (SC, not for public use)

    Also there are several CHAdeMO stations in town now. I've only tested out the one at Cincinnati State. So if you have a CHAdeMO adapter, that is an option. Look on Plugshare for details / directions.
  23. Griffinlair

    some Model S drivers are just jerks

    I'm hoping I misunderstood this. Are you saying a Tesla Store (employees, manager, etc.) complains about Tesla Model S vehicles parking in spots that have HPWC (high powered wall chargers) and charging? That would be completely unacceptable. They would hear about my dissatisfaction also. I've...
  24. Griffinlair

    Supercharger - Blue Ash, OH (SC, not for public use)

    When I talked to a few of the construction workers during my visit, they mentioned that the grand opening was 6/6/15. However, they may not be in the know, and only have that date to finish their work.
  25. Griffinlair

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    It was the name of the ship captained by Morpheous in the Matrix movies.
  26. Griffinlair

    Photos - Ocean Blue 70D

    Obviously, paint choice is a very personal preference. The reason you don't care for the metallic blue (is it black or is it blue), is exactly the reason i love the color. It seems to have more of a "personality" that changes depending on weather conditions and lighting. The Ocean blue to...
  27. Griffinlair

    Photos - Ocean Blue 70D

    I do think the ocean blue is a neat color, but still prefer my original metallic blue
  28. Griffinlair

    Blue Getting More Blue?

    Update 113 hours in, 840 miles down..... nope, still blue.... more updates to follow.
  29. Griffinlair

    Blue Getting More Blue?

    I'll let you know, I get delivery in 1hr 37 minutes. Not that I'm counting.
  30. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Delivery scheduled for Friday as my wife is out of town until late Thursday night. She wants to be there for the "reveal" so had to delay delivery 2 days. It is at the SC and could be ready tomorrow if I wished. So now the wait is entirely self imposed, and I'm imagining this will be the longest...
  31. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Got a call from DS, mine is scheduled for pickup next Thursday in Cincinnati.
  32. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    This morning my 85D showing Production Complete.
  33. Griffinlair

    Can't cruise above 90 mph?

    I can't hit the ball the way I used to, but I can still see a golf ball 300 yards away, so seeing well beyond 600 ft isn't that difficult for me. Seeing something as big as a car/deer/person much farther away should be doable and result in my ability to respond better than the TACC which only...
  34. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    I hope so! i heard mine was going to paint.
  35. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Be sure to update the google sheets when you get updates to your Model S. That will help us all.
  36. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    After checking for only my 12th time today, my MyTesla Dashboard just changed to: THE TESLA FACTORY IS BUILDING YOUR MODEL S. Sorry about the yelling!
  37. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    DS is shooting for March 24th- 26th as target delivery date. That has been conveyed to my financing CU. My financing is all completed and my balance is $0. So only thing left is the car. (The wire from financing won't be paid until delivery).
  38. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    1) select "settings" at top of screen 2) left hand column "my settings" 3) 4th down "edit signature"
  39. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    That would really be good news, if it is true. i haven't gotten any responses to my questions to my DS since Friday.
  40. Griffinlair

    Yet ONE MORE wire size/ampacity question

    I didn't run the wire myself. My electrician did, so i don't know how difficult it is for the "S" in the HPWC. I'm not sure of the space inside the HPWC, would a loop be easier? Anyway, as I'm a bit more conservative and my run was significantly longer, i ended up over sizing the wire instead of...
  41. Griffinlair

    Yet ONE MORE wire size/ampacity question

    THHN #3 is about $1.79/ft, THHN #6 is $0.87/ft. Even assuming #3 for the ground, the extra cost is less than $10 including tax. Stranded copper wire is not that hard to run.
  42. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Mejojo, i was joking. No harm. I can say the wait is getting more and more difficult with each passing day. However, I'm sure that all changes nearly instantly once you arrive at the SC for pickup. :-)
  43. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Mejojo, be nice..... I'm still in the land of 20 MyTesla refreshes before noon.
  44. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Hi Ddowns2050. It looks like you and i are similar in VIN numbers. Also, mine was scheduled for week of 3/2. On 3/2 my DS said mine was supposed to be in production within the next 24-48 hours. He was checking as i questioned whether I could upgrade to NextGen seats on 3/2. He stated i...
  45. Griffinlair

    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Congrats llavalle. Mine is still slated for a production start this week, but so far MY TESLA hasn't changed.
  46. Griffinlair

    Would you set the automated blinkers one-touch to more than 3 blinks if you could?

    Yep, they are used. And by the indication I got this morning on the car in front of me (Toyota camry), some cars can be adjusted to at least 534 blinks before shutting off. At least it seemed that many.
  47. Griffinlair

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    I thought when my wife and i watched "50 Shades of Grey" that there was a scene where the woman asked Mr. Grey "which one is yours", and he replied "All of them". well i haven't found the scene, but this picture sure looks like a partial Model S on the right.

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